Cameron, Khan and Cultural Entropy

Our English correspondent Seneca III muses on the election of a Muslim mayor of London, and related topics.

Cameron, Khan and Cultural Entropy — a Rant and an Explanation

by Seneca III

It has come to pass that what Napoleon and Hitler couldn’t manage, Mecca, multiculturalism and mendacity have. Sadiq Khan, the son of an immigrant Pakistani bus driver, has been elected the Mayor of London.

Thus, for the first time since William, Duke of Normandy, and his armoured knights on their fearsome war horses surged ashore at Pevensey Bay, London has become an occupied city, a city now governed by a ‘British’ Muslim bearing rather dubious ‘moderate’ credentials, to say the least. His inadequate principal rival, One Zac Goldsmith, fell by the wayside and is now being publicly rejected and reviled by his own for revealing the obvious past and present ethno-political trajectory of the victor.

Cameron of course is, for the time being, a bit of a winner here. He will be able to polish his multicultural credentials by publicly supporting Khan and at the same time give him lots of rope and room to hang himself; Khan and the Glorious Great Leader of the Labour Party hate each other’s guts and Cameron hopes that this situation will give him regular opportunities to somewhat less than delicately slip a Parliamentary debating knife into the elderly guts of the congenital retard Corbyn.

In the longer term Cameron may well be hoping to become a new Juncker or Deputy Reichsfϋhrer under (metaphorically speaking, I hope) the somewhat less than fragrant Frau Merkel or, perhaps, to be cynically indulged as the titular (emphasis being on the first syllable) leader of the New World Order where later he can spend his dotage scribbling his memoirs in the comfort of some well-prepared and well-guarded Elysium.

And so we as a people are now in the process of being forced to helplessly watch our culture and way of life being slowly garrotted. Around our necks is a noose, one end of a long and tortuous rope with two principal strands, one strand settling comfortably in the elegant, gourmet dining rooms of the Hotel Bilderberg and the other wrapped slithering and lovingly around the Kaaba.

Also, along the way, these ropes bifurcate time and time again into questing filaments, tentacles that reach into the Mother of Parliaments, the Bundestag, the Élysée Palace, Washington, Canberra, Ottawa, Silicon Valley, Davos and any other New World Order nursery you care to think of where the powerful and wealthy and their lobbyists and back door dealers rub shoulders and other less desirable (non-porcine, I hope) parts of their bodies with acquisitive bureaucrats and the corrupt and venal drones we spineless fools have elected.

Academia is a similarly occupied. Day by day, lost generation by lost generation, it spews forth butterfly hordes of delicate little flowers, the adolescent, spoon-fed, dribbling Social Justice Warriors, trembling Eloi, naïve children who spend sleepless nights frittering away the hard-earned fruits of their parent’s or the taxpayer’s labours whilst worrying if they are ever going to be able to find a ‘safe place’ where no nasty grownups will be permitted to disturb their ostrich-like existence with evil trigger words such as ‘reality’.

Well, dream on, kids. There is a big, bad world waiting for you out there, one where you have about as much chance of surviving as a Christian or other non-Muslim trapped in the tender arms of the ‘Religion of Peace’. You are deliberately and with malignant intent being deprived of any intellectual means of discerning the fate which awaits you, of finding any will to resist your ethnic cleansing and enslavement as the Great Jihad proceeds apace:

Islam, through the fecund wombs of its slave women, and also through the free-range serial breeding Afro-Caribbean community and their equally feckless brethren amongst the indigenous, parasitical, white underclass continues, together with mass legal and illegal immigration to overwhelm the indigenous population in many parts of the country — this is why and how London was lost.

The former, the Afro-Caribbeans, seem to think that they will achieve some sort of parity in the New Caliphate, so I suspect that they have never heard a blood Arab refer to them as ‘abd’, with all of the contemptuous disdain that word, when spoken in language of their prophet, carries with it. The feral white underclass simply hopes and expects that their endless hand-outs will continue ad infinitum — they are as stupid and suicidal as the delicate little flowers.

