A Culturally Enriched High School Graduation in Denmark

Young culture-enrichers in Denmark are increasingly disrupting a traditional Danish graduation custom by violent attacks on high school students who visit the homes of graduates.

Many thanks to Tania for translating this article from Den Korte Avis:

Everyone is familiar with the sight of open-bodied trucks filled with noisy happy students. It is a Danish tradition for high-spirited students to drive around and visit individual students’ homes on the day they don their graduation caps.

So it was with a class from Ørestad Gymnasium. But a day that began with celebration and joy was turned into something of a nightmare when a group of immigrant men attacked the vehicle, launching various “missiles”.

It happened in a Hørgården tenement on Amager, where many immigrants live. Here Mohamed also lives; he was one of the students on the truck.

A group of migrant boys and young men had planned an attack. In a video you can see how the waste containers were rolled out on the road to block the vehicle while students were inside at Mohamed’s family’s apartment. Watch the video here.

The driver, Brian Brandt, who stayed down by the truck, said he could see a group of youngsters with eggs, water balloons and cooking oil gather together on a nearby lawn. More and more people came to join them.

As the students came down the street one of the immigrant boys stood ready with a bottle of cooking oil, which was shaken and then sprayed over them. Then the rest of the group began to bombard the students with water balloons, eggs and flour.

Brian Brandt, who has been driving these student parties for 20 years, says he has never experienced anything like it.

“It was a shock to see the behavior of these young men. All the attackers had an immigrant background, and they were totally indifferent to what I said to them. At one point I was afraid that they would smash the truck,” says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet.

He quickly tried to get the truck quickly away from the narrow Bryde Alley, but it was difficult, as the road was blocked by containers.

“They barricaded themselves and were ready with eggs by the containers, so I chose to back out. But when I get a ways down the road, I encounter other vehicles,” says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet. These can also be seen on the video.

Meanwhile the attackers bombarded the truck with eggs and water balloons and even jumped up on the side of the truck and begin pouring cooking oil over some students who were trying to hide under some banners which they had torn from the side of the truck bed.

One of the students in the truck was Stina Marie Carlsen. She tells about the experience which for her was a huge shock:

“I notice that a crowd of about 20 young people start to congregate around the truck, but don’t otherwise think anything of it. When we get up into the back of the truck, they suddenly began attacking us and throwing eggs and oil and flour. Several of my classmates begin to pull some carpets off the pallet tables that were in the middle of the vehicle, while the others pulled banners from the side of the truck in an attempt to use these as protection,” says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

“I was beginning to think about how to get away from there, as the driver could not drive anywhere. Imagine if they came up to us in the wagon! At the same time it was really disgusting to feel egg and flour running down my head and my back. I was completely soaked afterwards and it stank terribly,” she says to BT.

Stina Marie Carlsen was afraid that the rest of the day would be ruined and the student run canceled as the truck was completely covered in eggs and oil after the attack.

The trip, however, was completed, although only with effort.

“I had to shower a total of three times during the rest of the trip because I could not get the smell of eggs and oil away. At the same time I kept finding eggshells in my hair. My mother had to come with a change of clothes for me, “says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

Mohamed: It was just for fun – Police: We take it very seriously

Mohamed El Ar Bagi tells EB, that it really was for him the eggs were intended, and that the throwing of eggs after students had been a tradition in the area for some years, he says.

“But this time they may have gone too far. But we just laughed and blotches of egg on my student cap is only a dear memory of the day,” says Mohamed.

Others are also trying to downplay the attack. They’re just little boys, they said. But on the video you can see that they are big guys.

Others also have a completely different assessment.

The driver says it was like a war zone in Beirut.

One of the residents calls what he saw a commando raid.

And the police have received at least five reports on the matter. They had officers in the area for several hours. And the constable in charge said that they are taking the matter very seriously.

A Danish tradition on its way to being destroyed

The attack on the students may well be a warning sign that a good Danish tradition may be on the way to being destroyed.

Mohamed said that the eggs are a tradition in the area. Amongst immigrants that is.

But it is apparent that it is not only in Hørgården on Amager that this is happening.


In Valby another vehicle from Ørestad Gymnasium came under attack.

“Five young people suddenly began to throw rocks at us when we were leaving. We drove toward a traffic light, and they followed us and waited for the truck to stop at a red light. There they threw rocks at us, and one of them hit me right on the head, says the graduate Manon Pignot to TV2 Lorry on the 26th.


