I Won’t Shake Hands With the Unclean AfD!

After the recent regional elections, AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) gained 23 seats in the state parliament in Baden-Württemberg. In the following video you’ll see a member of that parliament named Wolfgang Drexler refuse to shake the hand of a female fellow MP — not because he is a Muslim, but because she is a member of AfD.

Egri Nök, who translated the video for subtitles, supplies this context:

People thought Wolfgang Drexler was acting self-righteous. He justified his action, saying he was taking a moral stand by not shaking her hand. But everyone, even the press, remained skeptical. Readers’ comments under the original clip and in newspapers were negative. The gist of what was said: no matter how big the political differences, that is no reason to forgo manners. Or even things such as, “This shows what you really think about democracy.”

So instantly Drexler pulls out a “death threat” he allegedly got over not shaking her hand! And the next day, the headlines are no longer “SPD guy refuses to shake hands of an AfD lady” but “SPD guy receives death threats from AfD supporters!”

How convenient, eh?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:34   As of the elections in early March, the AfD has become the third-largest party
00:37   [in Baden-Württemberg], even before the Social Democrats.
00:40   And today there was a real zinger. At the first session of the new state parliament
00:44   it was obvious that cooperation will be difficult.
00:52   He has walked this way many times, Wolfgang Drexler, after three decades
00:56   for the Social Democrats in the state parliament in Stuttgart.
00:59   But today, something is different. Today, he will encounter THEM. Members of the AfD.
01:05   Like Christina Baum. In the opposition, like him. But wished-for?
01:10   Hi, are you from the SWR [public television] too? — No. I’m from the Social Democrats.
01:14   And you do not shake my hand? — No. Someone who says we have no freedom of opinion,
01:19   and you are a person who… who says we promoted sexualisation so that pedophiles
01:23   with 12 years [sic] can now abuse children.
01:30   That was not what I said. — I can read to you what you said. Do you want me to read out what you said?
01:34   That was not what I said. But besides, we are elected representatives. — Sure, so what?
01:38   We live in a democracy. — That may be true. But I do not have to shake every representative’s hand.
01:41   Maybe not shake her hand. But the SPD together with the FDP and the AfD is in the opposition.
01:48   And there it is the strongest power. From today on 23 representatives of the AfD
01:51   are in the parliament in Stuttgart.

20 thoughts on “I Won’t Shake Hands With the Unclean AfD!

  1. We should not expect civilized behaviour from those whose sincere wish is to do away with civilization itself. They prefer to behave like animals; heil Merkel!

  2. “He justified his action, saying he was taking a moral stand by not shaking her hand.”

    When we were kids we went to Sunday schools where we were immediately taught the Ten Commandments. 7 or 8 years old we did not exactly understand “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. We could understood the rest to some extent. By “thou shalt not steal” we understood that we could not steal someone’s pencil or fountain pen. Or steal someone’s garden cucumbers or green almonds.

    Respect your parents, well sometimes we doubted this to be absolute when the father got drunk beat the kids for no reason. Or had money for alcohol but no money for kid;s shoes.

    My point is that we were taught that there are thing right or wrong.

    There were no other commandments saying thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not be treasonous or betray your country and surrender it to islam, or insult someone or be cruel to animals. But we understood that these were there by extension and implication. Many took these commandments to heart applying them to their daily life. Some heard them but never had any scruples violating them every minute of their lives.

    Some were really honest: they put emphasis on the Ten Commandments and our actions compared to them and never conjured those silly things that divided us into Catholics, Protestants, . . . etc. We were even taught that we, Christians were a small branch of the the Jewish Tree. Emphasizing all the time the greatness of Moses who spoke directly with God. A unique human experience. Most people tried to overcome their innate evil inclinations.

    Today there is no such teaching and discerning between right and wrong. What is right or wrong in the western countries is dictated by money and islam: Rich Gulf countries donating $100 m to this candidate, so her right and wrong is dictated by the donors.
    If Argentine governments get cheap oil from Iran it will cover up for the Iranian criminals who bombed the Jewish Centre :

    In 1992 and 1994, two bombs devastated the Argentinean Jewish community and marked the arrival of Middle Eastern terrorism to South America.
    Now a candidate in Argentina says elect me and I will catch the perpetrators.

    To hell with dishonorable people.

    • Actually there is a commandment against lying, “Thou shalt not bear false witness” (see Proverbs 6-16:19 for further explanation). This to me is also one of the great differences between Christianity and islam. In islam it is perfectly fine to lie, especially in defense of islam, and that can be defined to be anything that deals with the infidels. In Christianity, there is no exceptions. We should actually be thankful for isis and people like Anjum Chowdery who do not resort to lies, but tell the truth about islam.

      • Bless you dhans. I found these real values: real Jewels for our necks and the neck of the traitors. Just think of these guides to human sick nature and look around Europe and the west what’s happening. Don’t we need Lord that guides us we who do not know even our own interests?

        Proverbs 6:16-19 New King James Version (NKJV)

        16 These six things the Lord hates,
        Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
        17 A proud look,
        A lying tongue,
        Hands that shed innocent blood,

        A heart that devises wicked plans,
        Feet that are swift in running to evil,

        A false witness who speaks lies,
        And one who sows discord among brethren.

    • I think it is reasonable to compare governments behavior to the two commandments or Great commandment. It says so much about what they are doing. I heard a speech of Reagen replayed a few weeks ago on Levin’s show. He more or less said we would not impose ourselves on other countries because we would not like it. Using the two commandments as a reference said alot about how he was thinking.

    • The lady acted with great dignity which is more than can be said for the “gentleman” in question.
      He obviously has the Islamic vote in mind!
      Note his name, remember his party and his face well, and vote him out of power at the first opportunity, indeed with the third world still pouring into your once great nation, it could just be your last.

  3. Brave guy, he really showed that 120 pound woman what he thought of her! With moral courage like that, what does Germany have to fear?

  4. This Islamic occupation is mind bending. The G.I. Blues lyrics from the 1960’s:
    “The frauleins are pretty as flowers but you can’t make a pass……?”

  5. One of the quickest and EASYIST ways Islam spread throughout the Mediterranean region was NOT necessarily through bloody conquest. That was too costly and destructive when there were faster and better ways.
    One useful and widespread–and relatively bloodless–method was simply to convert the leaders. Once that was done, battle was WON.
    It worked over most of North Africa, I heard.
    Could it be here that RELIGION, rather than politics, prevented shaking hands with this, an unmarried female–and nothing more?
    “Politics”, then is just camouflage.
    Stealth Shahada , Deutschland anyone?

    BTW–on OUR continent and Congress for a change, has anybody noticed Ryan’s new scrubby beard? A Muslim conversion reason, perhaps? Iffen the shoe fits, and all that………….

    • You may have a point but they could also just join the bureaucracy. I think that is much more extensive.

    • You are right, converting leaders to betray their own people was standard tactics by Muslims. As Islam did not change much in the last 1400 years it is a reasonable assumption they still doing it now. As for leftist scum changing loyalty easier than any past historical figure. I remember in Hungary when the communist era ended the party members were eager to look for new masters as replacement of their old ones from Moscow and they become more capitalist than anybody else. Converting to Islam is easy just a sentence and no real belief required.

    • Interesting. I hadn’t thought about Ryan’s beard in these terms, but anything is possible in the crazy world we live in. I cannot image that he will be in that position much longer though – hurrah!

  6. They refusal to shake hands may also signal that the man who is speaking doesn’t shake hands with women (a very Middle Eastern concept), and may be an oblique way of saying he considers her (and possible AfD) inferior.

    A pox on him.

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