Vlaams Belang: “A Fist Against Islamic Terror”

The Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang recently released a new anti-Islamization video, featuring a variety of speakers at a party event. The version that was subtitled in Swedish has now been translated into English.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating the Swedish text, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   A fist against Islamic terror.
00:03   A fist of anger, because we will not stand for this terror, and we will hit back.
00:11   I have had enough of this; that just a few weeks after the terror attack
00:18   the political elite in this country are more worried about Muslims’ feelings
00:23   than for the victims and their relatives.
00:26   They haven’t even cleaned up before they are looking for reasons
00:30   for why we are at fault. Never is the guilt assigned to
00:34   The religion of conquest. No, again it takes upon itself the role of victim, supported by “gutmenschen”,
00:39   who in this manner first and foremost try to wins souls and votes.
00:44   Already Europe has endured a long list of bloody Islamic terror attacks;
00:49   Madrid 2004. Four bombs on a train, 192 dead, almost 2000 injured.
00:59   London 2005. Four bombs on busses and the metro. 52 dead and over 700 injured.
01:08   Paris 2015. Six bombs, 130 dead and over 350 injured.
01:18   Brussels. 32 dead and over 340 injured.
01:23   And the list of murders is also long, such as the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam.
01:29   The murder of a rabbi and three school children in a Jewish school in Toulouse.
01:35   The murder of the 25-year old soldier Lee Rigby in London.
01:40   The murder of four visitors to the Jewish museum in Brussels.
01:45   The murder of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo publishers in Paris.
01:51   The list is slowly but surely becoming endless.
01:55   Our society is today paying an almost unbearable price
02:00   for the historic mistake of letting tens of thousands guest workers grow into the hundreds of thousands.
02:07   and in Europe several million new migrants,
02:12   either outright illegal, or would-be asylum seekers.
02:17   The 22nd of March, dear friends, the 22nd of March,
02:23   Hundreds of people hurt, 32 people murdered.
02:30   And it wasn’t global warming or a lack of possibilities on the job market that killed them.
02:35   Neither was it the so called “racism” in our society, nor was it pollution,
02:39   …but Muslim terror that killed them.
02:43   A strong justice system would have been able to prevent this.
02:47   A strong immigration policy would have been able to prevent this.
02:51   A well-equipped intelligence agency could have prevented this.
02:55   But first and foremost our politicians had the damned responsibility to prevent this.
03:00   Dear friends, there will be no “European Islam”. The only thing we will get is an Islamized Europe.
03:08   Europe does not change the Muslims. The Muslims are changing Europe, and fast.
03:14   In other words, dear friends, Islam…
03:20   In other words, dear friends, Islam is not a part of the solution, Islam is the essence of the problem.
03:33   That beaten and raped women in Islamic culture are always seen
03:37   as the guilty party instead of the victims
03:41   is the sickening result of the perverse sexual morality of the Muslim man.
03:46   History teaches us that the degree of a Islamization in a society
03:53   is directly reflected in the degree of how much Muslim women have to cover their bodies.
03:59   The more Islam, the more textiles worn by women, and the less freedom they have.
04:06   The advance of Islam means in practice social, economic and cultural regression.
04:14   Poverty, lack of learning, social exclusion, discrimination and lack of opportunity
04:20   are not the reason for Islam. They are the result of Islam.
04:32   And when history repeats itself, when the asses who are leading us,
04:38   deaf and blind to public opinion, as if they are covering their eyes and ears,
04:47   repeat the same actions with an insane “Wir schaffen das” policy,
04:53   when they want to admit Islamic Turkey to the EU, then we call for resistance.
04:58   We will tell you what is going on, regardless of what people think about us
05:02   and regardless of political correctness.
05:06   And the more we are ignored, the more we are undermined and demonized,
05:10   the more driven we become, and we are proud of it, by the way.
05:16   Together with the Austrian FPÖ, together with the Italian Lega Nord,
05:21   Marine Le Pen’s Front National and Geert Wilders’ PVV,
05:25   we will mobilize public opinion. And to the people of foreign background already here in Flanders,
05:30   and who want to be Flemish together with the Flemish, we still reach out our hand,
05:36   but for the others, the people who hate us, we have entirely different plans.
05:42   If there is something called integration, then there must also be something called “outegration”.
05:48   The slogan Kemal Ataturk in his time left as a testament to his people was:
05:54   “Turkey for the Turks”. Of course, but then also “Flanders for the Flemish” and “Europe for the Europeans”.
06:06   I am tired of this. I am more than tired, dead tired, and I think you are, too.
06:12   We must fight back and resist. It is the only thing we CAN do.
06:15   As peaceful but battle-ready citizens we have a duty to make our European civilization —
06:21   which we inherited from our parents and forefathers — safe for our children and grandchildren.
06:28   It is our duty to protect our identity, our sovereignty and our freedom.
06:32   It is our damned duty to make it clear to those who threaten our achievements
06:38   that we will not tolerate it. I can promise you, ladies and gentlemen,
06:42   that we, Vlaams Belang, will work on this.
06:47   More than ever before. With even more passion and even more fervor,
06:53   we will keep fighting for our identity, our traditions and our way of life.
06:57   I am also counting on you. It will not be a bed of roses, but one thing I know with certainty:
07:04   As long as there is a Vlaams Belang on the field, the battle is not lost.
07:10   Today we stand here with the choice of either painfully going down, or fighting back.
07:15   Vlaams Belang clearly chooses the latter option.
07:19   We will no longer submit to Islamic terror, but will now hit back with force! …Thank you!

