It’s Not Child Molestation When Muslims Do It

The case below is reminiscent not just of the one against Susanne Winter, but also the charge on which Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted. In Austria, you absolutely are not allowed to refer to Mohammed as a pedophile or a child molester. It doesn’t matter that any other man who has sex with a 9-year-old would be so designated. If you call Big Mo a pedophile, you can end up in trouble with the state.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from VOL.AT:

Austria: Teacher called Mohammed a child molester: prosecutor investigates!

Bregenz — A middle school teacher allegedly referred to Mohammed as child molester in front of her pupils. The prosecution was informed; the provincial education department now awaits the investigation.

A Bregenzer teacher is said to have described the founder of Islam as a child molester in front of her students. “Yes, there is this allegation against a teacher,” the provincial educational counsellor Bernadette Mennel confirms the corresponding complaint. The education department had immediately forwarded the case to the prosecutor.

They are checking whether the allegations are true. Due to the ongoing investigation, no further information on the case is currently available through the state school board. If the allegations turn out to be true, the teacher will have to face consequences. “Such statements are unacceptable,” stressed Mennel to VOL.AT. However, they would await the outcome of the prosecution, before making decisions.

The accusation that Muhammad was a child molester is not new. It refers to Mohammed’s third wife Aisha bint Abu Bakr.

She was betrothed to Mohammed at the age of six years, and according to tradition at nine years the marriage was consummated.

In the Middle Ages, neither in the East nor in Europe the marriage of underage women for political purposes was unusual. Nowadays, child marriage is illegal in almost all countries of the world, but is still practiced, especially among poorer families in the Arab world, and India. In 2009, because of comparable statements, FPÖ Member of Parliament Susanne Winter was convicted of incitement of the people (Volksverhetzung).

Translator’s notes:

1.   I am not aware that child marriages were “not unusual” in medieval Europe, as the article claims.
2.   Vorarlberg Online or VOL.AT is a tiny Austrian regional news portal, probably more coverage to follow in the coming days.
3.   There are rumours there could be more behind this case than meets the eye, so best to wait for more information.

34 thoughts on “It’s Not Child Molestation When Muslims Do It

  1. In my world any man who would violate a young girl is a sick bastard who should be shot, or at least castrated without any anesthesia. I don’t care what he calls himself. Victim, oppressed, uneducated, prophet. The world doesn’t need them and would be a better place with them gone. But that is just my humble opinion.

  2. I remember reading, years ago, (so long ago I forget the source) an exposition regarding the muslim dysfunctionality regarding sex and female sexuality. Sexual symbolism is rife in what passes for islamic culture; the domes on their mosques and the arched shape of the entrances therof to elements of female anatomy, and the resemblance of their minarets to the male procreative organ are but a few examples. As patriarchal societies go, in Islam female sexuality is heavily suppressed, but male sexual suppression is not far behind. Every woman has to be the property of a man, and polygamy ensures there is a perpetual shortage of prospective wives for all of the poor single males. Draconian penalties to any male (or female) who would try to sneak around prohibitions on fornication plus promises of endless sexual debauchery in Paradise for martyrs of jihad, and the lure of female sexual slaves won in battle help to ensure that there is an endless stream of soldiers willing to spread the word of allah by the sword (or Kalishnikov).

    Mohammed was a sexual monster who nevertheless was able to distill the worst elements of the society from which he originated in such a way that he ensured his sick legacy would endure for well over a millennia.

    • The domes are a rip off from Byzantine architecture and the minarets are very similar to campaniles.

  3. The really horrific thing is that we, in the west, are ‘happy’ to sacrifice to Allah our children’s innocence on the altar of appeasement. This makes us accessories to the crime. Our failure to prosecute those officials who abandoned girls to the animal predators puts us into the same sexual cesspit.

    I also note that our ‘peaceful’ Muslim society is unwilling to condemn the violent practice of child molestation as well. One should be able to hear the reverberations of their anger
    in every western city. Their silence speaks loud.

    • Hello, MC.

      May I say I studied your article, “Adolph was a Zionist” and ready your references thoroughly, particularly the one on the Reform complicity in the destruction of European Jewry.

