Matt Bracken: The Hybrid Vigor of the Coming European Islamic State

The following essay and meme by Matthew Bracken were prompted by a cell-phone video from Germany of a culture-enricher assaulting a German teenaged boy. I won’t embed the video; I find it almost too unbearable to watch. To see a young man so unable to defend himself, so unwilling to stand up and be a man, is disheartening and dismaying.

Below are Matt Bracken’s thoughts on what all of this means.

This is heartbreaking to see, but very important.

This is how a dhimmi is created in a gun-free country, where armed self-defense is an alien concept. This is prison yard rules, and the young German is just fresh meat. This German kid will probably convert to Islam just to stop the pain and “gain the respect” of his new masters.

Note how the bully threatens to beat him every day just to harden him up and make him a man. A similar psychological process occurs in military boot camp with new recruits. He doesn’t know it yet, but his mother and sisters are now Moslem chattel property. He won’t lift a finger to defend German women; he is a dhimmi at best. Most likely he will just convert as a matter of bare survival, but he will always be a “second-class Muslim”, even if he submits. These IslamoNazi bullies will have him reciting the Shahada in less than a month, and after that, his sister is toast. Just fresh meat for the hijra jihadis.

This is how Islam has spread for 1,400 years: brute force, threats, intimidation, and using terror as an example of how far they are willing to go to force the spread.

Smug Americans who own firearms might laugh at the current plight of the Europeans, but they should not. The Europeans have been brainwashed by the “multi-kulti-uber-alles” Left to simply submit when the planned hijra invasion happened, which is happening now. The ordinary Euros were betrayed by Quisling traitors in high offices. From the Muslim point of view, the hijra invasion is moving from the dawah (preaching) phase to the jihad phase, using violence and threats of even greater violence to force a complete Muslim takeover. That German boy now understands who are the alpha males, and who are not: The Moslems are, and he isn’t.

But there is the long-term danger in this process even to America. If Islam wins in Europe, a well-known social/genetic dynamic will kick in. All of the German girls and women (even the man-hating radical feminists and lesbians) will be raped, enslaved, or “married” by force, but one way or the other, there will be a rising generation of Muslims in Europe who are half-German.

People should understand a genetic process called “hybrid vigor.” There is a reason the Ottoman Turks collected European boys to be raised as Janissaries. The Arab desert Muslims have terrible DNA after 1,400 years of first-cousin inbreeding, but when they impregnate their German conquest victims they will create generations of 100% full Muslims who are half German. Of course, this will happen in every European country, not only Germany.

Americans should not be smug about the collapse and Muslim conquest of Europe. Half-German “Super Muslims” will be a tough adversary. Remember the Ottoman Janissaries from history. They were fearsome fanatics, but also big, strong and smart.

Another crop of “Super Muslims” were the Berbers of Morocco, who provided most of the brains and muscle used for the invasion of Spain in 711 AD. The “desert Arabs” were a scrawny and pitiful bunch. Man for man, they were weaklings compared to the hearty Berber mountain folk. But the Berbers were divided, tribe against tribe, from one Atlas Mountains valley to another. The invading Arab armies picked off one tribe at a time, and forced them all to convert. These newly united Berber Super Muslims were imbued with ”convert zeal,” and ready to invade new worlds to spread the banner of Islam.

United for the first time in history, the Muslim Berbers of Morocco (under mostly Arab leadership) turned their natural war-lust against the Christians of Spain. Like the pre-Muslim Berber tribes had been before them, each Spanish Christian principality was divided from the others across the mountains of Spain. The united and newly converted Muslim Berber armies swept over the separate Spanish fiefdoms one after the other.

The point is that Muslim invasions have often succeeded against divided foes who were, man for man, much stronger and even smarter. A generation later, this invigorated hybrid population can be very dangerous, because after the consolidation phase where the invaded region is brought under united Islamic control, they will be straining to burst their borders and conquer new worlds, like the Super Muslim Berbers did in Spain. Think also of Iran in this context. United Arab Muslim armies conquered Persia, creating another brand of hybridized “Super Muslims.”

I shudder to think of what German Super Muslims will be capable of in thirty years, if Islam is triumphant in Europe. They would make the Earth shake.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at For his previous essays, see the Matthew Bracken Archives.

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  1. Also, the Janissaries weren’t raised from infancy in the notion of kismet, or fate — everything happening because of Divine Will, so humans need not plan anything. That’s the notion that repeatedly got Arab armies slaughtered whenever they fought the Israelis.

    On the larger scale, that’s why the Turks replaced, and were more dangerous than, the Arabs.

  2. OK … I’m a Englishman … been here nearly 60 years. I’ve read numerous such analyses. By and large, I accept the premises that you offer.

    Now, get to the meat of this issue, and tell me what I need to do.

    Oh, and if it involves voting, I won’t be paying the slightest bit of attention.


    As for the British’ lack of firearms … well, it’s true that they are few. But, the British people were never disarmed. They gave up the weapons voluntarily; even with eagerness. In my recollection, no-one … no-one … resisted, beyond maybe petitioning or writing petulant letters.

    Even so, the lack of means is trivial; the lack of will is the important issue. Which is why your firearms are useless ornament. Numerous debacles have illustrated that there is no resolve amongst the wider American populace. (Finicum’s murder was aclear indicator of that lack of resolve)

    Again, what course of action should an ordinary man take?

    • I agree that a firearm without the will to use it is useless. No doubt some will not have said will…but some will. It`s nice to have the option. Most ordinary men in the USA are stocking up on food, water, medicine ( first aid), and ammo. Also spreading the word about the agenda vocally and voting as far right as possible. Worse comes to worse then we will fight. So will Europe and I TOTALLY agree that the WILL is the most important thing. Do your best!

      • As I’ve said before, Americans are the only people allowed to defend themselves i.e. use their guns to defend themselves.
        So although there are plenty of firearms in Canada, Australia, NZ and other countries, (unregistered) the only time we could use them is in a complete breakdown of law and order–anarchy.

      • I sure don’t see Europeans defending themselves at this point or they would have already done so. They re- elect their neo -Marxist leaders over and over. They have no will to fight, soon to surrender completely and many will convert not caring if wives and daughters are taken into slavery..

        • As a Brit I can only agree with your point generally. The problem is that they just do not see it coming. That includes many of our leaders.

        • Yes, the Europeans’ lack of resistance is unbelievable, especially Germany.

          Here in America most of our city dwellers lack the means and will to resist. But there are huge geographical areas where men are still men and women are still women. The majority are armed 24/7 even though we are blessed with much civility. ‘Carrying’ is not a big deal. It is just our way of life. Most of our families homeschool their children. Yes, you read that right. Christ is Lord of our valleys. The fact that we have NOT abandoned God may be all the difference. Areas such as ours will NOT be taken easily.

    • “Oh, and if it involves voting, I won’t be paying the slightest bit of attention. ”

      Ok, right here you are the problem. You should be advocating UKIP – they are the last chance you have of stopping the flood. Once that is done then you can get to the secondary problems.

