Cologne on New Years’ Eve: None Dare Call It “Rape”

Below are two articles from German media about the attempted cover-up of what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Not only did the authorities deny suppressing the use of the word “rape” in their discussion of what happened that night, but they are also attempting to crack down on whoever provided information to the press about the cover-up, with an eye towards prosecuting the whistleblowers when they are found.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating both articles. The first one is from Die Welt:

Attacks in Cologne

Who is it who does not want “rape” to emerge?

Two police officers report in parliament that they were told to cross out the word “rape” in a first account on the sexual excesses on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. But they stood their ground.

Explosive news around the New Year’s Eve night in Cologne. Die Welt has obtained an email from the Cologne police that describes how an account of sexual attacks was to be downplayed. Source: Die Welt.

Detective chief superintendent Jürgen H. of the Cologne police remembers very well how a phone caller from the superior authority complained about the “IE account” (important event report) on sexual attacks including rape. “Those are not rapes. Delete this word, and cancel the whole IE-report. Best, you write it over completely from the beginning,” is what the caller from the control center of the police of North Rhine-Westphalia allegedly said on January 1 2016.

His tone was “impolite” and “harsh”, and then came the explosive addendum: The deletion is a “request from the Ministry” — referring to the Interior Ministry. Superintendent H remembers that he refused to tolerate the disrespectful tone, and he pointed out to the caller that the case of the 19-year-old, who had fingers inserted into her bodily orifices, was without doubt a “rape”.

It is a key scene, about which the experienced Cologne police officer reports on Monday in front of representatives in parliament. The investigative committee on New Year’s Eve in Cologne tries to elucidate why sexual attacks on a huge scale could take place at the turn of the year 2015/2016 in front of the main train station of the Dome [Cathedral] city, and why the police did not intervene.

Apart from administrative failure, it is also about whether facts were trivialized, and errors downplayed, or even covered up, as the opposition in parliament, CDU and FDP, have come to suspect. The described “cancellation request” from the police control center, with reference to the Ministry, would therefore have to be viewed as a political interference. After all, the contested IE account was the account that first mentioned eleven sexual assaults, including one rape, and a North African group of offenders.

The NRW Interior Ministry has previously publicly denied that such a request for cancellation had occurred and stressed that the control center did not make a phone call to the Cologne police. The Ministry bases its denial on information from the national control center for police services (LZPD), and from the situation room of the State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA).

But the inconsistency cannot be dispelled that easily, as, in addition to Jürgen H., another witness before the investigation committee reaffirms the attempted interference. Detective Chief Superintendent Joachim H. from the Cologne police reported that he partially overheard his colleague’s phone call on New Year’s morning during shift change, and he too was wondered why someone from the control center of the LZPD would call. This was “absolutely unusual”.

What annoyed him even more was the doubt that it was rape. After all, the victim had been surrounded by 40 to 50 men, and fingers were inserted into her bodily orifices. To fail to acknowledge that this is rape is “from a professional standpoint completely off,” said Joachim H.

He conceded, however, that the organized sexual excesses along with theft and robbery were a “new phenomenon”, a “first case”, unknown to the officers until then. The officer perceived the cancellation request as a “shady threat” from someone from a regional authority, who probably “inflated” himself. The two Cologne detective chief superintendents were not intimidated by the phone call that lasted for about one minute at about 1:30 PM on January 1st, and did not change the wording of the IE account.

But both superintendents don’t know who the caller from the control center LZPD was. The committee is expected to find out who was on duty at that time, and summon that person. The supervisor at that time was deputy CID Director Heidemarie W., and she learned of the explosive call on New Year’s Day. A few days later, she informed the department head for police affairs at the Interior Ministry of NRW, Wolfgang Düren, about the cancellation request, so that he was completely informed. Düren wanted to prepare for the special session in the Interior Committee of Parliament, in which he together with NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) for the first time commented extensively on New Year’s Eve. But Düren did not mention the cancellation request to the committee then.

However, he said something that now brings additional complications upon himself. In January, Düren stressed that both days after New Year’s Day, January 2 and 3, there was intensive communication about New Year’s Eve, also with deputy CID Director Heidemarie W. of the Cologne police. But the officer now clarifies in front of the investigation committee: “I have to disagree with this.” It was January 4 when she, for the first time, talked to a member of the NRW Interior Ministry.

The second article from Express concerns the attempt by the Red-Green regional government to suppress the reports about their attempted suppression of the word “rape”:

New Year’s Eve Mob of Cologne

Red-Green takes steps against revelations

(Photo caption: The committee of inquiry holds session in the room of the CDU. Here, the Cologne police officer Peter Römers is in the witness stand).

Düsseldorf — The revelations that are unfolding about Cologne on the night of New Year’s Eve provoke unusual measures. Now the red-green government majority in parliament wants to drill down on media reports by searching for “moles” in parliament.

