A Response to Post-Modernity

Our Colombian correspondent Diego returns with an essay about the animosity between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity. He reminds us that there can be only one final beneficiary of such sectarian squabbles: the Caliphate.

A Response to Post-Modernity
by Diego

Posmodernidad (Post-Modernity) is the name of a right-wing bi-monthly magazine published by a group of students from various (private) Colombian Universities. When I first saw it (as of its April Issue) it was fairly interesting; however my opinion of the magazine (and the group behind it) changed drastically upon visiting their website.

Soon enough I noticed an ultra-Catholic group. Normally this wouldn’t be much of a bother, but these people took it to a… questionable level. Most (if not all) of the following criticism will be based on their article “Putin’s Christianity”.

I must make this clear, they seem to, at least, be old-fashioned Catholics, before Novus Ordo Missae and “Liberation Theology”, so they deserve at least some of my respect. Now, without further ado…

The main point of the article seems to be to paint Putin as a threat to conservative values in Catholic Europe. To do this, they couldn’t find any better way than to attack him from a religious point of view, spewing out an article of anti-Orthodox propaganda that the 17th-century Polish Church hierarchy would be proud of.

So to these ultra-Catholics today, I must say the following:

1.   While I personally don’t really trust Vladimir Putin, I respect him enough to recognize him as a better leader than the Western so-called leaders of today. Yes, it’s true he was KGB, and it is true that trusting any politician or head of state is naïve.
2.   The constant failure to distinguish between “Orthodox” and “Russian Orthodox” and painting the Orthodox Church as a whole in the characteristics of the Moscow Patriarchate between 1927 and 1991 is… disturbing, to say the least, as the decisions taken by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1927 are not binding to those under Greek Jurisdiction.

In 1927, the Russian Orthodox Church suffered a schism, when the priests that were not in Soviet territory decided not to recognize Moscow’s decision to accept Communist Domination. Thus, the ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) was born, this one only partially reunited with the Moscow Patriarchate in 1991.

3.   There is a lack of historical knowledge very obvious on the part of the writer, when he ignores the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church also suffered massive persecutions during the Soviet Era. Or it is willful ignorance to paint it as a collaborator of Communism against “poor persecuted Catholics”.
4.   There is also an attempt to blame the Orthodox Church for the anti-Catholic attacks made by the Pro-Russian side in the Donbass. While willingly ignoring that Ukraine saw a great deal of religious tensions in the past between Catholics and Orthodox, due to the fact that, during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Polish and Lithuanians attempted to forcefully impose the Catholic Church and the Latin Rite on the Orthodox Ukrainians. The issues between the Catholic Converts and Orthodox, and the internal fracture between Old — Believer and Ecumenical Orthodox (the latter accepting a rapprochement with the Catholic Church) are conflicts that have been waiting to happen; it was only matter of time.
5.   Their presentation of the “Doctrine of the Two Swords” is not accurate, and twisted to show Catholicism as if it always had been a paladin of Church- State Separation, when in reality it was an attempt by the Bishop of Rome to accumulate both secular and Church power in his hands (and that was before the great schism).
6.   With all the claims of being “independent of the state”, the Catholic Church today is more subservient to the Globalist PC-MC Elite than the Orthodox is to the Russian State. If the people behind this group want to continue their criticism from a “Catholic” point of view, they had better get ready to start a schism, because the current route of the Catholic Church is one of eternal subservience to the Global Elites.

In conclusion, I can only think that this article was written with a very malicious intent. If Christianity as a whole needs something in these trying times, it is to put aside the doctrinal differences and create a strong united front against Islamic aggression. The Assyrians, Catholics, Orthodox, Copts, Malankara, and the myriad of Protestant denominations need to at least pause in their petty fighting and begin to actively resist the imperialist expansion of Islam in Europe. Otherwise, all of them will suffer the fate of Arabia’s Christians.

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13 thoughts on “A Response to Post-Modernity

  1. I have seen it alleged that the major contribution of the crusades was to bring the concept of “Christendom” to the world; thus uniting squabbling and disparate factions under a single common banner.

    Your call to such reminds reminds of the need.

    Well called.

    • The Crusades of the POPE also killed thousands of Christians AND Jews. Was a real slaughter.

  2. I too have noticed a large number of “useful idiots” among ultra-conservative (actually ultra-bigoted) Catholics who, in their incessant attacks on Putin and Russia completely ignore the real communist totalitarianism of our time, which is centred in Washington DC. Whilst Christian Americans can now be jailed for refusing to conduct a “gay” wedding and are fined 130,000 dollars for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake, Russia has banned gay marches, banned internet porn, banned abortion advertising, and makes Christianity central to the country’s legal structure. In addition, whilst Putin took active steps to stop the slaughter of Christians in Syria, Obama took active steps to arm the Islamic extremists who were slaughtering them.

    • Putin has vowed to save as many CHRISTIANS as he can in Syria. He did NOT say Orthodox Christians ONLY, he said ALL.

  3. We don’t necessarily need one Christian Church, but we do need all Christian churches to teach the true Gospel. Whether you church is headed by the Pope, a Patriarch, monarch or by self appointed leaders makes no difference. We only need the truth to be taught.

    I agree the caliphate is coming if we don’t sort things out very shortly.

    This is why I am voting Leave in the EU Referendum in 9 days time. Opinion Polls now consistently show Leave ahead of Remain.

  4. The advisor of US presidents of both parties is Polish Nazi, Ziggy Brzezinski and pal of George Soros wrote in one his books honoring himself and the Polish Pope for bringing down thee USSR, that now that that nation had fallen, THE ORTHODOX church is NOW the enemy of the West.