So to the demanding question this day is “How did this come about?” Well, I am no more a prophet than the ‘perfect man’, but I shall try my best to explain whilst hopefully avoiding any further outraged exposition.

To begin: This is not a unique scenario we find ourselves in; fundamentally the historic course of all civilisations is cyclic in nature — beginning as barbarous entities, they then become vigorous, and, at the height of their achievement, benign. This is then followed by a period of comfortable affluence before the rapid descent into decadence and over the precipice into the end of days.

Indeed all civilisations, over a period of three to four hundred years on average, return to a similar common starting point, a point always marked by the atrophy of their collective spirit and moral compasses in the face of indulgence and discordance. Thus, for those who care to look upon our current situation analytically and with an open mind, the genesis of this fall and its gruesome progress into the future is not too difficult to determine.

Imagine if you will a civilisation’s chronological pendulum completing a vertical ellipse rather than just an arc at the bottom. At the superior apogee, twelve Noon in the cycle, the pendulum almost pauses at a point of stability before beginning its inevitable descent, accelerating slowly at first, even imperceptibly, but ever faster as the gravity of cultural entropy increases its velocity until it approaches the inferior apogee, Midnight, where then it begins its at first rapid but ever slowing climb back into the light.

And it is there, at Midnight and immediately before and beyond, that chaos rules, and with it comes a time in human affairs that does indeed try men’s souls; a time where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword, and where is found the formative crucible wherein a movement for a return to old ways and meanings begins to form, where a few men and women, bound by strength, culture and tradition gather together and stand firm against the depredations of barbarism.

But such socio-spiritual evolutions are never easy to form or prosecute, and thus nothing is ordained for such warriors on the winds of time, other than that the rectitude of their actions will define both their corporeal and spiritual fates. Hence those who do elect to stand firm, their physical and metaphysical faces streaked with the blood, sweat and dust of the battle that is roiling about them, will need to possess a depth of courage and conviction rarely found in this our now effete, materialistic, essentially selfish society.

The prognosis for our survival is not a good one.

Afterwords: I don’t have any; whosoever writes the history of these seminal times will do so according to his or her inherited perspective. I will be long gone by then, or even tomorrow if the Thought Police can pin me to this one.

— Seneca III, Middle England, morbidly fascinated to find himself living through another turning point in our long history, on this 6th day of May, 2016.

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44 thoughts on “Cameron, Khan and Cultural Entropy

  1. When I look at the above image of a black man attacking the only thing that actually keeps him safe from real islam, I am always amazed at the stupidity of these people. Do they actually understand what their life would be like under islam? Do they understand how judgmental islam is toward what it considers unislamic behavior? Do they understand how racist islam is? Useful idiots indeed.

    • No, most non Moslems are somewhat pacifists; it’s human nature. That’s the first reason the non Moslems don’t understand the judgemental. The second reason (related to that) is that most non Moslems don’t read Koran. Those two reasons will likely to continue along the history of mankind, even in the future; like Seneca wrote.

  2. Just a glimmer of hope for everyone: no time in history has the destruction of civilisations by unthinking idiots and barbarians ever ended the human race.

    But from the inevitable rubble, a few valorous men pick up the pieces and rebuild again. It’s generally better than the last.

    Otherwise yes, we’re the generations that are asked to weather the storm. As the Baron and other writers try to do, we must continue trying to warn as many people as possible. Who knows, the bloodlines you save may just be the next hero of history.

    • Bad news… this time is different.

      Islam is likely to take France. France has nukes. France nukes Israel. Israel turns the M.E. into a continuous sheet of glow-in-the-dark glass…. Likely a chunk of France too.

      Islamists in UK, Germany etc go all in for civil war…. including moles within the armed forces…

      There is a reason that South Africa was the only country ever to give up its nukes. Imagine a standard African despot with nukes.

