Adolf was a Zionist!

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day, prompting our Israeli correspondent MC to send these musings for the occasion.

“Hitler supported Zionism” in 1932 before going “mad and killing six million Jews”

— Comments by former London Mayor “Red Ken” Livingstone, reported by The Guardian, April 30,2016

Adolf was a Zionist!
Reflections on Holocaust Memorial Day

by MC

Iron Dome has effectively neutralized the missile as a weapon against the civilian population of Sderot, and while we still get the monthly missile, (which is still pretty scary), all has been relatively peaceful.

But we are up against clever and innovative demons, not intellectual children. A mass break-out from a terror tunnel could mean many casualties and a lasting legacy of fear, which is what everybody seems to want for our small ‘city’.

We have seen helicopters come over with what appears to be an anti-submarine MAD (magnetic anomaly detector) attached, and by their flight patterns suggest they are looking for the ‘big one’. Finding a tunnel is like picking the loaf of bread at the bakery with a hole inside it: one cannot detect the hole except by somehow detecting the nothing in amongst the surrounding something.

In Paris we saw what happens when the human demons get amongst ordinary, unarmed folk, people simply out enjoying themselves. It was pure luck that the bombers did not get inside the soccer stadium, where hundreds more might have been killed and maimed.

Paris was only a partial success, as far as terrorism goes. The same is true of Brussels and the suitcase bomb that did not go off. Soon these demons will make a clean sweep and the butcher’s bill of Islam will be even bloodier.

My city is under threat because good men fail to realize the problems and connect the dots. It is a “small county far away”, and a small minority of Muslims, and they are not real Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace and to criticize it is to be racist, blah, blah, blah. The lies used to perpetuate the problems are endless, as are the excuses used to coerce us into doing nothing about them.

Perhaps the worst lies are when the victims are blamed, as the 12-year-old victim of the Rotherham Muslim rapefest, who was arrested whilst her attackers went free.

Many in the Western world hold Israel and the Jooz to blame for all things evil, including the Islamic problem; where essentially the problem with Islam is deemed a new “Jewish problem” and world leaders will meet at the Wannsee Sierra Pines Resort, in secret, to discuss a new solution to it.

If Israel were ethnically cleansed of Jews, (as has already been done in much of the rest of the Middle East), and the survivors (’cos it would not be uncontested) transported (in slave ships?) to the USA then “problem solved”.

The idea of “problem solved” came straight out of Islam, of course. The MP concerned represents Bradford South, one of the more notorious Muslim no-go areas in the UK. She does not really represent Labour; she is the political face of Islam, which is now fully infiltrated into both the main UK political parties. For most of my lifetime there was very little anti-Semitism in Europe, but then came the donkey cart: Saudi money pulling a shedload of free Imams and mosques, and all the anti-Semitic cockroaches come out of their hole to get a piece of the action.

Holocaust denial used to be limited to a few semi-criminal crack-pots like Irving, but now we have sponsored denial whilst at the same time the full exploitation of the shame-and-guilt brigade. Fear of Islamic terrorism is neither a phobia, nor is it racist. If those tunnels spew out their demonic hosts I will need new underwear.

I still have my naval officer’s sword, and my sons have offered to sharpen it for me. It is currently my only defense. Most Israelis are weapons trained, and Sderot could raise a militia very easily. If that tunnel breaks open and spews out a thousand warriors of Allah, then the first responders will die very quickly. There will then be a pause of several hours before reinforcements can be flown in. In the meantime, 900 fanatical survivors of the first battle will have free rein within an unarmed city.

To understand what happens, a study of the Fogel family is in order. There was no mercy, not even for a 4-year-old or a baby. These were ritual murders, dedicated to Allah, whose thirst for infidel blood knows no bounds, and where in particular the younger children were decapitated as part of the ritual. As I have mentioned before, the god of Islam needs to be appeased by human sacrifice; he demands it in his Koran.

So who pays for the tunnels and their murderous crews? You do, through your taxes and your donations to Islamic ‘charities’ and the United Nihilists Nations and every time you buy food that has been marked as ‘halal’. Halal approval comes with a fee, some of which is funneled into terrorism.

If you are in the EU, then your rulers not only support the terrorists, but actively discriminate against Jewish goods. If you live in Norway, then your government helps pay the salaries of those same murderers of children.

