The Brutal Murder of Niklas P. Was Not an Isolated Incident

A young German named Niklas P. was brutally beaten to death earlier this month by a Moroccan named Walid S.

On Monday Politically Incorrect published an article about the murder of Niklas P., and about how other youths are coming forward from the same city, Bad Godesberg, about the increasing migrant violence that they have to endure.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Bad Godesberg: Niklas P. is not a single incident

After the racist murder of the student Niklas P. by the Moroccan Walid S., there are now other German youths who report similar experiences. What we of course have known for a long time finally sees the light of the day: Young people and adults are afraid of the evening hours, because in Bad Godesberg there are now several no-go areas: Rheinallee/Von-Groote-Platz (Rondell and Basteipark included), Kurpark and Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

Bad Godesberg 2015

5,918 criminal offenses, 237 cases of violent crime (murder and manslaughter, rape, robbery, dangerous and serious bodily harm). Street crime: 1,776 cases. Robberies are individually recorded (86). Very often incidents are not even reported, more specifically they are not being recorded by the police, so it’s only natural to expect that the actual numbers are substantially higher.

According to the spokesperson for the police, there are half a dozen intensive multiple offenders. They usually hang around in groups with other youths, they stand out, they’re loud and hang out at different places. “We keep an eye on them; they’re regularly approached.”

Niklas P. was buried with great honors in the cemetery of Burgfriedhof. Now other victims begin to talk: The case of Tim P. happened in the evening hours of April 15 by Rheinaue. What really happened there he only knows from what his friends tell him, namely that he was brutally beaten. First they slapped him, then the culturally sensitive thugs called in their “brothers” via cell phones as usual, and a massive beating, including kicking the victim’s head multiple times, followed, which led to serious consequences: the 18-year-old Tim spent 24 hours in the intensive care unit — with head and brain trauma and serious brain hemorrhaging. His school friends who were there called the police. The police came, left the friends alone, and went searching for the offenders. A second unit arrived at the scene; they took personal information from the young students, and put Tim and his two friends on the subway. Their explanation: So that he wouldn’t be attacked again. At the main train station Tim collapsed, and a mother of one of his friends brought him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with massive head and brain injury.

The kids’ parents criticize the fact that even as the police were told exactly what had happened, they did not call an ambulance. Generally one has the feeling that the police just misjudged the entire situation completely. But the police see it differently: Tim said that he would call a doctor himself, that is why they did not call an ambulance.

Tim doesn’t go out in the evenings anymore: “What happened to me happens to others as well. I hear about these things.” All of Tim’s friends who were there feel completely defeated. Tim says, “I can’t quit thinking about it, I have these flashbacks.” His father says, “There always have been scuffles and disputes, and they’ll always be there. But the willingness to literally annihilate someone with the use of utmost violence, that is new.”

Young American shows a clear edge

Of course there’s always the possibility of behaving like the 16-year-old American Brennan Adams. On his way home, he was followed by two “men”. When they were at a distance of two meters from him, he pulled a knife out of his pocket, flipped it open, pointed it in the direction of the two men, and then he ran. At home, Brennan’s mother called the police. “They just told me that my son should call the police the next time.” Shortly after Niklas P.’s murder, she again called the police to report the incident. And again, she was stalled, the police officer refused to take down her name, even though she tried to explain the situation in German [I assume she is English-speaking — translator]. The police said on May 20th that there was no police report on file from the family.

General Anzeiger gives good advice

Andreas Baumann from the General Anzeiger conducts himself in the usual leftist manner: The murder of Niklas P. stokes fears, there can not be talk of no-go areas, even though there were for example shots fired twice within a year between rival street gangs. “In Frankfurt, Cologne or Berlin it is much worse.” Well, that is comforting to know.

Whether an offender has a migrant background or a long German pedigree really doesn’t play much of a role. But the question about the backgrounds could be important and helpful to know when people from migrant background commit a disproportionately amount of serious crimes, comparing their percentage within the entire population. This should have consequences for the work the police do as well as within the entire integration politics. The whole thing should be made more transparent, because without this transparency, prejudices fall on fertile ground.