    This little article seems to show THAT’S the plan to take down the RUSSIAN PEOPLE and steal everything they have. LAND, gold, diamonds, business’

    After all Hillary did say RUSSIA is TOO big and, WE need to make into several smaller countries. ALL run by her and her cronies.

    RIGHT now on the 72nd anniversary of the WWII invasion by the Germans into the USSR, the German forces of NATO followed by the rest of European NATO countries are going right to the Russian border and Crimea and having WAR GAMES. GAMES indeed! The pentagon/pentagram has called the games OPERATION ANACONDA. CRUSH Russia and HOPE she does not bite . FAT chance she will not. : (

    Russians have proven time and time again, they will never give up their Mother Russia and will destroy any and all comers. The Russians would rather destroy her than turn her over to the WESTERN armies. The West is very much smaller than all of Russia. Oh what the heck? SO much land in Russia , THEY will be smoking but we will be TOAST.

    Hey, Bararosa, Hitler and Napolean, how are you enjoying your seats next to STALIN ??

    • If I remember history accounts, it was the constant wars between the Byzantine Empire and the Persians that opened up the Middle East to the Arab onslaught. Modern accounts seem to indicate that Islam was developed more with a view to instantiating Arab culture than to follow Muhammad, who was likely a sock-puppet myth anyway.

      The combination of the Arab armies and the consciously-created Islam was wildly successful, resulting ultimately in the total annihilation of the Byzantine empire, culture, and people.

      The point is, prior to the exhaustion of the Byzantines and the Persians, no one would have given the Arab tribesmen a second thought.

      One has to wonder why the US is poking around in Latvia and Estonia, firmly in the Russian sphere of vital interests, and involving itself in sponsoring governments in Ukraine. These are very marginal areas to the West, and vital areas to Russia. It would be very easy to provoke a war with Russia by involving NATO military too heavily in those areas.

      I don’t care whose military is ahead in technology. A war between Russia and the West would be devastating to the civilian economies, not to say the military operations, of both. Russia has far better civil defense preparations than the West, which essentially has none at all.

      My thinking is deja vu, with Turkey waiting in the wings, ready to move in on a devastated Europe. Turkey already has millions of fifth columnist Muslims in Europe, totally loyal to Turkey. Would Europe be able to mount a credible military defense with the twin factors of EMP devastation frying all the computers and electronics, and trained sleeper cells organizing guerrilla warfare from inside the European lines?

      In other words, Turkey would be a credible threat, just like in 700 AD. It’s true that Western weapons technology is far more sophisticated than the Turkish military, but technological sophistication means heavy dependence on electronics, microchips, spare parts, and supply lines. Even a limited exchange with Russia would leave all of these factors in devastation. On the other hand, Turkey has a tough, cohesive and strongly motivated military and a strongly nationalist diaspora.

      Chances are, Turkey would leave Russia alone, as Russia would maintain coherence as a society and military, due to their civil defense structures. After a war with the West, Russia would not be inclined to stop the Turkish moves on non-Russian Europe.

      What I’m wondering is, how much of this scenario is taken as credible by the Western “strategists” who are poking Russia in the area of her vital interests.

      Conscious or not, it seems that all the decisions of the Obama administration have contributed to the expansion of fundamentalist Islam. A war with Russia would be the coup de grace to a coherent entity of Western Europe.

      • Do not forget that when Mehmet (II) Fatih stood outside the walls of Constantinople in 1453, he was facing a weak, bankrupt vassal (rebel) state that was an empire in only name. His conquest was hardly a great achievement.

        The Roman (Byzantine) Empire had effectively been destroyed by the papist-sanctioned 4th Crusade in 1204.


        The [short-term] winners were the Venetian banksters . . . who would slide into insignificance due to Muslim ascendency and the rise of Portuguese navigational technology and discoveries.

        Feel free to daw your own conclusions and contemporary parallels.

        • Wow! And I thought the leaders of today were degenerates.

          It sounds like Obama, Merkel, and Cameron reincarnated: incompetent screw-ups whose mistakes and short-sighted greed devastate entire civilizations.

    • Just a short comment on your expression ‘polish nazi’. Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in 1928 was a son of Polish nobility (szlachta). They were actually away with family, I believe in Canada, at the commencement of WWII, his father was a diplomat. I challenge you to find Polish ‘Nazi’ in reliable historical sources, I know for sure Poland was the only Nazi occupied country, that had no Waffen SS divisions (usually enlisted from local volunteers). Poland also had a massive underground state during occupation, that involved around 300k people. Unfortunately saying words ‘polish’ and ‘nazi’ consecutively sounds just like American-Israeli lobby expression, who now want $65billion from Poles, those dim witted sub humans from non-descript transylvania or something, antisemitic and homophobes anyway, let’s use them to weaken Russia to get to China eventually (ironically part of doctrines of Brzezinski, Wolfowitz, Bush and Project for New American Century).
      Fortunately there are many who still connect ‘Polish’ with individual freedoms, efficient self defence, tolerance and respect of property rights (all those especially strong in Polish Commonwealth until end of XVIII century, before partitions), for example British historian Norman Davies.

      • Unfortunately, the meaning of your sentence involving the $65 billion request from Israel and transylvania is garbled.

        I take it you’re not a native English speaker, which is fine. But, non-native English speakers, particularly Germans, need to learn to write their English paragraphs in short direct sentences. English speakers also need to learn this.

        Anyway, Poland also had a large free army based in England that participated in the thick of the war and which was sabotaged by Russia with the complicity of the British.

        Also, I oppose any further reparations to Israel. The World War II history is finished, and Israel needs to stand on its own economy. Generally, subsidies simply encourage economic inefficiencies and subsidize wasteful projects.

      • I agree…the Poles were abandoned by the so called liberators….they were victims of the nazis and communists….and many heroes amongst them. Admiration should be expressed not some opinionated bigotry.

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