Should we fear Islam? This Czech lawyer says: “We should fight against Islam and beat it”

The following speech was given last Wednesday (May 18, 2016) in Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament by a lawyer and activist named Klára Samková. Her presentation was part of a discussion forum on the topic “Should We Fear Islam” organized by the Czech MP Zdeněk Soukup.

Ms. Samková’s strong words concerning Islam have gained widespread attention on the Internet, and will presumably earn her a death fatwa, if they haven’t already.

This is one of the most brilliant summaries of Islam that I have ever heard. The fact that it took place in the Czech Parliament is amazing and heartening.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:20   Hello,
00:24   So, it has been left to me alone, even though I was informed
00:28   that the legal aspects
00:32   will be addressed by two of us, so I had
00:36   … had I know that
00:40   it would all be left to me alone, I might have
00:44   prepared a different report. Nonetheless, now, I will be [addressing] it all. Well…
00:48   This is what I have prepared: Dear guests,
00:52   Today’s conference is supposed to help to answer the question
00:56   whether we should be afraid of Islam. My answer
01:00   is straightforward: we should definitely
01:04   not be afraid of Islam. We should deal with it in the same way
01:08   in which the European civilization has successfully
01:13   dealt with all totalitarian and inhuman regimes
01:17   that it had to face during more than 2,000 years of its history.
01:21   In particular, we should fight against Islam,
01:25   beat it, and prevent its proliferation once and for all,
01:29   just as in the case of previous monstrous ideologies,
01:33   declare the very existence of Islam as a criminal act
01:37   that contradicts human nature, freedom,
01:41   and particularly human dignity.
01:45   Because that’s exactly what Islam is,
01:49   namely a system contradicting the human nature, freedom,
01:53   and dignity. It is the same as Nazism,
01:57   fascism, and communism used to be.
02:01   Even though it hides, pretending to be a religion, when in reality
02:05   it is primarily a criminal state and run by criminals’
02:09   ideology, with an unreformable system of governance.
02:13   Islam is hiding behind
02:17   the mask of religion
02:21   for two reasons.
02:26   [Interjection: Mme. Doctor, is this not beyond the border?]
02:30   This is not beyond the border. [Interjection: No, today, we have agreed —]
02:34   [Interjection: I would appreciate (?), but —]
02:38   Perfect! So my opinion… that’s exactly —
02:42   That’s exactly what is possible here! The moment when
02:46   a person states, when I state my opinion
02:50   on Islam, which is supported by laws,
02:54   well, that is not possible!
02:58   Should I continue or not? [Moderator: No.] I should not continue. Excellent! [Moderator: Thank you.]
03:02   Audience: Shame! Shame!
03:06   Panelist: … Some common, factual… (inaudible)
03:10   [Hum from audience] Dr. Samkova: Truly unbelievable!
03:14   Moderator: We came together here today in order
03:18   to exchange information, so we could exchange views
03:22   and opinions. Audience: In that case, you should first write on the front…
03:26   [Audience hum — incomprehensible]
03:30   Audience member: So they would first prepare their presentations. Mme. Doctor is stating her
03:34   opinion. So kindly let her finish speaking!
03:38   Moderator: This is not an opinion, this is propaganda.
03:43   And to promote here individual political opinions
03:47   Audience member: In that case… (drowned out)
03:51   Are you the one who has the right to decide what is propaganda? You know
03:55   what Mme. Doctor wants to say? Moderator: I heard (?) Islam!
04:03   Panelist: Pardon me, but I think that it would be very good for it to be [spoken] out loud. Because
04:07   otherwise, she will look like, that, in reality, it is forbidden to say
04:11   [words drowned out by applause]
04:15   I have no objection to it, after all, it is
04:19   (mumbles) I’m just answering
04:23   all the demands (?), so
04:27   …legally… do not want to breach rules, some ambassadors…
04:31   …to hear such… their religion…
04:39   … that would be… as regards to…
04:43   Panelist: if Mme. Doctor were to, a little bit, soften her vocabulary…
04:47   I would very unhappy if, here, now, how could I say…
04:51   (?), for now, trying very hard (?)
04:55   (?) if it would perhaps be possible to
04:59   unlike those of you who have (?)
05:03   if, in her presentation, there was emphasis given (?)
05:08   because this has been, really, the only presentation which contained concrete suggestions
05:12   whether we shall discuss them, or if we may not have to.
05:16   So, I ask for one thing: let’s tone it down a little bit
05:20   The rhetoric, let Mrs. Samkova finish speaking,
05:24   and then you can revisit it in a good discussion. (?)
05:28   Moderator: All right… (?)
05:32   Moderator: Mme. Doctor, have you understood?
05:36   [incomprehensible]
05:40   Moderator: Which way is it possible to put pressure on you?
05:44   Through censorship!
05:48   If, again, you don’t like what I say, stop me! [Moderator: No, as long as you will
05:52   not as (?), and as your opinion. Dr. S: I am presenting it as my opinion!
05:56   As my personal opinion! Does it look like I’m hiding behind anyone? [Moderator: No, we here…
06:00   Moderator: you have pronounced here certain (?)… ] And I think that it is so.
06:04   That is my personal opinion.
06:08   Thank you! Unlike others, I do not
06:12   hide behind my employer, religion or even
06:16   other organizations.
