Bring me the Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore — And Nothing Else

It appears that one of the secret codicils to the immigration agreement between the EU and Turkey granted the latter the right to choose which “refugees” to send on to Europe, and which to retain in the Turkish migrant camps. In practice, Turkey — surprise, surprise! — lets only the riff-raff go through — the most problematic cases — and keeps well-educated, useful, and productive people for itself. Most notably, Syrian academics are not being allowed to travel on to Europe.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Unzensuriert:

Turkey only lets negative picks of “refugees” travel on to the EU

For each illegal refugee that Turkey takes in for Europe, another one can legally travel to the EU. But just who they will be is a decision made by Turkey — and it usually isn’t the best ones.

“Refugees” often very sick or illiterate

The dirty deal made by Jean Claude Juncker and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel more and more reveals itself as a farce at the expense of Europeans. Not only is Turkey being paid a high price for their position as gatekeeper, but it shamelessly exploits the opportunity to rid itself of problem people and saddle the European citizens with them. SPIEGEL reported that they are in possession of internal information from the EU, in which multiple European governments have pointed out that among the admitted candidates there was a conspicuously high number of difficult cases. The representative for Luxembourg criticized that most suggestions coming from Turkey were serious medical cases and “refugees” with an extremely deficient educational background.

Turkey exploits privilege

Concerning the selection of “refugees”, the EU conceded unusual privileges to Turkey. Normally the United Nations refugee relief organization UNHCR decides who may be resettled. But — not without an ulterior motive — the Turkish government forced through a rule that they will always get to make the first choice. Officially this was called the “shortened process”, which took place “in collusion with the Turkish administration as well as with the host countries”. But in truth the lists that Turkey sets in front of the UNHCR are all stamped and accepted without a discussion.

In the past few weeks, the Turkish administration withdrew previously-granted exit permits for “refugees” on multiple occasions. This seemed to mostly be the case for families where the heads of families were well-educated engineers, doctors or skilled laborers. And in the meantime Turkey has seemingly let the refugee relief organization know that Syrian academics from now on will not be allowed to travel via the EU-Turkey exchange pact.

13 thoughts on “Bring me the Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore — And Nothing Else

  1. Quote:

    Most notably, Syrian academics are not being allowed to travel on to Europe.

    Is Turkey the only route to EU for these academics?

    • Europe is already extremely unstable. The biggest bunch of nobodies in history.

  2. What? The rocket scientists and brain surgeons are not coming? Who will assemble the Mercedes cars then?

  3. Major study released today cites that centuries of inbreeding (the wide spread doctrine of marrying first cousins) in the Muslim world may account for the lack of intellect and sheer stupidity of the violent, illiterate
    (In their own language let alone the language of their unfortunate prospective host nation) young men currently swarming into Europe with mutti Merkel’s blessing.
    This may account for the extreme violence unleashed when they are denied the “right” to rape, molest, mug, shoplift, fare dodge etc besides the fact that they aren’t given IMMEDIATELY the house, car,wages (for doing nothing) they expect as a given. What else did you expect Mutti Merkel when unleashed this nightmare on Europe?
    Is it any wonder that they are so easily recruited into a mediaevalist cult like ISIS and believe that if they die as martyrs they will enjoy virgins on tap for ever but have yet to grasp the concept of using toilet paper in the 21st century?

  4. It is happening before our eyes. The enemy is deciding what troops to send in. No one does anything to stop the invasion of Europe.

  5. Official – Austria has just voted in as President (of Russian aristocratic lineage) the GREEN candidate. He is on record as stating ” Anyone who loves Austria must be s**t”.

    The right wing candidate was ahead yesterday but lost on postal votes counted this morning (quelle surprise).

    It’s about time elections in Europe were monitored for fairness as happens in third world countries. Nigel Farage is another obvious victim of corrupted postal votes when he should be a shoo-in.

    The Tories fiddled the general election, particularly in the South West and under-declared their expenses. Police are investigating but I’m not holding my breath!

    Well you had your chance the people of Austria, you now have a President who thinks you are [fecal matter], so good luck with that one. He is totally against the idea of individual statehood, therefore you are likely to be a minority within a decade suffering under Sharia law, so just suck it up, stop complaining, you bottled it! You should have given the right wing candidate a landslide victory, however the women’s vote went mainly to the Green party candidate, another win for the deluded feminists.

    Explain that one to your daughters when they unable to walk anywhere at night in safety, best measure them up for their burkhas now!

    • I don’t understand your tone. It’s not as if Austria is any more ‘disenfranchised’ than other Western countries.

      A little compassion wouldn’t cost you anything.

      • Apologies – l am just frustrated with the apathy throughout the EU, in my heart of hearts l know that the UK will not vote for BREXIT either.
        Previous generations legacy to us of freedom, secured by young men and women who died in two world wars, is being traduced and devalued by the current generation.
        We are not prepared to fight for our culture, we are not even prepared to vote for it either it would seem.
        I fear for the future of the EU, including migrants and refugees, because the continent cannot accommodate migration on such a scale without inevitable and irreparable consequences!

    • Disenfranchised:- did it occur to you that the Austrian elections might have been rigged? I suspect a forthcoming referendum in another European country will suffer the same fate. Despite strong public opinion and motivation, the result will be the one the globalists want.

      I have long suspected that elections are a charade to dupe people into believing they have a choice. Either the candidates on offer secretly serve the same agenda or the elections are rigged.

      • Sadly I agree with you. What I am clumsily trying to convey is that I doubt the current apathy and ennui throughout the EU is going to change.
        If the electoral process has broken down and cannot be trusted do people today have the courage to consider the awful but necessary alternatives?
        God forbid,another world war, another French Revolution, another Hungary (brief) Revolution.
        All empires eventually and violently implode, such as the Roman Empire, The Greek Empire, the British Empire, The USSR and so on. The EU is just another Empire awaiting its turn to implode and I fear for the people of Europe, including the refugee and migrants, as nobody will be immune from the consequences of unfettered mass migration. Greece, having just emerged historically speaking from a Junta of Generals has already been destroyed by EU policies, is just the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid.

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