Occupied? Well yes, the Holy Lands were most certainly illegally occupied by Jordan and Egypt in 1948. As to a 1967 ‘occupation’: we have to work through the mechanics of how one ‘occupies’ land which is already occupied. The League of Nations ceded the land (at the time occupied by Britain who had liberated it from hundreds of years of Ottoman Muslim occupation) as a Jewish Homeland in 1922. This is the only instance of International law which applies; UN resolution 181 was advisory and rejected by the Arab league anyway (neither Israel nor ‘Palestine’ existed at the time). The Arab league made war against Israel (assisted by the British and their ex-Nazi cronies) and lost, so the same rulings which applied against Ottoman Turk and German Nazi warmongers should have applied, but somehow it is never straightforward where Jews are concerned.

Sderot is a small city in an exposed situation. The Gaza border is about three miles away from where I sit. I could move to another city, I suppose. It would be sensible, but why should I give in to a genuine fear of Islam and become just another dhimmi?

I left the UK because I have doubts about both the will and the ability of the British government to properly defend its Jews. Hundreds of religious Jews are leaving Europe for the same reason. The secular Jews are, well, secular, and can often be part of the problem. However, I would point out that those who massacre Jews in particular do not usually stop to enquire as to their political beliefs.

The Jewish state of Israel was created because humanity cannot be trusted not to kill Jews; it is what people do, Jews included. Ben Gurion, the famous Israeli Labour leader and first Prime Minister of Israel, did not want Shtetl (Eastern European) Jews in Israel; it did not fit with his utopian socialist ideas of Tel Aviv as a western European city of advanced culture. He co-operated with the British occupiers and left the shtetls to the tender mercies of the National Socialists.

We know that Muslim immigrants do not assimilate, and that they also bring their seventh century barbarisms with them in their baggage. They also bring with them a vicious hatred of Jews and all things obviously Jewish (but not mobile phones).

Jews, on the other hand, have tried to assimilate and failed. That they have failed is epitomized by Ken Livingstone, recently suspended from the UK Labour party for describing Adolf Hitler as a Zionist until he went insane and murdered millions of Jews.

Livingstone was defending a Muslim detractor of Jews referred to above; an MP who needed to slander Jews to get elected in her home constituency of Bradford South. For Muslims, damnation of Israel and Jews is virtue-signaling.

In defending this politician, Livingstone made two statements. The first was that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist because he wanted to ethnically cleanse Germany of Jews and send them somewhere, anywhere, but to Palestine if possible.

Secondly, he stated that Hitler went insane and murdered Jews; but there is no proof that AH was ever insane, even if he was recipient of some nasty barbiturate concoctions from his personal doctor (who may have been insane).

Hitler hated Jews. He stated this in Mein Kampf (1923) and it never changed, sane or not. But post-WW1 Europe considered it had a Jewish problem. It believed Jews had too much political influence and ‘owned’ too much of European infrastructure and economy, and it has not changed much.

Livingstone, too, considers Jews a problem, and seeks to mitigate Hitler’s murderous hatred by justifying it as ‘insanity’. In which case all Europe was insane, because not only did almost all of Europe refuse Jewish migrants fleeing Nazi Germany, but much of it also assisted in their demise.

To the likes of Livingstone there is a difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and also between anti-Semitism and racism. Both the formers are more acceptable relative to the latters, and can therefore be justified.

While the Jewish State of Israel was the underdog, it had the support of the likes of Livingstone. With the invention of ‘Palestine’ in 1963 an under-underdog entity was created out of Arab malice and KGB ingenuity to blindside Israel and the Jews, and the nations fell for it. They had a new and malevolent underdog (and could kick the dirty Joo as well). At the same time, Yasser Arafat of the PLO famously sent a delegation to Vietnam to learn how to recruit useful idiots, particularly from the American left.

All Jews who keep Torah are Zionists:

Psalm 137:1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. [Zion = Jerusalem]

This Psalm can be shown to have been written at least a thousand years before Mohammed’s hordes crusaded out of Arabia, and is probably more than 1,200 years older. But moral relativity ignores history and looks only at the now, and there are more Muslim votes in the UK than Jewish votes.

“I’m big; you’re small. I’m right; you’re wrong,” says Mrs. Trunchbull whilst bullying Matilda (see Roald Dahl’s book Matilda).

