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Remarks by Jesse Hughes, the front man for the band “Eagles of Death Metal”, have caused several venues in France to cancel the group’s future gigs. Mr. Hughes said that he saw Muslims celebrating in the streets immediately after the attacks at the Bataclan last November, and also that he thought Muslims in the security staff at the show had facilitated the attacks. This was considered racist and unacceptable by some of the venues for the band’s upcoming gigs, which then cancelled the shows.

In other news, according to preliminary reports, it seems likely that an explosion on the right side of EgyptAir Flight 804 caused the plane to crash into the Mediterranean.

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» Black Lives Matter Member Reportedly Charged With Human Trafficking and Prostitution
» Communists Cheer for Hillary and Bernie
» Danger: Gulen Charter Schools and the Fethullah Gulen Movement
» Facebook Bans Conservatives for Complaining About Censorship
» Google Celebrates Hardcore Once-Muslim Maoist Yuri Kochiyama
» Sharia-Compliant Financing Secured for Lux Condos, Islamic Museum Near Ground Zero
» Staten Island “Crackhead’ Wheels Dead, Topless Wife Down Sidewalk
» Susan Rice Tells College Grads There Are Too Many White People in Top Government Posts
» Suspicion Over White House Shooting While NRA Endorses Trump
» Why Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Surging
Europe and the EU
» Austria Poised to Elect Far-Right Freedom Party Amid Growing Anger at Mass-Migration
» Belgian Prison Chaos Prompts Fears of National Malaise
» British ‘Deserters’ Will Face the Consequences, Warns EU’s Juncker
» Brussels Attacks: Islam’s European Offensive is Only Beginning
» Brussels Chief Issues Stark Threat That EU Will Punish Britain if We Vote to Leave
» Czech Politician: West Will Have to ‘Crush’ Islam
» DiCaprio Takes Private Jet Extra 8,000 Miles to Collect Environmental Award
» Eagles of Death Metal Pulled From Festivals After Singer Said Muslims Celebrated Attacks
» Eagles of Death Metal Dropped From French Festivals for Saying Muslims Celebrated Paris Massacre
» Geert Wilders: Britain ‘Could Liberate Europe Again’ By Voting for Brexit and Sparking Populist Revolution
» Klára Samková’s Talk: Should We be Afraid of Islam?
» Some British Muslims Refuse to Let Their Children be Part of British Society. We Should Say So Openly.
» UK: Convicted Paedophile Who Boasted About Raping Three Month Old Baby Found Dead in His Cell
» UK: Nine Men Sold Teenage Boy for Sex and Subjected Him to ‘Horrifying’ Catalogue Abuse While in Council Care
» UK: Radicalised Taxi Driver Plotted to Abandon Pregnant Wife and Son to Join ISIS and Find Jihadi Bride
» US Band’s Gigs Cancelled Over Paris Remarks
North Africa
» Egyptair Crash: Flight Data Seems to ‘Point Towards a Bomb’ As First Images of Debris Emerge
» Female Islamic Professor Says Allah Allows Muslims to Rape Non-Muslims in Order to Humiliate Them
South Asia
» Afghan Taliban Leader Mansour ‘Probably Killed’ In US Air Strike
Sub-Saharan Africa
» South Africa: ‘White People in Sandton Must Share Their Empty Rooms With the Homeless’
» Border Patrol Agent: 80 Percent of Illegals the Agency Apprehends Are Released Into U.S.
» One-Legged Albanian Murderer Who Posed as a Kosovan Refugee to Gain UK Citizenship and Got a Four-Bed House and £2k-a-Month Benefits While Dealing Cocaine Wins Legal Aid to Fight to Stay Here… is This Proof Britain Has Lost Its Marbles?
Culture Wars
» Charlotte Observer: Girls Must Overcome ‘Discomfort’ At Seeing Male Genitals in Locker Room
» Your Tax Dollars at War (Against You): Behold Planned Parenthood’s Election Year ‘Army’
» UN Plots War on Free Speech to Stop “Extremism” Online

Black Lives Matter Member Reportedly Charged With Human Trafficking and Prostitution

(FOX) A member of the Black Lives Matter movement who was active in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri was arrested and charged last month with human trafficking and prostitution, Fox 2 reported Thursday.

According to court records obtained by the television station, Charles Wade, was arrested in April for allegedly hiring out a 17-year-old girl for sex in College Park, Maryland.

The operation was discovered by undercover agents.

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Communists Cheer for Hillary and Bernie

While the liberal media write about white nationalists supporting Donald J. Trump, theCommunist Party (CPUSA) has been broadcasting its support for the national Democratic Party and both of its candidates. But for some reason, our media have failed to take notice.

Since 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected President, the CPUSA-which was then funded by Moscow-has been organizing what it calls an “all-people’s front” against the “extreme right,” and it usually depends on the Democratic Party as its preferred electoral vehicle. John Bachtell, national chair of the Communist Party USA, explains, “This battle has been waged over 35 years through election cycles, in the legislative arena, and in the battle to sway public opinion.”

The CPUSA endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008 and his reelection in 2012. This year, party members are involved in the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), but are prepared to support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she is the eventual nominee.

While Trump is rightly questioned about support for his campaign from such figures as David Duke, the former KKK leader, the open and admitted involvement of communists in the Democratic Party gets completely ignored by the press.

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Danger: Gulen Charter Schools and the Fethullah Gulen Movement

“The charter school experiment has resulted in the United States being the only country in the world where the Gülen Movement has been able to establish schools fully funded by the host country’s taxpayers.” -The Joke’s on US!

The world should never forget “Islam is a Human time bomb ignited by a hair trigger called hatred — them toward us”.