Good advice for women

At a recent city event upset citizens were criticizing that Bad Godesberg is getting an increasingly bad reputation among the public. That the city is seen as unsafe. The borough mayor and Islamism-appointee, Simone Stein-Lücke (CDU) contradicted these statements and gave a fitting Islamic recommendation: “Women shouldn’t be out and about in parks after dark anyway.” (Then there would be no Taharrush mass rapes like in Cologne and elsewhere in German cities.)

Pastor also gives good advice

Pastor Picken has been rudely awoken from his sleep of the just, and he profoundly resumes: “There’s got to be something done now, otherwise what will happen is we’ll see massive protests and maybe even a radicalization in Bad Godesberg.” Chief Mayor of Bonn, Ashok-Alexander Sridharan, CDU, himself a man with migrant background, commented, “The goal is to sensitize these young people to each other, so as to avoid violent attacks in the future if possible.” Sitting at the same table will help sensitize the head-kickers. And when that doesn’t work, well, then the German youths will have to be sensitized, so that they learn to endure violence from other cultures. Merkel: “We have to accept migrant violence.” We can do that!

Bottom line:

Whoever feels like a stranger in his own city with no right to speak up in Bad Godesberg can move away. The question is only, where to? Because the same kind of wretchedness that’s happening in Bad Godesberg takes place in all cities all over the country.

55 thoughts on “The Brutal Murder of Niklas P. Was Not an Isolated Incident

  1. All over the planet the White Race, enfeebled by PC nonsense, amoral leftist dogmas, lies whispered in their ears from Kindergarten to university, and simply too much material welfare, is retreating.

    Our boys and men do not know what it is to fight anymore.

    In a not too distant future, I see a huge “Day of Reckoning” come, when hordes of non-whites will jump on Whites and beat, torture and slaughter them, all in the name of retribution for past “sins”.

    White Europeans, and indeed Whites everywhere, should stock up on weapons and learn self-defence techniques.

    But above all, we should start to reproduce again. Young families should have at least three kids.

    • How do they afford to do that, OM? Benefits for working families are being cut back, partly (in some countries) to fund subsidies for immigrants. Students are saddled with debts, but cannot always find work even with a degree.

      • I’d say “Just do it!”, but unfortunately most white people have this thing called “responsibility and affordability” in the back of their mind… which doesn’t allow them to just [copulate] and reproduce like bunnies.

        I can see that “day of reckoning” happen. I thought about it myself. Planet of the Apes all over again… the more things change, the more they stay the same.

        • It’s going to be more along the lines of, “The Time Machine,” with whites as Eloi and non-whites as the Morlocks.

          • The thing is, in our world the Morlocks can’t build all the machinery that they use to maintain themselves and process their food. The Eloi are the ones who work and build and have the technical expertise to create everything the Morlocks need.

            Build their dwellings, invent and maintain their equipment, and then when the siren goes off, turn yourself in at the special portal to be “processed” — all according to halal rules, of course.

      • Mark H, it is too easy to blame affordability for the criminally low fecundity. I don’t know where you hail from, but I live smack in the middle of Western Europe and there’s this, this nihilistic Zeitgeist that’s become nauseating to me. Only instant gratification counts, only pleasure, only weekends off, only the high life. Three or four times a year luxurious vacations. There’s this attitude, this feeling that’s being deliberately propagated, that children are a loathsome burden. I could tell you of twentysomething celebs that are eagerly quoted in newspapers as saying “that the noise of whining children makes them furious”. Those same newspapers regularly produce or quote “studies” by sociologists that children “don’t make you happy”.

        A very rare couple that I know, rare in that there are FOUR children, Davy and Tamara (their real names), they live less than a klom from the company… you should know that Davy told me than when they broke the news among acquaintances that Tamara was pregnant with her fourth, they got several HOSTILE reactions.