At Husum Station in Copenhagen two female students were sprayed in the eyes with acid during their student drive on Friday. The liquid was apparently sprayed with a water gun from a car. It sent the two girls to the hospital, where they had to endure an almost two-hour-long rinse treatment. [Elsewhere in the news I have read that they had damage to their corneas. — Translator]


Soren Elkrog was a driver this past Friday on a student truck. He saw four immigrants throwing eggs at the vehicle. They had no connection with or relationship to any of the students on the truck.


Another team of students had eggs thrown onto them on their truck, says a group of HF students from VUC in Hvidovre Sunday evening to Ekstra Bladet.

It happened at Naver gate in Avedøre and the road leading to Avedøre Station. It is an area inhabited by many with immigrant backgrounds.

Around 4-5 big guys threw eggs at the 25 students on the truck.

They were waiting for us, says Steven Button, who sent photos to Ekstra Bladet.


And last night came a description of Nørrebro (on FB), where smaller immigrant boys threw water balloons at a group of students. It was later taken off FB due to disagreement with the comments written.

Ekstra Bladet, BT and the police all talk about other examples of the same thing happening – albeit apparently not so violent.

It is feared that the attacks will spread as the number of those with immigrant background become students.

The attacks often hit all the students on a truck.

Many immigrants come from non-Western Muslim countries with generally violent cultures.

There is much violence in everyday life amongst immigrants in Denmark and in other European countries.

It is possible that the reason for this particular attack was Mohamed. But the reality was that serious violence hit all the students present on the truck.

Finn tells us that he heard shouts of “Nak dem alle” (get all of them).

A Danish tradition may be under attack, and it can be gone before we know it.

25 thoughts on “A Culturally Enriched High School Graduation in Denmark

  1. Dhimmi’s are not allowed traditions. Why are Kufars so dense? I’ll bet next year they have proper permission from the Sharia Morality Patrol, then they won’t be causing mischief in the land.

    • This is heartbreaking to me…given the fact that Denmark was a
      country that stood up to the Nazi’s during the 2nd World War and
      saved Jews. I remember the book I read, “Boats In the Night” about
      a Danish rescuer. I hope the Danish people will be able to overcome this
      tragedy inflicted on their young people and rally around as they did in
      the 2nd WW.

  2. This is the deliberate destruction of consensus –
    a conspiracy of hostile criminality to break down culture.
    This is part of Islam’s war on the West –
    “between us and you enmity and hatred forever” (K. 60:4).
    The West is Dar al Harb – the Realm of War.
    “Islam Will Dominate”, say the placards.

    • They want to humiliate, to intimidate, to degrade. It is beyond obvious.

      The Danish government intends this to be the reality, for people intend the natural consequences of their acts. It’s response will be feeble and evasive.

      Laws against simple assault will perplex Danish police officials and prosecutors like transubstantiation, original sin, quantitative easing, the causes of the American War for Southern Independence, intersectional feminism, how Obama gained entrance to Harvard, and the term “natural-born citizen.” It will be necessary for this incident to be taken under advisement and action deferred while consultation is arranged.

  3. I keep wondering, aren’t there any tough young caucasians in Europe who are good with their fists? I’m not talking skin head morons. I’m talking high school kids and young adults. I still can’t believe that on New Year’s Eve in Cologne 1/2 dozen or more Islamic punks weren’t sent home bloody. What happened to the football (soccer) hooligans? Are Tommy Robinson and some of his pals the only guys left in Europe that can use their fists if attacked? I mean this is un[…]believable.

    There are fights before high school football games all over America. Okay not everywhere, but what high school doesn’t have some tough guys? And what neighborhood doesn’t have some tough neighborhood guys. Guys that work with their hands. (And let me preempt the counter, not everyone can be cowed by the police being on the side of the immigrants….or maybe I’m wrong……hopefully not).

    This is [blanking] shameful.

    I find this very puzzling.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • This is a gender problem, and fighting back would endanger the girls, especially if the students ‘lost’, I don’t think the immigrants would hold back.

      I suspect the objection in the first place was to the “mixing of genders…..”

    • It’s easy to say “fight back”. But when you fight back, you are easily overwhelmed by a quickly growing gang of thugs, therefore you get a beating or worse.
      If you hit back, it’s “hatecrime”, with the ensuing heavy punishment by the authorities. There is no such thing as justified self-defence in Europe. You get attacked, you fight back, it’s automatically a criminal offence, often resulting in the defender getting the heavier sentence. “You could have run away”.
      A white guy gets beaten up by immigrants? Be more tolerant. An immigrant gets beaten up by a white guy? Hatecrime! Racist! Nazi!

