Matt Bracken Interview: “Europe is Going to be Hit First and Worst”

Matthew Bracken is the author of several novels, and more recently the important essay “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive”.

Yesterday Mr. Bracken was interviewed by The Rebel Media. In the following excerpts he discusses the III Percent movement, Western Rifle Shooters, the coming civil wars in Europe, and the final stages of the “long march through the institutions.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at For his previous essays, see the Matthew Bracken Archives.

47 thoughts on “Matt Bracken Interview: “Europe is Going to be Hit First and Worst”

  1. You’re absolutely right in your expectation that Europeans will convert to islam in droves. Except that this is good only for the continental space to the west of Poland.

    Eastern Europe will resist and will align with Russia. And as Europe succumbs to the Islamic State, Russia will consider the option of destroying the European Emirate with nuclear weapons.

    • I would much rather side with the no nonsense Russians than be part of the Caliphate our own moron political and social elites are enabling us to become.

    • But dont forget, ethnic Russians have a low birth rate.
      And they have a large muslim population there also (from central Asia, the Caucasus etc.).
      They may get islamized nearly as fast as western Europe.

  2. The Europeans, most of who have no belief system – everything must be proved, most of who have rejected Christianity, most of who think it ridiculous to believe in some hocus-pocus nonsense like religion, will readily feign conversion to Islam if it will save their skin, while at the same time convince themselves that feigning conversion is a superficial act done under duress merely to placate some moron believing in that religion crap. In other words, feigning conversion has no relation to the real world. It only is important at that moment. It is like saying good morning. Once said, it’s over, and you move on.

    • Feigning conversion is of no use, if you are forced to demonstrate your faith through acts. The end result is equally positive for islam. Ah, so you have converted, now, run this truck bomb down the street and prove to us you are a real muslim.

    • There are no atheists in the trenches. Unfortunately that is millions of dead away yet.

    • On the blog “JihadWatch”, there is, or was, a regular commenter who was an ex-Muslim from Iran and who vehemently hated Islam.

      Someone made a comment like you, that you could simply say the Shihadeh and move on. The ex-Muslim said it wasn’t like that at all: they watched you like a hawk to make sure you prayed 5 times a day, went to the mosque and observed Islam in your personal life. In other words, for the Muslim convert, there is no private life and no ability to exist outside of the stifling cloak of sharia personal rules.

      • Are you referring to “miriamrove” or another? There are a number of ex-moslim commenters on JW.

      • This is exactly correct.

        You will be watched for your mosque attendance and prayers. If you are absent, at a minimum, questions will be raised.

        How you raise your children will also be scrutinized. The terrifying aspect is that your child will not understand that you just meant to, “say the conversion prayer and move on.” They will be fully indoctrinated from day one.

    • William: I think that feigning conversion was the first step in the Islamisation of N Africa & the Middle East. The first generation may believe they’re engaging in a superficial gesture to save their skins. Future generations take it seriously, not least because they see which way the wind is blowing – that the only people who have status are Muslims.

    • One may have a belief system without a faith, William. And while I am much fonder of the US and its people than many of my fellow Europeans, I see little evidence that the higher proportion of Christians there has led to any marked moral superiority.