The Gulen Charter schools and the Gulen Movement must be removed from the United States. I recently wrote an article regarding the CIA’s role in allowing Sheikh Mohammed Fethullah Gulen into this country and put all the blame for their invasion into our school systems upon the CIA and uninformed and unquestioning state and local school boards. Now they are invading our military bases. It is time for parents to understand the full danger involved in this Jihad. For the 2015-2016 school year we have 155 Gulen Charter schools in 25 states with Texas (52) and Ohio (17) having the most. In 2011, Texas only had 33.

All Americans must take the time to read “Turkey’s Islamic Supremacist Cult and its Contributions to the Civilization Jihad Volume 8” by Christopher Holton and Clare Lopez. Read a little bit every night, but read it! [Link]

Since February 1997, the National Security Council, the all-powerful institution which includes the civilian and military leaders of the country, has repeatedly placed political Islam at the top of its list of threats to this nation and vowed to “refuse all compromise” in its fight against religious radicalism. A few months later, the net was widened and the list of potential suspects grew longer: investigations have been launched against hundreds of civil servants, teachers, governors and local leaders, accused of being too close to the “forces of reaction”

I would like to remind the readers that it was the CIA who supported Gulen being allowed to come into this country supposedly because he was ill with the endorsement of Graham Fuller, now former CIA agent. Sorry CIA but diabetes can be treated all over the world. The FBI had started several investigations against the Gulen operation for numerous reasons, one of them to prevent Gulen from being granted permanent residency in America and to have him deported. Even though the FBI had determined Gulen to be a “Radical Islamist”, the Islamic angels in Obama’s White House, CIA and Clinton’s State Dept. reigned in the FBI preventing them from indicting and deporting Gulen and his whole operation. Hum!

Taking a look back in history in case you weren’t aware, the Brennan’s CIA is and has been supporting the Islamic indoctrination of our U.S. children and the whole program here in the U.S. was fundamentally developed by George Soros Center for American Progress and Gulen. The object is to “force feed” our children “Radical Islamic” educational programs and incentives.

[Comment: Read the whole thing. All facilitated by traitorous government officials who clearly work for banksters, not Americans. CIA helping to create foot soldiers for islam within the borders of America — all part of the bankster plan to destabilize the USA.]

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Facebook Bans Conservatives for Complaining About Censorship

Social media giant back to its old ways despite much heralded meeting with conservatives

Just days after Facebook met with conservatives over concerns about the social media giant’s left-wing bias, conservative pages are still being banned.

According to conservative commentator Lauren Southern, Facebook has banned all the moderator accounts that ran the ‘Disdain For Plebs’ page, which had over 176,000 likes.

.@Facebook banned all the mods accounts that run the conservative page Disdain for Plebs with 176500 likes.

– Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 20, 2016

The ban came after a post was removed which merely argued that Donald Trump was not anti-Muslim.

[Comment: Facebook was created to get people to build their own dossiers and to propagandize whatever view banksters wish. It is one big intel-psyop masquerading as a “free social portal”. ]

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Google Celebrates Hardcore Once-Muslim Maoist Yuri Kochiyama

Yuri Kochiyama was celebrated with a “Google Doodle” on what would have been her 95th birthday. The hardcore Maoist and one-time convert to Islam died at 93. According to her file at, Trevor Loudon’s site that profiles tens of thousands of American radicals, Kochiyama was heavily influenced by radical Black Nationalist Malcolm X.

Kochiyama’s focus shifted from “racial integration” to separatism, which was, how she described it, “total liberation.”

A lifelong radical activist, Yuri Kochiyama traveled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade.

She said in part:

“It was such a golden opportunity to work, study, and learn about global liberation struggles and socialism in Cuba. There are still Brigades going to Cuba today…” […] This is how Google euphemistically describes Yuri Kochiyama:

[Comment: Google’s whitewash of this die-hard communist tool made me want to puke.]

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Sharia-Compliant Financing Secured for Lux Condos, Islamic Museum Near Ground Zero

This is flag-planting. Plain and simple.

The developer of the ill-fated Ground Zero Mosque won’t relent on his goal of planting a flag on the grave of 3,000 Americans.

The New York Post reports that Sharif El-Gamal and his banking partners announced Wednesday that he secured “Sharia-compliant financing” to build a luxury condominium tower and an Islamic museum on the same site as the proposed Ground Zero Mosque — four blocks away from where the Twin Towers once stood…

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Staten Island “Crackhead’ Wheels Dead, Topless Wife Down Sidewalk

A career criminal is on the run after he was seen early Friday wheeling the corpse of his 26-year-old wife on a dolly down a Staten Island sidewalk.

A neighbor called an NYPD detective acquaintance after spotting Anthony Lopez, 31, pushing the woman’s body on a wood-and-metal dolly on Post Lane near Richmond Terrace in Mariners Harbor just after 7 a.m., police said.

The detective, who called for back up, recognized Lopez because he had arrested him in the past, sources said

Lopez fled as soon as he saw the cops and has not been caught, police said.

The body of Lopez’s wife, whose name was not immediately released, was wrapped in a sheet and showed signs of trauma, cops said. The city Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine how she died.

Sources said Lopez, a member of the Bloods, called his brother Friday morning and confessed to killing his wife.

The couple had a tumultuous relationship, with cops repeatedly visiting their home over the years, police sources said…

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Susan Rice Tells College Grads There Are Too Many White People in Top Government Posts

Speaking to graduates of Florida International University, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice lamented on Wednesday that there are too many white people in top government positions. The lack of diversity, she added, puts our nation at risk because they all think alike.

Referring to criticism that the U.S. national security workforce is “white, male and Yale,” Ms. Rice told the graduates, “In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected.”

“By now, we should all know the dangers of ‘groupthink,’ where folks who are alike often think alike,” she said. “By contrast, groups comprised of different people tend to question one another’s assumptions, draw on divergent perspectives and experiences, and yield better outcomes.”

Her comments were reminiscent of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who said in a speech in 2001, before Mr. Obama appointed her to the high court, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Diverse leaders, she said, “can often come up with more creative insights, proffer alternative solutions and thus make better decisions.”

