On the Floor of the German Parliament: Erdogan the Zoophile!

Yesterday, on the floor of the German Parliament, a politician from Chancellor Merkel’s own party, the Christian Democrats, read out the obscene and insulting poem that got the TV comedian Jan Böhmermann in so much trouble.

The MP who recited the poem, one Detlef Seif, did so in order to highlight how insulting it was to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He wanted his fellow parliamentarians to understand why Mr. Erdogan was completely justified in taking legal action to assuage his sense of honor. As far as I can determine, Mr. Seif was not being slyly ironic in reading the poem, but completely sincere.

It reminds me of the referee in the classic Warner Brothers cartoon of the the prize fight between Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd — “No rough stuff! None of this! Or this! Or this!”

Egri Nök, who translated this clip for subtitles, includes this explanatory note:

I’m not sure which point Seif is trying to make there. It almost appears he mixes up two things: Erdogan is sueing Böhmermann for insult anyway “in private”, as a private person. No one ever suggested that German legislation on insult be changed.

But paragraph 103 has nothing to do with that, it comes on top of it. Böhmermann is being sued twice and parallel: 1) by Erdogan the person for insult, which is up to the courts; and 2) for insulting the head of a state (paragraph 103) which was up to Merkel to give permission for.

And parliament is not debating #1, only #2.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Language warning: Asterisks would have interfered with the impact of the text, so all the naughty words have been left in verbatim:


00:00   Of course freedom of press and freedom of opinion are valuable goods.
00:03   Satire, absolutely clearly, is permitted.
00:07   But, Mister Petzold (Die Linke), to say —
00:10   that when Paragraph 103 Criminal Code remains in place,
00:15   your freedom of opinion and freedom of press were compromised,
00:20   is not correct. I notice time and again,
00:23   especially in the population, but also in the media, and even with colleagues,
00:28   that what Böhmermann said, in his alleged smear poem,
00:33   is not widely known. Fragments are heard.
00:37   I did not want to, but I’m going to read it out to you.
00:41   So one knows, what exactly was said. (Interjection: Now the fun begins!)
00:45   Sod-dumb, cowardly and hesitant / Is Erdogan the President
00:49   His boner smells like Döner/ Even a pig’s fart smells finer
00:54   (Interjection: Careful you might get sued!) He’s the man who punches girls
00:57   while wearing rubber masks
01:00   The things he loves the most / are shagging goats / and oppressing minorities
01:05   Kicking Kurds, beating Christians/ while watching child porn
01:09   And in the evening instead of sleep / Fellatio with a hundred sheep
01:14   Yes, Erdogan is all things considered / a president with a tiny dick
01:19   Every Turk can be heard chirping: / This dumb pig has shrivel-balls
01:23   From Ankara to Istanbul / Everyone knows the man is gay
01:27   perverted, louse-infested, and a zoophile / Recep Fritzl Priklopil
01:32   His head as empty as his balls / the star guest at every gang-bang party
01:36   until his dick burns when he pees / That’s Recep Erdogan the Turkish President
01:41   Ladies and Gentlemen — (Interjection: This was so unnecessary!)
01:45   I don’t need to ponder, this fuels resentments!
01:48   (Interjection: This was unnecessary!) — A person’s honour is clearly under attack here
01:52   and justice must decide if this recitation, in this form, is still covered
01:56   by freedom of expression and the press,
01:59   independent of the paragraph 103 Criminal Code.
02:04   Take this whole thing in for a moment, without taking into consideration the person.
02:10   Imagine you were Erdogan, and think about how you would take it.

10 thoughts on “On the Floor of the German Parliament: Erdogan the Zoophile!

  1. 02:10 Imagine you were Erdogan, and think about how you would take it…

    Umm… up the [you-know-what]?

  2. A premonition ahead of it times by 100 years.

    Grey River Argus , [newspaper] 9 August 1915, [noted in a far flung colony]
    6r Tetegraph.—Press Asgociatiou.—Copyriglu Received this day, 8.50 a .m. Athens, Friday.
    ENVER PASHA’S BOAST. LONDON, August 6. An Athens report states that Enver Pasha, discussing the masacres with neutral diplomatists, said : “Our policy is ‘Turkey for the Turks.’ We are beginning to get rid of the Armenians ; then’ we will deal with the Greeks, afterwards the Jews and finally even the Germans.

    It is not as if they had not tried to be more expansive for many centuries and even recent history, even more so now.

    So again take note Europe.
    Above all, guard and keep free speech, as we know truth is the first casualty in war, even though you do not know or realize that war has been declared.
    Just read the koran, hadiths and siras, to know how muslims/Erdogan do sunnah.

    Then again poetic justice as practiced in islam.
    A list of just poets that were killed during Mohammad’s time.
    ‘Asma’ bint Marwan; female, assassinated
    Abu ‘Afak; male, assassinated
    Al Nadr ibn al-Harith male, beheaded
    Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf; male, assassinated
    Abu Rafi’ ibn Abi Al-Huqaiq; male, assassinated
    Abdullah bin Khatal; male, executed
    Fartana; slave girl, killed
    Quraybah; slave girl, sentence of death, then pardoned
    Huwayrith ibn Nafidh; male, killed
    Ka’b ibn Zuhayr ibn Abi Sulama; male, ordered assassinated, then pardoned.
    Al-Harith bin al-Talatil; male, killed
    Abdullah ibn Zib’ari; male, to be killed, converts so pardoned
    Hubayrah; male, kill order, escapes to exile in safety.

    So is Germany truly weighing up poetic justice?

  3. Puzzling…… the poet is not somebody influential or a head-of-state. This is a private matter and Erdogan may sue as he wishes in his personal capacity. Why is the German Parliament getting involved : what’s it got to do with Turkish national security. Did he plan or threaten to blow up Erdogan ? There should be thousands out there calling him names so does the German government want to prosecute them – for insulting a tyrant ?

    • Hilarious. Rember that the porcine, parsimonious Cameron allegedly placed his ” chipolata ” in the mouth of a dead pig’s mouth whilst at university.
      I recall at the time of the allegation he “didn’t want to dignify the allegation by suing anyone”, read into that what you will.
      Someone somewhere is obviously telling porkies!

  4. It just shows how pathetic germany has gone……..A dead man walking…….
    Wake up and smell the coffee germany.

  5. …the day i am upset by some middle school invective…i can be president of a Turkey?

  6. Great poem. Great lyrics. Anyone thought of putting it to music? Might make a good chant for future EDL marches.

  7. Only the cowering sycophantic cohorts of Angela Merkel could have come up with a show like that! I wonder what reward did this clown receive from “die Mutti” after this performance! So inappropriate – beyond reason. This is the German Parliament?
    Call a General Election immediately and send all Merkel’s Men (?) to Istanbul for a permanent holiday. I am more disgusted by how they are reacting to Erdogan’s petulant request than by this childish poem – much more!

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