06:20   Moderator: Nor do I, and my only aim that
06:24   how shall I put it, yes, so that all would listen.
06:28   So that nobody would have a reason to leave this discussion.
06:32   So, I thank you (inaudible).
06:37   Islam pretends to be a religion for two reasons. The first is
06:41   is the historical rise of Islam, which did not permit any different form of
06:45   ideological presentation other than just [this] religion.
06:49   Not even in ancient Greece was it permitted to form
06:53   philosophical constructs, independently of the State religion,
06:57   as Socrates could tell us. And it was
07:01   even less possible to create a conceptual paradigm of a character other
07:05   than religious in the seventh century A.D.,
07:09   at the edge of what was the civilised world at the time.
07:13   The second reason why Islam
07:17   hides behind the religious mask is its permanent,
07:21   and purposeful abuse of what the Euro-American legal
07:25   system and values, which civilisation
07:29   originally built on Judeo-Christian foundation, have achieved.
07:33   There is nothing better and more effective
07:37   than abusing your enemy’s system of values,
07:41   while simultaneously not sharing this system.
07:45   And that’s exactly how Islam behaves. It demands protection
07:49   according to our traditions, which it thus abuses,
07:53   without being willing to reciprocate.
07:57   It relies on our traditions, appeals to them,
08:01   while behind our backs, it is laughing at us and our system of values.
08:05   Let us first of all look at why it is
08:10   absolutely correct to place Islam at the same level as a totalitarian regime.
08:14   Islam, even though it declares itself to be a religion,
08:18   is primarily a system of governance, in which
08:22   in which God has only a representative position,
08:26   while the main content of Islam is the creation of state
08:30   governance. Unlike Christianity, Hinduism
08:34   Buddhism, Taoism or Shintoism, at the core
08:38   of Islam is law, that is, Sharia law.
08:42   This is an integral part of Islamic ideology
08:46   and it is inseparable from it – and in this I fully
08:50   agree with the currently present Mr. (?) [fellow panelist].
08:54   It forms the most intrinsic content of Islam, in which rules, which are
08:58   declared to be religious, or perhaps ethical, make up only
09:02   the secondary and marginal content of this ideology.
09:06   In Islam, the idea of religion as a private matter,
09:10   as a personal affair of each individual, is absolutely unacceptable.
09:14   Yet, it is precisely on this principle on which
09:18   today’s Christianity, and the civilization which grew from it, are built.
09:22   It is a private relationship of an individual with God,
09:26   facilitated, more or less, by one of the religious organizations. Even those
09:30   members of our civilized sphere which pronounce themselves to be atheists,
09:35   that is, those who claim that they do not believe in a God,
09:39   automatically draw their attitudes to life from the Christian traditions,
09:43   while these traditions take the form of either folklore
09:47   or the form of cultural elements automatically presumed,
09:51   thanks to which even they share in generally Christian
09:55   European and America’s spirit. It is necessary to
09:59   stress again that this attitude is not just unacceptable to Islam,
10:03   but is denounced by it and directly called a crime.
10:07   Islam rejects the individual conception of belief
10:11   in God, and in a totalitarian manner, it prohibits
10:15   all doubts about it itself.
10:19   If anyone believes we have no right to judge what is totalitarianism
10:23   and domination, and that we have no right to say this about Islam,
10:27   then I say that in a country which spent 300 years under the domination of foreign rulers,
10:31   and in the last 78 years, spent 48 years
10:35   under totalitarian regimes,
10:39   we have trained our antennae rather well
10:43   to detect precisely totalitarianism and domination,
10:47   and we can recognize it at first glance.
10:51   We have the right and the ability to recognize it and judge it.
10:55   Islam does not share the European concept of enlightenment of social
10:59   progress, which lies in the future. According to Islam, the good times have already passed,
11:04   — in the era of Prophet Mohammed.
11:08   The best things that could be done, have already been done and the best,
11:12   and the only, ideas that make sense have already been written, that is the Koran.
11:16   In its essence, Islam is
11:20   a religion based on the book of Ecclesiastes which, more than a thousand years
11:24   before Mohammed stated: “What benefit does man gain
11:28   from his unending toil, from toiling under
11:32   under the sun? Generations come and
11:36   generations go, but the Earth remains forever.”
11:40   Judaism, Christianity, and the civilization that arose from them,
11:44   this unjustified skepticism,
11:48   this contempt for one’s own self, all this [our civilization] has overcome.
11:52   But Islam has remained the still-born child of gnosis,
11:56   deformed and monstrously mutated, longing
12:00   for return into a merged union with the Universe, into a retarded
12:04   obsessive, psychopathic, paranoid concept
12:08   of the exceptional nature of one’s own path towards the reunification
12:12   of the essence of the devotee with God. [Moderator: Well, this is again your opinion.]
12:16   [Moderator: nothing more.] Dr. Samkova: It is an opinion, Mr. Editor
12:20   [sound covered up by noise]
12:24   [Moderator: If you are going to…] [unclear] Dr. Samkova: (?) perhaps it will be necessary…