13 thoughts on “Vlaams Belang: “A Fist Against Islamic Terror”

  1. I am wondering if a click on this sites video also registers as a click on the You tube site.

  2. Well thank God for such a strong reply to anti-Muslim [nonsense]. I am hopeful but not really heartened. But I hope they win. Islam needs to go back to their territory and stop with the effort to Islamize the Europeans and/or the West. We do not want you, can you get that that? We hate Islam in all it’s forms in all its formats. Just go away and get back to you own territory. You are not welcome in the west. Period.

    Do not think they will listen and with the lying [person I don’t like] we have for a president, this will not get through and forgive me for the vulgarity. I weep for my country but I can tell you that out here in Kansas we have guns and up with them we will not put. We will shoot first and ask questions later. Just saying and any […] Muslim can take that as a warning. We have them in Wichita, our major city but they have not caused problems as far as i know. I do not harbor hate toward anyone, but my instinctive feeling is we do not need more Muslims. They should return to the own homes and if that makes me a bigot then so be it. Go home. We are tired of you.

  3. Truth is spoken. This is not rocket science, why isn’t this common sense. So frustrating! We are fighting a war with enemies on the inside. Maybe it’s time to take care of those traitors first.

    • Belgistan is the capital of Muslim Europe it seems. Patriots waited too long (procrastinated) but now it’s too late because they are already there in enclaves all over Europe, planning jihad for the take down, coming in daily. Too bad these patriot anti-Muslim groups stood by and let invaders take control and allowed traitor gov. leaders to promote the invasion. Germany, Britain and Sweden seem to condone it more so. It will take a miracle to get Europe back to normal; don’t see it happening.

      • laura, I cannot (and will not) blame you for not knowing the situation on the spot, but permit me to take issue with “Patriots waited too long (procrastinated)”…

        … because Vlaams Belang, formerly Vlaams Blok, has been screaming its message from the rooftops since 1977.

        In European politics, the VB fulfills something like a pioneer role. Long before the PVV, long before the Lega Nord, long before the FPOe, there was the VB.

        It has endured decades of demonization, vilification, lawsuits brought upon it by so-called “anti-racism” laws…

        Other parties have benefited from it’s ideas and proposed solutions, and for “preparing the ground”, and the VB NEVER got the credit that is due.