      I sincerely hope that some really clever people in the various forces have some very cunning plans for disabling WMDs held under their control.

      • I largely agree.

        I’d like to hope that whoever controls the French nukes will get rid of them when the time comes, like the South Africans did. The Apartheid Regime actually looks shockingly responsible, when you consider this. Apparently, there’ s a plan to do this in Pakistan if they lose control of the government.

        The Israelis, incidentally, are developing an anti-ballistic missile system, so it’s entirely possible that if they don’t get too many nukes thrown at them, that they’ll successfully fight them off without damage (and retaliate massively).

        • Of course…

          Take the nukes away from the French and the British.

          What a coincidence.

      • Imagine white great powers with nukes?
        Certain minorities don’t like that.
        This explains the impetus to turn Europe into Eurabia.

    • How about Buddhist Afghanistan? After invasion by the religion-who-we-can’t-criticise, was it rebuilt “better than the last”? Ditto North Africa – former breadbasket of the Roman Empire?

      Of course, there may be (usually thoroughly PC) historians suggesting that did happen… nonetheless, no-one was asked about whether such a civilisation should be destroyed, and then rebuilt. Least of all the original inhabitants…

      And, as was tbe case for the North Africans or Afghan Buddhists, will there be any place left this time for those civilisations to seek refuge and continue the struggle?

      For this reason – its totality and worldwide reach – I suggest that this downfall of a civilisation is different from any other…

  3. I’m going to call the bobos “Social Juicebox Warriors” (who always cry). I wish that at the next ‘die-in’ they actually have the decency to die. Moar Kool-Aid, we need moar Kool-Aid.

  4. I will go on a limb and suggest there is a biological basis for the rise and fall of civilizations as Seneca describes.

    Stephen Coughlin, in “Catastrophic Failure” quotes the public virtues of Plato: wisdom, sobriety, sense of righteousness and valor. I suggest all of these are heritable, and not necessarily connected to each other, although in the past, they may show up as a cluster in prominent leaders.

    Today, we idolize the IQ test, which, apart and separate from wisdom, valor or righteousness, may characterize our political and social leadership. In other words, these people are suited for pulling levers and writing position papers, but in no way can they take any real initiative.

    In the past, the ruler-warriors gained fame and fortune through courage and skill, allowing them to pass on their traits. Now, we spend hundreds of thousand of dollars of money ripped from people who are at least productive, keeping drug-soaked, damaged fetuses alive whose fathers are in prison and mothers on welfare. This alone provides a dramatic degradation of our collective intelligence, apart from indiscriminate migrations.

    We have also impoverished and denigrated our warrior class, to the point where they are considered as civil servants, and are brutally crushed for any actions which in the past came naturally for successful alpha males and which resulted in valuable progeny. I’m being brutally frank here.

    We are now being overrun by a population which is distinguished not for intelligence, virtual or courage, but for a blind aggressiveness which in the current effete environment of society, may actually be a good strategy for having progeny.

    My own belief is that any scheme to artificially encourage high-IQ is not going to be successful in saving our societies if the scheme ignores what is broadly, the other public virtues. Any governmental involvement with such a plan would without doubt, focus solely on IQ, and would begin making immediate exceptions for the lower-IQ peoples, which defeats the point entirely.

    The question is, will such a cycle appear in an Islamic region, where intelligence, creativity and initiative are not simply frowned on, but are capital offenses? Is Islam the end of the line for civilization and its advances?

    • There is only one course of action that will save civilisation against regressive, intolerant Islam – and I cannot publicise it for fear of imprisonment. “It” really is the only option left to save us from living in an Islamic world.

      Our “democratic” political systems in the civilised world are being turned against us. Demographics control democracy and we have the evidence of how this is starting to go against us as shown by the London mayoral election.