        Plus, simultaneously there’s this gigantic propaganda offensive going on on TV, in journals, in lifestyle magazines, in gossip papers…. in all of them gay relationships – in other words those that don’t produce offspring – are basically being promoted. Lesbian love especially is forced through or collective throats like never before. I’m fifty, never seen such a thing.

        The other week, in another gossip paper over here, “Familie” or “Story”, I forget the name, there’s this Flemish singer, Koen Crucke, who married his friend Jan, and in this gossip paper Crucke is gushingly boasting of their open relationship, even to the point that Jan is playingly checking out all of Koen’s lovers before they get to [do unmentionable things].

        Check it out here:

        Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate gays per se. One of my best friends is gay. It’s just that I can’t take it any longer, this society around me. The latest fad is, you guess it, transgenderism. There’s this immensely popular soap on TV, ‘Thuis’ (“Home”). The hottest thing right now is the character “Franky” who underwent a sex change:

        Meanwhile, the Turks and Moroccans are having 5 – 6 kids on average per family, they can basically LIVE on child allowances – paid for by infidels.

        I look around me – my employees, acquaintances, friends, relatives…. 2 kids at the very best, one is the rule, very often they deliberately choose NOT to have kids. I have three siblings, two sisters of mine willingly and knowingly opted to stay barren. It’s just dreadful. I myself have two kids and would have gone for three, unfortunately my wife wanted to stop after two and a couple of years back we both had serious medical issues (I especially: cancer) which have made more kids impossible, even if she wanted.

        I’m so totally fed up with the daily trashing of our past , our accomplishments. If we are so bad, if we Whites are so guilty of everything that goes wrong in this world, how come all the barefooters who have gotten 60 years post deconolization to get their stuff right are flocking in our direction? How come WE feel no incentive whatsoever to settle in Sierra Leone or Baluchistan?

        People here are sick. The natives I mean. Stupid [epithets] who don’t know their history, who kid themselves that they are soooo much more sophisticated because they don’t make asses of themselves anymore by attending Mass and listening to a fool in a purple robe telling 2,000 year old stories. Stupid [epithets] all around me who don’t give a jolt where we are headed. Who cannot even comprehend that all the marvels we benefit from are due to previous generations’ often bloody sacrifices. It makes me want to puke, and I sometimes muse that we DESERVE what’s coming.

        • And to make it worse, even if one does not belong to this cultural-zombies, you ask yourself, if you can take the liability to have any children in such a society.
          From a certain point on its almost a downward spiral.

        • I think these numbers are very interesting to look at when we try to analyse what is going wrong.
          The graph, colloquially named “the potato graph”, describes economic position on the y-axis, attitudes/lifestyles on the x-axis. It is conducted by a market research institute, so political correctness is not a consideration for them. Of course every graph is an oversimplification of reality; but nonetheless this one is more helpful than other descriptions of society.
          You can see, for example, that that the part of population who is too busy having fun to have children, and who has no cultural or intellectual ambitions, is 15% (“Hedonists”) and stretches from low-income to well off.
          The traditional “middle” is only 13% and is angst ridden, those are the people who are too responsible to just go ahead and have 3 children when they can’t know if they will still have a job next year.
          The “Socio-ecological Milieu”, those with “normative visions of correct life” are only 7% but they are economically better off than the middle, and they – in my opinoin – are the ones who perpetuate all this misery for everyone else.

        • I’m in London, OM. You’re attacking several viewpoints I don’t share, but sticking to the main subject, it is irresponsible to have large families, especially in Western countries where we consume so many resources per capita. I’ve not had children, but it wasn’t by choice.

          It would be useful to reduce birthrates among other communities and countries; the best way to achieve this is by educating women.

          • Mark, you’re stuck in an out-dated paradigm. The coming population collapse is due to occur circa 2050. Most of us won’t be here…but none can really judge the damage/benefit bec it’s totally unprecedented to have a population collapse not due to disease or war.

            The UN believes it. So does China, which has already thrown out its one-baby rule. Problem is, the general population isn’t listening and their people are continuing to fail to reproduce.