      Oh, and you should be learning all you can about Islam and practicing ‘dawah’ on your neighbours. The most important thing to understand is that *****ISLAM IS FICTION*****. What Mohammed was said to have done or not done is pretty irrelevant considering the recent archeological scholarship shows he did not exist in the way Islam portrays.

      The following video outlines the archeology that shows Islam is FALSE:
      “An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings – Jay Smith”

      When every Westerner understands the content of this video then Islam is finished. It is the ideological ICBM that destroys Islam. If you can inform your neighbours that Islam is false (and provide the evidence) you can help to stop conversions among Westerners. With that the only thing left is to clean up the zombies that remain.

      • I don’t think people who have lost belief in the so-called ‘democratic process’ are the problem so much as the lack of decent candidates to vote for, if you see what I mean …

        Consider the candidates in any recent election you care to think about … name one ‘politician’ who really is deserving of your support, as a sentient being and a moral agent? Not one of them.

        I do agree with you wholeheartedly that we can all do our bit when it comes to educating the people around us – I have to say I have had at least some success in my own personal life in this regard.

        To that end, perhaps we could, on a site such as this, share means we have developed as individuals which we have found to be effective.

        For example: The sweetie analogy – I know someone who has used this one a few times, & found it to be effective: If someone hands you across a big bag of sweeties and says, take one, take a handful & keep them for later … by the way most are safe to eat, but I know for a fact that some of the sweeties are poisonous … would you take one?

      • btw talking of Jay Smith,etc, didn’t Tom Holland write a book about Islam & find that there really wasn’t much proof that he who flew about the sky on a horse existed?

      • There are few if any true ethnic nationalist parties in Europe. In many countries they can’t even claim to be without being fined and disbanded. Nationalism without ethnic and cultural realism is just slowing down globalization. Voting ourselves out of trouble in the US is still a viable solution for the next election or 3, but most of Europe is just too much like that boy.

    • I know what you mean about voting – the problem is who is there to vote for? Boris has shown a sliver of promise recently, I have to say. So there’s hope there, to some extent. (Although I will never forget his shameful statements immediately after the Lee Rigby murder – like Clegg and Cameron he toed the party line that day.)

      One thing we can all do is stand behind people like Tommy Robinson, who has been targeted by the British state – we can all play a small part in making sure that he has proper legal representation, for a start. Recent events have shown that this is a course of action that can be effective, and at least slow down the efforts of the British state to destroy our country. And who knows, depending on the context of an individual case, legal precedents could be set which could benefit us all later on …

    • Finicum and his group were idiots, so don’t use that as a basis for analysis of American resolve. The gov was backed down at the original Bundy stand-off, and the gov has also backed down from gun control in some of the NE states when residents and sheriffs told them to [leave] off.

    • You nailed it. The lack of will is the important issue. Without it, the USA and Americans will become extinct. No amount of firearms will save us. Yes, there will be a few who will die standing up and taking down a few in the process, but without the “will” of at least half the population, our firearms will be a useless ornament as you stated.

    • The real reason Finicum died was never spread by the NWO controlled MSM in the US, few knew and that is one reason you didn’t see “resolve” from Americans. But it will reach a tipping point. The rug licking traitor in the White House and his bathroom policy was a sort of tipping point, Target is losing money big time for insisting on it and everyone knows about it. Americans are really mad at the way things are going. When another 9/11 happens, and I don’t expect that during the Rug Licker’s reign, that will be the tipping point and people will come out of the wood work. Innocent people will be killed, [intemperate remarks reacted].

    • You need to study all the failed counterinsurgencies in history so you can understand your government’s decisive vulnerability. Once resistance activity reaches a certain level, governments lose control and eventually lose strategically. In England’s case, it will probably go down quickly given the sheer size of the native block. Insurgencies have been won with far less.

      You may not think that the will to resist is there in your country, but it is.

      Try Brexit first, though, followed by agitation for mass deportation of Muslims. If you cannot succeed through electoral means, that’s when you try other means.

    • The British’ lack of firearms is ‘trivial’? We Americans with firearms are ‘useless’? You are either incredibly misinformed or [possess an intellect that I find somewhat lacking].

      It is true that the socialists huddled in our cities lack the means or will to defend themselves. But I don’t give a [hoot] about defending them or Europe or the rest of the world. If ISIS or Muslims want to come to America we have 13 million hunters to greet them. If our hunters need backup, we have another 50 million armed citizens. Armed American citizens defend themselves and innocent people every day. But of course you don’t know that.

      America’s greatest threat is from our own government. We know that. They might be powerful but so too was King George and history recorded his fate at the hands of armed Americans. Molon Labe!

  3. This is why it would be highly imprudent for Russia to discard its arsenal of battlefield nuclear weapons. A mass conversion of Europeans to Islam is in the offing, and Russia will find it to be an existential necessity to launch an all-out nuclear attack on western Europe sooner or later.

    • That should read: “nuclear attack on the islamized western Europe – the Western European Emirate of the Islamic State.”

    • Um, Russia will be Islamicized before Europe is. Russia already has a huge Muslim population that is growing fast, while the European Russian population is declining slowly (the birth rate has increased slightly from disastrously low under the communists).

      Check out the demographics sometime. There is a reason a huge mosque was built in Moscow.

      • Only certain local areas of Russia are being Islamicised. The country’s vast, don’t forget.

    • Michael: Hope you’re right on this, this will help the U.S. so they won’t come here eventually.

    • China ain’t going to allow moslems to take root. As with the Tibetans, who never made any trouble or insistences, China will not put up with the moslems. As far a Russia, if Putin wanted, I am fairly certain, he would blow up their mosques and ship tens of thousands to Siberia, if really threatened. China and Russia may be the only places left free, if America doesn’t have its act together. The West has been too tolerant

  4. Very grim prospects indeed – if only part of author’s predictions comes to fruition.

    I still believe that at some point – a breaking one – the peoples of Europe will stand up and fight. Actually – that’s the only solution for them I see: anything else would be a protracted agony of Europe, the child of Hellenic miracle.

    • Easy to say of the Europeans, but what of the Americans?
      The Berne-Hilarity-Romney-Ryan coalition is going to do what?

      • Oh, they will do something alright – they will facilitate the invasion, just like Merkel,has done in Germany.

      • Actually, the best we can hope for is that they will do nothing. More likely they will be at the forefront in facilitating the invasion, just as Merkel has in Germany.

    • Poland is essentially closed to muz invaders, and elected a far right anti-immigrant government.

      Hungary. situated where migrants try to cross on the way to Germany, has elected an outspoken nationalist.

      Other Eastern European nations came to understand the importance of nationalism and ethnic unity during the 50 years under Russian Communist control. You will not see them permitting anything like what has happened in Germany, or culture altering levels of immigration.