      I don’t get to make immediate comments on the more pithy articles, because it takes time to read them and the links associated with them. By the time I’m ready to comment, the blog has moved on.

      I think there are three components to Muhammad’s relationship with Alisha.

      1) Muhammad arranged through channels, her father, to arrange a formal marriage. I don’t think there’s any question that underage brides (and grooms) were betrothed in Europe and Asia in those times. Therefore, while Muhammad was a pedophile, he could not be termed as a molester. I don’t think there should be legal sanctions for calling him a molester, but I don’t think it’s accurate.

      2)Muhammad unquestionably gave his permission to rape female, non-Muslim captives. The rape gangs in England undoubtedly were consistent with sharia law. There is no injunction in Islam to obey the laws of the non-Muslim country you inhabit, especially once the Muslim community is strong enough to defend itself, politically or violently.

      3) The worst part of the question of underage brides is that modern science has shown the physiological and psychological harm done to young girls who are pressed into having sex, even in “marriage”. Our society has passed laws in accordance with these findings, and with the cultural norms that males and females should not be allowed to make irrevocably life-changing decisions before they have a minimum age and experience.

      Islam slavishly emulates Muhammad, and therefore in opposition to all findings of science and modern decency, continues to sanction underage marriage. Any society with a preponderance of Muslims is going to be marrying 10 and 11 year-olds, sooner or later. This is in line with the sole focus of Islam: to spread itself.

      • Muslims are not rational,reasoning people,they slavishly follow their prophet,and are totally immune to a child´s feelings or suffering.The Muslim religion seems to be based solely on the welfare and happiness of the male.A person totally without empathy for anyone else is subhuman and is incapable of change in my opinion.

      • Hi RB, thank-you for following through, I used the term molest because I wanted to include FGM in the Muslim ‘silence’ over these issues, the mother of two brothers convicted in Oxford a few years ago accused the victims and said that they should be at home playing with dolls. This reflects the mother’s culture, and her total non-appreciation of the UK culture and mores; the culture and mores of her adopted country.

        This gives me a problem……

    • We are also going Hell-for-leather to normalize homosexuality and transsexualism-even to the point of decrying as “haters” those who are worried about their real female kin and friends being peeped or molested in a public facility by a confused XY [epithet] in a wig.

      So, why should we be surprised when our elites see it as a small thing when a girl or boy is molested by a “cultural enricher”?

      Since we long ago bought into the Left=Compassion meme, we’re like Sean Connery when a book fell on his head–I’ve got no-one to blam but my shelf.

  4. Typical cowardice from the effete Western political elite. Days after the election of a Muslim Mayor in London the Iconic red bus fleet is adorned with large signs in the praise of Allah. Just months earlier, signs with a Christian message were not accorded the same permission on the grounds of “it would be provocative”
    Lambasted by the supercilious Cameron as a terrorist sympathiser at PMQ’s, the self same Muslim Mayor is then congratulated by him and he further states that he looks forward to working with him!
    By the way there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Cameron’s initial assessment may have been the correct one so why the volte face?

    • I lived in London for many decades and i have many happy memories,so i was shocked to hear that a Pakistani was the new Mayor.

      I wanted to visit London again but now i will not do it and see one of my favorite cities musulmanised.

      I was thinking if Thatcher would have permitted this to happen and i ask what the British royal family thinks and do about this because i know that the Queen and politics are not separate things,especially Prince Phillip who knows from his family tradition(he is a Greek prince)what does it mean,interfering with politics.

      • Prince Phillip, like his wife, is of German descent. I’m not sure how deeply he identifies with some guy who coaxes olives and grapes out of a rocky hillside and raises two hands and a foot to say, “Go three times to Hell.”

        • @ Kepha: I’m not sure how deeply he identifies with some guy who coaxes olives and grapes out of a rocky hillside and raises two hands and a foot to say, “Go three times to Hell.”

          Is this a cultural practice among Greek farmers? An ancient folkway? I’m not understanding this reference; sorry.

          Even after living in the world for a while, there’s always more to learn! 🙂

        • I don’t understand what you mean.

          I never saw a greek farmer doing and saying what you are writing.

          I am glad he has no greek blood ,because his father Prince Andrew was accused of treason during the first war and his mother Princess Alice ended up a nun.

