Muslims Attack Yezidis: Brawl at an Asylum Home in North Rhine-Westphalia

An intramural migrant brawl broke out yesterday between Muslims and Yezidis in the German city of Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. The fight was instigated by Muslim “refugees” — specifically Chechens — who did serious harm to some of their victims. The Yezidis in the surrounding area were numerous enough to gather together and fight back, taking revenge on behalf of their ethnic fellows with knives and clubs.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Neue Westfälische:

Mass brawl near Oldentruper Hof

Chechen and Yezidi refugees clash at refugee shelter near Bielefeld. Five injured. 100 Yezidis try to storm former hotel.

Bielefeld-Oldentrup. It seems, a religious war between Muslims and Yezidis escalated near the refugee shelter Oldentruper Hof.

The trigger was a mass brawl that took place around 6 pm on Potsdamer Street 500m from the Oldentruper Hof. It seems a group of 15 Chechens waited for a group of Yezidis and unexpectedly attacked them. Everyone involved in the brawl lives in the refugee home. The Chechens used clubs and knives and gravely wounded some of the victims.

Then later in the evening, according to police, about 100 Yezidis tried to storm the former hotel. But security and police were able to prevent this.

A 37-year-old woman driving by was alert and when she saw the fight she called an ambulance and police. As she saw the attackers flee, she got out of her car and provided first aid.

As the situation was so chaotic, the fire brigade released a MANV-I-Alarm. The so-called “mass casualty incident” prompts an extensive rescue service when a greater number of injured is expected. So five ambulances and two emergency doctors rushed to the site in short order.

Five men had to be transported to the hospital. They suffered from concussion, cranio-facial fractures, hand fractures and stabbing wounds below the armpit.

Shortly after the alarm, police encountered about 80 people in front of the home. The situation was “very chaotic,” according to the police. The Chechen group had already veered off into a nearby forest.

After about an hour the police were able to determine who was involved, who was a witness, and who an onlooker. The exact cause of the fight was still unclear on Sunday morning; criminal police and state protection are still investigating.

During the police investigations and the search for the perpetrators, the situation in front of the Oldentruper Hof became increasingly explosive. Upset by the attack on their fellow countrymen, all Yezidi left the home and planted themselves in the street. The police called for backup from Detmold, Herford and Gütersloh. Even the Autobahn patrol were mobilized.

About one hundred more Yezidi Kurds who had been alerted over the internet arrived from the surrounding region, even from Oldenburg. Neighbors witnessed that they were partially armed with clubs and knives. Word spread that everyone wanted to storm the home to exact revenge for the victims of the mass brawl.

With the help of translators, the police managed to drive the Yezidis back behind roadblocks.

According to the police there are initial clues indicating that there have been difficulties between Yezidi and Chechen families for days. Over the course of the night, a 24-year-old and a 42-year-old Chechen were arrested.

Meanwhile, around 11pm, several vehicles of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief had arrived and lit the area in front of the refugee home as bright as day. Now one was able to see the countless frightened, upset and baffled people of Yezidi belief in the roadside ditch, at the side of the road, leaning on railings. Mothers tried to calm their crying kids, an indescribable sight. Not a single person could be persuaded to move back into the Oldentruper Hof.

Not even the promise to relocate two Chechen families — who apparently have been aggressive towards the Yezidis for quite some time — into a different shelter could change their minds. The Yezidis had heard from translators that in the meantime, also the Muslim Syrians who lived in the home planned to stand against them. Only in the early morning hours did the situation calm down.

To achieve a geographical separation of the groups, the local government of Detmold, who are the authority in charge of this shelter, managed overnight to move all Yezidi and Chechen families into different cities in Ostwestfalen.

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund provided busses that brought all Yezidi families who were camping outside to a refugee shelter in Herford. The Chechen families were taken to Bad Driburg and Detmold.

After that, the atmosphere calmed down in the Oldentruper Hof. The exact cause of the mass brawl is not clear at this moment; the investigation by the criminal police and State Security is ongoing. But according to NW’s information, allegedly it is the religious conflict between Muslims and Yezidis that is now being fought out on the territory of Bielefeld.

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    • What a heck you talking about? They were doing exactly what their CULT is expecting of them.

  1. This is only round 1, as more migrants ‘arrive’ the situation will deteriorate,

    • Is that so? I would never have guessed. we could buy time by feeding the Muslim killers our children.

