All That Revolting Flesh! Just Next Door!

Members of a German nudist camp are up in arms over a new requirement that they cover up while swimming, in deference to their culture-enriching neighbors at a new asylum center.

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Dispute about bathing rules in Saxony

Refugee hostel next to Nudist camp:

Nudists indignant, as they are supposed to cover up

The planned establishment of a refugee hostel in Saxony has caused a stir among the 400 members of the local nudist club.

Now the nudists of the Volkersdorf Forest Pond are on the barricades. Because they are supposed to cover up when they want to bathe in the future.

The members of the Family Sports and Nudist Club Waldteichfreunde Moritzburg have been enjoying the Nudist culture at the Upper Forest Pond in Volkersdorf since 1905. However, the construction of the refugee camp within sight of the nude swimming area of the Club now causes resentment. The club called upon the country to provide funds for a privacy screen.

But instead, the German Association for Bathing Matters sent them the pool rules, Bild newspaper reports. Rule number nine states: “The usage of the swimming bath is only permitted in swimwear”. The billboards are laminated and features this point in German, Albanian, Arabic and Persian language.

The nudists are shocked. They want to decide for themselves what they do on their own premises. The club therefore refuses to display these rules.

Bathing Matters spokesman Joachim Heuser threatens: “If the club changes the rules, they will not be allowed to advertise with our logo anymore,” he tells Bild.

In the dispute about the rules the district is showing good will towards the nudists: they will provide the required privacy shield at the refugee center.

The title of this post is a reference to the line spoken by Senex in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, concerning the bawdy house next door. The actual quote: “Disgraceful, all that revolting flesh. Just next door.” The role was played by Michael Hordern in the movie of the same name.

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  1. This will have consequences. Many liberal Germans are totally pro-nudism (Frei Koerper Kultur camps and beaches are big in Germany). These are the people who would also have been very pro-refugee until now, when they start seeing their freedoms restricted by islam.

  2. It seems the Germans are unable to write a clear statement.

    Since the district is building a privacy screen, why would the Association for Bathing Matters care what the club members wore?

    If the pool is the private property of the Family Sports and Nudist Club, why do they care if they are under the auspices of the Association for Bathing Matters?

    It really won’t matter one way or another if the refugee center is built. What will happen is that screen or no screen, rules or no rules, the refugee males will be lurking around the Nudist Club members, making taunts and threatening remarks, such that any real family will just avoid the place.

    • Ronald,

      Firstly the Germans wrote the article in German and you are reading a translation. Still I found it quite clear that the Nudist requested the privacy screen and their request was a demand that they wear suits to swim.

      Second, I don’t see where the article states that the Nudist club owns the pond (I get the impression that pond is a German term for what is perhaps a smaller lake, perhaps what I would think of as a pond, but not a swimming pool proper).

      My Scout council owns a property at the edge of a beautiful mountain lake of good size. They own the land but not the water. Many people use the lake, there are private boater and a Girl Scout camp. I would not be surprised if there is a similar situation here, but I really don’t know.

      What really comes to mind is the vile behavior of rapefugees around bathers and in pools. It’s not clear if the rapefugees are also swimming in the pond or if they merely are able to view it, but how much fecal matter and spilled DNA becomes too much in that body of water?

      I found where someone dropped a deuce behind an overgrown bush in my yard and I almost puked cleaning it up. I put on the latex gloves, triple bagged it and washed the shovel. Then I pruned the bush back so that it will not provide cover. I can’t imagine having to deal with that on a regular basis. For some reason dog poo doesn’t give me the same reaction, cat poo is worse. Point being everywhere governments are dumping the refugees/asylum seekers in the unexpecting laps of the indigenous citizens it puts law abiding citizen’s lives in upheaval and it always the natives who are expected to adjust, never the newcomers to follow established custom, let alone law.

      • I’m sorry. The article is totally unclear, and your assumptions are simply that: assumptions.

        But, I agree with you that the presence of the refugees will render the whole area undesirable, with or without the privacy screen.

        I still don’t know why elites are dumping the trash of the world on their constituencies, and more important, why the constituencies are not rebelling. I’m inclining to the view that the political leaders are either stupid or evil (or both). The stupid ones think that humans are interchangeable, and you can raise the IQ of a sub-Saharan simply by sending him to Cambridge. The evil ones are eminently bribable, and are not concerned with the consequences of their actions one way or another.

      • Rick,
        yes you are correct, it is a small lake, not a swimming pool. Indeed it does not say who is the owner of the lake itself. The way I understood it, the Nudist club, after learning that a refugee center would be built next to their premises, requested that the state provide a privacy shield. Then, after that, and instead of an answer, they were sent these laminated posters to display.
        It is true that the article does not mention if the “newcomers” will be able to swim there, and how much of the lake they can view.

  3. Lets backtrack here a bit….

    The refugee centers are being set up near schools, public swimming pools, downtown entertainment districts, churches and synogogues no doubt, and in remote rural towns where the nonworking refugees will outnumber the working residents and in all of these places Germans are being told to modify their behavior.

    I do not know how remote the nudist facility may have been but I doubt that this matters much for the purposes of a generality I may offer. It does look as if this series of unwise locations has been deliberate and surely those who make these decisions are government agencies.

    • And a bit more. Given the confused respective authoities of the German gov’t, the E.U. the U.N. and old treaties and promises whose content is unknown, all authorities have lots of plausible deniability. No doubt they like it.

      The Brexit voters were wise. Recall Nancy Reagan, “just say no.”

  4. Obviously, shiria law is being enforced. The nudists need to go about business as usual ignoring the new rules. But the German citizens are going along with shiria law in other matters without resisting because they have no backbone or will.

  5. Shortsightedness, stupidity, lack of will and backbone are what it looks like. Even so, as a sometimes semi modern person myself, I will make an effort to understand Germany in a nicer way.

    Germany and to an extent most of northwest Europe has prospered mightily in the last fifty years. Everything that they turned their hands to and worked at was golden. All this was the product of reliable standards, doing it correctly and hard work, and the result was prosperity.

    And as the prosperity increased, their leftist intellectuals told them that their prosperity was undeserved, others should have more of it. I must say it does not seem likely that they ever imagined sharing their homes with a plague of locusts.

    (* Indeed, how often have you ever heard anyone describe an intellectual as intelligent? One only says that of people who ARE intelligent. It would be very unlikely that I would ever call an intelligent person an intellectual. I hope I would not think of it, that would be very rude, worse than cussing.)

    The idealist intellectuals no doubt wanted more of that wealth at their own nonworking beck and call.

    And the goodhearted people of northwestern Europe were willing to accept critisism. Why not? Their traditions were, Catholic, Protestant and Judaic, none of which imagines mankind to be perfect.

    And at some level they may have seen sharing the wealth as being cheaper than sharing in their own defense costs. Oops. Well I did not say they were perfect.

    Northwest Europe’s foolishness does appear a bit like that of some Americans. And in many of those countries there are no 1rst amendment rights. It can take a while for the word to get around.

    So while I offer weak excuse for German hesitancy to address these problems, they had better get real before long or they will lose it all.

    • “And at some level they may have seen sharing the wealth as being cheaper than sharing in their own defense costs. Oops. Well I did not say they were perfect.” – I think you have a good point there.

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