          We have no royals since our last King was killed in the siege of Konstantinopole(1453) and our constitution forbid the Greeks to have any courtesy titles.

    • Funny enough, the Hannity show on Fox News featured this Muslim mayor threatening the US, that if we discriminated on admitting Muslims it would affect Muslim “moderation”. In other words, once we take action that Muslims don’t like, they will turn violent. These are almost-literal words from someone in the public sector “defending” Islam.

      Funny enough, Hannity called him on just that point, saying he’s in effect threatening the US with Muslim terrorism if we offend Muslims.

      The tragedy is that there is a significant (possibly half or more) part of the US electorate which not only doesn’t want to know, but simply doesn’t care. I actually think this sort of dynamic was at the root of the American Civil War: the southern states seceded, not because slavery was threatened (it wasn’t) or that the tariffs were onerous (they weren’t, until the North gained enough votes through the secession of the Southern opposition to pass a heavy tariff). I think the South just felt their culture was different enough from the North that they would be better off as a separate country.

      I don’t think slavery would have lasted more than 20 years or so in the South, following secession. The Southern elite were as educated as the Northern elites, and slavery was doomed everywhere in the world except Muslim countries.

      • It is not an offense in terms of an insult it is offense or assault on the slow conquest.

  5. I believe that in the Middle Ages in Europe, young children of royal houses were betrothed or ‘married’ for dynastic and political reasons, but were usually about the same age. The girl either stayed with her parents or was given her own separate space with attendants within the boy’s family household until both reached puberty. Quite often the marriages were never consummated because one of the children died or family ambitions changed and the pair each married someone else.

    • The “usually about the same age” is, with consummation after puberty, the all important distinction between European Middle Ages practices and what goes on now in the Islamic world.

    • Yes; agree w/Julius O’Malley. I just read through a couple of my medieval European & British history books (including one I luckily had checked out of the local public library, Queens Consort: England’s Medieval Queens from Eleanor of Aquitaine to Elizabeth of York).

      Puberty, or waiting for its arrival, was definitely a feature of the “younger” dynastic marriages.

      One of those dynastic marriages most well-known in the U.S., mostly due to movies about Henry VIII’s later life, was the marriage between his older brother, Arthur, Prince of Wales and Katherine, Princess (Infanta) of Spain. The two principals were 15 years old when the wedding ceremony took place, but the lady was still sleeping alone after the ceremony due to Prince Arthur’s health, according to sworn statements from her duenna.

      Then a bolt from heaven: Prince Arthur, so evidently hale for a few weeks of wedding festivities, wasn’t simply suffering from fatigue–he was extremely ill and died in April 1502. Princess Katherine, now in a strange land without a husband or even many ladies who spoke her own language, was removed to solitary housing, where it could be ascertained whether or not she had become pregnant while Arthur was alive. If she had, such child would be the heir apparent and Prince Henry would move back into the shade.

      As we all know, Princess Katherine did not have a child of Arthur’s, and swore before God that she was as virgin after Arthur’s death as she had been before she met him.

      People who say that Arthur was “too young” to have consummated the marriage–and I have read such accounts–perhaps overlook his 15 years of life at the date of his marriage. She was 15 as well. Given the times and the very structured lives they were expected to lead, this was not unreasonable.

      But it’s a far cry from “both parties were 15 years old” to the statement by the original author: “In the Middle Ages, neither in the East nor in Europe the marriage of underage women for political purposes was unusual.”

      Give me examples: names, places, dates.

  6. This article is very timely in the context of the item on the news feed about the witless
    Swedish couple who deliberately exposed their 10 year old daughter to sexual abuse by giving a so-called refugee shelter in their house.

    Liberal P.C parents your first duty and priority is to keep your children safe.

    If that means abandoning the virtue signalling until your defenseless and innocent children have grown -up and left to live in their own homes – tough.My heart bleeds lumpy custard for you.

    You have a duty of care as a parent to put your children’s safety and security before your own colossal vanity .

    You have ceased to be wet behind the ears starry-eyed undergraduates with no experience, no critical faculties and no responsibilities.
    Your days of smoking pot ,holding hands while singing Kumbaya in an attempt to solve the world’s problems are over .