      It’s the fear of getting either a massive stomping by the immigrant gangs, which always outnumber you, or fear of getting a massive stomping by the authorities, who will nail you to a cross for daring to defend yourself from the cultural enrichment. Trust me, most men would fight, but not when a loss is virtually guaranteed, even if you win the actual fight…

      O tempora, o mores!

      • A perfect description of a crazy-making lunatic asylum. No, make that a continent-wide concentration camp.

        It is a cruel and savage irony to see Europeans become the New Jews…the cattle cars won’t be long in coming…

    • Ah, Mike. I love it when you appear with your Brooklyn approach…direct and to the point.

      But look at what Tommy Robinson has suffered from his stand-up attitude. The police continue to persecute him. They broke into his house at 6:00 am recently, scaring the beejayzus out of his kids and wife, to serve him with papers to appear in court. No, they didn’t ring the door bell. The police are thugs.

      Those criminals in police uniforms did this on the day Tommy’s mother was going into the hospital to have very serious, life-saving (and life-threatening) surgery. The gulag police knew this; they know everything about Tommy’s family and how to use his wife and kids as leverage.

      I don’t have all the details, but my understanding is that his crime was traveling to France to watch some football games. Over there, it’s not like us going into Canada and needing a passport to get back in the country – people by the thousands use the Eurostar from London to Paris every day. I believe him when he says he had no idea he wasn’t permitted to do this. It’s as though they have a secret list of “violations” and when he crosses one, that’s when they nail him…but there is no advance warning.

      He was also presented with a map of the places in his own hometown where he is no longer allowed to be. For any reason. He can’t even pass through these no-go zones on his way to anywhere else. We hope to get a copy of the map (though they will probably forbid him from publishing it) so people from Luton can see what’s being done to him. For sure, their MSM has a cone of silence over the existence of that chav, Tommy Robinson. If you’d like to read it, I can loan you my copy of the book.

      Anyway, Michael, that’s why there aren’t more stand-up guys in Europe. The price for their families is too high. Did you know that in some places it’s illegal for women to carry pepper spray?? What was that martial art Jews in Europe learned in the 1930s?…oh, right: Krav Maga.


      I understand the IDF has further refined it.

      Men and women in Europe need to learn the technique but I doubt it would be legal to teach. Samizdat classes, then.

      A story you would enjoy: another Michael from NYC lived there in the 80s (iirc). It was pre-Giuliani, when crime was very high. In a period of a month or so this other Michael was robbed three times. Finally, he’d had enough. This nice polite Jewish boy learned some kind of hand-to-hand defensive combat and found he had a natural talent for it. He enjoyed it so much that he began teaching it to thers. He even had a waiting list of students.

      But to him, the strangest thing was that no one ever attempted to rob him again. He realized that at some level *he* had changed in a way that others could perceive, though he never set out to do that. This intrigued him so much that he decided to study psychology at Columbia..and eventually moved down to this area. He became a successful therapist, so good at that again, he ended up with students in psychology also…

      Anyway, if European men AND women are going to be safe, they will have to begin by saving their own individual selves. And that’s not easy when the whole culture, sick of centuries of war, is now averse to even self-defense.

  4. Just the local Muslim “students” getting a little practice with flour, eggs and oil. Next week, they roll out the Molotov cocktails, grenades, machine guns and suicide vests.

    • A comment of sense, among people who have No understanding of the problems engulfing Europe, and the appeasing Governments of the EU, thank God the UK has enough intelligent people and is democratic enough to Get Out.

  5. “and that the throwing of eggs after students had been a tradition in the area for some years, he says.”

    Hmmm, yes that’s what immigrants do, they bring in new traditions. This one is rather like a tradition found on the “West Bank”, expect the throw stones and molotov cocktails.

  6. It is regrettable, even lamentable in many ways, but the only measures that can be brought to bear on these phenomena, at a civilian rather than governmental level is stomach turning, morally shocking levels of violent reprisal. Nothing else will even make an impression.

    What is needed is to destroy the aggressors’ will and/or ability to initiate violence. Neither of those are likely to be pleasant, easy or free of moral shock. But I regard it as highly unlikely that anything else would make a substantial difference for any length of time.

    Let’s consider a timid, constrained, minimal sort of case:

    If ALL the egg throwers had been [Specific intemperate suggestions redacted]. Already I feel revolted myself at what I am saying. But the facts seem undeniable and the logic irrefutable.

    These are people who want to inspire terror, in emulation of Mohammed who said “I am made victorious by terror”. What do you think is likely to make any impression on such people other than terror itself?