One has to wonder if by making “better decisions” she means lying about the Benghazi attack being the result of a YouTube video? Or how about playing politics with the Rwandan genocide, attacking Israel for its settlement policy, or praising a hardline communist as “brilliant”?

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Suspicion Over White House Shooting While NRA Endorses Trump

At almost the same time that the National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed Donald Trump at its national convention on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, a shooting incident occurred adjacent to the White House by an alleged armed suspect. Several law enforcement officers told Conservative Base that they suspect the shooting was a covert operation by the Democrats.

The NRA nod for a Trump presidency was considered as much as the NRA’s opposition to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as it was an endorsement of Trump. While most of the news media downplayed the endorsement and Trump’s speech, attendees have said they’ve rarely seen as much energy and excitement over an endorsement when John McCain ran in 2008 and Mitt Romney ran in 2012.

“The Second Amendment is under threat like never before,” Trump told the crowd. “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate ever to run for office.”

Meanwhile, agents with the U.S. Secret Service responded to an emergency and ended up shooting an armed man at a White House security checkpoint. During the incident, the news reporters were rushed out of the press briefing room and brought to an emergency location in the White House basement.

“It was a really big White House show and it all but ended the coverage of the NRA convention and the Trump speech,” said former U.S. Marine and police detective Sid Franes. “I would not put it past the Obama administration and the Democrats to have set up this whole incident to counter Trump’s positive poll numbers and the excitement of his NRA speech and endorsement,” Franes added.

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Why Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Surging

The Trump Bump has arrived.

After wrapping up an acutely fractious primary in which Donald Trump and his opponents lobbed scores of personal, playground insults at one another, the presumptive GOP nominee has quickly unified the vast majority of Republican voters around one goal: defeating Hillary Clinton, his prospective Democratic opponent.

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Austria Poised to Elect Far-Right Freedom Party Amid Growing Anger at Mass-Migration

The anti-Islam and eurosceptic Freedom Party (FPO) received more than a third of the vote in the first round of presidential elections on April 24.

The two parties came on top, toppling the govening Social Democrats (SPO) and their conservative coalition partners.

The unprecedented result triggered a party revolt that ousted SPO Chancellor Werner Faymann last week.

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Belgian Prison Chaos Prompts Fears of National Malaise

Belgium’s prison system has been condemned as “disastrous” by senior lawyers, almost four weeks into a strike by warders. And the dispute, involving penitentiaries in Brussels and French-speaking regions, shows no sign of being resolved.

Some of Belgium’s top judges and lawyers gathered outside Brussels’ Palais de Justice on Friday to protest against what they say is the government’s long-term failure to fund a creaking justice system.

Belgium’s prisons have long been infamous for poor conditions and overcrowding.

“Security is terrible, conditions are mediaeval,” says one former inmate at Forest prison, one of Belgium’s most notorious institutions not far from the centre of Brussels.

A Belgian convert to Islam named Abourayan, he spent several weeks in the jail in 2014 and 2015, while on trial on charges relating to terrorism.

“Prisoners can get hold of anything they want there: iPhones, drugs, anything,” he told the BBC.

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British ‘Deserters’ Will Face the Consequences, Warns EU’s Juncker

The British people will be treated as “deserters” following a vote to leave the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

In his greatest intervention in the referendum contest, the President of the European Commission said that the UK would face “consquences” and be treated as a “third country” following a break with the EU.

If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences — we will have to, just as they willJean-Claude Juncker

The remarks were denounced as “intimidation” by Leave campaigners.

“I’m sure the deserters will not be welcomed with open arms,” Mr Juncker, a lifelong European federalist, told Le Monde.

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Brussels Attacks: Islam’s European Offensive is Only Beginning

Matt Bracken was born in 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland, and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1979 with a degree in Russian Studies. He was commissioned as a Naval officer and served on east coast SEAL teams during the 1980s as a Special Warfare officer, including leading a SEAL detachment to Beruit, Lebanon in 1983. He has worked as a boat builder, welder, and charter boat skipper, and holds a Coast Guard captain’s license. Bracken is the author of several books, including “Enemies Foreign and Domestic,” which is also the name of his website that features a collection of essays, social commentary and short fiction.

Matt joins us on the heels of the Brussels terror attack to help put in perspective the complexity and seriousness of the problems we face with the Islamic invasion of Europe. Matt has written an important essay, “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive,” which details how three great social forces — Islam, international socialism, and nationalism — have been set in motion to collide in a monumental showdown comparable to WWI and WWII. We discuss how Belgium became the new hotbed for the Muslim Brotherhood, allowing a 1,400-year old Islamic quest for global conquest incubate inside the heart of Europe. We go over some details of the capture of the ringleader of the Nov 2015 Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, in Brussels just days before the latest attacks, and we sort out how the traitorous globalist socialist elite are using the Muslim invasion and its ensuing chaos as a weapon against their own European people.

[Comment: 1st hour of radio show interview is free.]

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Brussels Chief Issues Stark Threat That EU Will Punish Britain if We Vote to Leave

‘Deserters will not be welcomed with open arms’

Britain will be treated like a ‘deserter’ by the EU if it votes to leave, the president of the European Commission has said.

Jean-Claude Juncker warned that Germany, France and other states would not ‘bend over backwards’ to help if the UK abandoned the union.

It is the latest bloodcurdling threat about the consequences of cutting ties with Brussels.

The French finance minister previously sparked fury by insisting the UK would be ‘killed’ by its former partners in negotiations over a post-Brexit trade deal.

Mr Juncker’s intervention comes as Leave campaigners revealed research suggesting that five million more migrants could come to the UK by 2030.

[Comment: Next step is the horses’ head in the bed (reference to movie “The Godfather”.) As for ‘Deserters will not be welcomed with open arms’ — that cuts both ways. They should not receive sanctuary in the UK whe they seek to escape the results of their hijra promotion.]