      Germany is the center of the problem, but opposition is rising. The neighbors are waking up from the dream of good Germany leading Europe and understanding the current course is a nightmare.

      Le Pen’s party is the largest in France, only the coalition of Right and Left establishment is preventing their rise to power. That unholy alliance may not hold through a few more Paris attack events.

      The anti immigrant far right party just won the presidency in Austria.

      The institutional left is using every tool to prevent the rise of the right in Western Europe, and they are failing

      Brittan may soon exit the EU, in large part to regain control of their borders.

      The rebellion is increasing in size, both geographic and popularity. It’s unlikely the scenario Bracken lays out will be common in all of Europe, but it’s also unlikely to be limited to Germany

      Many decisions remain for the people’s of Europe. May they choose well.

      • Re the Austrian election:

        Norbert Hofer has not yet won — the run-off is tomorrow, May 22. Many in the ÖVP are reportedly going to cross over and vote for the Green candidate (basically, like Rubio supporters voting for Sanders to keep Trump out).

        So it’s not a done deal for the FPÖ, not yet.

      • The Moslems are pursuing a very strategic battle. The frog in a pot of water on the stove is a trite analogy but it is exactly what they are doing. A little super violence followed by tons of low level aggression followed by another super violent act. No response by the injured country and soon the population is begging its leaders to make it stop, just please make it stop. Capitulation, more violence, more capitulation. No hope with our quisling leaders. No quislings in the mosque imams.

        • That’s exactly how it works. Everybody looks at the terrorist distraction, but the real invasion happens under our noses by the “moderate” (taqiyya/hijra brigade) Moslems. Instead of good cop-bad cop, it’s good Moslm-bad Moslem. “You know I hate it when my crazy uncle Mohammed beats people up, but he’s very passionate about Islam. You gotta give me something, so we don’t upset him.” And we fall for it. “Please, Mr. Moderate Moslem, just tell us what to do, and how to act!”

          So they do. Amazing. That’s why I included the Sun Tzu quote about knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. We know neither, they know both.

  5. Thousand of Greek boys were raised as Janissaries.
    One of them is Erdogan.

    See below:
    The translation is a Google one.

    Ex Fluvial Rize originating Tayyip Erdogan
    15.06.2011 1:33

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a television interview on NTV channel, on June 10, 2011, to a question concerning the origin, spoke with what offensive and disparaging way to Greek origins, saying the phrase that is common to say when the word devil refers, namely the “out of here” when he said the word Rum (Greek).

    Pontius Tayyip
    Turkish researchers found that Erdogan has Greek origins, from the village of Potamia Sea Rize. The researcher Cezmi Yurtsever says that the Islamization of Pontian became simultaneously change the demographic character of Pontus, changing the Greek names of villages and towns with Turkish. As mentioned, even though it’s been many years that Fatih Sultan Mehmet who conquered Pontus, exislamizontas the Greek population and a firman (decree) changed the names, until today the inhabitants of Pontus using the Greek name of their villages.

    Erdogan, in a recent tour of the Rize region (the name given by the Turks of Rize is RIZE), visited the village of origin of his parents, the Rivers. In the village square, a large banner writing ‘Potamya Hos Geldiginiz’, namely the Rivers welcomes you. Got off the bus, she danced with omochorious who was dressed in Pontian traditional dress and in his speech he said that an emigrant from Potamia when he visits his village, he calls the traditional name Rivers and not with the Turkish name is ‘Guneysu’ (water of the south).
    This video shot with Erdogan in the river, used by the leader of the Nationalist Party Devlet Bahceli the campaign to undermine the Erdogan that is Greek origin.

    Located in the file
    Turkish researcher, to support his find, give details of the tax file of the Ottoman Empire for the residents of the village Potamia and found evidence of the Erdogan ‘great-grandfather, he was chief guerrilla group Pontic Greeks against the Turkish conquerors. Erdogan’s great grandfather surname was Islamized Bakatoglu Memis. The tax book in ethnicity column he wrote the word ‘become Muslims’ and the name column of the new Islamic name.

    The file is 1850 and it seems that his great-grandfather Erdogan was richer because all the villagers pay taxes 20 to 30 piastres each, and his great-grandfather Erdogan paid 38 piastres. The family changed surname in 1934, because the word ‘Bakat’, which was the surname of the family, was considered a curse, because all Greeks rebels called ‘Bakat’. In Pontus, therefore, that word was important Greek renegade, rebel against the Turks.

    T / chis EA

    The syndrome genitsarismou
    The Erdogan’s parents left their village Potamia and settled in a poor district of Istanbul in ‘Kasim Pasa’, which is now infamous. Erdogan was born in Kasim on February 29, 1954. In an interview with NTV, the Turkish Prime Minister said he is and feels Turk, and will take legal writers that mentioned as Greek.

    The Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as all current residents of Pontus, and know they have Greek origin, possessed by the genitsarismou syndrome and want to prove in practice to be more Turkish than others. That’s why Nationalist Party Devlet Bahceli has many more formal organizations in the occupied Sea. The genitsarismou syndrome has all the unknown father child characteristics are fear, insecurity, irrational outbursts, sensationalism, vengeance and komplexismou.


    The Turks of greek ,armenian,assyrian,georgian and bulgarian origin are millions.

    The Otoman were a small group of incredidly barbarian people who created an empire by islamizing the indigenous people by force,and manly by abducting the healthy and strong boys from their families.

    • True, modern genetic research shows that at least 75% of Turkish ancestry is derived from the conquered peoples of Anatolia.

  6. I’m already gone. Born and raised in London, 55 years old, I’m in Costa Rica now and I’m not going back. It’s painfully obvious that the elites want the white man replaced by double-digit IQ Muslims. Fine. Include me out. Great site.

    • As I’ve said elsewhere, I am doing everything I can to make sure that the younger members of my family get themselves into a position in life where, if it really becomes necessary, they can skedaddle to another continent …

      The situation regarding education appears to be getting steadily worse – a real lack of teachers so that pupils are left sitting in classroms playing on their iPhones, stand-in teachers who don’t (can’t) know where the students are, big-picture wise, teachers of one subject being left to teach another, etc …

      So one thing I am trying to do is take up the slack here, & make sure that in the important subjects, my younger relatives are well prepared … a little bit of home-schooling going on here, aka long term prepping …

      • What about private schools? All my English relatives have attended private schools forever

  7. I will be dead in 30 years, and my pleas to those in their 20’s and 30’s fall on deaf ears.
    It seems the way of this world to avoid until the bitter ending.
    If Europe was to be “saved” the once powerful US Army would need to be landing on the beaches of France, again, now. That is a fantasy. As much a fantasy as the D Day invasion saved France. In retrospect they have just succumbed along with Germany to another invader. So does War really solve anything? Does Quisling Surrender really solve anything?
    I am ready to fight now, but time is is my mortal enemy.

    • I know what you are saying. I have reached the halfway mark in my journey through life, and my concern is what the world my young relatives are going to grow up in will be like.

