Out of Town

I’ll be on the road and away from my desk for a couple of days. While I’m gone there will be no news feed, and posting will be light.

Dymphna’s having a lot of fatigue at the moment. She says she’ll do her best with the comments, but no promises.

13 thoughts on “Out of Town

    • Yah. Overdid it in the garden…no one to keep track of my time out there. I think I can do everything I used to do before fibromyalgia.

      • Please take care of yourself Dymphna – listen to your body (if you don’t mind me saying so).
        My dear wife has been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome, hence my respectful concern for you.

        Safe journey Baron; may the good Lord watch over your going out and your coming back.

        Thank you both for all you do.

  1. Doing the right thing is taking a break in time. Thank you for GOV. I will donate sooner or later.

  2. Baron, safe travels, Dymphna rest up. Everyone needs a break. BTW I feel there is more honest news and relevant information coming out of GOV than other sources.

  3. IQ less than 90!

    PRIME MINISTER LOFVEN of Sweden is visiting Washington DC:

    “We’re not drunk yet. (Laughter.) Thank you very much, Secretary Kennedy – Kerry, sorry – Secretary Kerry. Thank you very much for the invitation. Thank you, Mrs. Heinz Kerry. It’s a pleasure to see you. It will be also pleasure to continue the discussions since this morning over a fine lunch prepared by the Swedish chef, Marcus Samuelsson. I congratulate you to the excellent choice of chef.”

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