Being Mugged by Reality is Not Enough

Or, in this case, being groped by reality — the reality of immigrants in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Three high school girls from the German town of Kassel were molested by culture-enrichers, but were reluctant to come forward and make the attacks public for fear of violating the tenets of political correctness.

Notice that the proposed measures for dealing with the issue are to be crafted in such a way to avoid “playing into right-wingers’ hands”.

Egri Nök, who translated the article below, includes these additional remarks:

The story has created quite some buzz on social media. A few well-known bloggers, such as the conservative gay Catholic David Berger, have written about it.

There are other incidents with refugees in Kassel just within these past few days:

  • Monday June 6 — an attempted rape, three guys against one woman, but her dogs chased them away. She suffered stab wounds.
  • Saturday June 4 — A student surrounded, groped and ridiculed. One of the guys even wore a “refugees welcome” shirt.

The translation from Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine:

Southerners touched them indecently

Herder students were molested in trams and buses

Kassel. Pupils from the district of Kassel, visiting the Herder School in Kassel, tell of sexual assaults by southerners in trams and buses.

It took a long time before the girls confided in their teacher Alexandra Schäfer: The three young women between the ages of 16 and 18 have been sexually harassed repeatedly in the past. On their way to school they were harassed, had their thighs, breasts, and crotches groped, men made obscene gestures at them, or yelled “whore” in their faces.

The reason why the girls have been silent for so long — until they could not stand it — is socio-politically serious: The men who regularly harass and grope them so massively are most likely refugees. “We do not want refugees to be discriminated against, we do not want people to make blanket accusations, and by no means we want to cause ill feelings,” says Anna (name changed by the editors). Her political correctness had paralyzed her.

The girls take the tram lines 4 and 8, but also bus lines 18 and 19. There, these men are there especially often at the start of school and then again when schools close, as the girls have found out.

“Once, seven men at a tram stop to came to me and called, ‘Woman, woman, woman’. It felt very threatening to me,” says Anna. Her friends nod.

The scenario is all too familiar to them. In the beginning she did not realize, says Anna. She wondered: Has he just deliberately touched me between the legs, or accidentally? This happened to her for the first time on her first day at the Herder School last year. “I was not expecting this at all.”

There is hardly a day without harassment, the three young women tell Ute Ochs of the “Kassel Help”. She came to the school at the initiative of Alexandra Schäfer to counsel the girls and to encourage them to press charges, even if against persons unknown. Ochs: “This harassment must not be tacitly endured; you have to make them public.”

The great audacity of some much older men is that they have several times followed their victims even to their house, the young women say. “It was only when my father came out of the house, that the man got lost,” said (name changed) Lisa. The parents then informed the police. “If we let them know that we do not want this, they simply leer at us,” says Lisa.

The girls avoid public transport, as far as possible. Meanwhile, they have broken their silence, shared with other Herder pupils, and realized: “Many others have experienced this harassment as well.”

This is what Steffi Burmeister of the Working Group “Together active against sexual violence (Gesa)” says:

Have sexual assaults increased with the many male migrants?

Steffi Burmeister: Yes, together with the refugees we have, unfortunately, also received a huge package of sexual violence by men.

Why is that?

Burmeister: The perpetrators often come from cultures with a different image of women, they are lonesome, and possibly, after a time of flight, fear and humiliation, looking for confirmation of their masculinity. But this is neither excusable nor acceptable.

What needs to be done?

Burmeister: We have to make attacks public, even with the danger of playing into right-wingers’ hands. Ultimately, the men have to be re-educated. In order for them to understand it, men from their own culture should do it, even in the mosques.

14 thoughts on “Being Mugged by Reality is Not Enough

  1. “Ultimately, the men have to be re-educated. In order for them to understand it, men from their own culture should do it, even in the mosques.”
    Good luck with that one.

  2. Far too late, soon the Police will be holding the woman down and yelling at her that she faces arrest

  3. Poor Germans. Still dumbed-down by PC. Back in the old days (1950’s and 1960’s) we young ladies and physically developed girls, carried hat pins just in case of unwanted attention. Maybe these German girls might consider hat pins, if they exist any longer.

    Look online. supposedly EVERYTHING you could want is out there!

    • Aye, a three inch hat pin oughta convey a marked message. My wife confided that usage back in ’67. That was common dorm discussion then. I don’t remember ever hearing of a legal issue over such actions. Were it that today’s women had such ‘[manly generative equipment]’….

    • But there’s probably an EU Health & Safety law banning hat pins just in case you prick someone!!

  4. Across Germany, like in Sweden, there are plenty of underreported cases of grope, violence and rape perpetrated by Muslim immigrants on German girls and women. The reason of not filing complaint by police is related to a phenomenon called “Stockholm syndrome”, in which the victim of abuse is protecting the perpetrator. Maybe fear is an underlaying reason to do so, or the sense of shame and guilt. Many women who decided to come out of their silence, declared that they waited so long, because of fear to harm the image of the “protected” group of refugees, and also because they didn’t want to benefit ” the far-Right “.

  5. The grand social experiment in Europe has revealed that intense, politically correct indoctrination of young European boys in elementary schools is the equivalent of castration.

    • One more generation . . . and they’re gone. Then the feministas will have to harangue their Muslim husbands/rapists. I wonder how that’ll work out for the wimin.

      • On second thoughts, scratch that. I do not wonder. I no longer care. I’m not even allowed to care.

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