The Erdogan Burger — With Goat Cheese!

The alleged goat-friendly tendencies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have caused no end of controversy in Germany. The latest manifestation of goat-mania was the launch of the “Erdogan Burger” by a restaurateur in Cologne. Not only was the delicacy named after Mr. Erdogan, it was topped with goat cheese.

Well, it seems that some people in Germany — presumably those with Turkish tendencies — can’t take a joke. Who knew?

After receiving death threats, the restaurant’s owner felt it was prudent to close down his business temporarily. Two of his Turkish employees were threatened, and have now quit.

The following brief video discusses the kerfuffle over the Erdogan Burger. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a Deutsche Welle article about the travails of the creator of the Erdogan Burger:

Threats over ‘Erdogan burger’ force Cologne eatery to close

A gourmet burger joint in Cologne added an “Erdogan burger” to its menu, responding to the Turkish president’s attempts to sue a German comedian. After online threats, the owner has shut down the shop.

Jörg Tiemann never expected such hatred over a joke on his menu.

In April, the manager of “Urban Burgery”, one of the many new gourmet burger restaurants in downtown Cologne, put a burger with a big chunk of goat’s cheese on his menu, and named it the Erdogan burger.

He was responding to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s bid to prosecute a German comedian, Jan Böhmermann, for a lewd poem attacking the Turkish leader. Thiemann said that despite Erdogan’s restrictions on freedom of the press in Turkey, few of Cologne’s Turks were protesting, telling German media: “We wanted to set an example.”

The Erdogan burger with the extra big slice of goat’s cheese was an immediate hit, so much so that the restaurant even closed for the day on May 1 because it had run out of burgers.

A week later, the place was closed again – but for other reasons.

The restaurant was forced to close due to ‘concrete’ threats from Erdogan supporters, but it plans to re-open

Threats online, loiterers outside

The specialty had triggered a flood of critical comments on social media against the burger place – including lies, agitation, insults and a concrete threat by supporters of the Turkish president that they planned to pay a visit to the restaurant. Strangers were observed loitering in front of the restaurant.

Goat’s cheese and Erdogan – the burger’s ingredients were tied to the words of comedian Böhmermann’s contentious poem, which included the insinuation that Erdogan had sex with goats.

Fearing for the safety of his staff, the 52-year-old owner took a drastic step, and shut down his new restaurant until further notice.

At the same time, he made it clear that he plans to continue to fight for the freedom of opinion in Turkey, saying he would not be “gagged by enemies of democracy, of the rule of law, and of civil rights.”

“Due to concrete threats, and in particular calls by Erdogan supporters to come to our restaurant, we can no longer guarantee the safety of our workers,” he wrote on Facebook. To illustrate his concern, he posted part of a threat by a person calling himself “Smith Wesson,” seemingly an ode to the US gun manufacturer, who posted on Facebook: “I’d say we them pay a visit. Who’ll join me?”

Thiemann says his two Turkish burger cooks have decided to give notice because they, too, received threats. He says he plans to beef up security at the Urban Burgery, including installing video cameras. He hopes to reopen soon.

Video transcript:

00:03   In a burger restaurant in Cologne there is now the first Erdogan Burger.
00:11   Extra Ingredient: Goat Cheese – Sumptuous satire, or clever marketing?
00:17   No it is an epicurean pledge to freedom of opinion!
00:24   In Cologne we say, get your a** up, and show your face, and we stand by that.
00:30   A satire burger for Böhmermann. But one of the employees has concerns.
00:34   She does not want her photo taken for Facebook with the Erdogan Burger.
00:37   The Turkish-German worries she will not get a travel permit for Turkey.
00:42   That is true, and I find it frightening. It shows where we are headed.
00:46   We must not let them intimidate us. You have to fight for your rights. Or you will eventually lose them.

8 thoughts on “The Erdogan Burger — With Goat Cheese!

  1. Amen. Fight for your rights or you WILL lose them. This is always the case, even here in America, where we supposedly have the right of free speech and free thought. But not everyone agrees on that. . . PC is fine, original thought not so much.

  2. Sounds like someone’s nanny didn’t love him enough when he was a kid… Always butting heads over every trivial provocation…

  3. I’m actually pretty hungry- that burger and proper chunky fries look really tasty.
    Erdogan and his appeasers in the German government however- are a disgrace and a clear threat to Europe.
    Merkel’s appeasement is not diplomatic or clever- it is utterly pathetic and has left Europe open to blackmail from the Islamist Erdogan while ramping up suppression of free speech and eroding any moral authority the West has, when it comes to freedom of expression.
    The Turks fund 1000 conservative Imams in Germany, the AKP has its proxies there too.
    The Turkish diaspora in Germany reveals several of the gaping flaws in multikulti, ones which Islamists can use ex-pat communities, to advance their agendas.
    “What is the conquest?” Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked his audience. “The conquest is Hijrah [expansion of Islam through emigration, following the example of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and his followers from Mecca to Medina]. The conquest is Al-Andalus [Muslim Spain]. … The conquest is Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi [Saladin]. … It is to hoist the flag of Islam in Jerusalem again. … The conquest is to have the courage, tenacity and sagacity to defy the entire world even at the hardest times.”
    For those unfamiliar with the Islamic concept of Hijrah (jihad through immigration and demographic conquest) I suggest reading up;
    “Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”

  4. Seems there are imposter German citizens or fraudulent German residents who don’t honestly believe in freedom of expression or live and let live. Obviously, a generation or two in the Western world does not garuantee freedom of art or expression will be automatically inborn. It’s a clear result of a social experiment. A smart, courageous people or nation enacts substantive measures based on those results.

    I hope Urban Burger reopens with it’s top selling item on the menu. The fact that it sold out is telling. The fact that it brought out the trouble makers is the key to everything in Europe right now.

  5. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others…especially under Socialism. Is there any doubt that white people/Christians are the most endangered PPL on the planet?

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