      Whilst counter jihadists and commentators on sites such as Gates have their eyes wide open to this our own bumbling politicians and ruling elites have yet to realise that once Islamic demographics control democracy the representatives will implement whatever laws they want over the people. Islam learnt this lesson well from Hitler.

      The time for resolute action to defend civilisation from the evils of Islam really was a long history of yesterdays ago. A worthwhile first step in the right direction would be to immediately implement real democracy in all civilisations as a bulwark against Islam.

    • “Is Islam the end of the line for civilization and its advances?” Yes. It has backed itself into an evolutionary cul-de-sac and is trying to drag the rest of us in with it. S III.

    • By an interesting coincidence, I was reading Lothrop Stoddard’s “Revolt Against Civilisation” just yesterday. He offers a very plausible theory of a biological basis for the rise and collapse of civilisations, involving the changing balance between the high-ability element in the population, who maintain the civilisation, and the underclass, who wind up tearing down what they do not have the ability to understand. That is a very inadequate summary of Stoddard’s theory; I recommend finding a copy (hard-copy or download) to follow his own exposition of it. The book was published in 1922, and yet it seems directly applicable to what we see around us today.

    • Not exactly long on geography, are you Ilia? You’ve said this before and been castigated for it.

      Why don’t you learn about Russia’s far east, and stop this [material that I deprecate]!

  5. The major difference now from other trying times in European history is population replacement. A European people will eventually create European culture in some form. Alien barbarians who are inimically opposed to our culture, our religion, and our very existence will do whatever it is that they do, which will not include creating a society that we can live in as free and equal persons.

  6. Romans 13:1 “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God”.

    The sovereign, triune God of the Bible, not allah, allowed the latest mayor of London to be appointed. The British, like most western peoples don’t revere God so He has given them over to their desire to become morally deficient. As a consequence, Islam is being allowed to step into the moral void. A tough way for a wayward people to learn righteousness.

    The usual remnant of the repentant will survive and the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ will be victorious. But not after lots of teeth gnashing and wailing by the masses.

    • Current theology (in many religions) tends toward pacifism. ‘Common’ Christianity lends too much emphasis in softness. For example, giving another cheek, praying for your enemies, giving your coat if demanded, etc.

      The second reason (as consequence of the first one) is the loath toward violence. Violence is perceived so low, a big taboo.

      The solution? Fix your theology (for whatever your religion is). The most important fix: pacifism is wrong. The second most important fix: violence can be necessary, it’s no taboo.

      I don’t know if ‘mere Christianity’ by C. S. Lewis aligned with my opinion. I hope it is.

      Concerning Christians, I am rather sick of they’re quoting the Bible and only put the blame. Christians must fix their teaching, especially concerning violence and harsh words. Jesus himself commit violence, turning the tables of traders upside down. Some of Jesus sayings are harsh. If Gods commit violence while Gods are love; then we can and should commit violence.

      If people are not pacifists, moslems can be contained early on. If people see that violence has its proper place, no go zones wouldn’t have existed.

      You wonder why people lose faith? I’ve not listed all possible reasons, but those two suffice. Anyone wonder non moslem pupils in Italy will convert to Islam? One thing is certain: the cowardice to fight using violence. Those pupils see westerners as non-alphas, as weak ones. They don’t want to be like that. Is that not christ-like? I don’t think so.

      • A very interesting comment. I think a lot about the idea that the state has a monopoly of force. Now think of some recent videos of European police at barricades at some border. They do not use all of the force they claim for themselves but only a fraction. In essence, they announce to their enemy, “We make the laws and, look, here are our guns which can stop you from entering, even kill you. See look. And we will use them if need be. However, of course, if you insist on entering, then please come in. We won’t shoot.”

        The police and military are weak because their views are known. This is the fatal weakness at the interface between Islam and the West.

        Warnings could be given. Shots could be aimed at the ground. But inevitably if a gun were used to wound or kill it would have an immediate electrifying effect and all attemots to entry would cease.

