Free-For-All in the Turkish Parliament

A brawl developed recently in the Turkish parliament, the kind of thing that used to be fairly common in Congress in the 1800s, but hasn’t been seen much recently. The issue was a AKP proposal to rescind parliamentary immunity so that pro-Kurdish lawmakers could be tried.

Vlad Tepes has augmented a slow-motion video of the free-for-all with some appropriate music:

Below are excerpts from a Fox News article about the fight:

Turkish lawmakers brawl over controversial immunity proposal

ANKARA, Turkey — Punches were thrown and water bottles were hurled, but a Turkish parliamentary committee has approved a contentious ruling-party proposal to strip legislators of their immunity from prosecution.

The proposed constitutional amendment, which could pave the way for the trial of several pro-Kurdish legislators on terror-related charges, was cleared by the committee late on Monday.

Pro-Kurdish party lawmakers walked out of the meeting following the brawl, which left one legislator with a dislocated shoulder and a second with a bloodied nose.

Hat tip for the article: Fjordman.

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