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Czech Politician: West Will Have to ‘Crush’ Islam

Islam is a “criminal” ideology which deserves to be ranked with “Nazism, fascism and communism”, is “incompatible with the principles of European law” and, like its totalitarian predecessors, must inevitably be defeated.

So argues Czech lawyer, activist and politician Klára Samková in a hard hitting lecture she delivered earlier this week in the Czech Parliament to an audience including (some rather bemused) ambassadors from Muslim countries — including the Turkish ambassador who, with several others, walked out half way through.

Her speech — translated here by Luboš Motl — is well worth reading because it addresses issues almost never aired in polite circles in Western democracies, which find it convenient to dismiss them as extremist or Islamophobic or needlessly inflammatory.

Is Islam compatible with Western democracy? Is it capable of reform? Can this end happily?

Samková’s prognosis, on all three counts, is bleak…

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DiCaprio Takes Private Jet Extra 8,000 Miles to Collect Environmental Award

Leo DiCaprio picked up an environmental award in NYC this week — but hypocritically expanded his carbon footprint by 8,000 miles when he obtained the honor, by taking a private jet from Cannes, then flying straight back to France on another jet for a model-packed fund-raiser a night later.

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Eagles of Death Metal Pulled From Festivals After Singer Said Muslims Celebrated Attacks

EAGLES of Death Metal have been pulled from two French music festivals over the singer’s controversial comments about Muslims.

Rock band frontman Jesse Hughes, who was performing at the Bataclan on the night of the Paris attacks, claimed he saw “Muslims celebrating the attacks as they were taking place”.

The singer also suggested Muslims present during the atrocities had been warned about or were in on the attack.

Jihadis armed with Kalashnikovs stormed the Parisian concert hall and murdered 90 concertgoers on November 13 last year.

Hughes, who has suggested security staff at the gig may have been in on the deadly attacks, said during a magazine interview: “I saw Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack. I saw it with my own eyes. In real time. How did they know what was going on? There must have been coordination.”

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Eagles of Death Metal Dropped From French Festivals for Saying Muslims Celebrated Paris Massacre

More outrage over Jesse Hughes saying Muslims celebrated attacks than outrage over Muslims celebrating attacks

Two French music festivals blacklisted the US rock band Eagles of Death Metal, which was playing at the Bataclan night club in Paris when it was attacked by Islamist gunmen in November, after its frontman accused Muslims of “celebrating” the carnage.

“A day after, at the stadium, Muslims booed the moment of silence and we barely heard about it in the press. I saw Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack. I saw it with my own eyes. In real time!” said Jesse Hughes in an interview last week with the libertarian website Taki’s Magazine.

The incident the singer was referring to reportedly involved Turkish fans at a Turkey-Greece game on November 17th.

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Geert Wilders: Britain ‘Could Liberate Europe Again’ By Voting for Brexit and Sparking Populist Revolution

Britain could “liberate Europe” for a second time in a century by voting for Brexit on June 23, triggering a “patriotic spring” across the continent and an outpouring of populist discontent against Brussels, Geert Wilders, the right-wing Dutch populist, has claimed.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Wilders — a fiercely nationalist, anti-Islamic politician whose Party for Freedom is currently topping the polls in the Netherlands — said that the populist “genie was now out of the bottle”, and could never be put back in.

“Like in the 1940’s, once again Britain could help liberate Europe from another totalitarian monster, this time called ‘Brussels’. Again, we could be saved by the British,” he said in his heavily fortified office in The Hague where an oil painting Winston Churchill and a Telegraph front page of Margaret Thatcher hang on the walls.

“If people see that a country can leave, and the lights do not go out, there is not a war, and a country does not go bankrupt, but even flourishes. If Britain proves that this theory can become a reality, it would have an enormous effect.”

Predicting that a Netherlands referendum on EU membership would swiftly follow a Brexit, he added that David Cameron was running a “stupid” campaign by attempting to scare the British into staying in Europe.

“I hope that a lot of people like Mr Cameron will continue saying the most stupid things. It helps a lot,” he said, “People are not stupid any more. They know they are being frightened by fear-mongers.”

For years Mr Wilders has been widely reviled as an extremist and a demagogue, however with anti-immigration and anti-austerity sentiment rising from Athens to Amsterdam, he now believes Europe is showing itself ready to embrace many of his populist ideas.

Not so long ago, Mr Wilders acknowledges, such dreams of a populist revolution would have remained just that — dreams — but as in America, where Donald Trump has caught the establishment flat-footed with his brash appeal to discontented grassroots, Europe’s populists are suddenly ascendant…

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Klára Samková’s Talk: Should We be Afraid of Islam?

When I studied in detail, I found the well-known attorney’s lecture for the ambassadors of the Muslim countries and other guests in the Czech Parliament much better than I expected (even though “stronger” than the type of language that I would naturally use), so here’s a translation. There are many references to things like physics, some of them a bit silly, but they make the text more appropriate for this blog, anyway.

Dear guests, [May 18th, 2016]

thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to give a speech. Today’s conference is supposed to help to answer the question whether we should be afraid of Islam. My answer to the question is straightforward: we should definitely not be afraid of Islam. We should deal with it in the same way in which the European civilization has dealt with all totalitarian and inhuman regimes which it had to face during more than 2,000 years of its history. In particular, we should fight with Islam, beat it, and prevent its proliferation once and for all, just like in the case of previous monstrous ideologies, declare the very existence of Islam as a criminal act that contradicts the human naturalness, freedom, and especially the human dignity.

Because that’s exactly what Islam is, namely a system contradicting the human naturalness, freedom, and dignity.

It’s the same as Nazism, fascism, and communism used to be. It has these characteristics despite its hiding behind the mask of a religion. In reality, it is primarily a criminal (both in the sense of committing a crime and controlled by criminals) ideology and an unreformable system of governance.