      I have, and I am, encouraging the younger members of my extended family to learn all they can about what is happening in the world today (knowlwedge is power) and I have sat down with them and explained some of the more important concepts that they need to know about (the principle of abrogation, etc).

      One of the younger members of my family revealed to me not too long ago that she and her friends at school had been contacted by a Mohammedan who claimed to be 18 and living in Egypt. A perfectly normal thing, eh, for a Muslim claiming to be an 18 year old boy to chat up young schoolgirls in another country online … Cue a quick lecture on the happenings in Rotherham, Oxford, Operation Bullfinch, etc. (How far does one go when discussing these subjects? Tricky.) The Mohammedan in question could have been any age, and any where. In this regard, the TV programmed ‘Catfish’ proved immensely useful – the ‘young ‘uns’ know all about this programme, so it is a good way of alerting them to the dangers of online communication with *anyone* they don’t actually know.

      The other thing I’m actively doing is helping them with their schoolwork, big time. The teaching nowadays – when they get any at all – is not the best and it’s becoming more and more important for young females to make sure they have the qualifications to a) be independent financially and b) be able to go and live somewhere else should it become necessary. So in a way, this effort of mine to make sure my young female relatives end up in a strong position in life is a way of long term ‘prepping’ …

    • The US Army has it’s own very deep problems increased and accelerated by Obama, the much beloved negro who could walk on water according to the Euros, and most Americans. We very well may succumb to his leg

  8. Matt Bracken predicted 2016 “islamic Tet offensive”, but it never materialized.

    same with “Super Muslims” – it is doubtful that the future will be that linear.

    first, islam isn’t a monolith, – the less successful jihadis are, the less united it is.
    second, the most natural reaction to bullying is flight and separation, rather than submission.
    third, West is better equipped technically for both defensive and active engagement.
    next, the “raise of will” is under way in Europe.
    the last, West has important emerging ally, China, I think one should expect full alliance mode soon.

    briefly, don’t let defeatism win. 🙂

    • It’s only May, had to say something didn’t happen in 2016, the year is less than 1/2 over.

    • Yeah, thank God there haven’t been any Islamic attacks in the US or Europe in 2016.

    • Ay: And just when will the “raise of will” begin in Europe? They are already over run with invaders, and the citizens are allowing bullying, rapes, groping, and destruction of property and pushing German citizens out of their apartments to make room for the invaders. Even the schools have banned pork. Europeans are their own worst enemy.

      • eventually, people will face the necessity to make every effort for arranging cordon sanitaire with islam.

        this is the crucial part that is missing in all and every European counterjihad’s political and popular programs and manifestos.
        it is understandable, as there is no desire to admit that defacto sovereignety and territory is lost to islam in Europe.

        but it needs to be urgently articulated.

        those who have no intention to mix with islam economically, demographically, geographically (and therefore eventually to submit), – must be given that choice, and that choice should be protected.

        I predict switching to Israeli model – cold, hateful coexistence.
        this is the only imaginable way.

      • “Europeans are their own worst enemy…”
        Well their leaders are–worse than any moslem.

        I agree with you, Laura. We are not seeing any victories, only capitulation; and people, even on this site exhorting us to refrain from violence.

        Reminds a lot of 77 years ago, doesn’t it? Only then the Brits found out in short order who the enemy was, and declared war.
        Now, they (and the entire western world) have actually invited the enemy into our countries!

        If anyone had suggested such a scenario for a book 50 years ago, no one would have bought it, too ridiculous!

        • Didn’t Anthony Burgess write a novel predicting just this situation? Wasn’t it called 1985?

          • Yes, he did, and a very strange book it is. It begins with this:

            “It was the week before Christmas, Monday midday, mild and muggy, and the muezzins of West London were yodelling about there being no God but Allah…”

          • Not familiar with that, but thanks for the comment–we learn all the time eh?

            Will look into Burgess. Pete

    • Europeans are going along with this invasion, allowing themselves to be bullied, harassed, groped, raped, pushed out of their apartments to make room for invaders. This so called hope of rise of will, if there is any, will be too little too late. The invaders keep coming in and no one is resisting even as few speak out and get arrested. The leaders are pushing this agenda full force into Shiria law. Even schools have banned pork. The reality is the door has slammed shut on Europe. The Tet O. is working, yet slower than me and some of us thought, because the leaders are pushing full force against their country and its citizens.

  9. Your history is very concise and to the point. After a muslim population exceeds 20% the violence intensifies.
    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%

    Chad — Muslim 53.1%

    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and ***ya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

    Albania — Muslim 70%

    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

    Egypt — Muslim 90%

    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

    Iran — Muslim 98%

    Iraq — Muslim 97%

    Jordan — Muslim 92%

    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

    Pakistan — Muslim 97%

    Palestine — Muslim 99%

    Syria — Muslim 90%

    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

    Somalia — Muslim 100%

    Yemen — Muslim 100%

    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

    • Muslim population in Marseille said to be around 30-40 percent. In October 2011, a 2,200-page report, “Banlieue de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law. This is the blue print, this is the future to be seen in their early stages in many many European cities.

  10. Good on you, sir. You’ve given me plenty more to think about. Keep it up.

  11. I’m coming more to the belief that Islam advances more through internal subversion than by force of conquest.

    The story is that Constantinople fell because a side gate was left open. The histories aren’t so clear whether the gate was left open through an error, or through treachery.

    Generally, when an outside force conquers independent city-states, the outsider not only conquers them separately, but gets one of the city-states to invite him in to assist as an ally. Like the man who came to dinner, the outsider never leaves.

    The US Constitution was drafted to replace the Articles of Confederation, which had the weakness that the individual states were so independent they stood in danger of not only warring between themselves, but of making independent alliances with foreign powers. You can read the discussions in The Federalist Papers.

    The infiltration of Muslim agents into the US government is illustrated by the ban on teaching security agents about Islamic doctrine, a ban explored by Bracken in his previous essay:

    The infiltration of Muslim agents into US security agencies is fully explored in the videos of the Center for Policy Security:

    The technique of conquest-by-infiltration is almost openly displayed in the US government, where the Bush clan has extensive business connections with Saudi Arabia, and the Clintons openly accept Saudi fees and contributions. I don’t have detailed knowledge of European governments, but it seems that Merkel is pretty much singlehandedly engineering the Islamization of Europe. I don’t mean that there isn’t plenty of other collaboration, but Merkel seems to be the indispensable cutting edge of the whole hijra success.

    The upshot is that naked force actually has a relatively minor role to play in the conversion of Europe to Islam. The terror actions, such as Paris and Brussels, are more a result of, rather than cause of, the surrender to Islam. The more thoughtful Islamists would undoubtedly prefer a few more years of non-violence, to continue the massive migration of Muslim immigrants and the massive infiltration of European political institutions, such as the mayorality of London.