Livingstone and his ilk also suffer from extreme ignorance. Herzl, the father of Zionism, was a convert to Christianity who watched the horror of the Dreyfus Affair in France and realized that Jews are actually not allowed to assimilate (Captain Dreyfus, a Jew, was accused of revealing the secrets of the new soixante-quinze artillery piece to the Germans. To hide the fact that a titled member of the nobility had done it, Dreyfus was framed and imprisoned for many years, even when it was obvious he was innocent. Jews are expendable).

So Zionism was a reaction to gross anti-Semitism, and was a Christian’s answer to the Jewish problem pre-WW1. anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are inextricably linked in history, and to describe ethnic cleansing of Jews from Germany as ‘Zionism’ is tantamount to a schoolboy howler.

Of course, Livingstone is not alone in these distortions. One can find similar remarks even in the comments section of GoV.

So here I sit on Holocaust Memorial Day, a blot on the landscape, wondering what I did to deserve such a history of grief and terror. Whatever Jooz are guilty of, I didn’t do it. Sorry for breathing; here let me pay you for the air. Here is a jizya of apology. All day yesterday, and for three days before that we could hear and feel the mortar bombs and the retaliations. “Who, me?” Said Hamas on the international stage.

“Be my friends,” said Jeremy Corbyn, Livingstone’s boss. “We’ll turn a blind eye to your war crimes, after all, Jooz are just European garbage. You guys, Hezbollah and Hamas, are welcome to them…”

Do you think Merkel would open EU borders to Jewish refugees if it was Israel under attack and not Syria?

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

43 thoughts on “Adolf was a Zionist!

  1. Thank you for living in Sderot, one of the borders of Western civilisation.

    Despite many Westerners’ hatred of the Jews, it’s actually Jews, in the form of Israelis (like you) who are defending it the most where it really matters, in places like Sderot.

    Sadly, there are Jews who are part of the problem, BDS and SJW types.

    I want to express a thought that I’ve had for a long time: isn’t it curious how Muslims essentially do the reverse of Jews, but in an oddly parallel way?

    – A lot of Jews are a part of the problem: many Muslims are a part of the solution.

    – Jewish civilisation builds and creates: Islamic “civilisation” is extractive (oil, slaves, conquest).

    – Kosher: Halal

    – Jews trying to fit in had a lot to do with the creation of concepts like multiculturalism, which work reasonably well when limited to constructive groups: Muslims have largely made a mockery out of it and turned it into a tool of division. (I’m all for multiculturalism among *compatible* cultures.)

    – Jewish culture (more than formal religion) has a matriarchal bent: Islamic culture is definitely patriarchal.

    – Jews get accused of all sorts of horrible things, but are actually guilty of very little, save of being overly optimistic and at times defeatist: Muslims have actually done many of the things that Jews are being accused of, but don’t get accused of it! The culture is warlike, being willing to engage in conflict even when it’ll make things worse.

    – Life: Death. (Hamas’ opinion, and I agree!)

    – Jewish statelessness led to Israel, a broadly tolerant country, where all – including Muslims – live in relative peace: Muslim pining for the Califate led to the Islamic state, a vicious country where all – especially non-Muslims – live in horror.

    There’s a certain Jekyll-and-Hyde quality to it all.

      • what if one of ’em believes in you? Heh.

        I prefer the fellow from the other day – the Persian who’s lived everywhere. He doesn’t believe any of it, including atheism. That’s real non-belief.

  2. Excellent writing. Europe will repeat its history. Remember the optimists stayed in Europe thinking things could not get worse, the pessimists left thus escaping the inevitable. Israel exists so jews have security, safety and a home. it’s not perfect but it’s better to live holding your head up and high than cowering in fear on your knees.

  3. “Ben Gurion…left the shtetls to the tender mercies of the National Socialists.”

    That is absolutely false and libelous assertion. See the meticulously documented tome “Arrows in the Dark” by Tuvia Frilling for an exhaustive account of the innumerable and largely unsuccessful efforts by Ben Gurion and the Jewish Agency to rescue European Jewry in the face in the face of British and Allied obstruction and indifference.

  4. Corrected version:

    “Ben Gurion…left the shtetls to the tender mercies of the National Socialists.”