    And bear in mind that the 45 calibre rifle was made specifically to combat mohammedan fanatics in (if memory serves) the Phillipines. As long as they were physically able they would keep charging and shooting. The westerners needed genuine stopping power. And need I mention the little trick with pouring pig’s blood on the cartridges, or at least claiming to.

    What do you think is the likelihood that civilized western folk could steel themselves to an extent that would enable them to do what’s needed? Their antecedents could. But today’s people?

    Deep in their guts, maybe. But could they, would they dare to reach so deep. Could they survive it mentally without becoming savages themselves. I have doubts.

    The only alternatives I see are death and destruction.

    • Actually, it seems to me the use of water balloons, eggs and oil were simply a testing of the waters. Actually, you don’t need a horrific response. Since those were assaults, a felony prison sentence or better yet, deportation, for all the criminals involved, would send a message and likely shut down further plans.

      On the other hand, a lukewarm response, like probation in custody of their parents, who probably helped organize the violence, would signal that they could employ more lethal objects next time, and not incur a particularly harsh response.

      I’m not advocating tolerating the presence of Muslims, but simply pointing out that a sane and forthright police response would make the use of horrific measures unnecessary in this particular case.

  7. More and more I’m meeting people in the U.S. who realize that there’s nothing they can do about what happens in other countries. Americans can only arm and protect themselves and their families. Young Islamists newly-arrived to the U.S. also realize — very quickly — that violence is a way of life here and that force will be met with equal force.

    The Danish and Scandinavians, are (were) a happy, fun-loving people and were generally insulated from the world at large. That’s why this raw anger from “immigrants” is such a shock. It’s a shame. The Danish kids on the truck are no longer innocent. Their own people gave that away.

    • Demonstrates the old saying “if you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.

  8. I can’t believe you Europeans have criminalized self defense. As a Canadian, that’s almost inconceivable…..

    • Well then I would suggest you keep a close eye on the boy Justin because if you don’t and fail to put the boot in the moment he tries it on you will be joining us in the ‘inconceivable’ pretty damn quickly.

      We went down the tubes on a wave of social justice outrage that effectively made the concept of self defence against the Religion of Peace to be nothing other than Racist! Racist! Racist! and your leading Dhimmi is riding that wave as well. Take care.

      Good luck and best regards, S III.

      • Excellent observation; and considering “Meathead” clothed himself in Islamic rags and prayed with his moslem buddies in their mosque, not to mention that immediately upon becoming PM, he restored full medical and dental benefits on the invading masses, (which Harper had cut) and now has opened the flood gates to bring us hundreds of thousands more inbred, murderous third world rabble–well, sorry, you know!

    • I was under the impression that self-defense is largely criminalized in Canada as well. You are only allowed to defend yourself to the level of force the attacker is using on you (not sure how that helps as the idea is to ward them off….). For instance, if an intruder lunges at you with a knife and you shoot him with your gun you could be charged. Carrying anything for self-defense purposes is also illegal. I believe even pepper spray is illegal. You are allowed to carry bear spray but it strictly restricted to use on animals.

      • You could have yourself certified as O.C. and carry a little bottle of amonia.(for cleaning purposes only)
        It sure cleans the eyes.

  9. May those who give away our countries to utter foreigners who despise us rot forever in hell.

  10. “[T]he throwing of eggs after students had been a tradition in the area for some years” sounds like the kind of nonsensical, facile excuse we are used to from the lips of the cultural-enricher high command and from those of the dhimmwitted, fly-eating Renfields in their MSM cheering section.

    But let’s briefly examine the possibility that the explanation is true, as far as it goes.

    I’m curious as to nature of the tradition. Is it followed with respect to all graduates, even those of Islamic madrasahs, or are the graduates of Western institutions such as gymnasia singled out?

    Also, the choice of projectiles in this case is remarkable in itself: eggs, water balloons, and flour are one thing, but cooking oil?

    If, in the jurisdiction where I currently reside, a group of Islamically-minded cultural enrichers, in the midst of their Ramadan festivities, were to ambush my vehicle and suddenly spray my person with a flammable liquid, it would lead, at a minimum, to the immediate unholstering of my normally-concealed firearm, and quite possibly to one or more of the attackers receiving an etiquette lesson […]

    ADM NOTE: Fomenting lethal violence is against GoV comment rules.

  11. “Two female students were sprayed in the eyes with acid…” Yeah, that’d be fun–moslem style!

    Well, mohammed said it was fun, “we laughed”

    The Brexit was just a tiny beginning in the right direction. Europe cannot co-exist with moslems, FGS, you all know that; one of two things must happen–get rid of the moslems, or Europe will eventually become moslem.

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