Islam is hiding behind the mask of religion for two reasons. One of them are the historical circumstances surrounding the birth of Islam when only a religion was an allowed form of an ideological presentation. Even in ancient Greece it was forbidden to build philosophical constructs that were independent of the state religion, a fact that Socrates could tell us a lot about. It was even less possible to create a paradigm composed of irreligious ideas in the seventh century AD, on the very boundary of the civilized world of that time.

The second reason why Islam likes to hide behind the religious mask is its permanent, deliberate, and purposeful abuse of the Euro-American legal system and values that the civilizations built upon the Judeo-Christian foundations have converged to. There’s nothing better or more efficient than to abuse the value system of one’s enemy, especially when I don’t share that system. And that’s exactly how Islam behaves. It wants to be protected according to our tradition which it exploits in this way, while it is not willing to behave reciprocally. It relies on our traditions, it claims that the traditions are important, while behind the scenes, it is laughing at us and our system of values.

Let us first see why it’s totally adequate to place Islam on par with the totalitarian regimes. Even though it calls itself a religion, it is primarily a totalitarian system of governance in which God only plays a substitutive role because the main content of Islam is nothing else than the arrangement of the state matters. As opposed to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Shintoism, the heart of Islam is the law, namely the Islamic Sharia law. The law is an intrinsic and inseparable part of the Islamic ideology. It constitutes the core of the content of Islam while the rules claimed to be religious or ethical are just secondary and marginal components of the ideology. From the viewpoint of Islam, the concept of religion as a private, intimate matter of an individual is absolutely unacceptable. However, that’s exactly the principle on which today’s Christianity and the civilizations derived from it rely. It’s the private relationship of an individual towards God which is more or less mediated by one of the churches. Even those members of our civilization realm who consider themselves atheists, i.e. those who claim not to believe in God, automatically extract their attitudes to life from the Christian traditions while these traditions take the form of either folklore or cultural automatisms which makes them share the generally accepted spirit of Europe and both Americas. Again, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that this view is not only unacceptable for Islam but it is also denounced and explicitly named as a crime. Islam rejects the individual conception of faith in God and in a totalitarian way, it forbids all doubts about itself. If someone thinks that we don’t have the right to judge what is totalitarianism and hegemony and that we don’t have the right to classify Islam in this way, let me say that in a country that has had foreign rulers for 300 years and spent 48 years out of just recent 78 years in totalitarian regimes, our feelers have been trained for pattern recognition rather well and made us capable of recognizing totalitarianism immediately. We have both the right and the ability to identify it and judge it.

Islam doesn’t share the Enlightenment’s idea of the social progress associated with the future. According to Islam, the good times have already taken place — in the era of Prophet Mohammed. The best things that could have been done have already been done, the best thing that could have been written has already been written, namely the Quran. In its essence, Islam is a religion based on the book of Ecclesiastes which said a whole millennium before Prophet Mohammed:

What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever.

Judaism, Christianity, and the civilization that arose from them have surpassed this unjustifiable skepticism, this contempt of people for themselves. At the same moment, Islam remained a stillborn infant of gnosis, deformed into a monstrously mutated desire to blend with the Universe again, into a retarded obsessively psychopathic paranoiac vision about the exceptional nature of one’s own path towards the reunification of the essence of one’s devotee with God. This faulty conception also gives rise to the idea penetrating all of Islam about the identification of matter with evil and the contempt for our civilization which is considered materialistic, and therefore intrinsically evil and clashing with God. It’s a genuine tragedy of the Muslims themselves that they have eternally closed their journey to God by pursuing this dead end.

Depression, perishing, the absence of faith in the human and his irreplaceable value, skepticism towards the dignity of every human being regardless of his characteristics such as religion, social status, sex, and nationality, that’s what characterizes Islam. Islam has rejected philosophy as we know it, as a possibility of a critical and rational view into the nature of reality. This attitude is also preventing Muslims from thinking about the questions on human freedom, dignity, the role of a person and the state, and — paradoxically — also the questions about God which became, within the Euro-American civilization context, an inherent component of the schemes of thought pursued by top scientists — astrophysicists, mathematicians, biologists, who are touching the very foundations of the Universe and therefore the essence of God by their research. However, Muslims are forever forbidden to gain any direct contact with God which they lost at the moment of Prophet Mohammed’s death. How immensely desperate their life must be when it’s essentially just the waiting for death.

Thanks to this total spacetime paralysis of Islam, the nations suffering from the Muslim ideology are the most devastated ones. Exactly these nations are belittled by the pitiful quasi-religious conditions and their potential which was given to them as to all human beings can’t be turned into accomplishments although they consciously or subconsciously long for them. Just like the Russians were the most miserable victims of communism because the total communism was born in Russia, just like the first victims of the German Nazism were Germans, the people most devastated by Islam are the Arabs and other nations forced to live under the hegemony of Islam. I use this venue to express my deepest compassion with these peoples and especially with the Muslim women who suffer more than others.

For Muslims, the road to doom is the only one because they are denied even the essence of the human naturalness, namely the evolution. Islam doesn’t respect development, progress, and humanity. In its despair, it is attempting to take the rest of the mankind with it because from the Islamic viewpoint, the rest of the world is futile, useless, and unclean.

Islam and its Sharia law is incompatible with the principles of the European law, especially with the rights enumerated in the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (and Freedoms). How is it possible that our law experts don’t see this conflict? How is possible that they remain silent? How is it possible that they approve all requests of the Muslims who refer to Article 9 of the aforementioned Convention which guarantees the freedom of thinking, conscience, and religious faith? And how is it possible that the Muslims in our world are demanding to be protected according to this legal document while our legal system doesn’t seem to provide the same protection to the opinions, ideas, and religious faiths that disagree with Islam? Are our lawyers only capable of counting up to fourteen when the Article 14 of the Convention says the usage of the rights and freedoms described by the Convention must be guaranteed without discrimination based on any criteria? Let me assure everyone that we can count at least to seventeen because Article 17 of the Charter says:

Nothing in this Convention may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein or at their limitation to a greater extent than is provided for in the Convention.