    That is an absolutely false and libelous assertion. See the meticulously documented tome “Arrows in the Dark” by Tuvia Frilling for an exhaustive account of the innumerable and largely unsuccessful efforts by Ben Gurion and the Jewish Agency to rescue European Jewry in the face of British and Allied obstruction and indifference.

    • Come to think of it, Ben Gurion was born Dovid Gruen in Plonck, Poland–not exactly a Yekke or a Sephardi of the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-London variety. I understand that hard as he tried, he was always more comfortable with Di Mumma Loshen (Yiddish) than with Hebrew.

    • When Herzl died in 1904, at age 44, Weizmann managed to become the leader of the Zionist Organization because Max Nordau, Herzl’s ally, refused to take the helm. This was a catastrophe. In line with his Marxist ideology, Weizmann began working to purge the Zionist Organization of anything that was “clerical, bourgeois, and conservative.”[51] He wanted to import into Palestine only “an elite… uninfected with the dross of Jewish bourgeois capitalism or traditional religiosity [in order to] construct a Jewish socialist utopia in Eretz Israel.”[51a] This left out the Eastern European Jews who most needed a place of refuge, the majority, and stood Herzl on his head. Weizmann was quite explicit in a letter he wrote in 1918 that he didn’t want any Eastern Jews in Palestine and worried that if the Jews were forced out of Europe, “we shall have all the miserable refugees who will be driven out of Poland, Galicia, Rumania, etc., at the doors of Palestine. We shall be swamped in Palestine and shall never be able to set up a community worth having there.” Later he would declare publicly that the Jews of Europe, whom Herzl had founded the Zionist movement to save, were “economic and moral dust in a cruel world.” He did not mean to save them: “The old ones will pass; they will bear their fate or they will not… Only a branch will survive” (his branch).[51b] The leader of the rebellion against the policies of Weizmann and his ally David Ben-Gurion was Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky…
      The main problem for Jewish security was that Weizmann and Co. were allied not with the Jewish people but with the British elite. “The Jewish Agency, led by [David] Ben-Gurion, [Moshe] Sharett et al.,” had been created by the British, in 1923. Ostensibly the British had done this to implement the mandate given by the League of Nations: “to prepare a homeland for Jews in Palestine.”[55] But “in reality, the Jewish Agency simply acted as an alter ego of the Zionist Organization, coordinating most of its important policy decisions in advance with London…….

      This British policy did not limit itself to sabotaging the project of creating a Jewish state, creating for this purpose the terrorist Hajj Amín al Husseini and assisting his attacks against innocent Jews in Palestine, then using this violence as an argument to restrict Jewish immigration and reduce radically the territory where Jews had a right to settle.[58] Neither did this policy stop at forbidding entry to Palestine to any Jew who didn’t possess the equivalent of £1000 ($5000), which closed the doors to the impoverished Russian and Polish Jewish masses, many of them Orthodox.

      • This policy had dreadful consequences, but looking at Israel now one can at least understand what was going on in the secularists’ minds. Israel now has a very large population of ultra-orthodox who inhabit their own Israeli ‘shetls’, & live parallel lives. Modern Israel has its own culture wars between those who want to see women sit at the back of the bus & the secularist/modern religious half of the country who assume equality; between those who consider a man’s work to be Torah study & those whose taxes & army service support & protect them.

        There are very large communities whose lives haven’t evolved from the 18th century, if not before, & they now have a frightening influence on the government. Perhaps Weizmann & Herzl had a correct intuition…

        • Indeed so, MC. I was in Oxford St. a couple of days ago, and saw a youngish, ultra-orthodox man, with the silly hat, long coat and just a couple of kids (but as I said, he was young).

          He got some unfriendly looks; if he’d been threatened or attacked, I hope I’d have defended him, 68 years old and slight as I am. And yet, and yet… his demeanor shouted out “apartheid”, albeit self-imposed, just like many Muslims here in London. The late Welsh Jewish politician Leo Abse, if I recall correctly, wrote a poem about such people, beginning “I don’t like them, I don’t like them”.

          I’ll leave it there; any comments?

          • I looked up the wiki on Abse. What a fascinating fellow, though it can’t have been easy to be a member of his family.