        The total number of casualties would be small and far, far from the casualties inflicted by U.S. and European military aid and operations in Syria. The squeamishness we see nearby is in stark contrast to the bloodlust afar and the inconsistency makes no sense until you realize that the Treason Class intends no defense at all and reserves its repressive powers for its own dissidents.

        So there is an element of deliberate betrayal that is different from the problem you identify. Still, I think there is truth in what you say. The metrosexual male is glorified in our media whose feebleness and inconsequentiality has been made to seem more ubiquitous than it really is. This creature would not be interested in religion, I infer, but still it can be said that he bathes in the Christian ethos. Still, a much more Christian Europe and America showed no absence of martial spirit in war.

        Perhaps it’s no more complucated than that a Treason Class – drunk on the control and manipulation possible in modern, technological society – has too much coercive power. That class then is the problem and it is totally insulated from its folly. For now.

        • Yeah. A lot of these European forces could do with learning how to play poker. They don’t bluff worth a flip. Random 100% squashing of invaders (“calling” them) would work wonders, IMHO.

      • An Indonesian:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head. In a choice between a religion that’s confident, virile & determined to promote & defend itself on the one hand, & a passive, eloi-like religion on the other, young people will go for the former.

        You’re also right to point out that pacifism is a feature of Christianity, but that’s a modern phenomenon. Historically, Christian civilisations have been willing to defend themselves (hence the Gates of Vienna). There were even orders of fighting monks such as the Templers & the Knights of St John. There is of course a difference between aggression & defence. Muhammad was aggressive whilst Jesus most certainly was not. The Christian order of the Teutonic Knights was aggressive (in the Baltic) & was more akin to Islam than to Christianity.

        Modern post-Christian civilisation draws only on the pacifist strain of Christianity which comes from Gospel passages taken in isolation. They ignore the long Christian tradition of the ‘just war’, worked out when Christianity was not just a persecuted sect but a ruling power with the responsibility to defend its people.

      • Never forget Jesus’s righteous indignation when he drove the money changers out of the Temple.

        The key is “righteous” indignation, not personal petulance or other, lesser motives.

  7. The blacks will eventually reach some kind of accord with the Muslims. They are physically strong, insanely aggressive and always ready to riot. Gangsters are their role model. Expect some epic battles but we whiteys won’t be around to see it.

    • True, but I’m not so sure that blacks will side with the Muslims. In England the few incidents of Muslims dressed in distinctive garb being harassed on public transport were perpetrated by blacks. They shouted about terrorism & hijab-wearing while white people just looked embarrassed. Ironically, if push comes to shove we might see their aggression & lack of self-restraint place ‘lower class’ blacks on our side because they don’t have the politically correct inhibitions of the native population.

  8. An excellent post Seneca.

    Constantinople was undone by that European cannoneer who effected the breach of the walls. What flowed in was a large military force that overwhelmed the defenders.

    The breech effected by the proponents of immigration, refugee resettlement, multiculturalism, anti-racism, equality, executive discretion, utopianism, diversity, micro aggressions, metissage, white privilege, secularist fanaticism, centralization, statism, and globaloney (to use that apt term of Mrs. Luce) is very serious but the enemy forces are for the most part concentrated, unarmed, untrained, without logistics, and easily identifiable. Any European army can easily be augmented by militias. It will be no contest.

    When the financialization, globalist, off-shoring, fiscal, regulatory, socialist and central bank insanities cause the inevitable implosion there will be a vast awakening as zero sum realities of life stimulate rapid schooling in what the elites have labored so long and hard to conceal.

    Some have spoken of our overly-complicated modern world, and not without accuracy. As a young man, the world had a population of 3B; now it’s twice that and no green revolution is going to overcome the famine that appears to me to be inevitable. All the major nations of the world have hollow legs and, like Dorian Gray, present a false face to the world. (Think Obama’s unemployment figures.) Margins of error are thin.