12:28   to return to Gnostic texts of the third [very unclear, best approximation]
12:32   [unclear] Moderator: And that was supposed to be [unclear] serious?
12:37   Even that is my right.
12:41   From this concept, even through Islam, there flows the all-encompassing notion
12:45   of equating matter with Evil, from which springs the contempt for our
12:49   civilization, which is thus considered matter-based,
12:53   Evil in its essence, and in opposition to God.
12:57   It is real tragedy for the Muslims themselves, that
13:01   by entering this blind alley,
13:05   Islam has forever closed its path to God.
13:09   Depression, extinction, disbelief in humans and their individual
13:13   irreplaceable value, disbelief in the dignity
13:17   of every human being, regardless of their characteristics, such as
13:21   religion, social status, gender and nationality,
13:25   this is what defines Islam.
13:29   Islam has rejected philosophy, as we know it,
13:33   that is, as an opportunity for a rational and critical view of reality.
13:37   This attitude to Islam blocks even just thinking through ideas
13:41   on human freedom, dignity, the role of a person and the State,
13:45   and, paradoxically, also reflecting on God,
13:49   which have become, in the context of Euro-American civilization,
13:53   an integral component of the thoughtful deliberations pursued by top scientists
13:57   astrophysicists, mathematicians and biologists,
14:01   who, through the results of their research, touch the essence of the Universe
14:06   and thus the very essence of God. However, for Muslims,
14:10   this contact with God is forever, until the Day of Judgment, closed,
14:14   since their own ideology lost its contact with God
14:18   though the death of Mohammed. How immensely
14:22   desperate their life must be when it’s essentially
14:26   just waiting for death! The results of this total
14:30   space-time paralysis of Islam are the very nations
14:34   suffering under Muslim ideology, who are the ones most devastated.
14:38   It is they, and their citizens, who are
14:42   through this dismal pseudo-religious state, stripped of their dignity, and cannot fulfil
14:46   their potential, which has been given them as human beings as their birthright,
14:50   and for which they consciously or subconsciously long.
14:54   Just as the most pitiful and most numerous victims
14:58   of Communism were Russians, when totalitarian communism arose.
15:02   Just as the first victims of Nazi Germany
15:06   were Germans, in the same way, the victims of
15:10   inhumane totalitarian Islam, the ones most devastated are Arabs and other nations
15:14   that live under Islamic domination. Here and now,
15:18   I would like to express my deepest sympathy
15:22   with these people, especially to Muslim women, who suffer the most.
15:26   However, for Muslims, there is no other path than the path
15:30   to destruction, because they are denied that which forms the essence of human
15:34   nature, that is, development.
15:39   Islam, and its sharia legal system, is incompatible
15:43   with the principles of European law, especially with the rights
15:47   embedded in the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
15:51   As (?) has said, how is it possible that our lawyers
15:55   do not know this? How is it possible that they are silent?
15:59   How is it possible that they accept all of the Muslims’ demands,
16:03   as they wave Article 9 around, of the above quoted Convention,
16:07   which guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religious
16:11   faith? And how is it possible that if the Muslims
16:15   request protection according to this legal provision in our world,
16:19   that our own legal code cannot, at the same time —
16:23   there cannot be extended an equal protection to those opinions, thoughts and
16:27   religious convictions that oppose Islam?
16:31   And here, I will indulge in a brief aside. How well
16:36   Muslims are willing to listen to different views, that we have
16:40   seen for ourselves here. [i.e. the Turkish Ambassador and others walked out during her presentation]
16:48   Can our lawyers count up only to 14?
16:52   when Article 14 of the Convention says that the enjoyment of the rights
16:56   and freedoms described by the Convention must be guaranteed
17:00   without discrimination based on any criteria?
17:04   I am amazed that not even Mme. Professor,
17:08   not even Mme. Dr. Vysova, have been called upon
17:12   to comment on the following Article,
17:16   That would be Article 17 of the Convention on Human Rights and
17:20   Basic Freedoms, which states: “Nothing in this
17:24   may be interpreted so that it gives the state,
17:28   a group or individuals any right
17:32   to develop activities or commit actions directed towards destroying
17:36   any of the rights and freedoms acknowledged herein or restriction of these rights and freedoms
17:40   acknowledged herein or restriction of these rights and freedoms in a greater scope
17:44   than that determined by the Convention.” This provision
17:49   of the Convention was pushed through personally by Winston Churchill,
17:53   and he did so for a specific reason, as protection against
17:57   totalitarian regimes. He himself had, of course,
18:01   been thinking of the regimes of that time, communist regimes.
18:05   I am thinking of Islam, which is equally totalitarian
18:09   in my eyes, as equally threatening as those regimes, against which
18:13   Winston Churchill fought and over which he was victorious.
18:17   The protection by Article 17 correctly applies
18:21   against any ideology, and the fact that the European countries which lie within the jurisdiction