This article was introduced to the Convention by Winston Churchill personally who did it for a special reason, namely as a protection against the totalitarian regimes. He was obviously thinking of the relevant ones of that time, the communist regimes. I have Islam in mind which is equally totalitarian and threatening as the regimes that Winston Churchill was fighting against and which he defeated. The protection by Article 17 correctly applies against any ideology and the fact that the European countries constrained by the Convention decided not to enforce the article so far doesn’t mean that they don’t have the will to do so. These countries are just too kind and benevolent, too aware of the price they have paid while learning about the highest value of the humanity, and too patient. The assumption of the Muslim countries and leaders who have decided to terrorize Europeans by their understanding of the world that the cause of Europe’s inactivity is its weakness, is entirely flawed. Europe has been converging to its opinion and to its world view for the price of tens of millions of human casualties, it has paid by suffering that no Muslim can even imagine.

Nowadays, Europe keeps on asking the Muslims: “Do you want to live with us?” Because not our fear of Islam but this is the paramount, crucial question that should be answered and only the Muslim nations may give the answer.

So far it seems that the Muslims don’t want to peacefully share the planet with the (non-Muslim) rest of the world. Their terrorist acts, loudly declared and committed in the name of Islam, are suggesting that they aren’t interested in the brotherhood between the nations and the people. They’re shouting words about the superiority of Islam and their legal system and they assert that we have the duty to subordinate ourselves to them. We aren’t finding any evidence that the Muslims don’t feel to be superior relatively to us — non-Muslims or women or gays or anyone else who doesn’t strictly adhere to the Quran.

For some time, Europe will keep on asking this question about the peaceful co-existence. At some moment, the question will undergo a metamorphosis and it will sound very differently. It will no longer be DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH US but DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? Do you, the Muslims, want to survive? Because if the devotees of Islam won’t want to live in peace, Europe and America will do what it has done twice when they were threatened by ideologies attacking the essence of the humanity: it will wage a war and crush the enemy. Just like in the wars of the past, this conflict will incorporate some grandiose scientific, technical, or technological progress, this time undoubtedly associated with obtaining the total energy independence. I don’t have an idea in what way this will take place: maybe the tokamak will be completed. Maybe we will extract energy from the zero-point quantum fluctuations, maybe we will bring a chunk of dark matter here to serve us [LOL]. At any rate, the main consequence of the violent acts committed by the Muslims and the war that will materialize because of them will be a complete doom for the Islamic ideology. The Islam will be believed by several degenerated individuals crawling in the desert from which unnecessary and unwanted oil will uselessly flow to neverending swamps, a group of individuals who will remember, using their squawking voices, the ancient lights in the streets of Damascus and the beauties of Mecca which will have been turned into nothing more than a hole to hell. This group of nameless individuals will be reclassified as junk by the rest of the humankind, junk that has deviated from the journey towards God and that can never find it again because they have been conquered by disdain for the entity that God found so lovable, namely the humans. To be sure: all humans and the whole planet.

These days, we are artificially fed with ideas that it might be Europe that should be scared and afraid of its future, culture, philosophy, and world view. No, it is exactly the other way around. By their malevolent acts, the Muslims made the first steps towards their own absolute doom.

I am using this gathering and call on all Muslims and all countries that claim that Islam is their religion: Stop it. You are on a wrong track. You are on a track that leads away from God. You are on the road of the murderers. Your death won’t get you to Barbelá, to the land of the non-creator God, but to the land of nothingness and nameless uselessness. Nothing will be left out of you and the name of your alleged religion will only be pronounced when people spit out saliva that was mixed with the dust from the road of the successful, happy, and beloved by God people.

Because this is what is written in The Apocalypse of John, Chapter 12, named “The Conquered Enemy”:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

The blue coat of the woman waves in every flag of the European Union. The crown from twelve stars is found on every European Union flag, too.

Muslims, ask the question who is the serpent or the dragon who will be trampled down and defeated by the woman. And most importantly, don’t forget to give the right answer to the aforementioned question: Do you want to live? The right answer is — In that case, you will have to learn how to live with us and (in our countries) according to us.

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Some British Muslims Refuse to Let Their Children be Part of British Society. We Should Say So Openly.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, is generally an admirably plain-spoken man, willing to talk with refreshing candour about problems in the education system that others refuse to confront. Yet his letter revealing his inspectors’ findings about scores of unregistered schools operating in England is curiously circumspect, almost mealy-mouthed. Referring to the risk that children face “indoctrination”, Sir Michael does not explain exactly which harmful ideas could be foisted on those children.

Nor would Ofsted confirm publicly that many of these unlisted schools are operated by British Muslims, parents who do not want their children to be taught in the state school system. This refusal to state plain facts is deeply troubling. If even senior officials responsible for overseeing the education system and identifying its problems are unwilling to say openly that the evidence suggests that some British Muslims are rejecting British values, how can the country ever attempt to address that problem?

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UK: Convicted Paedophile Who Boasted About Raping Three Month Old Baby Found Dead in His Cell

[WARNING: Disturbing Content.]

A paedophile who repeatedly raped a baby has died after being found unresponsive in his prison cell.

Robin Hollyson, 31, was part of a gang that attacked babies, toddlers and pre-school children in abuse that was streamed over the internet. The men, described as “beyond human instinct” by a judge, preyed on the families of youngsters to gain access to them, in one case grooming a mother and father before their baby’s birth.

Chat logs revealed the gang would offer advice on using “date rape” drugs or over-the-counter medication to drowse children and babies.