SPD [Social Democrats] and the Greens think there was an unlawful disclosure of documents. According to EXPRESS information, on Wednesday, the government parties [Social Democrats and Greens] have submitted a request to the committee of inquiry for consignment of a letter to Parliament President Carina Gödecke (57, SPD).

They want her to give permission for prosecution by the judiciary. SPD chairman Hans-Willi Körfges (61) wants to discuss these issues “in the non-public part of the next meeting”:

“Whoever publishes confidential documents is violating laws, and endangers clearance efforts. There is a strong impression that there is unfair play for political calculations by undue deliberate indiscretions. VS documents (VS = classified information, note of editor) must remain strictly confidential”. According to Körfges, they “partially contain personal data of victims that should not be made public.”

However, Red-Green take as examples reports of “EXPRESS” and the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” of 6 and 30 April, that were not at all about “personal data of victims”.

The EXPRESS had exclusively reported, among other things, that Cologne CID officials have noted in January that there had been an attempt by the National Police Agency on New Year’s day to delete the term “rape” from an internal police report to the interior ministry — according to them on “the Ministry’s request.”

Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (55, Social Democrats) immediately “strongly” rejected this.

But this Monday, the CID officials testifying as witnesses before the committee corroborated the facts and confirmed the revelations. For Jäger, himself scheduled as a witness next Monday, these are unpleasant descriptions. SPD and the Greens apparently assume that the press reports were based on “VS only for internal use” documents, which “only members of parliament and a limited staff can view”.

“According to preliminary legal assessment, both are in any case a violation of professional secrecy according to § 353b of the Criminal Code,”, the complaint says.

Matthi Bolte (30), the chairman of the Greens in the committee of inquiry in parliament, said to the EXPRESS: “Freedom of the press is a valuable commodity. If, however, through targeted indiscretions the ability of the committee of inquiry to work is at risk, this must be clearly identified.” For a violation of official secrets, if convicted, a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine is impending.

11 thoughts on “Cologne on New Years’ Eve: None Dare Call It “Rape”

  1. “Freedom of the press is a valuable commodity. If, however, through targeted indiscretions the ability of the committee of inquiry to work is at risk, this must be clearly identified.”

    No wonder the temptation to whisper “Nazi!” still exists…that is creepy.
    I am so very glad the U.S. has enacted safety measures to keep “whistleblowers” secure from bureaucratic blowback.

    The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, Pub.L. 101-12 as amended, is a United States federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report agency misconduct. A federal agency violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if agency authorities take (or threaten to take) retaliatory personnel action against any employee or applicant because of disclosure of information by that employee or applicant.

    Of course when you look into it on a google search, the first hits on a search are paid ads from law firms who make a good living going to court to protect the whistleblower. I’ll bet more than a few of those guys have Snowden on speed dial, trying to talk him into “coming home” so they can begin milking the situation.

    In addition, there is the work of the Sunlight Foundation:

    The organization was founded in April 2006 with the goal of increasing transparency and accountability in the United States Congress, the executive branch, and in state and local governments.

    See their site, here:

    Here’s their account of our crony capitalists feeding on Argentina:

    “Vulture funds”? Some wit created a good term there.

    • Some people never change. Goes for too many Germans it seems. German Unions influenced both Marx and Hitler.Germany was responsible for two world wars and looks geared up to causing a third one. In their so called desperation to ‘atone for past sins ‘ (which most have forgiven them for long ago) or the excuse rather, used by the elites to indoctrinate them, they feel the need to protect the greatest anti-semites ever, and therefore ensure Jewish persecution again, as is happening everywhere many Muslims are !
      I feel for the good righteous Germans who have always been around.

  2. The investigative committee “tries to elucidate why sexual attacks on a huge scale could take place at the turn of the year 2015/2016”.
    This is “civilisation jihad”. The “Soldiers of Allah” made a co-ordinated attack, over many German cities and Helsinki etc., on what Islam perceives to be a Christian festival, the New Year, which is historically the New Year of the Christian calendar.

    The Croatian bouncer at the hotel door was right: “This is an army”.

    Islamic State has declared war on the West. The young muslim men of fighting age whom the press wrongly call “refugees” are “muhajiroun”, migrants, on “hijra”, migration to impose Islam. They have the RIGHT under Islam to “take” sexually any non-muslim woman or girl: it is her punishment for disbelief in Islam. For the Islamic migrant the act of migration outweighs all his misdeeds and GUARANTEES Islam’s paradise: “whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah … his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah” says Koran 4:100, part of Islamic law.

    Breaking down a people’s confidence and enjoyment in their own festivals is part of hijra. The muhajiroun are jihadis. Jihad, warfare against non-muslims, is a communal obligation – to spread Islam “by persuasion or by force’ (Ibn Khaldun).

