Funeral in Hamburg

As we reported yesterday, an interfaith funeral was planned in a Hamburg church for a 17-year-old “German” boy who was killed in Syria after joining the jihad for the Islamic State. The funeral took place today as scheduled; below is a brief news video with clips of the event.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:36   “I have my Kurdish vegetable vendor, he didn’t know”…
0:39   Yes I want to support the community because I think it’s good
0:42   that we do this, and I find it important, because some people
0:45   knew Florent personally, and they want to say goodbye to him,
0:49   and me, personally, I find it so dramatic that so many young people
0:54   go and fight such a war, voluntarily,
0:58   and they let themselves be used as cannon fodder…
1:02   And in this place, also grieve for all
1:05   who have become victims of fundamentalism and
1:08   war propaganda.

12 thoughts on “Funeral in Hamburg

  1. What can I say? Even in the present days, it’s hard to see something this breathtakingly stupid. The minister was mourning the death of a committed Muslim jihadi who got killed in Syria fighting for the Islamic State. The attire of the minister was exactly right: Bozo the clown.

    I suppose the bright side of the whole affair was the jihadi was killed in Syria, rather than living in Germany.

  2. The propaganda circus doesnt stop!

    This punk, [epithet], black stooge, went to kill and behead christians, he was a fool, and who gives a [rodent’s sphincter] about his death.

    Why is msm giving so much airtime to this [epithet] story?

    Interfaith??? There is no interfaith possible with islam, and the mosque in hamburg is where the 9/11 killers were based, and now were supposed feel sorry fir this 17 yrs old murderer who was probably beheading people and burning people alive in syria, and raping, torturing women and christian kids.

    To hell with this muslim nazi punk.

  3. You afford your mortal enemy with a dignified funeral after all the torture and atrocities the abhorrent organisation (he voluntarily decided to fight for) have inflicted on Christians in the middle East?
    Will the insanity in Germany never end?
    I know that the Bible teaches “turn the other cheek” but this is ridiculous!

  4. If the s@@mbag wasn’t involved with terrorism and ISIS I could sort of understand a multi faith service, but even that would be going a bit too far but this takes the biscuit.

  5. Many years ago, a local gangster was killed. Although he had been shot to death, his enemies were not satisfied. They lit his corpse on fire at the funeral service. The event was cancelled, and a hastily performed private service had to suffice. His rivals learned of the burial plans. Again, these arrangements were altered upon receiving word that his remains would be dynamited from the ground. Upon locating another site for internment, the process was completed with police and FBI witness, planted double depth within a heavy wooden and stone cofferdam. No individuals other than the machine operators and police were allowed in the vicinity, street closures were in effect. The site is located under a automobile sized boulder, pushed there by a bulldozer. It is not marked otherwise, nor is it registered on cemetery files.

  6. I’ve done a fair amount of reading over the Hamburg ‘funeral’ for the Muslim kid. So, the “rest” of the story. The kid was brought into Germany around seventeen years ago from Cameroon and adopted by a normal Christian German family. Somewhere around age 14, he hangs out with the wrong crowd…..gets interested in Islam….then converts. Around 17 years old….he runs off to Syria for the war. Based on contact back with his German mother….the kid has come to realize a number of lies given to him and is disenchanted. He ends up dead there in Syria. The mother asked for the memorial service for the German kid that she raised….not the ISIS warrior. The pastor reviewed the whole thing and made his decision. Some can get frustrated over this and claim it’s just not right. For the friends and family that knew the original kid, they probably needed this to close the memory on Christian kid that they knew.

    All of this brings me to this observation that Islam never puts statues up to remember any of their rogue-thugs who run off and die for the religion. They are swept under the rug and easily forgotten. In this case….the Cameroon kid-turned-German….ought to be remembered. He was naive and didn’t deserve the bogus treatment by some wannabe pretender-scholar.

    • You forgot to say page 2 and good day but thanks for the rest of the story.

  7. ” For the friends and family that knew the original kid, they probably needed this to close the memory on Christian kid that they knew.”

    In that case, what was the imam doing there, and the women who were in headscarves?

    Was the kid being buried as a Christian or a Muslim? Who knows? If he converted to Islam, the imam would never recognize his burial as a Christian.

    However confused he was, and being 17 can engender lots of confusion, he nevertheless made an irrevocable decision and however unfair the ways of the world, that is the decision he lived (and died) by.

    He died in the defense of the enemies of his country, and no way should he have had a community funeral.

    • I don’t think there was a body — I think he’s probably in one of those infamous mass graves that ISIS is scattering all over Syria and Iraq.

      They just had an “interfaith” memorial service — no interment.

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