President Erdogan to Turkish Women: Be Fruitful and Multiply!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thinks Turkey needs more Turks, so he asks Turkish women to eschew birth control and have more kids.

Strangely enough, Chancellor Merkel and the EU think the same thing about Europe — that is, Europe needs more Turks.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this Spiegel Online video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:05   In a live broadcast, the Turkish head of state Erdogan announced
0:10   this message to the population:
0:17   Let me make this very clear:
0:20   We want to have more offspring.
0:25   Others are talking about pregnancy prevention.
0:30   No Muslim family shall do such a thing.
0:35   We will walk the path of our beloved prophet.
0:46   Saying this, he is speaking mainly to women.
0:51   Most of all we expect this from future mothers,
0:56   especially of well-educated future mothers.
1:03   The growth of our population will make us even stronger.
1:11   All the way at the front of the crowd, Erdogan’s wife and son are applauding.

10 thoughts on “President Erdogan to Turkish Women: Be Fruitful and Multiply!

  1. And if they do not do so willingly then he will compel them by force; make importation into and production of birth control in Turkey exceedingly difficult if not outright illegal.

    At the rate Turkey is being taken over by a hostile zoophile, it will resemble Venezuela and Zimbabwe within the next several years.

    • The funny part is that here in North Africa the locals see Turkey as some sort of role-model for a modern Islamic state.

      They always seem to overlook the fact that everything which make Turkey a modern, somewhat admirable state had nothing to do with Islam.

  2. All Muslim countries suffering from uncontrolled unsustainable overpopulation. Agent Smith’s quote from the Matrix cones to mind about being like a virus which destroys the host. It must stop!

  3. “We want to have more offspring.”

    And don’t worry the west will take care of them (muslim jihadi offspring) , feed them and willfully surrender their dhimmi women to them. allah has made infidels stupid so that we can manipulate them and master them and dominate them. Go to Europe offspring and get welfare.

    • Yet the European Nations still permit Merkel to openly travel to Turkey, kow tow to this despot, promise Turks Visa free travel in the very near future, and full European membership in due course!
      Why is this mendacious, manipulative former east German communist stooge not in chains?
      More Muslims disappearing in the EU, an external border with Syria, the West has truly lost the plot!

  4. He’s approaching more and more a genuine Adolf H.
    He reminds me of a satirical Nazi speech from my youth in the early 50’s:
    „Und endlich ist es uns gelungen die Schwangerschaft der deutschen Frauen bis auf zwei Monaten zurückzuführen.“
    [And finally we succeeded in shortening the pregnancy of German women to two months.]

  5. Does this mean that Erdogan’s daughter, the well-educated and recently married Sumeyye, will quickly produce many children? Although she shows eager support for her father’s Islamist leanings, somehow I doubt that unbridled fertility will be the path she chooses.

    It’s interesting that Erdogan urges that his hoped-for baby production will come “especially” from “well-educated mothers.” Is this to head off any criticism that he’s promoting childbearing by the very young “child brides” of Turkey – an acknowledged problem in the Anatolian region especially, where there are few life options for rural girls. One recent case involved a very young “wife” of 15 or so, who had had one miscarriage and had given birth to one child, and then committed suicide – there were indications that her husband was abusive. Erdogan wisely makes sure that he can’t be accused of encouraging that type of childbearing.

    However he is missing one major point here: when women are more educated, they tend to have fewer children.

  6. Maybe educated Christian Westerners ought to take Erdogan’s advice, too. It might be better to have a few more Christian Westerners (regardless of color) tending to business rather than depending on Muslim immigration.

  7. This man Erdogan is totally disgusting! His contempt for life, women and children
    is illustrated by this outrageous suggestion.

  8. Femenists ignore this all the time. But if it came to First World countries, the Femenists would be jumping on it.

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