    • Deteriorate downhill into a third world country as more come in. It’s accelerating every day. Tourism has slowed down and will stop as people realize there is breakdown in law and order. Several I know cancelled summer trips to the E.U. One was going to France. I encourage others to go elsewhere or tour closer to home. Europe is unraveling, soon the Turks will invade for an easy end run take down of the EU promoted by EU leaders. Muslims already there from N. Africa, Syria, etc will join in.

      • I live in France and can assure you that there are many areas where tourism continues as normal. It is true that in certain areas of large cities there are dangers and I have very little desire to visit Paris but areas of historic interest, natural beauty and fantastic food like Dordorgne or Lot are just as safe as most parts of America.
        You have also mentioned in other posts that we are helpless in Europe because we have no guns. Well in country areas here that is just not true. Most villages and small towns have hunts and you cannot kill a wild boar or a large deer with a pea shooter.

        • You just go on believing that. Any country, (all western Europesn in particular) guns or no guns are too materialized and drowning in dreams of the comfort fantasy to deal with the radicalized blood thirsty Mohammadan bandits they have imported into real tangible stuff?

  2. It has been really as clear as day from the very start that Muslim and non-Muslim refugees (or migrants, or whatever you call them) should be kept separately. Even Sunnis and Shiahs should be kept separately. But the prevailing ideology of political correctness considers this unthinkable. So, people have to suffer the inevitable results.

  3. Whats the problem? They attack everyone else too! The Moon god followers are equal opportunity racist, rapist, islamic trash. Dump these good for nothing bastards into some islamic hole and forget them. The beginning is nigh.

  4. Why aren’t all these brilliant Doctors, Physicists, Rocket Scientists, Philosopher’s, Dentists and University Lecturers devoting their time to the betterment of their German hosts?
    Oh I forgot, they are much happier with a club or knife in hand causing mayhem. You have lied to the German public long enough Merkel, get rid of them, stop going down on your knees to the despot Erdogan, DEFEND your own or RESIGN.

  5. Bravo to the Yezidis, they understand well the need to take strong action after the attack, (3rd), pity the authorities cannot grasp the idea that non-Muslims are targeted for attacks simply because they are non Muslim!

    There again, the Chechens in Western Europe are the ones that sought refugee after the 90s conflict, since they were seen as ‘freddom fighters” against the Russians, but no one wants to dare to mention that they wanted an Islamic caliphate. Of course, these fighters were proudly sponsored by the Washington, EU & NATO. Defeat meant exile to the West. Yet the same ones that now carry out ‘Sharia patrols’ on the streets of Vienna, attack others in Germany, get arrested for links to Daesh & the list can go on.

    Christians and Ezidis are repeatedly attacked in refugee centres across Germany, but , the MSM will never tell you this story.

    • In the 1990s, Chechen fighters managed to get control over the territory of Chechnya and establish the independent State of Ichkeria. Unsurprisingly, this tiny but proud State adopted Sharia law. Chechen courts began to sentence adulterers to stoning, thieves – to cutting of hands, etc. The sentences were duly executed. Household slavery also existed there (in fact, it still exists in remote Chechen and Daghestani villages where Russian police does not penetrate).

      In a nutshell, having gained independence, the freedom fighters of Chechnya (so much applauded by Western freedom lovers) created a State almost as totalitarian as Saudi Arabia though somewhat less opulent.

      Now, those freedom-loving Chechens are terrorising people in Western Europe. This has become a recurrent scenario: the West plays the Islamic card against Russia and then suffers from what it has done. It has happened in Afghanistan, it is happening in Syria. And Chechnya is another example in this series.

      I hope against hope that the West will be wise enough not to play the Uighur card against China or the Crimean Tartar card against Russia. Otherwise, it will get fresh trouble from its clients.

  6. Muslims attack Germans in their homes. It can’t get much more stupid. It should be awesome when the Turks attack the collapsing EU ship of confused multi culti fools snd grab a piece of the action. A mini Kosovo perhaps? Well what was good for Serbia should be even more good for Islsm. I’m sure the various African non multi culti nations are noticing opportunitues herr too.

  7. Even those stalwart Poles of Christians Eastern Europe have given safe haven to the Chechens. Those bad Russians deserved it. Smash the EU and really organise for real survival.

    • This shows that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. He can turn against you and cut your throat.

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