    The Four Horsemen will soon return and the entire world will be affected, even if the major powers avoid the worst one one of them, though there is no certainty of that.

    In addition to the awakening occasioned by economic collapse, there is its twin catastrophe that is clearly waiting in the wings (for the Treason Class) – the crisis of legitimacy harbingerized by the rise of Trump, AfD, FN, VVN, Orban, etc.

    It is possible to see in that a parallel to the Chinese concept of the Mandate of Heaven where, despite illiteracy, limited communications, and ferocious methods of repression, millions simply withdrew their support because it just didn’t “feel” right. Decades of being taxed to subsidize bastardy and incubators for crime, of seeing sodomy transformed into a sacrament, of seeing great cities turned into slums if not wastelands, of seeing once-fundamental rights compromised by judicial hacks and mountbanks, of seeing borders thrown open to parasitic foreigners, of seeing women transformed into screeching buffoons besotted with murdering their babies, of seeing public entertainment turned into a sewer of violence, sex, and sedition, and of seeing high officials conspire against common sense seem to be fermenting a similar widespread, inchoate perception in the U.S. that things are “not right.” Beware the fury of the patient man.

    Remarque’s A Time to Love and a Time to Die, I believe, contained a brief description of some German troops lying on the railroad tracks at a station. Periodically the station would announce over the loud speaker that this or that train would soon arrive, but the troops did not bother to move as they had heard it before but no trains came. Loud speaker = MSM.

    Or consider the clever GEICO insurance ad on TV where the woman of the house gets the idea of Facebook completely wrong and posts actual photos on the actual wall of her living room. One of her friends stands up and says in frustration, “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works!”

    Are we close?

  9. Yes indeed! I will not write or post videos anymore fir a generation of watery minded thicks.

  10. Zach Goldsmith may find pretty soon that the only placehe feels safe is with the despicable state of the awful nation of his father’s tribe, whose name he carries but does not necessarily share. i am just quoting one absolutly non-jew named Geert Wilders speaking in Jerusalem.

    • I take it that you jest in describing Israel as “despicable place” – it’s actually not such a bad place, really.

      Incidentally, I understand that Wilders has a Jewish grandparent, so he would also be “eligible”.

  11. Pat Condell is terrific. Right up there with the Baron and Dymphna. Thank you all so much. In this river of disgusting matter we live in today, it is so heartening and refreshing to come here.

    Now I have to search for your address, Baron, in order to make a contribution. However, I am ALMOST prepared to take a chance and use my credit card which will be faster and easier (but more dangerous, to me). I am very paranoid about using my credit card online.

    • Best of luck in Costa Rica. I’ve been there and it is a lovely place. My hope is it doesn’t get infected by neighboring countries.

  12. “ISIS is going to be gone if I am elected president, and it will be gone quickly, very very quickly.”

    –Donald Trump

    I am confident that, at a minimum, 70% of the commenters on this site think of Trump as a clown, a bad joke. I don’t. It will be done. It will be done quickly. And then watch the entire landscape shift.

    • Trump is actually not so bad.

      He might actually fix the problem.

      The others certainly will NOT fix the problem.

  13. In London the left and the poor wants only drugs and alcohol and party-oh wait,what did they forget when they voted for an Muslim?

  14. WORSE than the fall of Rome. How did it come to this?
    In relation to Australia, I can at say that at least some of our political leaders are determined to keep out the boat-invader ‘refugee’ hordes that were previously inflicted on us. But then these same politicians still insist on importing massive numbers of wretched Third-worlders direct from the UNHCR concentration camps in Africa and the Middle East. But the worst of our elite class, e.g. professional traitors like Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, want no restrictions at all on these so-called ‘asylum seekers’. These people want unlimited boat invaders in addition to massive numbers from the UNHCR concentration camps. And they are convinced that wanting this evil act of self-destruction makes them somehow morally superior. Looks like we need a revolution – against Marxist tyrrany.

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