Geert Wilders: Let’s Dump Turkey

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, has an op-ed today at Breitbart urging the West to end its association with Turkey:

Geert Wilders: Let’s Dump Turkey

The greatest threat to the West is Islam.

Look at every country where Islam is dominant and you will see a total lack of freedom and democracy. Islam and freedom are absolutely incompatible. And yet, we are importing it into our western societies, thereby endangering our own freedoms. It is time to stop this foolishness.

Take Turkey, for example. Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has never made a secret of his aim to strengthen the powers of Islam. Contrary to what some want us to believe, Turkey does not prove that Islam and democracy are compatible.

For Erdogan, democracy is merely a tool. He once compared it to a tram: “You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

Today, Mr Erdogan is stepping off.

The repercussions are felt not only in Turkey, but also in European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, where large Turkish immigrant communities act as the fifth column of intolerance.

Indeed, the Turkish President not only oppresses free speech at home. He has embarked on a crusade to oppress it in Europe as well. And the large groups of Turkish immigrants in Western European countries are his henchmen.

Last month, the Turkish President demanded criminal prosecution of German comedian Jan Böhmermann. The latter had ridiculed Erdogan with a critical poem on German television.

German Turks began to threaten Böhmermann to such degree that he had to request police protection and go into hiding. At the same time, the German authorities started criminal proceedings against the comedian, based on a 19th century German penal law which forbids insulting the representatives of foreign states.

The criminal proceedings were started with the explicit consent of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, according to Böhmermann, has “served me for tea to a despot.”

Meanwhile, Erdogan’s appetite is far from over. This week, he demanded a German court to stop Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of the Springer publishing company, from defending the comedian.

Fear of violent Turkish immigrants also forced a hamburger restaurant in Cologne to shut down. Its owner, Jörg Tiemann, had put a burger with goat cheese on the menu, calling it “the Erdogan burger.” Erdogan supporters immediately responded with threats against owner and staff, forcing the restaurant to close its doors.

Then, there is the case of Ebru Umar, a Dutch journalist of Turkish descent. Four weeks ago, she wrote a column criticizing the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam. Following the Böhmermann incident, the Consulate had called on Dutch Turks to report incidents of “insults” against Erdogan in The Netherlands.

One week later, while on holiday in the Turkish seaside resort Kusadasi, Umar was arrested and only released on condition that she not leave Turkey. On Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of Dutch Turks openly rejoiced in her arrest.

Her home in Amsterdam was broken into and vandalized. When walking the streets of Kusadasi, Umar was threatened on several occasions by Dutch Turks who had gone looking for her. “We will know where to find you when you return to the Netherlands,” they said. “You will get what you deserve.”

Last Tuesday, after three weeks, the Erdogan regime finally allowed Umar to return to the Netherlands.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

16 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Let’s Dump Turkey

  1. Turkey is assisting ISIS while Erdogan finds it useful. Turkey is the main threat to Europe at the moment, and into the future. Focusing on ISIS is a distraction from the main problem of Muslim demographics – spearheaded by Turks into Europe, especially The Netherlands and Germany. They are now behaving as forward warriors, threatening, harassing and stifling dissent.

    • Cannot wait to see mutti Merkel on her knees in front of the despotic Turkish President apologising on behalf of Geert Wilders and the Dutch people for this “heresy”
      An example needs to be made of this treacherous woman by prosecuting her and throwing her in a cell and hurling away the key to provide a catalyst for a populist uprising against the INSANITY of extending the EU Borders to the middle East and inviting a further 80 million Muslims to invade the continent of Europe.

  2. From the very start, the idea of taking Turkey into the EU has been ludicrous. Turkey does not belong in Europe – either geographically, culturally or in any other way. Of course, the Turks adopted the Latin alphabet, but so did the people of Papua New Guinea.

    Moreover, Turkey’s relationship with Europe in history is not inspiring. Turkey always tried to conquer and islamise as much of Europe as it could. In Albania and Bosnia, it even more or less succeeded. All European neighbours of Turkey – including Austria and Hungary – suffered a lot from Turkish aggression.

    Turkey’s modern history is not inspiring either. The horrible Armenian genocide is known to all the world. But Turkey obstinately refuses to recognise it, unlike Germany that – as a true European nation – recognised Holocaust and even offered material compensation to its victims.

    But Armenians were not the only victims of genocide by Turks. Assyrians and Greeks of Asia Minor were also decimated at about the same time.

    Nowadays religious minorities in Turkey experience everyday fear and humiliation.

    And even Muslim Kurds are subjected to discrimination. Let us not forget that there is a full-scale civil war in Turkish Kurdistan. Does the EU need a civil war within its limits?

    I might not be a great fan of Mr Wilders, but as regards Turkey’s membership of the EU, he is absolutely right.

  3. “I feel like I’m on the beach.
    The tide just keeps going out,
    and way on the horizon there’s a white line,
    and nobody has a clue, or very few people.”
    Matt Bracken

  4. There is something on Wilders twitter account about his forthcoming U.S visit to show his to support Donald Trump .I’m hoping for full coverage by Gates of Vienna and Breitbart .

  5. In the Breitbart article itself, Wilders mentions that Hillary is an enthusiastic supporter of EU membership for Turkey, which will definitely mean passport-free (and visa-free) travel for Turkish citizens.

