To Explode or Not to Explode, That is the Moderate-Radical Question

The “logic” goes something like this: if you criticize Islam, Muslims who used to be moderates may become radicalized and do un-Islamic, violent things.

This doesn’t make any sense — if Islam is inherently non-violent, how does criticism of it make it violent, and convert it into something it is not? Does it undergo some kind of alchemical transmutation at the metaphysical level?

This sort of argument is irrational, but that’s to be expected, since Islam has no truck with rationality in the Western sense.

Matthew Bracken’s latest meme highlights the absurdity of these arguments:

16 thoughts on “To Explode or Not to Explode, That is the Moderate-Radical Question

  1. So what they are saying is Muslims are easily radicalised if criticised.

    They are also saying that we are responsible for actions perpetrated by them.

    What kind of nonsense is it.

    • Islamic nonsense. And there is a whole lot of that. But Islam has a built-in safety device: a sentence of death for apostasy. As more than one imam has said, that is what keeps everyone in line.

    • Islam cannot be blamed, because it is Allah’s religion, so it is perfect, and if anything nasty happens it is never due to Islam or Muslims, the ‘other’ is always to blame and it is just a matter of being diligent in defining the cause.

      Be it too much meat or drawing cartoons or flying in the wrong airplane or little girls who should be at home playing with dollies instead of out seducing ‘innocent’ 50 year old muslims with their 11 year old charms.

      So muslims all have to be creative and find enough armour to deflect criticism and blame the victim (with a little help from the leftist loonies).

    • These are the dreadful wages of postmodernism, which insist that non-whites have no agency, and that all of their actions are simply reactions to current or historical wrongs perpetrated by racist whites against non-whites.

      Welcome to the new Dark Age!

  2. This basic analysis shows up the manipulative lie that people like Hillary Clinton are using to hoodwink people….it clearly shows how stupid she thinks her followers are; an insult, really.
    USA American people could prove that they are not that dumb and show it by not voting for her.

    • Is the whole of Western Europe, Canada, Oz and the all halaled up and basking in its own version of superiority New Zealand, beyond telling the truth anymore? How do so called parents, family, teachers, religious and atheistic, the devotional toe suckers and moralisters look children in the eyes while teaching the disasterous effects of lying, cheating and stealing? Sex with children? Sex with animals? In a word – Muslims. Had the response to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s been an immediate, “More! More! Teach it in schools! Import it from anywhere and everywhere!”, we would not be so present today. My God look at what these demi beasts believe about who what why when and where. Allah the pagans moon god is God? The Muslim training and practice to cut our heads and other limbs off through the unbelievably cruel practice of halal killing of animals. We are all dumb as rocks. Doing business with Saudi Arabia instead of just colonising the lot would be the easier softer way to go. To see Obama bowing and grovelling and the so called feminist lesbian Hillary doing the degenerate Muslim Arab’s bidding is enough for a national vomit.

  3. I have just been reading the European Court of Justice ruling in favour of former BNP Councillor Arthur Redfearn in November 2012.

    I noticed that he started his case in the Employment Tribunal system but the ruling in his favour was overturned by the Court of Appeal for England and Wales.

    His claims were denied on two points. Firstly that anti discrimination Legislation cannot be used to protect the state of mind that facilitates discrimination.

    The second reason was that the defence cited Article 17 of the European Convention on Human Rights which is used to block those from using the Convention to circumvent the rights of others.

    No evidence of such behaviour by Mr Redfearn was presented but the Court of Appeal denied his claim.

    Surely we can use these two arguments to stop islamists and jihadists escaping justice?

    Our courts failed time and time again to see this, however if one looks at our courts they are full of diversity advisors. No wonder why the jihadists get away with it time and time again.

  4. So does the interpertetion of the Qu’ran change when the emotions of the reader change? Or did Allah really mean something quite different? Religious books are poetic, anyway.

    They’re trying to scare us. Maybe.

    • Exactly. Muslim bs and pc must be called for what it is . Muslim bs and pc. Shut the whole Muslim con operation down before we find ourselves being dipped squeaking and squealing.

  5. I believe a good deal more provocation is in order. As long as people can pretend that the problem does not exist, there will be no reason to address it. The mass of self-absorbed Westerners need to be jolted from their lethargy so they are forced to acknowlede the threat as a precursor to actually dealing with it. Daily terrorist bombings, shootings, stabbings, rapes, etc., in every community by the followers of the Religion of Peace may ultimately be necessary before the average citizen has had enough and decides to do something about it.

    This is of course easier said than done; in the end the question of “who will bell the cat” remains.

  6. It’s not much of a religion if its teachings don’t have the power to ensure that a believer behaves peacefully, & his beliefs cannot stop him from blowing himself up, killing other people, etc.

  7. “if you criticize Islam, Muslims who used to be moderates may become radicalized and do un-Islamic, violent things.”

    Isn’t this an example of the fallacy of a false dichotomy?

  8. (False Dilemma [Dichotomy]) Description: When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes. False dilemmas are usually characterized by “either this or that” language, but can also be characterized by omissions of choices. Another variety is the false trilemma, which is when three choices are presented when more exist.

    I had a similar reaction, then saw your post. The meme does have assumptions.

    Effect: radicalization of moderate Muslim

    Cause(s): criticism of moderate Muslim, tenets of Islam; both; both + other?

    Question: Given moderate Muslim al-X, will he become radicalized if NOT criticized? (What is the probability that he will become radicalized without criticism.)

    This requires a test with controls. This test may be impossible to conduct.

  9. (To moderation: my post was supposed to be a reply to “William on May 24, 2016 at 8:30 pm”)

  10. The Muslims are cowards.
    They behave like that because they know very well that they are under the protection of our goverments.

    It is accepted by our politicians to turn Europe into a mongrel continent,so instead of sitting like stupids accepting all these by the barbarian invaders,lets face them and deal with them with their own weapons.
    Attack them and terrorise them untill they decide to go back to their countries.
    Without violence the problem will not be solved.

  11. I’d like to throw in another post recommending “Catastrophic Failure,” by Coughlin.

    If you have a Kindle you can get it for only $6. It is fairly easy to read.

    The author’s research is impeccable.

    His conclusions, based on Islamic scripture and scholarly wisdom, are terrifying for all free-thinking people on this Earth.

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