Culturally Enriched Violence on the Streets of Sofia

Although it sounds like a story from Berlin or Paris, the incident reported below happened on Sunday in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Unlike central European countries, Bulgaria enjoys a large proportion of cultural enrichment, some of it longstanding — which is not surprising, given all those centuries of Ottoman rule and its proximity to Turkey. In this case, however, the suspected perps were Africans.

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Africans stabbed 22-year-old Nicole six times

The three Africans that tried to slaughter a girl yesterday near the Vardar metro station stabbed her six times. The attack took place shortly after midnight, when the 22-year-old Nicole crossed paths with the three blacks — two women and a male.

The girl was with her boyfriend Hristo, when they walked close to the blacks. Somehow a row began between her and the blacks. All the rest happened very fast — one of the blacks took out a knife and started to stab the girl on her breasts and shoulders. When she began to scream and raise the alarm, being covered with blood, the foreigners ran away. Hristo called emergency, and soon the emergency services and police arrived, but the criminals had escaped…

During the attack it was as if the girl was paralysed and didn’t resist, not out of fear, but because of the very suddenness of the attack. She and her boyfriend say they didn’t even see the faces of the attackers clearly. The only description they could give was that they were young blacks…

The cause of the attack remains a mystery, the Capital City police say. The aggressors didn’t rob the couple of their money, mobile phones or other property. The police conclude that the couple must have somehow provoked the Africans, yet the victims deny any verbal contact with the attackers — no insult or provocation…

After the attempted murder the 22-year-old was treated in the Pirogov Emergency Medicine Hospital. Her wounds were sutured, and now she is out of any immediate life-threatening danger.

9 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Violence on the Streets of Sofia

  1. I am close to weeping over this story. When will this end? Back to the Gates of Vienna, in the historic sense. Until Europa wakes up and realizes it is committing cultural suicide, not to mention physical suicide, it will never end. Time for a re-run of history but there is no Jan Sobieski available today, is there.

    Perhaps when the Europeans finally have had enough of all this violence on the streets, which seems to always be muslim violence. I am going to stop capitalizing the word muslim and I might add an “e” to the end to underline how I feel.

    I will say that I never saw this coming until it arrived. I suspect that a lot of people are in the same boat. Who knew? Why don’t they stay in their homeland, where everything is comfy cozy for them since all of their co-religionists think as they do.

    I really doubt they provoked the Africans. The Africans should be returned to their country of origin immediately but multi-culti Europa won’t do that, so they can attack again whenever they feel like it. It is a shame there are not enough guns in Europa.

    • The guns would not do much good without their first being the will to use them. That is what is so distressing as an American observing this; the mass insanity of Europe.

      How can Europeans fail to see how this will finally turn out; their culture destroyed, their people bred and raped out of existence, themselves enslaved by inferior races who practice an abominable ideology from the dark ages of humanity?

      The Africans will never be found because to those in power, they are doing exactly what they have been brought into Europe to do. Maybe someday when something similar happens to another European woman, European men will find their gonads, head to the nearest invader center, and then burn it to the ground. One can always dream…

      • How can they fail to see this… a question I ask myself too.
        My hypothesis is, because they trust their respective states.

        This also seems to what all the private conversations boil down to that I am having: everyone admits a few things here and there have gone a bit awry, but trust the state to fix it.
        Yes the state brought Worldwar I and Worldwar II upon us.

        But when I make that point, people look at me as if I were a loony and shake heads, and the discussion ends there.

      • “How can Europeans fail to see how this will finally turn out; their culture destroyed, their people bred and raped out of existence, themselves enslaved by inferior races who practice an abominable ideology from the dark ages of humanity?”

        Sentiments and assertions such as the above are at best [negative epithet], and [negative epithet]. And it makes this person looks like [negative epithet]. ‘Inferior race?’ which [negative rhetorical question]? Listen, there are no inferior back then and there are no inferior race now what we have seen in our world today and in the past is man’s inhumanity to man. if you believe in God ( and am not speaking from a religious point of view) and you share such views and have the audacity to call another human being created by God inferior race- then big shame on you.If you are atheist (again am neutral)don’t you know that one of the main appeal of atheistic tendencies is to see all man equal. People like you bring shame first of all to Bulgaria (I am assuming you are Bulgarian) as well as to the human race for calling another human being inferior based on their race. I am a black British tourist in Bulgaria for couple of days when I bumped onto this story online. Now I will say without any reservation that what happened to this young lady and her boyfriend is appalling and unjustified regardless of whether they said something to the perpetrators or not,and I hope that they are caught and brought to justice. and I am saying just because I am human that cares and don’t care about the race or colour or creed of the victims. Saying what you said did add to my suspicion that Bulgaria is not yet ready to join and welcome the wider world especially people who do not look like them ( I am wrongfully assuming here that all Bulgarian are mono-racial or white). As I said before, that I am a tourist here in Bulgaria and the treatments and stares and curious glances I get made me not only uncomfortable but to go search the web to see if there is problem with minorities here and the amount of stories and comments I saw was overwhelming. And I have come to the conclusion that Bulgaria is unfortunately racist in 2016. which is a shame. And I dare say that they have no business being part of the European Union which in theory represent people of all races, faiths, creeds, etc. And Bulgarians live and work in my backyard in London and nobody look down on them or assault them in any way because of who they are, otherwise I will takeup ‘arms’of behalf of my Bulgarian ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. Please stop making such [negative epithet] sweepingand inflammatory statements and let us strive to make the world a better by celebrating our differences and our lives together. After all, none of us know why we are the way we are – black, white, Asian, etc. We do not choose where we are born or our parents or our skin colour. And on another note, I voted for us (Britain) to leave the European Union because of attitudes like these which is prevalent in almost all Eastern European countries against minority groups. We need to go back to the drawing board and ensure that all man, woman, boy or girl are accepted as one in all of the union. Have a nice day!!!

  2. Unless the African speak Bulgarian I doubt the couple said a word to them.

  3. This is all going according to someone’s grand plan. A few more years of this crap, and the Yugoslav-style genocide will begin. Once whole regiments of soldiers decide to rid their countries of [deprecated epithets], you’re deally going to want to be an indigenous European…

    Europe may seem weak and feeble, but when it comes to the sharp end of the wedge, always bet on past form when it comes to European excesses…

  4. This saddens me because I was just in Sofia for Orthodox Easter weekend. They had a lovely ceremony to celebrate Christ’s Rising at Alexander Nevsky cathedral.

    Vardar does not seem to be in a particularly bad area of Sofia. I walked near that area, but not through it. I rode the metro all over the city, and never felt threatened. I thought the metro stations were clean and fairly new, if a bit spartan. The same applies to the metro cars, though they were also a bit old.

    The young women of Bulgaria are as lovely as any in Europe.

    I hope this young woman makes a full recovery. I also hope the authorities swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and disappear them.

  5. Western people are gradually learning that they cannot trust their media or their governments. Just disregard what the lying media says, it’s always framed to defend Islam and denigrate the West. Thus, [intemperate recommendations redacted].

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