            Most families of origin for your cohort had about three children. In usual reproductive predictions, those three would have produced 7-10 grandchildren. But that didn’t happen.

            Israel and the U.S. are not total losses here, but America is questionable. The religious-minded are having children: it takes a certain hopeful spirit to bring children into the world right now. But those without that spiritual anchor (some would say “dead weight”) aren’t replacing themselves – and they’re not doing it all over the world. Africa “looks” over-populated but AIDs and other plagues will wipe out many before they reproduce.

            No country will really be spared, not even the polygamous Muslim-majority places. Of course, these population declines will occur at different rates, depending on the economic sophistication of a given country. But it’s already starting…

            See this article, by Stratfor:


            He doesn’t really address things like the “unknown unknowns” – one of which is the unprecedented nature of this decline. And there is no way to tell how precipitous it will be. It’s already a problem in Iran, for example – the death spiral of its population is partly the engine of despair that drives the destruction of an intelligent culture.

            And then there are the black swan events possibly waiting in the wings – e.g., EMP attacks. This last can be mitigated, but only if individual states/countries harden their own skies…as Maine is doing.

            I disagree that it’s irresponsible to have large families. If the parents raise them well and can handle the inevitable stresses and strains, it’s one of the best projects a man and woman can undertake. *Nothing* else equals its pleasures; there are no worse sorrows than its failures.

            If you’ve ever read the book “Cheaper By the Dozen” you’ll see the ethos of the large prosperous family who took pride in their relationships with one another…

            My mother was one of 10. Had the surrounding culture not been so poor – her father made a good living – they might have been able to hang together into the next generation. But immigration was inevitable and WWII destroyed many hopes and dreams of that generation.

            I agree that education of women drops the birth rate. Too many fertile years spent among books and then the necessity to ‘earn back’ the capital expended on that expensive education. And for what? A glut in the market of social workers and queer theory experts so we invent the concomitant “industries” to employ them…and face the reality of a sitting president who feels compelled to interfere with the bathroom rules all the way down to the state level.

            IOW, not enough productive skills being developed in women…because we have to keep those tenured mandarins in their gilded halls. Obama’s community organizing and his law degree added not one whit of productivity to this country’s wealth so now he has to generate busywork with his royal decrees on who shall pass water where.

            Maybe when the dust settles after the population decline, productivity and reproductivity will again assume their rightful place in our various cultures.

          • Mark H, you gotta look at the big picture. I agree that with regards to the planet’s natural resources, it is a big no-no if everyone had big families.

            The point is, if leftists had not been so successful in exporting their stupid views on the economy to Africa, that continent would be far better off today. What we have seen post-decolonization is that Machel in Mozambique, Nyerere in Tanzania, Rawlings in Ghana, Kaunda in Zambia et al have eagerly taken over leftist concepts (nationalization, overregulation, a centrally guided economy) on how to run a country.

            The result: neverending misery. What do poor people in these countries do? Procreate.

            By contrast, what happens generally in affluent countries? The birthrate goes down.

            That’s why an average White Western European couple has 1 kid and an average Mauritanian couple 9.

            It’s also where that African population surplus currently crossing the Med comes from.

            In muslim countries, which to a large extent have also applied leftist concepts to run an economy (think Nasser in Egypt, Boumedienne in Algeria) the problem is compounded by islam.

            You say the best solution to the problem is educating women.

            I don’t agree.

            The best solution to the problem is getting the world population to follow the capitalist model and adhere to a rather (Burkean) conservative lifestyle, then heaven would be on earth. By and large affluent families, two kids per couple.

            Ain’t gonna happen, which is why there’s a [effluent tempest] brewing as never before. I am taking precautions. I have a Plan B. How about you? You should, if you live in London.

        • Thank you for debunking the idea that childbirth is low due to lack of money.
          Wealthy people do not have lots of children, they often have a single child.
          It is entirely social the lack of children.
          The consequence of so many people not having children is that they have no sense of community, no sense of a stake in the future and simply don’t care what happens.