    In the United States, we are two Supreme Court justices away from a court that will vote for any restriction on speech against Islam, and for any restriction on guns, in violation of the clear wording of the US Constitution. Bracken, in fact, describes just such a situation in his book, Enemies: Foreign and Domestic. The wholesale confiscation of guns described in the book was in fact a blow-by-blow description of the sudden and complete ban on firearms instituted in Australia in 1996.

    I guess that makes me both optimistic and pessimistic. I’m pessimistic that the foundation of the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms rests on a very thin reed at the present. I’m optimistic because the really significant fight is now political and cultural, rather than kinetic. That means, the most important changes can be effected without physical fighting.

    • Should a ban on weapons occur in the USA per the Australian crime of confiscation, than the rule of opposition should be to snipe those doing the confiscating. One shot, one kill, x 1,000 shooters will make enforcing such an illegal act a very risky business.

      There is only ONE thing that bad people respond to….pain. Emotional. Financial. Physical. Pain.

      As the [British colleague] stated above….the WILL to use firearms will be the key to any future government tyranny. But, if only 1,000 Nationalists protect our remaining Freedom with just one round on one select target….there will be many second thoughts given to enforcing the tyranny of the Marxists.

      “Come and Take It”. And MEAN it !

      • In my opinion, it’s a dangerous fantasy to think that a few snipers with rifles can change a totalitarian government intent on oppression. Even if the rebels are top-heavy with former special forces members, remember that the government has active and well-organized special forces in much greater numbers, as well as the police, who have been militarizing.

        It’s dangerous because the real advantage of civilian rebels are that the indigenous military does not want to be used against their own people. The government has to step very carefully in that area. Even the Chinese government during the Tienanmen Square crisis had to replace the local troops with troops from distant provinces before making their final move on the protesters. They were afraid, probably with good reason, that the local troops would simply refuse orders to move on the students.

        If you start shooting at our own people, you’ll give up that huge advantage, and put the military into a self-preservation situation: shoot or be shot.

        Protests and movements to change the government have to be open, non-violent, and willing to withstand violent provocation. This puts the government in the dilemma of being afraid of their own army and police.

        My theory is that guns do not provide a direct protection against a tyrannical indigenous government. They do provide a protection against the violent surrogates surreptitiously supported by the government. It’s pretty obvious that the Muslim immigrants are going to be used to dissolve any sense of community or security. Guns can be extremely valuable as a protection against this sort of maneuver.

        • Well summed up. The Elite has superior weaponry at their disposal, they can obliterate any revolt with drones or small tactical nukes. Rifle just does not cut it.

          • That’s why we wrapped up the Afghanistan pacification in just a few years, and came home in victory, with a new peaceful moderate unity government in Kabul. Those Talibans with their mere rifles and MGs just couldn’t stand up to all of our firepower!

            Keep in mind that the security services will not be living on secure firebases on combat tours with their families living in safety 10,000 miles away. The SWAT/FLEA types who collect guns will have to live in hiding. The unit of opposition to fear is the “militia of one.”

            And our rifles are MUCH better than those used by the Taliban. No country has ever had millions of riflemen who can shoot a 200# mammal at 400+ yards. Consider Switzerland: not only has it never been invaded, with its martial gun culture, but just as importantly (but overlooked) is the fact that no tyrant has ever succeeded in taking control against the will of the people.

            I wrote a story about this scenario we are discussing, I hope you’ll read it:
            “What I saw at the coup.”

          • Matt,

            I read your article to which you referred, and have gotten through a major part of your novel Enemies: foreign and domestic. And, I’m still not convinced that a violent insurgency against American troops and police will succeed.

            The first question coming to mind is, if the confiscation of guns will be violently resisted, then why wasn’t there violent and effective resistance to the Australian total ban and confiscation of guns in 1996? What makes the Australians so different?

            You say that no tyrant has ever seized power against the will of the people. How can you prove that virtually any tyrant had the will of the people? For example, did Saddam Hussein rule by the will of the Iraqi people? His power base was a small tribal town in Iraq, just as the power base of Assad in Syria was the minority Alawite sect. Does the Ayatolla in Iran rule by the will of the people? There has to be some kind of way to say yes or no.

            There’s a big difference between saying an outcome is possible and saying it is likely. I’ve read your scenarios about the “insurgency of one”. I don’t think it would last. Any movement has to have a basis of support.

            The Boers were beating the British, up to the point where the British put a major number of Boer civilians in brutal concentration camps, drying up their base of support and decimating their population as well. The Boers were running what was in effect a guerrilla war. The Tunisian military eventually beat the Islamist insurgency, at the cost of many lives.

            Trump and Clinton are neck-in-neck in the polls right now, and you can’t get a much clearer choice between gun confiscation and the Second Amendment than that. So, that means 50% of the population at best would favor the right to bear arms.

            As for Afghanistan, I know the comments in one of your articles have discussed the Rules of Engagement our troops are working under.

            I guess my bottom line is that I’m far from convinced that armed resistance by gun owners against the US Army or the police would be effective in the long run. I think open, nonviolent resistance would have a greater chance of success, especially in gaining the sympathy of the military and police.

          • Which brings us to the fascinating question:
            Would the American police and/or military mow down their own people/brothers/sisters with their superior weaponry?
            And just who would give them the order to do so?

            Having said that……….

          • Mari,

            In the recent NATO tank competition American tank crews did not even place. They couldn’t hack the competition standards.

            Besides….you would do well to understand the words of Admiral Yamamoto: “…. behind every blade of grass”.

          • Peter35,

            “I simply posed a question.”

            And I sir, simply gave you an answer based on the history of a government that borders on the tyrannical.

            As you still “wonder” if those we call the US government will shoot us down like rabid dogs, there will be no convincing you, they have, AND they will !

            Of course, I take your “wonder” to actually be synonymous with “hope”. Hope is a good thing. However, history bears out that the, ahem, “public servants” will abide by their masters diktats. Be prepared for the inevitable.

            Lavoy Finicum was unavailable for commentary.

        • RonaldB….and your suggestion is to do WHAT ?

          “If you start shooting at our own people….”

          You mean like .gov stormtroopers shooting Lavoy Finicum ? Or perhaps you’re making reference to US Army troops gunning down unarmed, peaceful protestors at Kent State University ? Gee, you wouldn’t be refering to the massive attack by those you call “our people”, on the Branch Davidian compound known as “Waco” ?

          Randy Weaver is unavailable for comment.

          • Peter35,

            “Would the American police and/or military mow down their own people….?

            I give you:

            1. 4 MAY 70: The Kent State shootings. US Army troops shoot and kill unarmed,college students protesting the Vietnam War.
            2. 28 JUL 32: The Bonus Army. In the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C., George Patton, under orders from Douglas MacArthur, after police shoot and kill 2 Bonus Marchers, orders US Army cavalry supported by 6 tanks, to charge the unarmed, WWI veterans Bonus Marchers. The cavalry charge is followed up by infantry with fixed bayonets. More peaceful American veterans wounded and killed at the hands of the US Army.
            3. 1830-1890: Genocide of the Native American Indian by the US government and the US Army. For starters I suggest you research:
            a. Trail of Tears.
            b. Sand Creek Massacre.
            c. Wounded Knee Massacre.

