Vladimir Bukovsky on his hunger strike: “I don’t want them to have Soviet Union here”

As we reported a while ago, just before he was scheduled to testify in an inquiry in London about the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, Vladimir Bukovsky was charged with possession of child pornography, in what appears to have been a set-up by the FSB. In response he has sued the Crown Prosecution Service for libel (an immensely expensive operation in Britain), and has recently gone on a hunger strike to draw attention to his case and attempt to have his lawsuit heard before the criminal trial against him.

Below is a brief video taken from the interview with Mr. Bukovsky, as provided by The Guardian. In it you’ll hear him say, “I’m doing it for the British public. I don’t want them to have Soviet Union here.”

7 thoughts on “Vladimir Bukovsky on his hunger strike: “I don’t want them to have Soviet Union here”

  1. Has he directly addressed the charges?

    If so is there a link?

    Thank you.

    Peter Hyatt

    • Check Diana’s post — she may have a link or links.

      He has addressed the charges by suing the Crown Prosecution Service for libel. That’s a fairly emphatic response.

  2. Vladimir Bukovsky on his hunger strike:
    “I don’t want them to have Soviet Union here”

    Mr Bukovsky. . . EU is diabolical, evil, cowardly, islam- subservient, confused, blurred, foggy that the world has never produced something so evil to compare it to. It is the product of evil traitorous critters. It is is here already and at an advanced stage rotten to the core, and wise people hope, pray that it will expire and soon.

    It is amazing how EU wastes millions of Euros on terrorists Like palestinians, pays their salaries and thus encourage them to commit heinous crimes against Jewish civilians.

    Hey EU stay unconscionable. Just embrace the cobras.

  3. “I don’t want them to have Soviet Union here.”

    It just may be a little too late for that sentiment. The UK is no longer a democracy, it has become a police state run by oligarchs. They may have been elected but ‘too stupid to vote’ has become a worldwide plague.

    • Just to add to my comment a thought. Politics these days has become like watching an argument where both sides are wrong. It looks like I’ll be voting for Trump; Cruz-Fiorina. I don’t see how that’s going to help Cruz any – she fell out of the race so early she isn’t going to help his chances. The little song she sang on the stage deserves to be mocked, and mocking isn’t helpful. I just hope in the months to come the folks who have suggested that Trump is shilling for the Clintons prove to be wrong, they do make a credible argument

    • Bless you Rick,

      ” They may have been elected but. . . ”

      They are elected by muslims and other stupid voters toserve islam and muslims.

      It is like a donkey carrying 200 books filled with knowledge but he is still a donkey.

      Give jihadis welfare money so that they will have plenty of time to train to kill the infidels “everywhere they find them”.

      Constantinople to istanbul, (sic) , siege of Vienna, Andalusia to alandulus, Not having learnt a lesson. Dunce.

      The west is the laughing stock of islam.

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