Stamp Out Evil White Homophobes!

I returned home a little while ago, and am currently catching up. More than 1,700 emails were waiting for me when I got here. About 85% of them were spam, but that still leaves me a lot to go through.

The following photo drew my attention, via the comments that came in while I was gone (and also Vlad):

White People are a Plague to the Planet
The Historical Ties Between Homophobia in Communities of Color & Colonization
By Shahem McLaurin

Two versions of the image seem to exist. Hypeline claims an “exclusive” on the story, but imgur has a copy of the photo that was posted the same day, and doesn’t have the watermark.

The imgur post says, “this was shown at UO today for a class”. UO could be the University of Oregon or the University of Ottawa. However, Hypeline and WCBM say the image is from Towson University in the Baltimore suburbs. The Twitter exchanges on it don’t specify the locale.

The young man who was giving the presentation seems to be named Shahem McLaurin. Based on this CollegeBound Foundation feature from 2013, I would bet on Towson, since Mr. McLaurin was hoping to get into Johns Hopkins University (which is in Baltimore) and the University of Maryland in College Park. So it looks like he didn’t make it into either of his preferred schools, and had to settle for Towson.

A dedicated internet sleuth at Voat/NeoFAG has discovered more information on Shahem McLaurin, whom he describes as a “gay activist”. There are links to Twitter (@Bmoreboy), Linked In, Instagram, and Pinterest.

That’s all I know at the moment about this brilliant young social justice warrior. If anyone has additional information, feel free to leave it in the comments.

30 thoughts on “Stamp Out Evil White Homophobes!

  1. Well, I’m sure all you gays of color will prosper under an enlightened world of Islam!

  2. No white folks? No electricity; throw away the car keys, and toss the iPod into the gutter. Enjoy the food shortage. Plenty of running water in the river. But a serious shortage of toilet paper and Tampax.

  3. An excess of prosperity allows fools such as our young SJW to exist. Thankfully he is gay so his genes will not pollute future generations. He should take a look at how those benevolent and enlightened non-white followers of the Religion Of Peace deal with their homosexuals, and contrast that with the backwards system of civil rights and legal protections that were created by those dastardly white folks to protect those such as himself from persecution.

  4. “Communities of Color & Colonization”

    How can I join a community of colonization?
    Speaking of Desertrat’s “shortage of toilet paper”, what did people in Benjamin Franklin’s day do for (or in lieu of) toilet paper? Is this information available on Wikipedia somewhere?

    • Toilet paper was first produced in the US in the 1850s. Before that, people would use anything to hand, so to speak – paper, cloth, grass, moss, you name it. The Ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick kept in a jar of salt water. Grab it, use it, put it back for the next person… That’s where the saying ‘getting (or more traditionally ‘grasping’) the wrong end of the stick’ comes from – and why it’s usually a bad thing.

  5. Change the word white with black, yellow, muslim, gay etc. and you get hauled before a “judge” in most parts of the western world before you can say ‘homophobic’.

  6. How very true: Human Race is a Plague to the Planet, not least the Non White Peoples!
    Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis.
    In his lengthy career, Sir David has watched the human population more than double from 2.5 billion in 1950 to nearly seven billion. He reflects on the profound effects of this rapid growth, both on humans and the environment.

    While much of the projected growth in human population is likely to come from the developing world, it is the lifestyle enjoyed by many in the West that has the most impact on the planet. Some experts claim that in the UK consumers use as much as two and a half times their fair share of Earth’s resources.

    • Thanks to reckless breeding, the population of the Philippines has increased threefold since 1950 to 100 million. If there were 30 million of them instead of 100 million, they would each be consuming three times more per capita. Would that make them “unfair” resource consumers, like UK residents?

      • That assumes that a population of 30 million could produce what a population of 100 million now produces. Dubious at best.

  7. The SJW and gayness aspect is pretty much irrelevant.

    If he had the power, Shahem McLaurin would cheerfully carry out a genocide on everyone of European descent with a clear conscience as it would be an act of anti-racism.

    Up until the 1950s, particularly in the USA, the conventional wisdom about people of sub Saharan African descent reflected the belief that journalist H.L. Mencken recorded in his private diary, that the American negro was but two or three inches removed from a gorilla and was essentially useless. The effect on this was to place people of African American descent in great danger and encouraged discrimination against them with a clear conscience. This was unsatisfactory and uncivilised, so people of sensibility agreed that something needed to be done to alleviate this danger and eliminate discrimination.