    There are no excuses for the egregious and willful dereliction of duty and gross negligence on the part of this terminally P.C Swedish couple.

    Learn from the failure of this abominable Swedish couple to protect their daughter.
    And instead of inviting so-called refugees in to rape your children, give them both barrels of a sawn -off shotgun, if they attempt to enter your home..

    • Liberal or PC parents–whose first child was sacrificed before birth to the Ba’al of Do-your-own-thing? I’m not sure they care about the two at which they stopped, either.

    • Yes. In Islam, underage girls are expected to have sex under the cover of “marriage”, in spite of the the scientific findings that such girls are severely harmed physiologically from such intercourse.

  7. From what I have researched marriage with under aged girls like Ayisha was pre Islamic, but that still does not justify this evil practice. I ran to an American convert to Islam and he claimed Ayisha was actually 19 when Muhammad consummated the marriage. I wonder if that’s the case then why are so many Muslims in third world cesspools marrying 9 yr old girls and claiming it’s the way of Muhammad or Sunna? Do they misunderstand Muhammad’s real intentions? I don’t think so!

  8. There is an even uglier dimension to the “consummation” of Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha when she was 9 years old. Islam prohibits vaginal sex until the female has begun to menstruate. The rationale being that she is incapable, until reaching that stage of life, of bearing children, ie there is no point in doing so unless she can breed.

    One grotesque aspect of the conviction of Elisabeth S-W was the tortured logic of the judge who convicted her for “hate speech” or whatever silly charge she was on. The judge’s rationale was this: as Mohammed stayed married to Aisha until she was 18 or 19 (he died), having sex with her from age nine onwards was not pedophilia! Well, that’s just fabulous isn’t it? So, in Austria, does that mean men can sexually abuse 9 year old girls and not be guilty of any crime if they manage to persuade their victim to marry them 9 years later? If so, that’s one big green light legal precedent for pedophiles: “I intended to marry her when she reached the legal age for marriage in Austria, your Honour. And she agreed to do so at the time, but she’s just changed her mind and doesn’t want to marry me now”. “Is that so? Well that’s just fine and dandy then. Case dismissed”

    That the judge that convicted E S-W was not hauled before a judicial commission, if Austria has such a thing, and relieved of his office is astonishing.

  9. Either they, or he, or all of them are practicing taqiyya on you. Taqiyya means that it’s OK to tell lies if those lies help improve the reputation of Islam in the minds of non-believers.

    So, you non-believer:

    Of COURSE Aisha was 19 years old! Mohammed would NEVER have had relations with a little girl! Even then, people knew that little girls couldn’t get preggers, so what use was it to have sex with them…?

    OOPS…at this point, your Muslim convert acquaintance and others may realize that their practice of taqiyya has run them into a sharp corner. We can only hope they sit upon that very sharp corner and either injure their nether regions or pierce their locked minds.


  10. These Mohammedans are a few bricks short of a load. If the Jihadists coming out of
    the Muslim training camps come out here on the river crawling through our woods:
    if they can make it through the rattlesnake sinkhole out front, then past our big guard
    dog, Dub, then they’ll have to get past Fang’s crossbow & my great-great granddaddy’s
    old Smith & Wesson revolver. – (Fang has several rifles & shotguns he uses on the
    squirrels that steal his pears off his pear tree.) – Those damn military outfits they wear
    are supposed to scare us; but they just make us mad! Only COWARDS cover their

  11. Child marriages were common in the upper echelon of medieval society – think princes and princesses – for political reasons. Children as young as one were married to one another.

    However, the girls were not usually given to their husbands – who usually were also in the same age range, and not thirty years older – until they had reached sexual maturity, around 16 in the middle ages.

    Sleeping with a girl that had not yet reached sexual maturity was considered abhorrent. Consider the case of Richard, king of England, who was given by the king of Sicily – who kept Moorish customs – his mind year old daughter. Richard sailed of with her, apparently very enamoured, but was forced to send her back to her father after several religious and worldly authorities condemned him for his pedophilia.

  12. Why do they have these “Dancing Boys” dressed as girls and yet Homosexuality is supposed to be forbidden and, they are throwing them off tall buildings or hanging them in Iran.

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