          Most of our traditional rules/morals were hard learnt lessons on the best way to provide a safe environment to raise children.

          If you’re not going to have children then things like morals really don’t matter anymore and you end up with an increasingly apathetic and infantile population.

          • Thanks Dymphna. If Stratfor is correct, ths does shift the paradigm, but in the meantime the relatively wealthy consume resources out of proportion to their numbers, and their number is growing as the Brazils, Chinas and Indias prosper.

            I’m the eldest of four (born 1948), and having three siblngs has been mostly a blessing (even if my sister and I are estranged over my refusal to avoid discussing the issue most often discussed here); indeed I’ve just returned from visiting my brother in Vancouver.

            Educating women is definitely a GOOD THING, offering them alternatives to endless childbearing and benefiting their societies (and families of whatever size) economically.

      • ” Benefits for working families are being cut back…”

        It’s worse than that.

        Where do the “benefits” come from? The wealth of the state comes from the productive people. When you have an aggressive welfare state, the productive people put work and creativity into productivity, only to have their wealth taken from them and redistributed to the non-productive people.

        The result is, the non-productive people put less energy into surviving than productive people, and have more time and energy for having children. Even worse, they take no responsibility for raising or protecting their children, so even more resources are taken from the productive people to feed and raise (if you can call it that) the non-productive people.

        Remember, this is all without considering state subsidies to the productive classes. If the state returned resources to the productive classes in any sort of equitable proportion, the question would arise of why they are taxed anyway. Just let people keep their money and raise their children. If some people choose to let their children take their chances on the street, most likely those children would not be the type of people you’d want around anyway.

        The upshot is that there will be a dramatic decline in the quality of people composing society, even without the diluting effects of immigration. Once the law and order functions break down enough, the most efficient way to gain resources would be to steal them, rather than produce them.

        At that point, all hopes of progress collapse.

        • “The result is, the non-productive people put less energy into surviving than productive people, and have more time and energy for having children. Even worse, they take no responsibility for raising or protecting their children, so even more resources are taken from the productive people to feed and raise (if you can call it that) the non-productive people.”

          This is your money quote. It is SOOOOOOO true. They have plenty of time on their hands to make kids. Plus in Belgium, once you got six kids, you gotta pay no income taxes anymore. So these muslim families with six kids can live a fairly good life on child allowances plus whatever the husband rakes in (almost exclusively jobs for the state, or in the parcel delivery business, or halal eateries, or else “black” money in the nonoffical sector) AND they don’t have to pay taxes!!!

          By contrast, the average productive White family with two kids will statistically speaking work till mid-August of every year before they will begin to earn money for themselves. They have to have two jobs, but in more than one case it is doubtful whether, after subtraction of the extra cost for a second car, paying for then nanny etc they make that much more than if one of the two would simply stay at home to raise the kids.

      • The Mormon Christians in the US have a reproduction rate of 3.2

        Meaning Mormon marriages have about 3-4 children on average.

        I presume many of them are middle class as well. Economic affordability is one thing, but I think the Left is covering up something else as well, culture.

        For example, most young women in American mainstream culture attend college, work, learn to fear rape, and/or sell their bodies to porn directors and businesses. By the time they hit 30, they may have 2 children, at max, as the culture has used them up by then, and those 2 children won’t have stable families.

        Less financial and more like biological clock and how marriages are structured.

    • “Our boys and men do not know what it is to fight anymore.” Consider the many thousands of football teams and rugby teams that take place ever weekend in Britain. We do not know how to fight? That’s not the explanation.

        • No, that’s not fighting. That’s playing. Taken as a percentage of the population, the players themselves represent but a tiny segment of admittedly very fit people.

          By contrast, the masses they are playing for guzzle beer and stuff themselves full with fish and chips. Can’t see much battleworthy material in that demographic.

          • I concur that sport and combat are two very different things.

            Toughness on the playing field does not necessarily translate to victory in a life-or-death struggle.