            The above is just for starters.

            Does this answer your question ?

          • Dan, I simply posed a question, and yes, I agree certain U.S. administrations have indeed been callous and trigger-happy on occasion.

            The US government’s treatment of native Indians has been absolutely barbaric, inhuman and hardly the action of a civilized people. At least the Hawaiians were not hunted down–they just had their land stolen from them, and disgustingly, many of the thieves (landowners of today) were missionaries.

            However, if the government tried that nationwide today, again, I wonder….

          • Dan, perhaps it would be better for you to take this up with the NRA, and your countrymen(?) who “have gun, will fight”, rather than an old Kiwi/Canadian who wonders if you missed the word ‘nationwide?’

            BTW, in my initial comment my last two sentences were a snide reference to the occupant of the white mosque, who might well give such an order, since he publicly declared “when the political winds blew rough he would side with the moslems”–(the ENEMY)

          • Peter35,

            I AM the National Rifle Association, one of 5 million AMERICAN members. The NRA, to your chagrin, is one of, if not the largest, civil rights organizations on the planet.

            Regarding your remarks questioning whether US military or cops would fire on American citizens, I gave you a most specific answer. Your response that you are not an American makes me wonder why you concern yourself with American politics/happenings/events. Secondly, your citing that I must have missed your remark “nationwide” puzzles me. What in blazes does “nationwide” have to do with the accuracy of my response to you ?

            Most likely several years from now you’ll be one of many [north of the border] voters denying you voted for the Canadian obama, Justin Trudeau.

            In closing, be aware that writing rhetoric, innuendo and “what I meant” does not excuse the writer from replies he/she does not like. Be specific. Or forever hold your peace.

  12. This is a very well-informed piece and I love the historical part but overall I label it as slightly dramatic in tone and your catastrofic vision ommits a crucial part – the history that the German boy has backing him up (excluding the insane regime of Hitler and Merkel), the European cradle, the Western empires and so on, the fact that it is Us who gave this world all possible advancement and means and not the Islamic culture, as Servier proofed historically Musliims have never contributed to anything apart frrom cloning, without any skiills, our civilisational achievements
    Also, you write “From the Muslim point of view, the hijra invasion is moving from the dawah (preaching) phase to the jihad phase, using violence and threats of even greater violence to force a complete Muslim takeover” – I disagree, it’s still a secret political war to a large extent.

    Please take the following fact on board – the true peoples of this continent, the heirs of masters of warcraft and perfect intelligence, the real ones, the real boys and girls, we are here and WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER, if another Warsaw Uprising comes it will be again until the last fallen hero. We are here

    • Putting Hitler and Merkel together. C’mon, Hitler would have never turned Germany over to Islam. No Fascist would. Fascism reveres the Nation State and its unique people, history, and tradition. It doesn’t worship matter like Capitalism and Communism do. Profit in another word – that idol that has conquered the Western World.

      • How do you know? Hitler was an Austrian, after all, and at the end declared that the German people were not worthy of of him. The Fascist commitment to nationalism was pure expediency, only because they couldn’t get the Germans to go along with international communism at that point. Even so, many committed nationalists recognized the Nazis as something alien. Remember, Hitler never won a majority in a free election and lowered the voting age to 16 when he got control. Like the SDS in the 60’s, Nazism was a youth movement.

      • You do Hitler far too much credit.

        Hitler admired Islam, saying he wished Germany had Islam as its religion, rather than Christianity, because Islam is a martial religion.

        Also, when Hitler was facing defeat, he gave orders to entirely destroy the infrastructure of Germany, stating the German people had failed him by losing the war. It was only a conspiracy between Albert Speer and the generals that kept the military from carrying out this order. So, why do you think Hitler would have been loyal to the Germans, as a people?

        The fact is, you lie with dogs, you get fleas. You idolize someone like Hitler and the Nazis, you for sure set yourself up for annihilation.

  13. Why don’t you have a share button? It would be very helpful to get the word out.

    • We used to have that on the button bar, which had Twitter, Facebook, etc. We had to remove it because it was generating problems, and made us more vulnerable to DoS attacks.

      Unfortunate, but necessary.

  14. Folks, Islam is only getting somewhere because the Left are letting them in. Islam is a symptom, but Statist Collectivism is the disease.

    If we defeat Islam but take over then the Statist Collectivists get to rule the ruins because nearly all the Classic Liberals/Conservatives are dead. r/k selection theory explains how the Left (r-selected, think rabbit gene-propagation strategy) provokes fights to get its Right (r-selected, think wolf/predator gene-propagation strategy) rivals to be killed.

    Islamism the tactical threat. Statist Collectivism is the strategic threat. Don’t forget this. Do not the Statist Collectivist Left off the hook for what they have done – send them to Nuremberg Trials for real ‘social justice’.

  15. In his seminal philosophical work, On the Genealogy of Morality, Nietzche lays out what is occurring in Europe today. The European has succumbed to seventy years of Leftist indoctrination which has completely the European male and inculcated in him a slave morality. The Moslem male is instilled with a Master morality and is educated from childhood that individuality and life have no value and that death in conquest of infidels is the greatest honor. Death in battle is rewarded with great rewards in the after life.

    The European has been prepared for conquest. Their nation states have been eradicated by the international Leftists who have an innate hatred of the Judeo/Christian heritage of Europe. They have prepared their populace for conquest and turned them into brainwashed sheep who baw and brey as their women are raped, groped and impregnated by foreign invaders.

    The European male has been completely emasculated and is nothing better than a eunuch ready to guard the harems of their Islamic masters who will make whores of their wives, mothers and daughters. The European male has no dignity any longer, no pride. Their nations and languages have been stolen from them and their history sold out long ago.

    The Leftist has prepared the perfect slaves to serve Islam.

    In America we still have a chance to make it a citadel of freedom and liberty, and repel the Islamic invaders. Even though the Left, lead by The Great Deceiver, Barack Insane Obamao, have done their best to undermine our country, our traditions and pride run deep. We will not let these metrosexual eunuchs undermine us with their bathroom laws and other subversions. We will cling to our Bible and guns as the traitor Obamao so aptly observed because that is what will ensure our freedom from Leftist slavery and surrender to the Islamic juggernaut that is snuffing out the world in its noxious cloud of hate.

    • “The European male has been completely emasculated and is nothing better than a eunuch ready to guard the harems of their Islamic masters ”

      This sweeping assertion or generalization implies all European males fit into this category. Not true. Many many are armed with AK-47s and will use them if they must. Pour faire de l’historie, il faut savoir compter (to do history, one must know how to count) – saying I believe attributable to George Lefebvre.