      • I don’t know if citizens of the US are any more morally superior to that of Europe. What I do know is that those that don’t like the trajectory of our moral decay are finally finding a voice and doing something about it. Hence, the rise in Trump.
        I don’t wish to debate my stance on SSM, what I do want to say is that I fully reject 9 people in black robes dictating this issue to 320 million Americans. This should have been decided on a state by state basis. But funny thing, to my knowledge, every time this was put on the ballot it failed and then was overturned by the judiciary in several instances, California being the state that comes to mind.
        So now we move on to perverts being given access to women’s/girl’s toilets, changing rooms and locker rooms.
        This is an unrelenting march to the destruction of our society. And just in case you want to come back with transgenders deserve to use the restroom they feel comfortable in, I’m OK with that as a true transgender poses no risk to females and if they are playing the part would go unnoticed (we don’t look at each other much in the washrooms unless you are clearly of a different gender).
        I dread to find out what the next beach head is… We really have taken sexual depravity to the limit. But that is the point, isn’t it?
        Let’s shop for a Christian pizza maker in flyover country that replied to a hypothetical of catering a SSM wedding ceremony and ruin them. Fortunately, crowd sourcing gained them over $800,000!
        The American “silent majority” has had enough. I myself wrote a rant at Gates about 18 months ago that I was sick and tired of being polite when someone spouted their lefty nonsense in a social situation and expected no resistance. I am now too old to care if they like it or not. I will no longer be silent.
        Back to the point, I understand that you are a hard core atheist because every time this type of topic comes up you need to insert it. What I would like you to understand is that those that have adhered to a recognized moral code be it through however you developed yours or Judaeo-Christian ideology have been brow beaten for at least 45 years and made to be silent.
        Recently a large chain store in the US called Target announced that their washrooms were now “anything goes.” I would rather pee on their showroom floor then go into a confined washroom with only one means of escape. If that day ever comes, and people huddle around wondering what my malady is I will tell them that I am FRIGHTENED to go into a Target washroom, let alone allow a female child in my care unescourted.
        This is what we have come to in the West. It never stops. While our civilization burns…
        Back in 2002-3 I was part of a group called Protest Warriors. We would counter left wing protesters/marchers with rather pithy signs that low intelligence leftists couldn’t even figure out were derogatory to them. I had one of the more astute left wing zealots get in my face and tell me that he wanted to put a bullet in my head! I watched as one of my compatriots was bloodied and beaten to the ground. As the mother of teenage children I decided that this was much too high risk a game for me to play.
        I think Trump is a bit of a nut with no governmental experience however, I do understand why he is a sensation. And morally it is a tough call; a con man or a stone cold criminal… I guess I would choose the con man.

    • They may think that’s all over like saying “good morning”, but that’s not the way [muslims] roll. The European snowflakes who convert are going to become slaves of one sort or another, and are going to find out the hard way what it’s like living under the whip hand of allah.

      • That is very true. Just take a look at how those Islamic bullies behaved or the way those Asiatic Islamic tyrants or Arabic Islamic people control their own Islamic people into becoming one of the most deceptive, vicious and cruel group of people that one had come across.
        It is like they have no real motivation to be nice in any real sense except to to gain more support for their worldwide greedy, evil Islamic totalitarian agenda. They accumulated so much wealth and yet they seem to have a knack to turn almost every place that they control into creepy, eerie, dysfunctional, unproductive, uncomfortable place for us nonbelievers.

  3. Lol, at you guys [redacted for ignorance and discourteous speech].

    Note to Baron: we need to add “NOT HOPELESSLY IGNORANT” to our list of minimum qualifications allowing one to comment here. – D

  4. Personally, I couldn’t care less about what comes of Europe. We’ve been pulling [them] from the fire for a century.

    The US should be the biggest winner from the fall of the EU. National debt to former EU nations could be eliminated, competition from EU goods could cease, Russian cooperation could be negotiated and immigration from EU curbed.

    • I understand your sentiment but as Pearl Harbour proved we are too involved with each other to be able to isolate ourselves. If you my dear cousins needed it I would volunteer to lay down my life if necessary to save OUR joint civilisation.

      First they came for……

      • I don’t understand the Pearl Harbor comment, unless you’re referring to the British empire fighting with the US in the pacific, initially to keep their empire secure.

        Today’s one way street starts with security and P revious arrangements between Western powers have been muted. European NATO members would never, nor could even arrange, for the defense of the US if required by article 5. So it’s all a charade, except the nukes under French and English control that need to be secured from the Islamic hordes.

        • Probably NG is referring to the fact that when the U.S. declared war on Japan for attacking Pearl Harbor, Hitler and Mussolini declared war on the U.S., so we were in whether we liked it or not.

    • the US and Russia just conquered Europa and divided it in two halves: one for me, one for you. The eastern part of Europa finally got its freedom, but the western part of the continent is still under the boots of the American invaders. So, please, stop pulling us from the fire, we just want our freedom and our culture, let us be nationalistic nations, not your puppet gobernments.