      • The only people in Europe that know how to fight are HEMA, or active/retired/reserve police/military.

        HEMA meaning Historical European Martial Arts.

        There are other martial arts communities in Europe, but I thought I would throw out the most European one, as they are grassroots, not teacher guru foreign based.

        Martial sports and sports can provide a physical foundation, but as others have noted, sports is not battle training. It can serve as support, but you need actual battle training or experience for the kids. And Leftist rapists and child molestors Will Not Allow That. I hope people understand that by now. They Will Not Allow it, until you get rid of them, permanently. The Leftist alliance is engaged in a war against humanity. Do not underestimate them, merely because people see kids running around in schools. They are not non combatants according to the Left or Islam (they’re allies btw).

    • Outlaw Mike: Agree with you on self defense and day of reckoning, already happening in Europe with mayhem ahead. European males don’t have a clue about self defense and will soon be conquered easily into a hellish nightmare. Most the cowardly men refuse to fightback. Women need to stay in at night even in the U.S. now days. As for reproducing again: Most all women have to work full time and day care is expensive, so is raising even one child. Blue collar workers cannot afford kids today. Ones that have any are on public assistance with food cards, medicaid, etc. Hubby and I were blue collar workers and did not raise a family, we are into retirement twelve years this July. Never had time or finances to stop and raise kids.

    • In the US, grammar-school kids are punished for defending themselves. If they are white.

  2. Disturbing.

    There was a program on UK TV (not sure which channel) called “The last whites of the East End” or something similar, documenting how the white British have fled some inner boroughs and all that remains of their communities are mostly lonely old woman.

    It struck me that the people fleeing are not moving far enough, the outskirts of London will be culturally enriched soon enough.

    • Fled because the political and social elites prevented them tfrom fighting foor their land.

      • You may be aware the British media has been deluged with complaints today criticising the BBC for broadcasting this “racist filth”.
        Absolutely no sympathy for the displaced indigenous Cockneys whatsoever!
        We have become so subservient in our own country to the whims and caprices of any foreign national who decides to gravitate here and suck the spiritual and moral fibre out of us.
        More than one wife, no problem?
        Under age wife, no problem?
        Have to pray five time a day, no problem?
        Pork offends you, no problem?
        Alcohol offends you, no problem?
        Want to walk around dressed as a bin bag, no problem?
        Our women’s dress sense offends you, no problem?
        We foolishly capitulate in the face of all the above and change OUR ways, OUR culture to suit ungrateful, illiterate, often extremely violent people who were not invited here in first place and thanks to the useless Home Secretary Theresa May are fully aware they are here to say. The LIAR Cameron is literally slavering to secure Turkey’s EU membership and will NEVER veto it’s application despite what he is saying during the BREXIT campaign. I truly despair for what lies ahead for the UK and the rest of Europe, we have passed the tipping point, our future is no longer in our own hands.

        • If the Brits wanted to stop this, why did they give up their weapons to the National Government?

          They reap what they sow. Those that Bow Down to Evil, will receive their just reward From Evil.

  3. Germany is the only nation, other than the German quarter of Switzerland, that I have ancestry from. My German great great grandfather arrived in Saint Louis with his German wife and gg grandmother in 1875/ Having traveled to Europe six times I have always wanted to visit this land where part of my ancestry came from. With this mass invasion of Muslim refugees and the spike in violent crimes mostly due to these invaders I am afraid to go there. I spent five months in Istanbul but largely felt safe, but this didn’t seem to happen in Turkiye in 2006. If I was offered a chance to go to Germany I would not turn it down. But, this is coming from a man who has backpacked in the heart of Montana’s grizzly country alone such as the Bob Marshall wilderness. Being an avid outdoorsman I feel safer in the wild then in areas with large populations of humans. Those who are indoctrinated by Political Islam, Fascism or communism I fear most, why I support gun rights.