      • A recent survey in the UK of 18 to 24 year old males shows that the vast majority of them do not think of themselves as masculine. A school in Brighton wanted to offer it’s students a choice of 30 plus gender “identities”(with an ” other” box just to cover all the bases)
        The lefties have now been allowed to turn biology on its head, if you have a penis you are not necessarily male, likewise if you have a vagina you are not necessarily female. Why stop there? You feel you should have been a kangaroo just hop on to this latest idiotic band wagon!
        Of course western youngsters today have lost the will of ability to fight. What a disgrace when you you look at the sacrifices young men and women made in the second World War to save Europe only to have their legacy thrown away by idiots more concerned about securing the “rights” of men in dresses to access female facilities rather than repel the third world invasion going on right under their noses.

      • There are not enough. This is not the type of war where X00,000 German troops face off against Y00,000 Russian troops. This is the type of war fought at the granular level, where Moslems flash mob into gangs of a dozen to beat the crap out of one or two Germans.

        Keep in mind, the scrawny and weak desert Arab invaders took down the mighty Berbers, with a fierce independence and warrior culture! Each Berber towered over the Arabs, and was far stronger. But the Berbers (like the Spanish after 711 and the Euros today) were divided, and lost control valley by valley.

        The point is the extreme devotion to Islam of the invaders gives them a tremendous edge. A few brave Euros won’t tip the balance. Not unless total civil war breaks out, (resembling Beirut X Sarajevo X Aleppo), and the Germans somehow steel themselves to fight a war of annihilation.

          • That was a long time ago, 451 years. If you even go back to 1945 or 1968, we don’t have the caliber of man (martially speaking) today that we will need to face our challenges without defeat or surrender.

  16. On the Genealogy of Morality, Nietzche lays out what is occurring in Europe today. The European has succumbed to sixty years of Leftist indoctrination which has completely emasculated the European male and inculcated him in a slave morality. The Moslem male is instilled in turn with a Master morality and is educated from childhood that individuality and life have no value and that death in conquest of infidels is the greatest honor. The Moslem is taught that death in battle is the greatest reward with great treasures in the after life; while the European is taught that everything is relative and nothing is worth fighting for – certainly nothing is worth dying for.

    The European has been prepared for conquest. Their nation states have been eradicated by international Leftists who have a hatred of the Judeo/Christian heritage of Europe which believes in “individual responsibility” above all else. It is the individual alone that answers for his actions before God. That is anathema to everything a Leftist believes which is basic nihilism. Having taken over the education systems of Europe, the Left have prepared their populace for conquest and turned them into brainwashed sheep who baw and bray as their women are raped, groped and impregnated by foreign invaders. Nothing is worth fighting for; natural inclinations to defend ones territory and people have been eradicated.

    The European male has been reduced to nothing better than a eunuch ready to guard the harems of their Islamic masters who will make whores of their wives, mothers and daughters. The European male has no dignity any longer, no pride, no core beliefs, no faith in God. Their nations, religions and languages have been stolen from them and their history sold out long ago. The Marxist Pope Francis is a relativist and advocate for Islamic hegemony.

    Yes, the Left have prepared the perfect slaves to serve Islam.

    In America, we still have a chance to make it a citadel of freedom and liberty and repel the Islamic invaders. Even though the Left, lead by The Great Deceiver, Barack Insane Obamao, have done their best to undermine our country, our traditions and pride run deep. We will not let these metrosexual eunuchs undermine us with their bathroom laws and other perversions – imagine Obamao is trying to force Nuns to administer birth control!

    We will continue to cling to our Bible and guns as the traitor Obamao so aptly observed because that is what will ensure our freedom from Leftist slavery and surrender to the Islamic juggernaut that is snuffing out the world in its noxious cloud of hate.

    God Bless America!

    • I remember spending many an afternoon in my local library, reading away at the mad German, I had many passages actually memorised, the three metamorphoses of the spirit, etc etc …

  17. Yeah, well, Nitze is perhaps not the most helpful of philosophers now…I mean this is irrelevant, the German boys know that Hitler was a set-up, just as they know well that the EU is the next one. But you know, they need a chance to express their real, fully Greek-Christian (with an impact from Jewish traditions and the base Holy book is the base anyway for all the religions of belief) tradition and roots, their real identity which for us Poles means in a lot of ways “the German precision” and man, the super ability to get well-organised.

    They know it all well and will break through with their hearts on the plate (all my wishes behind their clout)… They will come like the beautiful Spring moning. They know all this just as the Polish boys, my predecessors, knew how to crack the Enigma machine.

    Best for now


    PS thumbs up now for your leadership in the states. Trump’s good. I love the US and I hope I’ll have a chance to visit this great, in all possible terms, country.

  18. At 61, I am completely amazed at how many people worship a “God” who needs to project his message thru lies, war, murder, rape, subterfuge. It’s like that Star Trek movie, “Why would God need a starship?” They actually believe that God is so puny that he can only get his message across thru their acts of brutality? What kind of human, not raised in that belief, would actually find comfort in it? Are most conversions just from fear?

    • The explanation is that Adam chose to act in a way that was ‘in breach of contract’ in the garden and the serpent was thereupon permitted to act as ‘the god of this world’. (Note that Satan offered Jesus the world – that was not an empty promise.) One of Lucifer’s favourite pastimes, as he walks about the earth looking for people to devour, is having sentient beings worship him as they do God. (See his five ‘I wills’.) Hence the creation of Islam. And the belief by submitters to the false ideology of Islam that Allah is not only a god, but is greater than the one true God. At the same time, as you say, Muslims also believe that Allah is a puny god (small g) who needs them to run around threatening people with beheading in order to have his will enforced. Which is right up Satan’s street, he likes nothing better, apart from being worshipped, than seeing human beings brutalise and murder one another.

    • [redacted for lack of civility]…open your mind and see the reality around you. Man is not the center of the universe. We are mere ants crawling on a large sphere.

      It is not God who acts in a brutal fashion but man. It is up to man to become moral through his knowledge of God’s purpose and his lessons.

      Many men are lead astray by false religions and false Gods. The Koran is a demonic book that is the antithesis of everything that the true God stands for. It is an anti-Christ that Moslems believe in in every sense of the word.

      As King Solomon so wisely wrote in Proverbs: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding…


    • Allah could get his message across any way He chose, but to do it through conquest is a lot more entertaining to His minions. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

  19. Trump initiated the great white awakening here in the US, so we’ll be safe for a few years to come. The EU is the opposite, a great dark awakening that marks the end of their civilization. In 30 years the world economy will likely be divided between China, Japan and the US.

    • Barack Insane Obamanation is prophesised by Mena Lee Grebin and Glenda Jackson to remain in power after declaring martial law,obviously deterring Trump from ever taking on a presidential role.Matt Smith has prophesised an assasination attempt on Trump.We shall find out soon enough if these things shall come to pass.