    Mencken became an ‘unperson’ when his diary eventually came to light as it went against the wisdom minted in the 1960s, and enforced thereafter, that everyone was born with equal potential, that there was no difference in intelligence or potential between the races, and that those differences that existed were caused exclusively by cultural factors. This was seen as necessary to alleviate the danger that African Americans experienced when contending against whites who had attitudes similar to Mencken.

    More than two generations later, after much action involving affirmative action, the dumbing down of school and university courses, the addition of courses like African studies to the university curriculum, the achievement gap between the African Americans and every other race, not just whites, persists, despite the disingenuous focus by progressives on a generalised ‘non-white’ category where every race except Europeans are lumped together as suffering from white oppression.

    If the races are actually born with equal potential, as is obviously believed by McLaurin, the creator of that genocide wishing Power Point slide, then logic provides for no alternative but to conclude that the gap between the races must continue to exist because of unjustified and evil discrimination by Americans of European descent against African Americans.

    This places people of European descent in at least as great as the danger, described in paragraph three above, at the hands of roving bands of African American thugs who have been brought up to believe that everything they suffer from must be a deliberate act caused by oppressive whites.

    Complicating the issue, in order to maintain the illusion that all is well on the racial violence front, members of the news media go to great lengths to conceal what amounts to a lynching campaign directed particularly against Americans of European descent by Americans of sub Saharan African descent.

    The prisoner’s dilemma is easy when compared to the current malevolent racial conflict that resembles nothing so much as a danse macabre between reality and fantasy.

    • Sub-Saharan? Many are from West Africa and even North Africa. Surely it would be better to just write African American.

      • Sub-Saharan is the correct terminology. West Africa is part of Sub-Saharan Africa. There are no “negroid” peoples above the Sahara Desert.

        • Makes sense, although I notice on the internet there is much discussion on the subject, with at least one author claiming Africans discovered and invented everything and sailed to the Americas thousands of years before whites.
          He also said Europeans were actually Africans if one goes far enough back, and that’s what we have been force-fed from day one–and which I for one do not believe.

  8. It first infuriated me then I felt pity for this stupid,who like people of his sort couldn’t realize they are the real plague to this planet.

    The most funny thing is to notice that he is giving presentation with a computer infront of him using a microphone, a projector in a room lighted by some electric bulb and perhaps with an AC facility(I may go on to every such detail but I guess it’s not required)What he thinks all these came from? I can safely say,all of these are prducts of these White people.Moreover he studies in an university whose existence is completely because of Whites and yes he might be getting scholarship which again comes from money paid by taxpayers of whom are mostly Whites.This idiot need to
    realize,America is America because of the Western White people who have given him an opportunity to live a life of quality and meaning with complete freedom,a freedom to even ridicule Whites overtly.

    How he thinks his life would have been,in non-white countries,how about considering going back to Africa or Arab countries where Muslims(mostly Brown people) would teach him how to treat Black people.The modern world as we see today,it’s science,music,literature,medicine(and the list goes on)has almost entirely been built by White people.Still this fool finds Whites a plague to the world.I don’t need to mention who are real plague to this planet.White population is dwindling all over the world and I think serious measures need to be taken to preserve it and even to increase it’s population.

    I must have appeared a racist to you all but I don’t hate people for how they look.I think it’s very silly to dislike someone for something onto which they have no control.Science has given us enough evidence that different races have taken different
    courses of evolution and so they can’t have same qualities or abilities.We must respect each and every individual and confront the real enemy “ISLAM” a poison plaguing this planet.ISLAM will not spare any human being of any damn color.

    At last I would just say, I was not lucky enough to born as White.

      • he is judging people based on their skin color rather than the content of their character. Thus, he is the definition of a true racist.

    • “White population is dwindling all over the world”

      I’ve been thinking along the same lines recently. All over the planet the White race is retreating.

      In the worst case scenario, they will become a pitiful minority and mass scale massacres will take place at the hands of populations who have swallowed the mantras the fool above believes in. The enfeebled remains of Whites, having been spoonfed this utter garbage and actually believing it too, will put their head on the collective chopper block with a sigh of resignation. This attitude is already apparent in large swaths of white populations, especially so in Europe.

      In the best case scenario, a sufficiently great body of Whites will come to their senses and may be able to stall the demise. A new equilibrium in a multipolar world will take shape, one in which Whites will of course no longer be in the vanguard of technological development or geopolitical power projection, but one in which they will have eked out and consolidated a ‘niche’ with staying power.