      • German I presume; well old boy if it weren’t for the British and French begging us to save them you’d have been in the catbird seat now. But of course the US did answer the call, with nearly a half million of our best giving their life in defense of those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t defend themselves. The EU will soon be crying for help again and I pray the America. invaders won’t be saving your bacon (sorry -haram in EU), defending you from Islam this time.

        • The US-Government wanted to establish themselve as a world power so they went to war – the First World War (mostly because of economic reasons and they wanted to dominate the oversea trading).
          Without the US-involvement and President Wilsons “New World Oder” there might have been a more reasonable peace in Europe.
          There might not even have been a Second World War.
          Btw the US didnt just come to help – Nazi-Germany and Japan declared War on them. Only then the USA went to war. But thats history, we have other problems at hand…

          • I concur, the US has had more than its fair share of incredibly bad presidents – Wilson in the top three. But it’s clear that the US didn’t start either WW-1 nor WW-2. And it’s also clear that the US supported the bulk of material and logistics support to the British in WW-2. From what I understand the only turf the Americans kept after the war were cemeteries to bury our dead. No other country has ever given so much and asked for so little in return in the history of this planet. So I’m an unrepentant American who has seen enough of foreign wars – they’re just not worth our effort.

          • We didn’t make the USSR repay anything. OTOH, Britain just finished paying off its war debt to us from WWII in 2006. We didn’t forgive a farthing.

            This US vs. Europe talk is not helpful. We either stand together or hang separately.

          • Astuga, I agree with you and thank you for taking the high road in this discourse.

            Jeff E., sorry but your comments are very polarizing. The other comments are trying to get you to understand that we are all in this together! The US and Europe have their backs against the wall. There is nothing happening in Europe that is not happening in the US! Yes, there are Muslims coming into Europe, but there are Muslims/Mexicans coming into the US at greater numbers! Europe is shooting itself in the foot, but so are we. You think California is trying to keep immigrants out? They are welcoming them in droves just as they are doing in Germany. They have Angela Merkel – we have Hillary Clinton. What is the difference?

            Dmphna said it best, “We either stand together or hang separately.”

            Europe owes us nothing. We owe Europe nothing. Let us both roll up our sleeves and fight this liberal, guilt-ridden, self destruction together!

    • Pity you kept turning up late… Yes, that’s a cheap shot, but so was yours.

      • I’ve just given up on Europe, they’re hopeless. They’re suffering from mad cow or some other brain wasting disease. How else could their behavior be explained? These nations should’ve risen up and overthrew their traitorous regimes; when ISIS murders thousands efeminent Euro men and the feckless EU cries for big brother to bail them out again, I’ll not be sending my boys to save the EU.

        • Jeff E. Before going off on Europe any more please explain our homegrown crazies and corrupters and how we might stop them. We have certain pre-existing safeguards which Europe does not.

          Should we “rise up” to stop the corrupt and feckless Clinton machine? We can’t even solve Benghazi and her murderous, mendacious behavior. She let our people be killed and then had some doofus (already set up months previously) put in jail for his “movie”.

          When you come up with an effective method to curtail the Clintons and actually carry it out, then I’ll go along with your finger-pointing. Until then, this is no more than projection. We are helpless here.

          • I’m venting – yes, and I don’t have the literary flair to make a case that the US is better than Europe. But although a strong heritage exists between us and a mutual obligation exists to protect one another, the European nations are failing as a partner.

            On the political front – yes, there are major issues with graft and corruption in our government and so called elites. In regards to the Clinton crime family, the solution to that issue seems to be progressing and I expect a satisfactory outcome (this time it’s different).

            Regardless – I’ve made my disappointment in European politics exceedingly clear. If I had one action plan to offer up to the honorable PEGIDA’s of Europe – it would be an EU wide strike until their money and industry ground to a calamitous halt.

