A Cliff-Hanger

One of our British contacts is watching Sky News and giving us frequent updates on the Brexit count. As of this writing, the vote is 50.7% in favor of Leave, but it has been fluctuating back and forth. Sunderland went massively for Leave, and Swindon voted Remain.

London results aren’t in yet, but they are expected to swing the vote to Remain. How could it be otherwise, with 100 or 200 culture-enrichers voting from each postal address?

Still, this is closer than I expected.

Latest results at The Mirror

12 thoughts on “A Cliff-Hanger

    • England an Wales vote NO/LEAVE/GO>>
      Britain votes to leave EU.

      The nearest that can be got to the constituency of the late Jo Cox is Kirklees.
      Results:Leave 54.7% / Remain 45.3%.

  1. Shame if Brits vote to tell Merkel, Hollande and Juncker to go to hell and you keep the Syrian “refugees”.

  2. Don’t kid yourselves. There will be no exit. Bookies don’t miss these things. The votes will be counted, counted and counted, and even if exit wins, the “people in charge” will still deem the results as stay. They did it in Greece.

  3. Let me be the first to congratulate the Brits on leaving the E.U. You have taken the first step to save yourselves.

    • I have to ask, what does this mean to Americans? Trump favoured Brexit. I’m sure Hillary didn’t.

      • On the national scale, I’m not sure what this does to/for us. But on the personal scale, I’m going to make an extra effort to buy products made in Britain (e.g., cheese!) over those made elsewhere for the coming while. The British pound has dropped 10% as of now (10:30 p.m. Thursday, 23 June), and buying British-made products may be a way of showing support.

        Or I could be completely naive. But who can say “no” to Stilton, Gloucester, Derbyshire, Huntsman, Caerphilly, Cheddar, Wensleydale, and their ilk?

  4. LEAVERS have it! BBC called it already! Gadz I am so happy for this punch in the status quo’s mean ol’ face…..

  5. Watching BBC live now, at 1:15 a.m. in Newfoundland [11:45 p.m. Eastern]
    BBC has forecast a Leave victory, projecting a 52/48 final split.
    Currently Leave: 14,098,653 Remain: 13,167, 856 with 325 of 382 districts counted.
    Hopes are that the Leave lead is sufficient to offset the expected Remain votes in Inner London.

  6. They’re calling Leave! Even the sleazy BBC had to concede defeat: 52% Leave, 48% Remain with only 60 counties left to count.

    The question is: will Parliament block this and the will of the people, or reluctantly exit the EU and let come what may?

    I’ll take this victory however. As Fjordamn’s essay said, the EU truly has united people: against it! Right now, myself (Canadian), boyfriend (German) and friend (French) are all celebrating the results. We all stayed up late to watch the live feed.

    Perhaps Britain isn’t so lost. Well done, chaps. It’s still a long road ahead, but you took the first steps to freedom. I’ll be celebrating tonight!

  7. It’s probably a good thing, but we need to remember that the Rotherham and similar scandals were brought about by the conduct of Empire, not EU, immigration.

  8. Well done to you gutsy 52%……..hopefully a lot of the rest will now pull themselves together and get over the scare put into them by the lying elite like Obama &Co.

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