3 thoughts on “¡Viva la Revolución!

  1. The Maastrict treaty was the point at which the governments signed away sovereignty, later entrenched by ‘Lisbon’.

    Thatcher was Eurosceptic and did not want Maastricht so she was toppled by a John Major lead rump which was masterminded by the Europhiles in the party. The quid pro quo being that, in return for the Europhile support JM would sign Maastricht without a referendum.

    Finally, decades later we finally get the referendum, and it is now a million times more difficult to extract ourselves from the tentacles of tyranny, thank-you JM and those Conservative traitors who gathered around Ted Heath. you have destroyed the nation….

  2. I’d rather have 100 Mexicans than one muslim any day. Most Mexicans (the ones that I know) are hard workers for the most part and they do a lot of the dirty work that Americans no longer want to do. Also, most of them are Christians (well, Catholics, but what’s the diff?).

    Plus, there is nothing like a good Mexican restaurant for a great meal! Try it, you’ll like it. Assuming you have one in your area. . . their food is excellent!

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