Tommy Robinson Legal and Security Fund

A permanent fund to assist Tommy Robinson has now been established. Its purpose is to help provide the best possible legal defense for Tommy in the event the British state comes after him again, and to help pay for bodyguards and other security measures to protect Tommy and his family from those who would do them harm.

Prior to his trial on April 14, a drive to help him with his legal defense was launched. It was successful: thanks to the donations to his defense fund, a QC (high-level British legal counsel) was retained, and the case against Tommy was dismissed when it came to court.

Elsa of West in Danger says:

So many thanks to those who gave to help Tommy escape one huge immediate danger. It’s the generosity of over 1,000 people, worldwide, that paid for the top notch legal representation that allowed Tommy to walk free.

And thanks to the West in Danger, Tommy’s supporters can now donate in several ways to help him defray his future legal and security expenses.

There are several reasons why Tommy’s financial situation should be of concern to those who support him.

The Crown Prosecution Service has said it may seek a review of the judge’s decision ( See the IB Times). If that happens, Tommy will have to go to court again.

As most of you know, Tommy’s bank account was frozen again for a while last month. It has been unfrozen since then, but the fact that it can be frozen at any time at the whim of the government shows that Tommy cannot rely on being able to access his account to fund his legal defense — or anything else.

Furthermore, after the case against him was dismissed, Tommy was physically attacked by a Muslim in his home town, Luton:

The above examples illustrate the reasons why this fund was created. The monies collected via these donation pages are held in trust for Tommy and will be used to cover legal and security expenses, which will paid out directly to those who provide services to defend or protect Tommy and his family.

There are four ways you can donate to help Tommy:

Monthly donation (only in UK currency)

The donor chooses the amount, and can change it or cancel at any time.


  • Go to: Edit the Price, to what is right for you.
  • Set the amount to what you want to give.
  • Next, go to the top of the page, to the green stripe, with View Cart on the right.
  • Click on View Cart.
  • On the View Cart page, there is a red X on the left, to delete something in case there’s been an error.
  • Otherwise, scroll down and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  • During check out, you will be asked for a password. You can make up any password you like.
  • If you don’t have PayPal, you can pay with a credit card.
  • Otherwise, it is difficult to pay with any method other than PayPal.

(A currency conversion table is below.)

Or you can make a one-time donation

Conversion table from sterling to other currencies:

£   US $   CA $   AU $  
5   7   10   10   7  
10   15   19   20   13  
15   22   29   31   20  
20   29   38   41   26  
25   37   48   51   33  
50   74   96   102   66  
100   147   192   205   132  
150   221   287   307   198  
200   294   383   409   263  
250   368   479   511   329  
500   735   958   1,023   659  
1,000   1,471   1,916   2,046   1,317
1,500   2,206   2,874   3,068   1,976
2,000   2,942   3,832   4,091   2,634
2,500   3,677   4,790   5,114   3,293
3,000   4,413   5,748   6,137   3,951
3,500   5,148   6,706   7,160   4,610
4,000   5,884   7,664   8,182   5,268
4,500   6,619   8,622   9,205   5,927
5,000   7,355   9,580   10,228   6,586

Another way to help Tommy is to buy his book, Enemy of the State, either in print or on Kindle.

The four methods of donating to Tommy’s fund have been set up as buttons on our sidebar. They will remain there as long as the fund is active, and we’ll refer to them in future if additional legal action against Tommy is undertaken by the British state.

Many thanks to West in Danger for setting up this fund.

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8 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Legal and Security Fund

  1. He’s been lucky so far that one of these thugs hasn’t just walked up and stuck a knife in him. See the way the Muslim looks about as he shoves him, this behaviour is a clear ‘tell’ – he is checking to see if anyone’s around, seeing how much he can get away with. If an indigenous Englishman was caught as clearly on camera doing that to a colored person, let alone a Muslim, they would be banged up by the cops instantly.

  2. I’ve contributed some more to Tommy’s fighting fund. It’s not a lot but I hope it helps him defend himself against our government’s persecution. I wonder if he’s considered taking legal action against the individuals who are conspiring against him.

  3. Tommy’s book is a damning indictment on the UK political and justice system.
    If only half of what Tommy has written is true, it is very, very worrying for all lovers of freedom.
    Enemy of the State will be all true with no inaccuracies as anything false or unproven will no doubt be attacked by a left wing media and political elite.
    Enemy of the Sate made a disturbing holiday read this week, but is recommended all the same.

    In the UK, we have seen how the UK police stitched up Liverpool fans over claims of violence at Hillsborough.
    We have seen how the police have been incompetent to say the least over its conduct with the mass of muslim rapes and grooming cases.
    We see how David Cameron is stretching electoral law, if not breaching it, with regards to GE2015 and now the referendum campaign. Channel 4’s inquiries into how the Tories conducted themselves last year is most revealing.
    Pieced together, it is clear that the police have been acting unlawfully against Tommy Robinson and this has been at the behest of the Cameron regime.
    Remember, David Cameron is a founding member of Unite Against Fascism.
    He once said there is “nothing sicker” than the EDL.
    Of course we might think those who burn poppies, spit at the troops, commit mass rape and grooming, cut off those private lady parts, throw gays off buildings and treat women like cattle might be the sicker ones.
    But it is clear Cameron is part of that liberal elite, who will keep doing all they can to keep Tommy down.
    Cameron now believes it is unpatriotic for britain to rule itself, despite the country having the world’s largest empire where the sun never sat only a few generations ago.

    Anyway, please buy Tommy’s book and if you are british, Vote UKIP and Vote Brexit.

    Just one other thing. It is clear from the book, as the EDL constantly stayed on its website, it is NOT a racist organisation. It is clear Tommy Robinson has many black and muslim friends, sikhs too. The EDL had followers from those groups too and it is perhaps only a tiny minority of its members that gave the elite the stick with which to beat the EDL.

    And despite all the claims from the left that UKIP is somehow racist, UKIP has the most non-racist immigration policy of all the parties, wanting a points-based system as in Australia, where an Indian doctor has more claim than a Romanian peasant. It could be argued the policy of the other main parties is the racist one, for giving the current white christian majority a claim first.

  4. Tommy urgently needs security, his life is at risk, I hope people will see it in their hearts to give generously. I can’t afford to give much but I give as much as I can. God bless you Tommy.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful post on Tommy, and how we can help him. Thank you also to everyone who is helping – and also doing what you can to protect the West, and counter Islam.

  6. It’s saddens me so very much to say this, but unfortunately I can only ever see brave Tommy ending up murdered. Either by someone outside of prison, or inside, aided by the politically driven leftist agencies.
    And what saddens me just as much, is that if / when he is murdered,rather than all right minded, indigenous British people taking to the streets in mass protest, the majority will be more concerned about watching Eastenders than the loss of a true hero.

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