18:25   of the Convention have, so far, decided not to apply it,
18:29   this absolutely does not mean that they do not have the will to!
18:33   These countries are too kind, and are too aware of the price which
18:37   they have paid for their knowledge of the highest value of humanity
18:41   and they are also too patient. The assumption
18:45   of Muslim countries and leaders — who have decided to terrorise Europeans with their concept —
18:49   that the cause of this seeming indifference
18:53   of Europe is its weakness, is wholly erroneous.
18:57   Europe came to its opinion, to its world-view, has
19:01   worked towards this view at the cost of tens of millions of human lives sacrificed,
19:05   at the cost of suffering that no Muslim
19:09   can, perhaps, even imagine. Now,
19:14   Europe must still, over and over, ask Muslims:
19:18   “Do you want to live with us?” Because it’s not
19:22   whether we should fear Islam, and this is the acute, crucial
19:26   question, which must be answered, and which
19:30   can be answered only and alone by the Muslim nations.
19:34   So far it seems that the Muslims don’t want to
19:38   peacefully share the planet with the rest of the non-Muslim world.
19:42   Their terrorist acts, loudly declared
19:46   and committed in the name of Islam, demonstrate that they are not interested
19:50   in brotherhood among nations, and among peoples.
19:54   This reminds one, not just once, that
19:58   in the name of Christianity, no such [criminal] actions were committed,
20:02   and thus it is neither necessary or possible to
20:06   hold a conference: “Should we fear Christianity?”
20:10   It. perhaps, seems to be clear
20:14   no-one, perhaps, from past terrorists
20:18   nor from the brigades (?)
20:22   terrorists, each of whom (?) Europe (?)
20:26   [incomprehensible]
20:30   neither Christianity, nor (?)
20:34   Muslims shout out words about the superiority of Islam,
20:39   and its legal system, and words that mean we should submit to them.
20:43   We find no reason nor proof that
20:47   Muslims do not feel superior to us.
20:51   To us, women, homosexuals,
20:55   or whoever does not strictly adhere to the Koran.
20:59   In the near future, Europe will continue to pose this question
21:03   to Muslims, about peaceful coexistence. Then, it will come to
21:07   a metamorphosis of this question and it will sound quite different,
21:11   no longer “Do you want to live with us?”, but
21:15   it will say: “Do you want to live?” Do you, Muslims,
21:19   want to survive, because if you, devotees of Islam, want to survive,
21:27   Europe will do what it has already done twice, when it was threatened with
21:31   the danger of ideologies threatening the substance of humanity.
21:35   Even there, it will enter the battle and
21:40   crush its enemy. Part of this battle will again
21:44   be as in past wars, grand scientific
21:48   technical and technological advance, this time
21:52   unmistakably aimed at gaining a total advance in energy.
21:56   I have no idea, how it will happen in practice. Perhaps
22:00   we will succeed in finishing tokamak [a device using a magnetic field to confine plasma as a torus]
22:04   Perhaps we will succeed in drawing energy from a null field.
22:08   Perhaps we can draw some dark matter from space into our service.
22:12   However, in every case resulting from the violent acts caused by Muslims,
22:16   and the resultant war, will come the total
22:20   destruction of the Islamic ideology.
22:24   Islam will be believed in by just a few degenerate individuals, who have crawled into the desert,
22:28   from which there will vainly leak, into unending bogs,
22:32   unneeded and unasked-for oil.
22:36   Today, perhaps, the daughter of the artificial thought is that Europe is
22:40   where people should shake [in fear] for their future, their culture,
22:44   their philosophy and its identity (?).
22:49   The exact opposite is true. Just as through their malevolent acts, the Muslims
22:53   have taken the first steps towards their own absolute doom.
22:57   And it needs to be said that I, myself,
23:01   take no pleasure from this.
23:05   I would like to take the opportunity of this meeting to call on all Muslims, and all countries
23:09   who claim that their religion is Islam: Stop it.
23:13   You are heading down the wrong path. You are heading down a path that leads away from God.
23:17   You are on the path of murderers.
23:22   Your death will not bring you to Barbela, to
23:26   the land of the real God, but to
23:30   nothingness and nameless uselessness.
23:34   Nothing will be left of you, and the name of your so-called religion
23:38   will be pronounced with disgust.
23:42   It is often said of Islam
23:46   that it contains apocalyptic elements.
23:50   Thus, I would like to remind everyone of Revelation of St. John,
23:54   Chapter 12, which is called “The Vanquished Enemy.”
23:58   And there appeared a great sign in the Heavens:
24:02   a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve
24:06   stars upon her head. This woman’s blue cloak flies
24:10   in each flag of the European Union. The crown of twelve stars
24:14   is on each European Union flag.
24:18   The Muslims ought to be asking: who is that snake or dragon
24:22   that this pregnant woman crushes beneath her feet and over whom she is victorious?
24:26   Muslims have brought Europe
24:30   once again into a state of war.
24:34   It is up to them to stop it. Should they not do so,
24:38   it will be done by (?). Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Should we fear Islam? This Czech lawyer says: “We should fight against Islam and beat it”