        • Jeff, how could “They the EU people” in your words, stand up? They could speak up. The coined phrase to ‘Stand Up’, is a referance to opposing sides of a debate, once heated, composure is lost and turns from debate into either (1) name calling and finally a personal attack or slight upon ones honor is implied. Or (2) one side of a debate turned heated argument, having lost their composure, reveals their true mindset and in doing so makes clear to the other side that the true ideals, motives and futer practices if allowed, would be such that one could not accept. One would ‘Stand up’ and in doing so, just like in our Great American Past time, Baseball. Once a true gentelmans sport, but since played in the standing position, no matter what the reasons, or positions of players, even if one player came running at another at full speed. This only indicated a debate was about to begin, even if this occured with an official or umpire involved. But the moment one of them yanked off their ball cap, ‘game on’! Baseballs universal signal that One no longer represents their side or club. Both ‘debators’, both sides fielded players, umpires even the anouncers up in the sky and every fan, knew with one ‘drop of the hat’, that both dugouts would soon spill on to the field and the instigators of this unsportsman like conduct would be ejected from that game. Not every player who came on to the field and socked another player got ejected mind you. Just those who Stood Up, dropped their hat! Would be ejected from the game. This would allow time for cooler heads to prevail, and for the game to go on. Now imagine that one team or ball club ran on to the field with their ball bats? The umpires having preplanned such an event, and stolen all the opposing clubs bats so they only had one or two that where already in the gripps of the batter up and maybe one other. Now what does this genelmans contest turn into? I find it hard to imagine that whatever it end up looking like, it wont be ‘game on’ once it is finished. The EU in general has a few hunting rifles in the hands of grouse or fox hunters, but the fact is clear, that they have no 2nd Amendment or any understanding that All People in Every Part of the Globe have an alienable or ( non debatible! Cant be taken away by any person, group or governor, for any reason ever!) To protect them self by any means they can aquire, should they need to do so. THE END But in the EU as we now know it, no person, group or even town mayor, having the full support of every group, and person he represents! Has any means to “Stand Up” unless it is to stand up to those who are armed to the utmost, and ready themself to die a brave and bloody death! Who then is going to keep up the good fight? Sure one could quietly, secretly try to gain a much larger aliance with enough of the people, so as to gain the watchfull eye of the free press. But how nuch of the press is still free? How many laws are in place now, in the name of stopping terrorism, that would, in every case I can imagine, stop this kind of aliance from gaining ground Calling the mayor a Terrorist Leader of a group of people conspireing to plot against the government. Once again, THE END

  5. Like with communist baloney in the ’30’s on , liberals today are the useful idiots Stalin called them back then but now it is over Islamofascism. These Dem libs in the US and the Laborites and socialists in the EU still think that Islam is just another migration rel. group. It is not. It is instead the appeasement of Islamists that will end EU civilization and if the US does not stop the multicultural and open borders idiocy, ours too.

  6. Mathew Bracken is a brilliant essayist and, I now see, a brilliant commentator.

    I have read about 3/4 of his book “Enemies: foreign and domestic”. I thought his description of the total banning of automatic weapons was far fetched…Until I read of the banning of automatic and semi-Automatic weapons in Australia in the 1990’s. The banning, confiscation and destruction of hundreds of thousands of valuable guns owned by law-abiding citizens, and the draconian penalties for the slightest infraction of the gun laws or the use of a gun to defend yourself: this was absolute reality.

    I also think Bracken’s observations in this interview are spot on.

    He mentions at the beginning that the internet allows self-publishing, so he didn’t have to go through a publishing house to offer his novels to the public. I think that was a mixed blessing. Often, publishing houses served not just the filtering function, accepting or rejecting a manuscript out of hand. They often provided an editor/collaborator who helped shape the book into a form likely to appeal to more people…and perhaps, improved the quality of the book in the process.

    I think Bracken’s novels, or at least the one I mostly read, would benefit by such a process. I found his book to be seminal, and to provide a perspective that explained events in a way I had not thought of…or perhaps, wanted to deny.

    A lot of the points I would bring up have actually been covered in the Amazon reviews of his books. Generally the worthwhile reviews liked the books and the ideas, but also thought they could use some editing. Again, a good editor does not simply cut out sections, but suggests ways of making the book hang together better as a coherent whole.

  7. My solutions for all this (as in the Norwegian halal meat issue) keep getting simpler (and sadly more brutal and uncivilized). I believe Matt Bracken has already suggested this in one of his earlier writings, that is, for some world leader with spine to nuke Mecca, to turn it into one glowing crater for centuries, showing its believers once and for all that their god is not greater and to snap out of their delusions about controlling the rest of us.

