AfD to Cardinal Woelki: Stop Shilling for Islam and Feed Your Sheep!

Back in April Rainer Maria Woelki, a cardinal in the Catholic Church and the Archbishop of Cologne, starred in a rah-rah video in favor of mass immigration and criticizing the anti-immigration party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany)

In the following video Beatrix von Storch, one of the leaders of AfD, fisks the archbishop’s words and advises him to forgo politics and go back to tending his flock.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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0:00   Does one really have to take the AfD seriously?
0:03   If you say “yes” to church steeples,
0:06   you also have to say “yes” to the minarets.
0:09   Dear Cardinal Woelki, Your Eminence,
0:12   You are allowing us to query you back:
0:15   Does one have to take you seriously? Considering your statements
0:18   about Islam and our Constitutional Law — not really.
0:21   Just as you say “yes” to the equation of
0:24   church steeple with minaret; therefore bell-ringing
0:27   and the muezzin are the same thing too.
0:30   Even though the bell-ringing merely calls believers to a worship service,
0:33   while the muezzin’s call is for the testimony
0:37   of the Islamic faith, publicly spoken in words. The muezzin testifies that
0:40   there is no god but allah,
0:43   and our freedom of religion covers this belief,
0:46   but that doesn’t mean it has to be shouted out into our public spaces.
0:50   The religion of Islam in Germany is just as compatible
0:54   with the Constitution as is Christianity or Judaism.
1:00   However, those who question the guarantee of freedom of
1:04   religion and belief granted by the Constitution,
1:07   they will have to ask themselves
1:10   if they, with their fear-fanning claims, have not left the firm ground
1:13   of our Constitution a long time ago.
1:17   One by one: Islam in most of its interpretations,
1:20   political Islam, wants a two-class society, one in which
1:24   people are divided into believers and non-believers,
1:27   as well as men and women, with less rights for the latter.
1:30   This is in no way, shape or form compatible with our Constitution,
1:34   and the Shariah is an integral component of Islam.
1:38   And you allege that the AfD divides people?
1:42   The opposite is true. The AfD precisely does not want that.
1:46   This political Islam is dividing people.
1:50   Women have the same rights as men, period.
1:53   How do you view the Shariah?
1:56   Are there parts in the Shariah that are in violation of
1:59   rights, laws, the Constitution and human rights, that are
2:02   downright misanthropic, or do they not exist?
2:05   To this day not one Muslim organization has clearly
2:08   distanced itself from these parts. You are not bothered by this?
2:12   You instead suggest that we who ask these questions
2:15   have left the firm ground of our Constitution a long time ago?
2:20   Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this earth.”
2:23   Jesus was not a worldly agitator like Barabbas, and he didn’t do politics.
2:26   Not to mention that he was not on Pilate’s payroll.
2:31   You, as Cardinal, are an employee of the State,
2:35   and you are paid by the State using our taxes.
2:38   This kind of close proximity to the State does not become the Church.
2:41   As a Christian I would like the Church to concentrate
2:44   on its duty. Please preach the Christian faith,
2:48   proclaim the Gospel, so that I might believe you,
2:51   so that I might take you seriously.
2:54   Dear Cardinal Woelki, we do not need you as a politician.
2:57   The Christians desperately need you as the good shepherd.

11 thoughts on “AfD to Cardinal Woelki: Stop Shilling for Islam and Feed Your Sheep!

  1. Dear Cadinal W.,


    Honorable Cardinal, Sir:

    You know that little boat you trolled into your cathedral. Well, embark right in, row yourself down the Rhine and out into the dark deep sea.

    Note, on your way down and out, the many German & Belgium towns and cities which are quickly being islamized. Islam’s Crimson Field & war booty, which is, in large part, your doing – you, and the likes of you.

    Bother not waving good-by; we’re too busy erecting & stacking barricades from the human debris & cultural wreckage you are leaving behind.

  2. Everything about Islam and what those devious Islamic people are pushing for politically, socially, so-called religiously, economically are actually illegal and unacceptable.
    Islam is barbaric, crude, offensive, uncivilized and extremely inconsiderate to our nonbelievers rights.
    Therefore they should not demand to be accepted nor spread their uncivilized Islamic genes or their oppressive mosques in Western countries.

    • Mosques are what military people would refer to as, “Forward Operating Bases.”

  3. “You, as Cardinal, are an employee of the State”

    You’ve got to be kidding. This guy is paid out of State taxes? Big mistake.

  4. More fool the witless faithful who continue to attend services officiated by this odious individual.
    I would presume that most of them are parents with either daughters, mothers, nieces, female cousins, wives and aunties, God forbid and I would not wish this on anyone but does it really need a sexual assault on one of THEIR loved ones before they wake up and smell the coffee!
    You do NOT, I repeat you do NOT have to swallow this idiot’s islamic loving diatribe just because he is a man of the cloth? Question him, where is his compassion for the Christians, who are subjected to genocide by the most evil methods they can devise, by the twisted monsters in the name of Allah throughout the Islamic world? God and the church are not going to save you or you or once great nation unless you stop this spineless acquiescence to what you seem to believe is the inevitable. Start with Merkel, recently described by the Forbes list as the most powerful woman in the world. That in its self should shame and galvanise you, a former communist nonentity has trampled all over you, she has ignored Parliament, her own party and has acted, constitutionally illegally and yet she still lecture and shames you when she crawls on her knees to the despot in Ankara. Just show some resistance, anything please, support the ADF, forget worrying about the hackneyed phrase “racist” and take pride in youheritager and flag again!

    • Well, this is sort of one of the weaknesses of the Catholic faith. If you really are a good Catholic, then yes you do have to swallow what the head of your parish is serving.

      This shows that the Catholic church is not functioning correctly. If it were, this fellow would have been recalled to Rome and excommunicated for his heresies long ago.

      • Unfortunately, the head man in Rome needs to be excommunicated for his own heresies.

  5. Nice but misguided? Ha! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a traitor to his flock and a Quisling of the worst sort. i.e. this so-called ‘cardinal’ is truly and deeply evil, the way Judas was evil.

  6. Myself I am a ‘recovering’ catholic, yes recovering from all of the Marxism that seems to be reeking from the Vatican. I have had it, especially with all of the scandals, pay offs, pay outs and cover ups. and am leaning toward Orthodox Christianity, IMHO more traditional and less political. The German Cardinal is way off base and is basically sad to say a lackey of the state.

  7. “Jesus was not a worldly agitator like Barabbas, and he didn’t do politics.
    Not to mention that he was not on Pilate’s payroll.”

    Germany’s Catholic and Protestant churches are not run in the same was as North American churches and are paid for by tax payers whether they really understand what Christianity is and/or whether they attend church or not. I would think it very difficult to encounter Holy Spirit in any of these churches. I do wonder if these Cardinals and Bishops have Merkel on speed dial… It would make a lot of sense, reading what these false teachers have been quoted as saying in the papers of late. Including the Pope. It’s a scary tragedy but Jesus warned us about false prophets.

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