Blast From the Past — Donald Trump and the Counterjihad

The photo above shows Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Donald Trump, and Frank Gaffney at the launch of The United West in Miami, Florida on March 6, 2011.

Although he wasn’t mentioned in any of our reports on the event, I remembered that Mr. Trump had attended, and I asked Elisabeth to look for the photo. She couldn’t find the digital original, so the above image was made by scanning a printout of the photo — hence the inferior quality.

Donald Trump explored the possibility of a run at presidency the following year, but never really took it up in earnest like he did this year. More than five years ago — there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

15 thoughts on “Blast From the Past — Donald Trump and the Counterjihad

    • Thanks for the reference.

      I guess that puts Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy firmly in the camp of the neo-cons, who want the US to become embroiled in every foreign conflict there is, and in any conflict that can be manufactured (like the useless confrontations with Russia in the Baltic area).

      The Center for Security Policy has done yeoman’s work on exposing the Islamic infiltration into US institutions and the government, but that doesn’t mean the rest of their policies should be blindly followed.

        • You then do not understand the CSP at all. They do not believe in nation building, and only advocate acting only when it suits US interests.

      • Can you point me to where Trump has said anything to suggest he’s saying something other than “world, police yourselves, we’re done”.

        Neo-cons are everywhere and have been for 50 years or so. But I’m not aware Gaffney is one.

        • Frank Gaffney is an old-school national security conservative. One may disagree with any particular position he takes, but that is his political-philosophical position.

  1. a very important photo. I never thought that ESW and the Donald are knowing each other. This means that he is well informed about THE problem.

  2. Birds of a feather flock together … very good news in this instance. I didn’t know his Counter-Jihad credentials dated back this far.

  3. It confuses me on why Trump was critical of Geller concerning her draw Mohammed contest last year and the inevitable controversy especially after the attempted jihad.
    My only take was that Donald did not agree with Geller putting the anti Islam ads the sides of buses of up in NyC. He felt they endangered people. Maybe he just doesn’t like Geller. I thought that was a shame he didn’t support her in free speech and in exposing terrorist ties in Texas. But, still support him 100%.
    At any rate, am glad to see that he is more than passing aware of the issues. I am hopeful that he is also being informed on the growing level of activism regarding refugee resettlement. I am really encouraged by what I am seeing and reading.

    • For whatever reason, Trump did not get the one vital point: Muslims in a Kuffar land have got ZERO right to impose their rules on Kuffars. No matter if one thinks Geller’s efforts were vulgar, inflammatory, etc. it’s irrelevant.

      Every time we give in to Muslims imposing Islam on Kuffars, we are rewarding their supremacism.

      It’s not like Geller was saying: let’s invade a mosque during Ramadan. Gay atheists did that in the UK during an Easter Sunday sermon, in one of the holiest cathedrals in the country.

      We have so lost sight in this battle: we are the good guys. We are not violating the beliefs of Muslims. We are just not always acceding to their demands to dominate us.

      • This is the fundamental problem that the West does not understand – there can be no accommodation with Islam. It is a zero-sum game that only one side can win.

        Unfortunately, we have given them miles, and they are taking leagues, thanks to all the fifth-columnists in the West who do not understand the fundamental nature of the problem.

    • I think DJT disagreed with the overt honeypot tactic; anyhow – this is a great photo and gives me great joy.

  4. For the uninitiated, TAQIYYA is an Arabic word meaning deceit and treachery. Muslims are taught in childhood to use TAQIYYA to protect Islam and themselves from danger.

    Do others lie? Sure, but to Muslims it is a strategy. How else could Mohammed have conquered infidels with his small army? He said, “Make friends of the infidels. Give them gifts! And then stab them in the back! It worked then and works now!

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