Hollyson, from Bedfordshire in England, was one of seven men convicted of 29 child sex abuse offences, including the multiple rape of an 11-month-old.

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UK: Nine Men Sold Teenage Boy for Sex and Subjected Him to ‘Horrifying’ Catalogue Abuse While in Council Care

Nine men have been convicted of committing sexual offences against a teenage boy who was subjected to a ‘horrifying’ catalogue of abuse while in council care.

A three-month trial was told the victim was raped and repeatedly sold for sex in Birmingham’s red light district during 2009 and 2010.

Jurors at Warwick Crown Court deliberated for more than 30 hours before convicting eight defendants from the West Midlands, London and Stoke-on-Trent of offences involving the boy.

A ninth man was cleared by the jury of committing offences against the teenager but had previously admitted facilitating child prostitution in relation to the victim.

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UK: Radicalised Taxi Driver Plotted to Abandon Pregnant Wife and Son to Join ISIS and Find Jihadi Bride

A radicalised taxi driver who plotted to abandon his pregnant wife and young son to join ISIS and find a jihadi bride has been jailed for more than eight years today.

Naseer Taj, 26, booked himself on a Eurostar train to Brussels and an onward flight to Turkey so he could join his lover in the terrorist-controlled city of Raqqa.

He had made a trial run of the trip to the Turkish border with Syria in summer 2014, and was two days away from fleeing for good when anti-terror police moved in.

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US Band’s Gigs Cancelled Over Paris Remarks

Two French music festivals have cancelled Eagles of Death Metal concerts this summer over remarks by the band’s frontman about the Paris attacks.

The Rock en Seine concert in the French capital and the Cabaret Vert festival in northern France said on Friday they are “in total disagreement with Jesse Hughes’ recent allegations”.

Hughes claimed in an interview last week that he saw “Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack”.

He also said he spotted some “terrorists” in the Bataclan concert hall before the band’s fateful 13 November show.

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Egyptair Crash: Flight Data Seems to ‘Point Towards a Bomb’ As First Images of Debris Emerge

Data from the final moments before EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed into the Mediterranean suggest an “internal explosion” tore through the right side of the aircraft, a pilot said last night.

Investigators trying to determine whether the A320 was brought down by terrorism or a technical fault are poring over a series of warnings indicating smoke filled the cabin shortly before it disappeared from radar.

French authorities confirmed that smoke detectors went off aboard the flight a few minutes before it crashed but said it was not clear what caused the smoke or fire.

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Female Islamic Professor Says Allah Allows Muslims to Rape Non-Muslims in Order to Humiliate Them

A female professor from the renowned Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, says that Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them. Professor Suad Saleh made the bold claims while being interviewed on Al-Hayat TV. The professor says that the rape is allowed during times of “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies.

LiveLeak posted the startling video which shows the interview of the Islamic female professor Suad Saleh as she spoke on Al-Hayat TV. In the video, Suad Saleh is seemingly trying to discourage the purchase of slaves from Asian countries for sexual purposes. Instead, she says that Allah has given the Muslim men a way to have sexual relations with slave women that is “legitimate.” Saleh suggests that the only time it is acceptable for Muslim men to enslave a woman for sexual purposes is during a “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies such as that with Israel. Therefore, the female Islamic professor says that enslaving Israeli women and raping them would be entirely acceptable and encouraged.

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Afghan Taliban Leader Mansour ‘Probably Killed’ In US Air Strike

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour has probably been killed in a US air strike, US officials say.

He and another male combatant were targeted as they rode in a vehicle in a remote area of Pakistan close to the Afghan border, the officials said.

The Pentagon has confirmed it targeted Mansour in strikes but said they were still assessing the results.

Mansour assumed the leadership in July 2015, replacing Taliban founder and spiritual head Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The operation took place near the town of Ahmad Wal at around 15:00 (10:00 GMT) on Saturday and was authorised by President Barack Obama…

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South Africa: ‘White People in Sandton Must Share Their Empty Rooms With the Homeless’

The Black First land First (BLF) movement has proposed a controversial new housing plan that would see Alexandra’s homeless housed in sub-divided rooms in private residences throughout Sandton. The BLF’s convenor — expelled EFF MP Andile Mngxitama — announced the formation of the movement about nine months ago, at which time no mention was made of political aspirations.He’s since told City Press that a motion would be tabled to move the BLF into the political sphere. “We will use politics to end politics. The purpose of the movement is to overthrow white supremacy and to win back the land. We want to occupy the land, there is no solution outside of that.” When asked about membership, Mngxitama insisted that every black person is a member of the BLF, whether they know it or not.

[Comment: There is no future for white people in Communist South Africa. Only whites who are self loathing, communists or useful idiots would see any future for themselves there.]

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Border Patrol Agent: 80 Percent of Illegals the Agency Apprehends Are Released Into U.S.

“We’re releasing basically everybody…”

The vast majority of illegal immigrants the Border Patrol apprehends are released into the U.S., the head of the agents’ union testified before a Senate panel Thursday.

“We’re releasing basically everybody as long as you’re not from the country of Mexico. And even if you’re from the country of Mexico and you claim that you have a credible fear and you’re asking for asylum for one reason or another — we’re still releasing those individuals,” Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, said before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

He added, “If I were to guess, I would say that at least 80 percent of the individuals that the United States Border Patrol arrests at the border qualify for this catch and release program and in essence we are just letting them come into the United States.”

[Comment: All part of the bankster’s destabilization of America.]

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One-Legged Albanian Murderer Who Posed as a Kosovan Refugee to Gain UK Citizenship and Got a Four-Bed House and £2k-a-Month Benefits While Dealing Cocaine Wins Legal Aid to Fight to Stay Here… is This Proof Britain Has Lost Its Marbles?

A one-legged Albanian double killer has been granted legal aid to fight extradition from Britain — even though he has allegedly confessed to the murders, it emerged last night.