    We have had much low-key confrontation – cancellation of Father Christmas, breaking of chocolate Easter eggs by muslim school bullies, complaints about the words Christmas and Easter, the removal of piggy banks from offices, and crosses from schools. This year, 2016, is “Total Confrontation” in Al Qaeda’s timetable. The ratchet is being turned to attacks of greater severity. In September 2015 “blood and mayhem” were promised. In November came the Paris attacks. More are plotted all the time. Some are discovered by dedicated intelligence work.

    The investigative committee needs to grasp that Islam is not limited to private conscience. It is a “deen”, a system of governance. It has rules for everything, including rules for attacking and humiliating non-muslims, and forcing their conversion: “Fight and kill the non-muslims until all the “deen” is Islam”, says Koran 8:39, part of Islamic law.

    Let the committee invite Robert Spencer to explain to them what is happening.

  3. Women have emasculated the men in order to gain more control over society and defeat the “patriarchy” in the name of “independence” while foolishly taking for granted the notion that the men would still see any point in protecting them from anything.

    What it comes down to is this: what is the point of protecting whores from rape? If a known prostitute shows up at a police station to report a rape, even the most professional police (especially the males) will still be thinking “theft of service”, a much less serious crime than rape. Some of them may even be thinking, “do we look like a collection agency? Go talk to your pimp.”

    The sad thing for the women is that even if most women are not “whores”, it only takes some critical mass of women acting like such before the whole female population is perceived that way. It just needs to be considered socially acceptable to act like a whore and pretty soon women in general are treated as such.

    So if anyone is wondering why its so easy to avoid taking rape seriously especially in situations where there is political motivation, there you go.

    With this being more and more acceptable at a younger and younger age, even the absurdly young are being subjected to it. Stuff like Rotherham and the failure of the authorities there doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Arresting perps is only part of the issue. Fixing families is only part of the issue. Society itself needs fixing, otherwise the women end up on their own regardless of age.

    Since this social disaster won’t get fixed any time soon, women of all ages are strongly advised to learn to defend themselves and acquire appropriate weapons. Unfortunately this is more difficult in some places than others.

    • I should add: I wish I knew how to put this more gently but I really couldn’t think of a way to do it. I’m afraid that, to the best of my ability to determine, this is based on instinctive hard wired perception and the cause and effect isn’t something that can be changed no matter how many protest rallies are held.

      • I find it fascinating that you think one of the most exploited of “professions” – and the oldest – is somehow all the fault of women.

        NOTA BENE: who are the prostitute’s customers? Who abuses them?

        Feminists shoulda focused on the plight of the lowest of the low instead of scratching one another’s eyes out in a ceaseless binge of ambition. They’re no different and no better than men…

        …plenty of blame to go around, bro. Take some: you’ll feel better. Or at least less bitter.

        I seriously considered not letting in that first comment. Very un-civil to a group of women who’ve never done anything to you. Or if they have, then you’ve no business tearing them apart here.

        Without men’s demands, there would be no business, right?

        • I’m guilty of bad communication here. I’m not trying to blame women for prostitution, and I’m not even trying to blame prostitutes for impact on social norms. Also, you may not believe me but the hypothetical attitudes of hypothetical police I was expressing there are not actually my own attitudes. I’m not that unsophisticated or ignorant of the situation.

          What I was trying to do is demonstrate how trivialization of sex results in trivialization of sex crime. Prostitutes are not to blame for any effect on larger society since they’re ostracized. But their exaggerated situation does demonstrate the problem.

          What is to blame is neo-Marxism (cultural Marxism) that was allowed to take over feminism (due to political utility of divide-and-rule). The instinctive tendency for men to trivialize sex (they’re not the ones who get pregnant). Mass media for pushing the trivialization. And I suspect women have mostly fallen into the regarding the ones who take advantage of the situation.

          I’d take blame but I can’t really figure out where I’ve done anything blameworthy. I’ve never been one of those stereotypical males. When I was in college at 19, for example, a girl I knew was angry at me for refusing to sleep with her. Since then, well, let’s just say that’s not the only thing I’ve said “no” to. Haven’t gone to any prostitutes or strip clubs either. But I have been married.

  4. I was staying close to the Bahnhof a few years ago when, on a Saturday, Leverkausen was due to play Koeln. An arc of police land rovers and other vehicles surrounded the Platz with Politzei in full battle gear. Based on this observation I wonder just what security was present for the New Years celebrations. It occurs to me that the [nonsense] expounded by the Merkel government has resulted in a “Less than adequate” people’s security coverage of major events in Germany. My wife and I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel right opposite the Dom in November last year so we can appreciate just what happened and exactly where. We have stood in the place! Mike, Australia.

  5. It’s not ISIS that declared war on the west, islam done that over 1400 years ago they are just the latest in a long long line to keep it going. It will keep going till it is eradicate for ever.

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