Bedfordshire Police: ISIS Represents All Muslims!

Tommy Robinson has once again come under the scrutiny of the Lidless Eye, a.k.a. the Bedfordshire Police. This time his “crime” was to carry a banner to France for the Euros football match that read ‘F*** ISIS”. Now — despite the fact that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, as we all know — the police are concerned that Tommy’s actions will “incite racial hatred against Muslims”.

The circumstances of Tommy’s encounter with law enforcement were related to us by a British contact who knows him:

Tommy returned early from the European football cup in France because of his mother’s medical condition. He was in bed when three uniformed policemen burst into his house, scaring his wife and children, to present him with a travel banning order and telling him he was not to leave the country, even though there is absolutely no reason for it. He has appeared in court and is planning an appeal against this ban hopefully next [this] week. The persecution continues!

Below is a press Release from Tommy’s barrister

My Client, known as Tommy Robinson, has been served with an application for a football banning order by Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police. The main purpose of Bedfordshire Police serving this football banning order was to prevent Tommy Robinson from traveling to France for the Euros. Following an application to the Court, the court has now seen fit to remove that draconian restriction on his liberty.

However Bedfordshire Police persist in making the civil football banning order application, and this application will be heard by the court in September 2016. Tommy Robinson will contest this application.

The mainstay of the application by Bedfordshire Police is that Tommy Robinson, while in France was pictured wearing an Anti ISIS T Shirt, and holding up an English Saint George Cross flag with ‘F*** ISIS’ written across it, and that this was aimed at inciting racial hatred against Muslims. Both I and my client are very concerned that the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police and the UK Football Policing Unit have equated Tommy Robinson’s demonstration against a banned extremist terrorist organisation as being the same as showing hatred towards people of the Muslim faith. The Prime Minister David Cameron in his House of Commons speech on 2nd December 2015 referred to the ‘Evil’ of ISIS, and that British Muslims were appalled by ISIS. He further said that the attacks in Syria by the British Military were “far from an attack on Islam, we are engaging in the defence of Islam… failing to act would betray British Muslims”. It now appears that both Bedfordshire Police and the UK Football Policing Unit are linking ISIS to the general Muslim people and population, because it suits their purpose of the campaign of harassment against Tommy Robinson.

I am concerned that this application is brought on the basis of a harassment campaign against Tommy Robinson, such that the Assistant Director of the United Kingdom Football Policing Unit, has become involved and provided a statement to the effect that as Tommy Robinson has a high social media profile, and is associated with Pegida UK this is likely to act as a catalyst for disorder and violence outside of the United Kingdom. This clearly is an attack on Tommy Robinson’s freedom of speech and association, and is in direct contravention of the evidence which the UK Football Policing Unit have that Tommy Robinson travelled to France during the period that the England football team played in Marseille, yet he chose not to travel to Marseille, but instead was in Paris without any incident of violence or disorder.

Tommy Robinson will vigorously defend this application against him. On Bedfordshire Police’s own admission, there is no evidence that Tommy Robinson has been involved in any reported football related disorder for at least the past 5 years.

Alison Gurden, Barrister, 1 Gray’s Inn Square Chambers

32 thoughts on “Bedfordshire Police: ISIS Represents All Muslims!

  1. Tommy is a political prisoner out on bail.

    When these #CriminalBedfordshirePolice manage to get him back among a Muslim felon population – which appears to be their goal – he will be killed, painfully.

    The #CBP know this.

  2. Tommy has offended the Muslim loving apparatchiks of Soviet Socialist England and they will continue to try to silence him and anyone else who opposes the Islamicization of the UK.

  3. The Obama Defense:

    “Muslims have nothing to do with Islam, and Islam has nothing to do with ISIS.”


    “Therefore my sign makes no sense at all and obviously offends no one.”

  4. So, police can just burst into your house without a warrant? All because he held up a flag? The UK is such a very sick place. Do the British recognjze that they do not have codified protected speech and privacy? It is like Nazi Germany. Horrifying!

    • Some Brits have expressed the desire for a constitutional firewall like the First Amendment protecting free speech. Britain is very dicey on being free right now, in or out of the EU. The Brits instituted mass migration of Muslims and Orwellian penalties for free speech, all on their own. They also created Soviet type shortages after World War II because they maintained tight government control of the economy; again, all on their own.

      The US itself seems on the brink. Four of the eight Supreme Court justices seem ready to approve virtually any leftist law, including a law against “offending” religious feeling. And, if Hillary is elected, there is absolutely no doubt her Supreme Court appointees will qualify the First Amendment, as well as the Second Amendment, out of existence.

      • Oh, you can insult any religion, except one.

        Britain supposedly had a right to free speech, but that appears to be strictly in the past. Then again, what any Iman says about killing, overthrowing the government, et cetera, is permitted. Many Brit TV investigations show this going on in Arabic and in English. I guess they have protected speech.

  5. Well, as Tommy’s legal person has stated – the state can’t have it both ways.

    Either ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, in which case they can’t link this flag to Islam.

    Or ISIS has everything to do with Islam, in which case these agents of the state need to be forced to say so, explicitly and in open court. As a matter of public record.