    • If you believe that nuking Mecca will “show” Muslims anything, then you don’t understand Islam.

      The cult of Mecca — black stone, shrines, etc. — is considered idolatry by the Islamic State and other Salafists. It represents putting something before the worship of Allah, and is thus a form of shirk. The Islamic State has already promised to destroy the “idols” of Mecca.

      If anyone were to nuke Mecca, they would be understood by devout Muslims to be carrying out the will of Allah. It would be seen as a punishment by Allah of those whose faith is less than pure, and a warning to Muslims everywhere.

      The net effect would be to turn the survivors — which would be the vast majority of Muslims, even if the destruction occurred during the hajj — into Salafists. Islam, in effect, would be purified.

      For those Muslims who consider themselves the true practitioners of Islam — the original form of it from the time of the Companions of the Prophet — the shrines of Mecca are just a racket set up by agents of Satan to divert Muslims from the true faith.

      So be careful what you wish for. The future commanders of any operations against Islam — if we ever have any such — should study Islam very, very closely. They should immerse themselves in it. They should learn to think the way Muslims think (which is not quite what we call “thinking”). Every single one of them should be required to sit through Major Stephen Coughlin’s 12-hour briefing on Islam. And that should be only the beginning of their education, a basic introduction pointing them towards all they must learn.

      You must know the enemy.

      • I said, “I believe Matt Bracken has already suggested this…” This wasn’t my original idea but at the time I liked it. Of course I am not really convinced it will “show” Muslims anything but I remember vaguely something similar did occur with the Spanish Conquistadors, destroyed the Mayan temples thus ultimately the destruction of their religion along with it. Other factors were involved but it sure sped up the demoralizing process of what they thought were powerful invincible gods. I make no claim to know all about Islam but I think its various religious groups and factions are not organized in the same way as Christianity, so how do we know the net effect of an event like that when we can’t even surveil them properly in our own European neighborhoods. Is Muslim religiosity as muscular as it is claimed? Mecca’s ways may be considered idolatry by IS and others but its destruction would be mostly symbolic. When I really think about, yes, nuking Mecca would be quite stupid. US-led NATO commanders are already busy with that stuff, beating war drums against Russia.

  8. One thing I forgot to mention, and what I may be criticized for, concerns Bracken’s novels. The ideas are fine but they just don’t work like good writing should. I like him when he’s writing his political pieces such as Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive. I am a gun owner (expat in Switzerland) and one hundred percent with him politically and ideologically and would have a beer with him anytime but when he mentions his novels here, about a minute or two into the interview, I must say that after having read the first one I could not understand the praises it received on Amazon reviews. One doesn’t have to be a writer themselves to know good or bad writing when they see it. He broke all four deadly sins of description. With a BA in history and an MA in creative writing, I understand how difficult and daunting it is to be a good writer of fiction and that some of the world’s writers have owed some of their success to the talents of some extraordinary editors and the ability to take criticism constructively. Being polite to a writer never helps him get better.

    • ????
      How are you banned from the comments section?

      I see your comments.

      I said essentially what you said about Bracken’s writing, and my comments are there, as are yours.

      • He may have forgotten that Dymphna and I have to sleep sometime, and when we do, approval of comments is delayed.

      • Forgot that America is sleeping when I’m commenting. Will try to remember. ;>)

        • Yes, I sometimes forget the difference, too, but I have the advantage of an Irish mother who was keenly aware of the time difference.

          Another thing about your moderators: since this is our full-time plus overtime job, we often go to bed scandalously late – it was 4 a.m. when we finished up this morning. So we also get up late when that happens. The Baron used not to be able to do that: when the dawn came he was awake so he hated going to bed late. Now, after ten years of this (and the expansion of his work load) his body seems to have acclimated. These days waaay late hours means he’s in for a sleep hangover…

  9. Correct terminology is important.
    The Muslims flooding Europe are colonists.

    1. a person who settles or colonizes an area
    2. an inhabitant or member of a colony

  10. And the very first victims of Islamic rule will be the “European Woman” they will be taken as wives by Muslim men by sharia law so as to teach them to be obedient followers of Mohammed and produce many children, and most will welcome it if it provides safety and protection.

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