Saliman Barci, 41, claims he is innocent and is using human rights laws in a desperate bid to avoid being sent back to his homeland, where he has been convicted of murdering two men.

He has spent nearly a year in custody at an immigration removal centre battling a request to be returned to the poverty-stricken country to serve a 25-year sentence.

But last night, his taxpayer-funded extradition battle descended into farce after his estranged Albanian wife said he had confessed to her on the night of the killings.

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Charlotte Observer: Girls Must Overcome ‘Discomfort’ At Seeing Male Genitals in Locker Room

A shocking editorial in the Charlotte Observer counseled young girls to get over the “discomfort” they feel at the sight of male genitalia when transgender facilities are allowed in North Carolina.

A shocking editorial in the Charlotte Observer counseled young girls to get over the “discomfort” they feel at the sight of male genitalia when transgender facilities are allowed in North Carolina.

The newspaper assumes the law will eventually be repealed or declared illegal. While that may or may not happen any time soon, it is the justification for this position used by the Observer that reveals the true nature of this battle of the bathroom.

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Your Tax Dollars at War (Against You): Behold Planned Parenthood’s Election Year ‘Army’

This might actually be funny — IF our taxes weren’t funding them, and their “war” wasn’t against the most innocent among us:

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UN Plots War on Free Speech to Stop “Extremism” Online

The United Nations Security Council wants a global “framework” for censoring the Internet, as well as for using government propaganda to “counter” what its apparatchiks call “online propaganda,” “hateful ideologies,” and “digital terrorism.” To that end, the UN Security Council this week ordered the UN “Counter-Terrorism Committee” — yes, that is a real bureaucracy — to draw up a plan by next year. From the Obama administration to the brutal Communist Chinese regime, everybody agreed that it was time for a UN-led crackdown on freedom of speech and thought online — all under the guise of fighting the transparently bogus terror war.

The UN, ridiculed by American critics as the “dictators club,” will reportedly be partnering with some of the world’ s largest Internet and technology companies in the plot. Among the firms involved in the scheme is Microsoft, which, in a speech before the Security Council on May 11, called for “public-private partnerships” between Big Business and Big Government to battle online propaganda. As this magazine has documented, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other top tech giants have all publicly embraced the UN and its agenda for humanity. Many of the more than 70 speakers also said it was past time to censor the Internet, with help from the “private sector.”

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/21/2016

  1. We had better cancel the Muslim gig soon before a Pakistani or Persian nuke does it for us. The proverbial loose cannon is now the new clear.

  2. I am near speechless on this sunny Sunday morning. The world is going totally crackers!
    Who does the UN think it is, to be giving orders about “freedom of speech” in the first place? It is writ large in our Consitution so UN can butt out right now. They (UN) do not even understand freedom of speech anyway.
    And then there is all that rape and grooming in UK and I wonder what is wrong with the government in that country? Has something or someone bought and paid for the UK government? I used to respect and admire Great (formerly) Britain, but this is simply beyond belief.
    Finally, I must object very loudly over the idea about girls and boys in bathrooms together. This is really not a good idea, you a_holes. And no, young girls should not be forced to view male genitalia — what a gross idea to begin with. They will view when they are ready, not at the command of another evil government (I’m looking at you, Charlotte, and shame on you).
    My last remark: ignore the censors or would-be censors of the internet. Free speech is free and they can’t do a thing about it. They are just blowing smoke. They huff and they puff, but they can’t blow it down!

    • Bless you Maria for all your mature and logical remarks.

      “Remarks by Jesse Hughes, the front man for the band “Eagles of Death Metal”,”

      Jesse Hughes should have said that “muslims are so sad for western infidels because they are ready to surrender their countries and women to us so stupidly, humbly, and according to human rights, and the high principles of democracy .”

      Muslims come to our countries because they love our values. [redacted].

      Oh traitors. Shakespeare compared Traitors with devils.

      But never mind we will go and vote for another set.

      By the way, I have not voted for the last 20 years when I became mature and observed keenly how horrible we have been manipulated.

      We in the west let stupidly voluntarily to be ruled by others ( Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UN, UNICEF, Pakistan. . . and the Fifth columns of hijabs . . . )

  3. P.S. I am so glad I live in America, still somewhat the land of the free and free speech is available to all and that includes so-called hate speech. I hate Hitler. I hate the EU. Will I go to jail? Not here!

    God bless America!

  4. Today on an old HDD I found a Document named:

    Google search led to 15 900 resultat based around
    toby lester__what is the quran.

    What Is the Koran? – The Atlantic…koran/304024/ — don’t work
    Toby Lester · January 1999 Issue · , during the restoration of the Great Mosque of Sana’a, in Yemen, laborers working in a loft between the …



    “To historicize the Koran would in effect delegitimize the whole historical experience of the Muslim community,” says R. Stephen Humphreys, a professor of Islamic studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. “The Koran is the charter for the community, the document that called it into existence. And ideally—though obviously not always in reality—Islamic history has been the effort to pursue and work out the commandments of the Koran in human life. If the Koran is a historical document, then the whole Islamic struggle of fourteen centuries is effectively meaningless.”

    Sheikh Youssef al-Badri was exultant. “We are not terrorists; we have not used bullets or machine guns, but we have stopped an enemy of Islam from poking fun at our religion…. No one will even dare to think about harming Islam again.”

    Abu Zaid seems to have been justified in fearing for his life and fleeing: in 1992 the Egyptian journalist Farag Foda was assassinated by Islamists for his critical writings about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and in 1994 the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz was stabbed for writing, among other works, the allegorical Children of Gabalawi (1959)—a novel, structured like the Koran, that presents “heretical” conceptions of God and the Prophet Muhammad.

    —– ***
    (‘Ringling Bros’, and David is in great form!)

    Can this fogotten hot material help to “”NUKE”” islam!

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