  1. What a heroic woman. THIS is a worthy call to arms; let those with ears to hear, hear it.

  2. Wow!

    Such an eloquent statement of the problem at hand; such clarity! If only European men had half the gonads she has such a conference would not be necessary!

  3. To beat Islam we must rediscover Christianity. This is a spiritual war. Materialism is powerless against Islam.

  4. Superb speech. Another example that East Europeans are quickly coming to recognise the danger of Islam and are prepared to destroy it. Shame on the Western European leaders for being craven cowards, unable to speak out against the destruction of their civilisation by the degenerate religion.

    • After over 500 years of Ottoman domination and over 50 years of Communist domination Eastern Europeans are not looking for a rerun.

  5. A very brave, erudite lady. Truly a pearl amongst swine. I felt very humble after her speech and embarrassed for the moderator, the panel and those idiots leaving the hall.
    Someone actually having the courage and moral fibre to warn people that espousing extreme Islamic ideology has dire consequences.
    God bless her and protect her, I would like to think that the odious mutti Merkel watches this speech, gets of her knees in front of the despot Erdogan, and kicks Turkey into touch. Unlikely I know but one can dream can’t they?

  6. Another Czech who has recently posted a brilliant analysis is Vaclav Klaus. This is about the ideology of mass migration (as opposed to individual migration) and human rights (as opposed to civil rights). It was originally given as a talk in Tel Aviv on 16 May:

    Go to the English pages for ‘The Refugee Global Challenge’, posted 19 May.

  7. In 2003 the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg finally ruled that Sharia Law is incompatible with Western democracy. Google it.

    What amazes me is how any lawyer could possibly argue that it is compatible. Only a corrupt or dushonest lawyer would take on such a case. Lawyers are well regulated. BTW Never sue a lawyer for negligence NEVER

  8. Kudos. Her powerful words reminds me of a rhymed prose, that I would like to share a translation:

    Don’t be fooled, Hyaenaism is not Pluralism.
    Islam is the carcass eating religion, that feeds on
    the murdered thoughts, the murdered colourful human dreams.
    Islam feeds on murdered divinity and divine lives.