  20. Stop kissing [up to] muslims. They are not “alpha males”. They did not come into Europe by force of arms. As an invading army. Our filthy traitor leftist politicians brought them in, and have been doing so for decades. The innocent peoples of Western Europe have been sold out and betrayed by the very scum who were meant to protect them. And long before they brought in the savages they made sure to disarm the populace so they would be utterly defenceless. We are witnessing perhaps the greatest betrayal in history, and proof positive that politicians can never ever be trusted again. Or the media, or the academics. Makes me sick. I never dreamed I’d live to see this.

    • I am certainly not for kissing up to moslems. And they surely are not alpha males in our sense of the word. But their united devotion to a cause they’ll die for gives them a huge edge against weak, trembling, divided multi-kulti Europe.

      If you saw a Berber next to a typical desert Arab, you would consider it impossible that a small invading force of desert Arabs could conquer every Berber tribe, one at a time, and unite Morocco for the first time in history. Then they did the same thing in Spain. And they are doing it in Europe today.

  21. I find it kind of amusing, how everybody is writing Europe off so easily. Yes, large parts of the population have been brainwashed on the multicult, but just as large a part is starting to wake up. The biggest downfall of the islamists is their over-the-top brutality, and low IQ. If they would just be patient and let demographics do their work for them, in a few decades they would win peacefully. But they can not, because their inbred savagery takes over and forces our hand. Remember, that only seven decades ago Europeans were more than willing to genocidally bomb each others cities to rubble. And that was against other Europeans. Now there is a new enemy, much more alien than before, so the fight against them will be much more easier, mentally. There will be war, and history proves that no-one fights more savagely and ruthlessly than the European man. Europe will wake, and fight, and win.

    • Probably.

      It’s just painful to see our own leaders betray their brethren; and being forced to see more of us killing or being killed when this could have easily been avoided. Weren’t two world wars enough?

      Why did our leaders allow a fifth column of intellectually backwards, inbred supremacists to become a threat to what should have been an unending era of peace?

      I really feel blinding rage at our leaders for causing this situation. Not even nation on nation warfare but an actual existential threat to Western European civilisation in its entirety, the threat of recidivism of humanity – our leaders didn’t have moral integrity, opted for financial gain or are incalculably stupid.

    • “There will be war, and history proves that no-one fights more savagely and ruthlessly than the European man. Europe will wake, and fight, and win.”


      Or, perhaps the biggest threat to European existence will be European armies intervening in favor of the Muslims. It happened before: look at Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia. The Serb militias were winning against the Muslim (and Croat) uprising, and NATO, led by the US, bombed the Serbs into submission.

      The EU is working on building its own military, independent of any European nation.

      I can see a circumstance where the EU forces, along with possibly Germany and Belgium, call for the forcible union of Europe, and NATO, with US forces, backs them up.

      Probably Trump would not go along with such a plan. Hillary and the neo-cons who are trying to sabotage Trump would be delighted.

      • Any EU army would be used against any European nation or even city province or political party that dates resist Islamization or whatever horror the EU and the national governments plan

    • Europeans have a long bloody history of internecine warfare. Has it ever been the case when they were not assaulting one another or being even more brutal toward the indigenes in the colonies they established?

      No, Americans weren’t any better when it came to the Indians and slaves (of all colors). But the Indians surpassed us for brutality; we simply out-numbered them and were more technologically advanced. Slaves, once freed, were often all too willing to enslave others.

      The way the Chinese treat one another tops anything Europeans have done. For instance, harvesting organs from still-living prisoners (the Chinese are nothing if not pragmatic) is not uncommon. Now, with their uptick in aggression toward the outside world, Vietnam is asking for protection against their erstwhile “allies”.

      Human aggression is universal and perennial. Inborn and incurable and necessary for survival. The only thing we can hope to do is find a way to channel rage into creative, industrious outlets. But in order to even begin that process we’ll first have to figure out how to soothe the Screaming Fear which is the engine of all aggression. Until we feel safe, we’ll hang on to our weapons, thank you very much.

      The way we have structured things since we came down from the trees has only served to increase Fear.

      • Lady D, perhaps the latest moslem (isis) atrocity tops them all:
        Throwing live victims into a tank of acid. (said all along they are sub-human)

  22. I wrote about this on my blog
    “Of tender hearted women, the snake and you”

    It boils down to PC mindset and out of control feminist influence on men, leading to a demasculinated FEMINISED European male, unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation nor the strength of character to see that sometimes what feels ‘good’ and what is ‘right’ may not be the same thing. That real leadership is taking tough choices and accepting vilification from Lwftist traitors and the bleeding heart brigade, because you KNOW what you are doing is right, and your ego does not seek nor require ‘praise’.

    God help us.

  23. Watching the video, the end result of this will be another hard line advocate of the AfD, not someone who will ever accept islam. He learned what islam and muslims are first hand. A really good lesson for him if you ask me, as he got off lightly. He won’t ever trust them, or support them again. When the time comes, he will instinctively know which side of the fight he is on. The muslim bully is right, this German needs to toughen up a lot. He will do exactly that. Give him a strong leader to follow, and he will make the concentration camp guards at Dachau looks like Jainists, because he now has a real reason to hate. A sad reality, but islam and muslims are bringing this on themselves.

    • Exactly this. What the boy fears, he hates. And what he hates, he wants to destroy. The muslims are truly bringing this in themselves. The hate is growing daily in Europe. When it boils over, things will get really ugly.

    • I hope you’re right, but it depends on if he is forced to face the same thugs day after day. In that case, boot camp/Stockholm Syndrome sets in and he’ll identify with his abusers just as soon as they start smiling at him and saying he’s finally getting tougher. It could go either way.

      Personally, if I was President Trump, I’d order my clandestine services to slip weapons to “German cultural clubs” or whatever it took. That boy would have a Glock next year, and so would his friends. If it’s going to be a war, lets’ win it!

  24. An interesting hypothesis, the rise of the hydrid super muslim soldiers, but not backed by much science. A casual study of interracial marriages will reveal that genetic variability will give a wide distribution of inherited traits. Not every son of a muslim/german union will be 6 foot 3” tall and built like Arnold. So there will be plenty of short in stature, shortsighted offspring. My wife is Asian, we have one son who is big and solid and the other small and slightly built.

  25. There is no coming Islamic State. However I betcha there is a coming mess of balkanised states with ongoing never ending perpetual slaughter, genocide and mayhem. Even Turkey I bet will overdose on its own version of Syria. As they don’t have that many Christians to slaughtered anymore they will hack away at the any of the vulnerable millions not conforming to Islam’s high standards of degenerate behaviours. Probably the US and Canada will go down the same road. All with their own versions of course.

    • I agree re balkanization. It is the opposition to attempts at globalization and appears inevitable. Not necessarily a bad thing in toto though there will be some losses in prosperity, etc. However, considering that the American middle class has been getting progressively poorer (especially those who are post-Baby Boomers and don’t have Boomer inheritances to look forward to), there comes a point at which people start humming, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”

      One point you made is key: All with their own versions of course.

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