      I am white myself, I realize that the way our race has often dictated terms and established the rules has created a certain kind of resentment among other races, but I won’t follow those who want the present generation of Whites to ‘atone’ for past ‘sins’. In a great many instances, colonization has actually been a bonus for the “occupied”. The technological marvels we have developed are benefiting the entire planet. Not to speak of governmental constructions, decent examples of Rule of Law, statesmanship etc that have been succesfully emulated across the globe.

      I acknowledge that we have caused harm to others. At the same time our Christian civilization carried in itself the seeds of enlightenment and compassion that would sooner or later lead to ourselves realizing that other people and races have as much right to self-rule as we do.

      I am not sure – rather, I am quite certain – that, had the boot been on the other foot, that if THEY had had the technological and military prowess of the West, several other cultures would NOT have been so lenient vis-à-vis US.

      And for now I advise everyone to follow the advice of Ziv Wineman, that is that we should focus on beating the cancer of ISLAM. THAT is the real challenge.

      • According to politically incorrect historians like Pirenne and Emmet Scott (see books on side bar at the entry point to this web site), Europe had to endure about a thousand years of Arab-Turkish. i.e. Muslim slave-raids. In fact, the economic collapse known as the Dark Ages, was a direct result of the Arab closing of the Mediterranean sea to trade. The earlier barbarian invasions had resulted in considerable assimilation into Roman culture (the Barbarian Kings had Roman advisors, e.g. Boethius) and things were looking up economically. Then came the Arab invasions of the Middle East and North Africa, Spain, etc. and the necessity for the feudal system, castles, etc. to protect the impoverished population from the incessant Arab pirate raids. They almost took Rome around 800, but the Pope was able to buy them off. If one is going to talk about white sins, one should also talk about how badly traumatized Europe was by all the Muslim looting and slave raids, not to mention the infighting among the Feudal aristocracy that was created by the situation.

        • I would be interested in getting hold of Emmett Scott’s book but I can find no record of his academic credentials and his book is published by a political rather than academic press. Is he in fact an historian?

          • He certainly writes like one, tons of footnotes, etc. However, a reviewer on Amazon claimed that “Emmet Scott” was an African American activist who died some time ago, thus giving the impression that this is a pseudonym. The track record of death threats, etc. against anyone who says anything against Islam would make the use of a pseudonym understandable. Henri Pirenne was a Belgian historian (1862-1935) who came up with the thesis defended and extended by “Emmet Scott”. Mohammad and Charlemagne describes his thesis, but Medieval Cities, though it describes the rise of the revival of commerce, in some ways make the thesis clearer and more persuasive, in that it necessitates a description of the dust-ups with Arab pirates, etc. His time frame of which European city got sacked when, makes the first Crusade the latest in a series of time related incidents, though Pirenne does not make any specific connection in his comments.
            Much of the controversy turns around interpretation of archeological findings.
            I found Mohammad and Charlemagne in a sidewalk display of a second hand bookstore in NYC in the seventies along with a rebuttal, which I didn’t find convincing. The other books I ordered from Amazon within the past few years.

        • I’d been wondering that already, as all the rest of the stories explaining the Dark Ages made zero sense. Rye mold causing mass ergot poisoning, constant warring factions going on for centuries, peasants suddenly becoming anti-intellectual and regressing – for centuries! – all seem like such stupid reasons when one thinks about it logically.
          Muslim invasions and the need for fortified castles for centuries makes so much more sense. It also explains why dialects in what is now Germany and Switzerland and so on were so specific to each region in spite of being not that far apart geographically.

  9. He is saying that he doesn’t like people who left Africa 60,000 years ago and went north where they survived the ice ages and where they had such little solar irradiation at that latitude that they had to undertranscribe the genes for melanin in order to produce enough vitamin D.

    Other people could say they don’t like the folks who stayed in Africa and mutated a hemoglobin gene to sickle trait so that they would be less susceptible to an infection by a protozoan, malaria.

    Oh, this is a cheerie development. People are prejudiced based upon whether one has travelled or didn’t travel. Just what the Enlightenment was about.

  10. “A wonderful display of the end stages of neo-marxist intellectual rot.”

    Could it be more pithily said? The thing that plagues my mind is: does this McLaurin fellow take himself seriously? I suppose, now that the technological and institutional infrastructure has been built over the past two centuries, “whitey” can be murdered en masse. I wonder how long things would stumble on? I’m pretty confident that the Chinese and other east Asians would take up the mantle of world leadership (in every sense of the word), but Shahem McLaurin would not, in that society, be in such a privileged position. What an idiot he is.

  11. Scary stuff. Switch “white” with “Jew” and people would be thinking Germany in the early 30s.

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