  9. It would be nice if she could reproduce her appearance as a text speech, with a smooth translation.

    • The prepared text is already available in several different translations. One of them is at Breitbart.

      The thing is, all the interruptions, asides, and interjections made the actual speech considerably different from the prepared text. That’s why Vlad and Xanthippa decided to subtitle this as exactly as possible, from translation of the actual audio.

      Unfortunately, the audio was of low quality, and there was only so much that Vlad could do to improve it, so we’re missing some of the back-and-forth.

  10. Brave and courageous woman not afraid to speak truth and righteousness, I pray for her, Jesus hedge of protection so that she may carry these messages for triumph over the darkest days ahead.

  11. Fascinating. When the truth about Green is uttered, Red leaps up and runs for the exits, the concession stands and bathrooms.

    “thoughtcrime!, hatespeak!” “perhaps the sound of my chewing will drown her words out!”

  12. The eastern Europeans are not far from the acrid taste of tyranny. They recall its putrid stench instantly. Others of us have generations between who have forgotten.

    I hope this goes viral.

  13. What is amazing is that they hold a conference on “Should We Fear Islam?” and the idiots are upset and surprised that someone has a negative opinion of the horrors of Islam.

    The Turks walk out, which should make it clear to everyone that the answer to the question “Do you want to live with us?” is no, and that Samková’s concerns are correct.

  14. It is a well though out call to arms in order to defend Western Civilization. The Lady showed more resolve than the pip-squeak moderator, who to me represents all that is wrong in our world. Clearly, we the people are not afraid of Islam, but our elected leaders betrayed us. It is time for nations to be lead by men who love and respect their Judeo-Christian civilization, and the wonderful culture which derives from it.

  15. 02:26 [Interjection: Mme. Doctor, is this not beyond the border?]
    02:30 This is not beyond the border. [Interjection: No, today, we have agreed —]

    Was that the Moderator? If so, I wonder if this had been intended as a trumped-up ‘show trial’ – a Pavlovian procession of witless Lefties babbling inanely about a ‘Religion of Peace’, culminating in a resounding defeat of the motion “Should we fear Islam?”. And this very courageous lady put the cat well among the pigeons. I salute her with all my heart.

    Ironically, her conclusion was that we should not fear Islam, but not for the reasons I suspect the Moderator was looking for. I have to say I am not inclined to agree there. I think it is important that we do fear Islam in order to fully realise what a grave danger it poses. We can then use that fear to strongly motivate us to defeat it. I would not nit-pick however, as I believe that what she meant was “we have nothing to fear from Islam”, which is not quite the same.

    This Muslim invasion is very dependent on the ‘divide & conquer’ principle, putting huge effort into marginalising anyone who criticises Islam. As Raymond Ibrahim has said, the Muslims have the will but not the way, while the West has the way but not the will. If the peoples of Europe could band together with real determination against this hideous threat, they could beat it.

    I must say the word ‘activist’ usually makes my toes curl, but this lady has given it real respect. We must hope that others in a position of authority may now feel emboldened to follow her.

    More like Klára Samková please.

    PS: You’re right, Baron, about the value of all the interjections. They give this wonderful speech a valuable, extra perspective. Ms Samkova has clearly stuck her neck out, and I hope her government will have the moral courage – so lacking elsewhere in Europe – to look after her.

    • I don’t think this was a “show trial”. The Czechs, like their neighbors in Central Europe (Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary) are not in thrall to political correctness. You can still have real political debate in Czechia. In this case, I think the speaker went beyond the bounds of what was expected, and said what some people considered impolite. Yes, most of those who were offended were either Muslims or lefties. But it wasn’t a set-up — notice that there were still plenty of people in the audience who sat there to the end, and they applauded strongly.

      Anywhere west of the Iron Curtain, this woman would not have been allowed to get more than three sentences into her speech before being hustled off the podium, with the antifas throwing things at her, hitting her, and tearing at her clothes.

  16. This courageous, articulate and patriotic young woman should be made the President or Prime Minister of her country! Regardless of the “walking out” and the man sitting next to her stuffing his face with doughnuts and slurping water, she never missed a beat and delivered her message faithfully to the Conference and to us here in Australia – thanks to Gates of Vienna! Her warnings about an inevitable conflict between Islam and Europeans should be heeded! Particularly by the cowardly leaders of the Governments and their fawning followers – why? Because it is the blood of cowards which will flow
    first! May Almighty God protect this fine young woman and her family.

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