    I’m sure that Turkey is a lot more careful with Turkish citizenship than, say, Germany or the US is. Nevertheless, Turks are a huge, undigested Islamic presence in Germany and the rest of Europe.

    There are pollsters who say even now, that in a head-to-head contest between Trump and Hillary, Hillary will win. It’s quite possible. The US is filling up with foreign nationals having no particular loyalty to the US as a country, leftists who actively hate the idea of a coherent country, and welfare recipients who have neither the education or inclination to think beyond their immediate living circumstances.

    But, I’m happy with Trump running, with Wilders fighting, and with the Gates of Vienna blogging. My feeling is, even going down to defeat, the victory was defined. Even if some pro-amnesty Republican won the Presidency, the dilution of American culture and principles would continue, so that would be just as much a loser as electing Hillary directly. Therefore, I’m happy to have a real choice. There’s no such thing as a choice without a risk.

    I continue to be amazed at the self-destructiveness of the Jewish demographic in the country, actively working to bring in more Muslims who will persecute and suppress them. There are many Jews who feel like I do on preserving America (I no longer identify as Jewish, just to clarify), but the overwhelming majority is as Democratic as Puerto Ricans. I’m not bothering to give links to buttress my point, but I will if anyone challenges these assertions.

    • What you say is common knowledge now – a challenger to your assertions would need to come up with counter sources to prove you wrong. Do you remember the old saying from the 70s or so, that the Jews live like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans? Leonard Bernstein was the epitome of that caricature.

  6. Anything about this little wannabe Mussolini named Dirtogan (Erdogan) makes my blood boil. I a glad GoV and some FB Greek sources are exposing this dictator. When I taught in Istanbul I found Turkish nationalism huge. I have seen it in other countries, including the USA, but Turkiye is the worse so far. I think Geert has every right to fear not only Islamization but also Turkification of Europe. The Turks have an extremely long word for that. When I heard about Erdogan’s claim to all of Thrace I thought what a nut case. But, yesterday on a FB Roman history site a Turk claimed that Turkic tribes had migrated to Anatolia (Turkiye)/long before the Greeks or Romans or Armenians. He added that the Turks via these Turkic tribes made them more genetically connected to that land then the before mentioned people, utter BS. Will Erdogan use the same argument to further a claim on Thrace? I’m not sure but it would not shock me. I brought up the arguments of why this Turk was totally wrong and accused it as another form of Turkish nationalisms and propaganda. Having studied the history of Anatolia going back to the Chalcolithic period there is no archaeological or historical evidence of Turkic tribes till Atilla the Hun. Maybe someday the Turks will claim to be the original Dutch?????

    • Yes, Turkish nationalism is different from any sort of European one in that it is quite open and naively unashamed. They do sincerely believe that they have been right in every conflict they have ever had with anyone. Just listen to tour guides in St Sophia singing praise to Turkish tolerance and assuring the tourists that Christians converted to Islam in Turkey our of their free wish, without any sort of coercion!

      This naïvité is blood-curdling.

  7. HI All,

    (Not really) off topic, though…

    It’s about masses of boat people landing, titled “How the Indian-Genozid really occurred”. It’s in American with German subtitles, from one of those websites promoting German Russian Alliances, other’s even unity…

    Right, that’s the source. It shows the racist, Nazi, politically incorrect Indians, refusing diversity and multiculturalism! Those racist, Neo-Nazi Indians are actually concerned, and calculate that they will be outnumbered in the future. There’s even a little white girl on the beach. But those heartless racist Indians still don’t want ‘them’…

    Dark humor, who cares? Here’s the link, ENJOY!

  8. A Pakistani a Turk and a Moroccan are riding in a car
    Who is driving?
    A Police officer

    I cannot see a better reason to send the whole lot of them back to wherever it is they came from.

    • Thanks for the joke Ted. The police officers might be soon replaced by soldiers if Muslims don’t start behaving.

      There are a lot of different laws and procedures European countries can use against subversive forces like Islam. It’s just that not all of us have yet acknowledged that these aren’t mere conspiracy theories (there are also outright collaborators like Clinton of course). For me there’s always some hope for victory. But then again I’m a Pole.

      Thank you for great publishing as always.



  9. For some reason the USA is terrified of Russia, and so it maintains an alliance with Russia’s traditional enemy Turkey. This made sense when Turkey was a secular state; not so much now that its president is an Islamist supporter of ISIS, and is also using migration as a political tool against Europe.

    Our fear of Russia is based on the outdated view of Halford Mackinder, and his maxim

    “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
    who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
    who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

    where “the Heartland” means the area of modern Russia. Our attempts to pull “East European” Ukraine out of the Russian orbit are inspired by this view.

    Although Mackinder pointed out the difference in openness between countries like Russia that are “land powers”, and countries like Britain that are “sea powers”, he underestimated the ability of Russians to organize themselves: they are a low-trust, corrupt society that will never match the USA in large-scale cooperation. The Heartland (Russia) will never command the World-Island (Eurasia and Africa), and will never command the World.

    We need to recalibrate our fear of Russia (which is too high) and our fear of Turkey (which is too low). If Turkey wants to continue helping ISIS, and failing to cooperate with Europe on the issue of migration, we should call its bluff and threaten to expel it from NATO. The USAF will be able to use the British sovereign air base at Akrotiri in Cyprus, and does not need the Turkish base at Incirlik.

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