        But it’s 2016, and it is still standing there. Strong.

        • Why was Charles Johnson, of the Little Green Footballs blog, so nasty to Vlaams Belang? He became psychotic whenever the name came up. Maybe he was a Muslim?

          • Mr Palmer, Mr Johnson was one of those lefties who got mugged by reality… very temporarily. He went ballistic about the inclusion in the anti-jihad ranks of the VB over the fact that in the very beginning there were, indeed, some obscure nationalists with a streetfighter mentality in its ranks. Even people whose fathers had fought for the nazis during WWII, first in the Flemish Legion, then in the Waffen SS division Langemarck.

            The number of these was very small, but nevertheless there was a stain. Flemish involvement in WWII alongside the Germans however CANNOT be seen without contemplating the peculiar anc complicated Flemish/Walloon issue inside Belgium, which boiled down to Flemings being second rank citizens in their own country.

            The Germans promised the Flemings greater autonomy (something they also did in WWI, btw), and some nationalist elements (not all!!!) fell for it, to their great shame.

            But during the nineties the VB, under its new dynamic chairman Frank Vanhecke, came clear with its past and became a very respectable democratic party. Anyone who pretends otherwise should read their publications and look at their actions.

            If Charles Johnson would be consequential he would also consider the Democratic Party a no-no for eternity plus three days, given the Jim Crow laws.

          • Chazzer was a Lefty who was scared straight by 9/11 but eventually lost his conservative veneer.

            James Lewis was the only essayist who saw him for what he was: someone who was co-opted by Belgium’s black psy-ops and by the execrable Swedish EXPO. He believed every lie they told him and they played the man like a violin – screechy but incessant.

            When he came after us – and Spencer and Geller – we were left to swing in the wind by the Bigs on the right. It wasn’t until he had a complete meltdown and went after them that *they* began to see he was afflicted.

            It taught me an important lesson and prepared me for what the soi-disant “Right” would one day attempt to do to Diana West, e.g., character assassination.

            The Belgians and Swedes had their effect as Spencer and Geller banded together into a city of two…they now do very little cooperation with others in the Counterjihad. Charles Johnson understood their weaknesses: he kept on after them long after we had ceased responding to his malarkey. Evidently he knew they felt compelled to continue defending themselves. I felt sorry for them, but not to the extent of accepting their passing on of the bullying toward us.

            The Baron would counsel not saying anything publicly about their character, but that’s the truth of it.

          • BTW, Outlaw Mike was a great help in understanding the “insider baseball” of Belgian politics. VB hosted our first public Counterjihad Conference. They are also the only party to welcome the Israelis. In actuality, it is the rest of them who are anti-semitic, which makes Johnson’s charges against Vlaams Belang all the more egregious.

            Johnson claimed great knowledge of Europe but as far as I can tell, his “knowledge” consisted of a rock band tour through Europe in his younger days, plus whatever the Belgians and EXPO told him.

            I always thought he’d have stayed in the church if he could’ve gotten the GOP to allow him to be their version of Daily Kos vis-a-vis the Democrats. But the RNC wasn’t/isn’t savvy when it comes to grassroots help, so that was probably the final nail in the coffin of his thwarted ambition. His alliance with Pajamas Media came to an end also…CJ does not play well with others.

  4. The new ‘secret’ EU army will sort these Euro-Terrorists out in a day or so

  5. EU and Islam shared the same mentality. EU – there can only be one government so we can attain peace. Islam – there can only be one God so we can attain peace. Both are totalitarian and naive. Islam is a religion of peace but they defined peace as allowing only one single faith to exist. It is peace with a twisted definition just like EU.

    • Ich kann auf nederlandisch/Nederlanse leider nicht schreiben. Also, auf deutsch und english sage ich Sie alle:

      Sie koennen etwas anders–und besseres–schaffen! Doch!
      You can do something else–and better! You bet!

      [trans. note: Unfortunately, I can’t write in Dutch. So, I say to all of you in German and English….]

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