    • A bear will respect a 44 magnum, or at least it’s enough to stop one. My bears aren’t that big and I figure .357 200 GR. hard cast from a 6 inch barrel is enough. A Muslim jihadi seeks martyrdom. The bear doesn’t.

      Istanbul…a guy from work went there, I presume by himself, a couple of years ago. The guy is queer as a three dollar bill, shaved head, lisp, dresses like a rodeo drive clown. I wonder if he even had any info about how gays are treated by Muslims. Anyway, he made it back. And got married, just as soon as the state legalized gay marriage.

      I too am wary of large populations of humans.

      • Your colleague may have made out like a bandit.

        We all know how screwed up Muslims are sexually, that they throw gays off roofs, but openly display their boy-toys. They have no idea how to interact with women, so males and jihad are their main sexual outlet.

        I’ve seen several posts in which people claim to be gay and have had a great time in Muslim countries. Sounds like either luck of the draw, or you REALLY have to know what you’re doing.

    • Anestos – avoid the inner cities, visit the scenic small towns, and go hiking in the Alps, or at the sea in the North 🙂 it is still painfully beautiful and worth fighting for.

      • You could add Scotland, the outer Hebrides, the Peak District, the Lake District, the Breacon Beacons, the Yorkshire Dales. Also the Faroer Islands…

        But the power centers i.e. the cities will become muslim. And politics, whether it’s on the municipal level, the regional level, or the national level, will be a reflection of the pathologies and priorities omnivalent in the muslim world.

        This will a.o. mean a square departure of key western economic approaches as proscribed by the Austrian School namely limited government, free trade, a supply side approach. Not that the Austrian School is dominant right now, far from. Basically all Western European states have embarked on a dramatic reintroduction of Keynesianism. And on the supranational level the EU imposes its will, more and more assuming the role of a super leviathan state. But… there’s still a long way to go to full-blooded centrally guided economies.

        This is were the influence of muslims in politics will also make itself felt, because they all hail from countries where there WAS an omnipresent state, a dictatorship determining all the rules, fixing the prices of goods etc. Your average Iraqi or Syrian or Algerian thinks it’s the most normal thing on earth that the State should step in where “needed”. Private initiative, fending for yourself? They have little concept of that. One of the things that are striking in conversations with muslims is this: it’s always “that the State is not doing enough”.

        In Belgium, this is an unmissable meme which we constantly hear from muslim spokesmen (there are no muslim spokeswomen) whenever radicalism is concerned. It’s ALWAYS “that the government’s (deradicalization) policies have failed”. Muslims have an almost natural tendency to divert their problems to a higher authority instead of fending for themselves.

  4. Unfortunately, if the police will not do their job, and the town council/mayor will not do anything more than offer sensitivity training to the boys or sharia advice to the girls, then “an eye for an eye” is the only way for the Natives to keep the cultural enrichers somewhat in check. Things will only get worse for the Natives unless each and every beat-down is met with an equal or worse beat-down of those who fit the assailants cultural description. Once again, it takes an American male to show the natives the way. Time to cowboy up euro males or face a bruising life at best.

    • Do you know how any ‘cowboyed-up’ European males will be described? And it will be accurate, too, as NO ONE but the Right defends European civilization and Europeans.

      • The day Euro males cowboy up will be the day I’m on the cover of a fashion magazine as a retiree posing in a bikini. Simply folks, it ain’t gonna happen.

        • I fear you are correct Laura M. Look at the train in France (I believe it was France) where a carload of natives sat while 3 US males put their lives on the line to take down a jihadi. What would have happened if they weren’t there to intervene? Only spent clips would have stopped the shooting. I fear for the women and children of native Europeans.

  5. Welcome to the Socialist Utopia: “Shut-up and keep your head down. Those who betray their fellows will receive an extra beet ration.”
    Keep in mind that the new EU Army is in no way intended to defend Europeans from external threats, and neither is your local police force. The time has come to flee, sell what you can and flee the soon to occur genocide, flee to Texas if possible.

    • Texas is already finished. Check the latest demographic stats. And, yes, it really is all about race.