            He would not have fit into any easy pigeonhole in American politics. You’d probably like his book on Thatcher, “Margaret, Daughter of Beatrice”. I say that since I’m sure I wouldn’t 😉

          • Mark H: The point is, these people are tiny community here & they just want to be left alone. They don’t aspire to political & cultural influence. I have no problems with people who dress differently from the majority. I used to have no problem with Muslim women who dressed in saris (as did the new Mayor of London’s). I do have a problem with the Muslim attire that has taken over – hijabs are political uniforms & covered faces can never be tolerated in a free society. These shout something new – more than mere difference, they’re the uniforms of an aggressive ideology.

        • Diotima

          Your point that there is a culture war in Israel :

          “between those who consider a man’s work to be Torah study & those whose taxes & army service support & protect them.”

          is spot on. It is a terrible problem and dilemma for Israeli society as the Ben-Gurion granted waiver of compulsory military service for “Yeshiva-bokkers” was originally intended to extend to about 2,000-3,000 guys annually, but the numbers are now in the scores of thousands. It is fair to contend that a proportion of “Yeshiva-bokkers” do it to avoid military service and the exemption must be eliminated.

          However, I’m very glad you employed the word “perhaps” in your final sentence as everything MC wrote in his May 7 12.42 comment is compellingly accurate. Weizmann and Ben-Gurion wanted kibbutzniks and in an exercise of brutal realpolitik were content to save only a branch of Jewry. The untimely death of Jabotinsky (and the political marginalization of his rightist movement by what I will refer to in shorthand as “the Labour Party”) was a tragedy of epic proportions. If Jabotinsky had been the dominant political force in the 1930’s in the “Yishuv” (and the Peel Commission/Partition Plan) had been acted upon world Jewry would be in an infinitely better position today not least because millions of lives could have been saved.

  5. Livingstone tells us that Hitler wanted to send the Jews somewhere, anywhere, but to Palestine if possible? Very difficult to believe that, given the following from Hitler’s Mein Kampf (I assume this is a reasonable translation of the German):

    “At the beginning of the War, or even during the War, if twelve or fifteen thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison-gas, just as hundreds of thousands of our best German workers from every social stratum and from every trade and calling had to face it in the field, then the millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain. On the contrary: If twelve thousand of these malefactors had been eliminated in proper time probably the lives of a million decent men, who would be of value to Germany in the future, might have been saved”.

  6. Hitler was a polish nationalist ,he made an agreement with a right wing Polish government in 1938 to invade czechoslovakia with Poland to recioeve tscetsin province.
    Hitler was a marxist lenninist ,he made the Nazi-Soviet pact to give the USSR the whole of eastern Poland.
    Hitler was a British imperialist ,Hitler gave Britain assurances about the British imperial terrortories in return for peace ,so he could attack the USSR.
    Hitler was an islamicist ,he met the grand mufti of Jerusalem to obtain support in his struggle against “world Jewry” and bolchevism.
    Hitler was simply machiavelli ,Livingstones simplistic cherry picking from of histolical events ,shows why this man shouldn’t run a whelk stall let alone a city.

  7. Your statement that Herzl converted to Christianity took me by surprise. I can’t find any reference to it. Before he became a Zionist he did toy with the idea of mass conversion to Christianity as a solution to the ‘Jewish problem’, but as he had a Jewish funeral it seems unlikely he carried this through personally.

  8. MC, Yah has your back, in ways that you may not even know of. You and yours were chosen but this goy was adopted. The daily hate that is on your border is the enemy’s testimony of Yah’s love for you and yours. Keep looking up, dies irae is closer than you think.

  9. “anti-Semitism are inextricably linked in history”
    Seems we’re doomed to repeat mistakes;

    Edward Gibbon- Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire;

    “The temple of the Christian world, the church of the Resurrection, [187] was demolished to its foundations; the luminous prodigy of Easter was interrupted, and much profane labour was exhausted to destroy the cave in the rock, which properly constitutes the holy sepulchre. At the report of this sacrilege, the nations of Europe were astonished and afflicted; but, instead of arming in the defence of the Holy Land, they contented themselves with burning or banishing the Jews, as the secret advisers of the impious Barbarian.”

  10. Herzl never converted to Christianity. He once floated the idea of solving the “Jewish Question” by pushing the bulk of the Jewish community towards the baptismal font but would have refrained from doing so himself. However, his troubled son Hans did indeed convert before eventually committing suicide.