    There’s their dilemma – Tommy’s legal team need to force the agents of the state to choose a horn.

    • You’re forgetting the lessons of 1984. Once the state asserts its power, reason takes a back set to political power.

    • Where are the Muslims protesting the Tommy should be left alone, because “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam”?

      Peaceful Muslims, please, now is the time to dissociate yourselves!!!

    • Or ISIS has everything to do with Islam, in which case these agents of the state are committing offences ancillary to terrorism.

  6. Given all the attacks that ISIS has taken credit for, this sign should be welcomed by all civilized people. The police might do better to wait and see who objects to the sign, then put them on a watch list.

    • Oh you are still assuming the police actually working for the citizens. Silly…

  7. The criteria is political will. Just “political will it” and it will happen. Show them who has the will and the strength. Strike now, while the iron is hot.

    • Yes if ten thousand Brits showed up a march with Tommy, they cops would fold like cheap lawn chairs they are and so would the political establishment.

      But the ordinary Brits are too scared to openly revolt. They won’t even answer the Brexit honestly for fear of retribution from the Left, whom they rightly figure are on the other end of the phone asking the questions.

      Americans OTOH still have freedom of speech and have firearms. Yet you couldn’t get a dozen of them to peacefully protest outside of Ryan’s home or come to his office everyday. They have absolutely no ability to organize and concentrate resources. This allows sociopaths like Ryan and McConnell to do as they please.

      I do not see it changing until the pain threshold for both Americans and Europeans is much, much higher. We’re not there yet, not be a long shot.

      • Anon, if you can’t get s small set of actions going against Ryan, you’re not doing it right. I admit that such knowledge is mainly held by the Left, but that just means you need to chat or read some Leftists.

      • That kind of protest behavior belongs to the Left here. Conservative-minded folk don’t do that and – in general – they don’t boycott. Leftists, anarchists do that. You do see them show up in the tens of thousands at Trump rallies all over the country, though. They know the paid Soros bully-boys will be there to shove, push, hit and generally cause mayhem, but they show up anyway.

        A group event in favor of something – e.g., the Pegida marches – will attract peaceful people. So do Tea Party rallies – though Trump has, generally speaking, given them a positive focus so there is no need for energy to be drained off into useless ANTI-whatevers…

  8. Tommy’s Barrister makes a very good case for his defence. The Police case appears weak as he didn’t say “F*** MUSLIMS but F*** ISIS and everyone knows, “ISIS are not real Muslims” (just imagine a line of muslim witnesses testifying to that!) therefore how can his crude slogan incite hatred of muslims? I’m confident the application for civil football banning order will be thrown out on 2nd September. Tommy having quality legal representation is giving the State a headache.

  9. England has turned into a police state, along with some other countries in Europe. Yuck! I would not spend a nickel to visit anywhere there.

    There is obviously no free speech in formerly great Britain.

  10. The basic question is why it should be illegal to express hatred, racism or otherwise, toward a group. Another question is why one should be responsible for illegal acts committed by others just because one has made a general, legal, expression of distaste for a group.

    We see that our Founders really did know what they were doing. It is tougher for authoritarianism to develop in the US.

  11. skzion
    I totally agree with you!

    I think I’m free to love or hate anyone I want. The founders certainly knew what they were doing. The problem today is so many in the political class don’t seem to be aware of that and/or are trying to destroy it.

    And now I really must go and be productive rather than just reading and writing here, no matter how fascinating it is.

  12. Sadly when one is labeled an ENEMY OF THE STATE, it is extremely difficult to combat the force put down on an individual. The State has billions of Pounds,Dollars,Euros, etc. plus the command structure, unlimited resources, financial and logistical to make one’s life a living hell. In the case of Mr. Robinson it would be safe to say that millions of pounds were allocated just to ‘punish’ one person.

  13. The war with Islam – not ISIS, Islam – will go on being lost until we stop entertaining the nonsense that Islam is somehow other than and apart from the continuous waves of murderous assaults committed in its name by “extremists.” Islam is fanatic jihad and nothing but. Obvious to those who read and comment here but still not understood or accepted by western governments and much of the general public.

  14. 2014 paul western V tell mama . high court judge rules that muslims do not ! constitute a separate race ! that judgment is now enshrined in british case law , tommys lawyer will know of that ruling and the case will fail [ed uk ]

  15. If the bristish government were smart they should train tommy to fly the planes to bomb IS. He would never complain about minimuM wages. In fact he would probably do it for free!?
    Put hum to good use instead of hounding the poor bastar. …..
    All aboard… choo choo choo

  16. Its time his legal team apply to the court that it be recognised that he is being persecuted by the governments (local and state) for his political and social views. That would put a stop to the harassment as any action(s) against him would be questioned as political pressure. It then becomes a strawman situation where anything done against him IS political and has to be proven otherwise.

    I have seen video of Tommy surrounded by police, then people (Muslins) coming up to him, punching him in the face, and the police do nothing. If he defends himself, he get grabbed by the police.

    Definitely, his representation should demand the matter be overturned, with prejudice, and he be awarded costs. Maybe its also time for Tommy to sue the police, football police, and the Crown. See how that goes over in the courts and the press.

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