  6. From the inaction of the police and the direct action of the government to import the Orcs of Islam, traditional citizens have no where to go but to counter violence with violence. This is part of the plan that “permits” the uncivil service their “justification” to enact a police state >against< those same traditional citizens.

    Muslims will be allowed to be whole Muslims which is why they were imported in the first place.

    Historically, any act against a nation from the inside that so undermines the health and security of said nation, would be a trigger point for perp-walks towards treason charges … but large swaths of our free societies truly hate themselves and want nothing at all to do with what created their free societies in the first place.

    As a result, all free nations are far beyond the trigger point and unending and ever-increasing Muslim invasion with pro-Islam violence will become the norm.

    Where do we go for sanctuary from Muslims?

  7. I am sure the police is ready and able to bring the full force of law against anybody whom following their islamophobic tendencies trying to fight back.

  8. I think the police may be scared. Does Germany have a lot of police women?

  9. Traditional anglo-christian society is being destroyed . . . and it is deliberate. The world is descending into barbarism. I do not know what — if anything — can stop this madness.

  10. And the stupid Church “dialoguing” its way to extinction and a Marixist (sarcasm) Pope welcoming his replacements into the Vatican itself and seen genuflecting to an Imam and kissing the Koran. Might as well kiss the Argos catalogue and genuflect to the “Manager’s Special”. As a Bishop that stays true to his calling and office- sworn to defend unto death the faith, flock and country- my local Churches think me “mad” and “extremist” because I do not “dialogue” or dilute my Christianity to be seen as Trendy and “multicultural” Christ is a self -evident truth. I also say it as it is and don’t give a cuss whom I offend. Please be offended “Oh Snowflake”! I will be dead before I “revert” to Islam- a political materialist ideology, rather than a “faith” that is not even “Abrahamic”. Read up on Emmet Scott’s wonderful analysis of “MHMD” the “Prophet- or should that be “Profit”? MHMD liked to raid other tribes for booty and the behaviour of ISIL seems to confirm this. MHMD or “Mohammed” is a gerund and 450.000,000 have been killed this “Mohammeding”.

    I don’t do deals with

  11. I don’t do “deals” with any cult thanks.

  12. My husband was in Germany in the 60’s and loved it. My family has Germany roots so we both love the German people. He was listening to Andre Rieu on YouTube and then switched to German music while I was reading this article. He played the song Erika and about half way through it we both started crying. We are old and have tried very hard to not give into feelings of hatred but sometimes it is extremely difficult. What the leaders of Western Europe are doing to their people is obscene. Tho, to be fair the same thing is happening here in the US. We fear that there is no hope left as we have no leaders to help us and what leaders we have we can not trust. Even our Christian leaders have abandoned us. We read despair in posts from around the world and just thank God for sites like this that are doing their level best to wake people up If we had any money we would send you a million dollars but instead please accept our sincere gratitude for your fine work.

  13. I haven’t thought it through completely, but European legal systems are probably only functional for a society with a small percentage of bad actors. They don’t scale well. For a large percentage of bad actors they become too expensive and thus break down.

    I think the German police will eventually be forced to deal with the criminal immigrants themselves and keep them out of the legal system.

    In the oil field town in which I grew up, the police taking care of problems with transients extra-judicially worked fairly well.

  14. Baron-

    I can’t reply upthread, but you are exactly correct about the “real world” Eloi-Morlock dynamic.

    Heck, I am actually in the position of trying to teach Morlocks (the things we do to save for retirement) how to build electronics.

    They simply can’t or won’t do it. Their brains are so damaged from childhood malnutrition and packed with their religion that they are unable to form short-term memories and develop them into skills via practice.

    Heck, they are so limited that they lack basic mechanical aptitude. They crossthread or snap the heads off screws with mind-boggling regularity.

    That said, they know they are superior, even if they are superficially polite, because they believe, and the filthy infidel does not.

    • There’s the K vs R reproduction strategy many people online are talking about now. A modern upgrade to the Eloi Morlock issue.

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