  11. “…and was a Christian’s answer…

    Just couldn’t help yourself, could you?  You didn’t use his name in that sentence. You just boxed and labeled him as a veiled  inditement against all Christians

    You just had to get that dig in. Slander all Christians by one man’s actions?

    *Real* Christians are horrified by any and all anti-Semitic beliefs and actions.

    “There is no neutrality between the fireman and the fire”.
    ~Winston Churchill

    This is what *REAL* Christians believe. We are firemen united with Israel  against the savages trying to murder you in every way they can, even if our traitorous government is not.  

    This is the sort of offhand comment that pours gas on the anti-Semites’ hatred. After reading that I promptly forgot all you wrote prior.  I will skip any and all posts by you in the future. I sincerely hope that belief isn’t one that is widespread in Israel. I also sincerely hope that you don’t encourage it.

    Your personal supremacy skirt is showing, MC.

    • Bill, I’m allowing your comment because I want MC to see it, but I must say that I think you have the wrong end of the stick.

      The full context of what he was saying was this: “Herzl, the father of Zionism, was a convert to Christianity… So Zionism was a reaction to gross anti-Semitism, and was a Christian’s answer to the Jewish problem pre-WW1.”

      That is, Herzl, having become a Christian, saw Zionism as a way to save the Jews, having realized that mass-conversion to Christianity would not accomplish the same purpose.

      Others have taken issue with the assertion that Herzl had converted to Christianity. Nevertheless, that, in essence, is the essence of MC’s argument, and I don’t see it as anti-Christian.

    • I am sorry this offended you, Herzl was a strange chap who had a Christmas tree and if he was not Christian (he is considered so in some Israeli circles), he was certainly not Jewish in his beliefs. His idea was that Jews should assimilate (become Christianized) to avoid anti-Semitism. He wanted a Jewish state (Zionism) in order to ‘Europeanize’ Jewry without provoking further pogroms and lynchings.

      Herzl’s answers, whether Christian or not, saved the lives of many Jews and he is revered here in Israel.

      As it was, it was the seculars who proved to be the real problem, they are the ones who specialized in extermination……

      • I enjoyed your article and am not offended but simply wanted to set the record straight. Herzl was an assimilationist but political (as opposed to cultural ) Zionism was peopled by individuals of the same stripe, such as Max Nordau. It can be argued that modern secular Zionism is the fruit of European anti-Semitism and failed assimilation coupled with the old dream of returning to the biblical home land.

      • MC: Having a Christmas tree doesn’t make you a Christian! It simply makes you assimilated, which was Herzl’s aim both in regards to European Jewry & to the Jewish state.

        • Many German-speaking political Zionists of Herzl’s period observed secularized versions of Christian holidays as a way of identifying with the German culture they loved without converting.

          Ruth Gay’s book “The Jews of Germany: A Historical Portrait” features a satirical cartoon from a Jewish periodical dealing with this very topic. In it, some proud parents are presenting a Christmas gift to their son because he is a member of the Blau-Weiss Zionist youth movement. The irony was thus apparent to prescient observers even during the epoch in question.

          • The Alawites in Syria celebrate Christian feasts; just one reason why IS want them gone.

    • Bill

      Somewhat of a misreading and somewhat extreme even if your misreading was not a misreading. If I converted to Buddhism and somebody wrote that my idea “…was a Buddhist’s answer…” I can’t envisage any Buddhist being outraged and deeming it a slur upon Buddhists. It would be rightly seen as a comment upon me.

      The “personal supremacy skirt is showing” quip has very disturbing undertones. Very. And says far more about you than you probably intended to reveal.

      • Thank-you JM, Although of Jewish descent. Herzl was not ‘Jewish’ and did not ‘think’ Jewish, he had assimilated into the German society of his time, he flirted with Roman Catholicism but never formally converted because that would mean that his Father would have to sit shiva (the mourning of the dead) on him,

        If it walks like a German Christian and talks like a German Christian then what is it? A European secularist?

        What he was was a pragmatist, trying to work a solution to a problem that remains intractable even today (see Julius O’Malley 8 May 3:16 above above). I much admire the Christian contribution to this world and I think my writing generally reflects that, but I do not go for the Trinity or the idea of dispensationalism where Yah seems to change his mind every thousand years or so. I can assure readers that there was no overt intent to impune Christianity, on the contrary, Herzl and Jabotinsky between them saved an enormous number of lives, and it is a crying shame that the Weizmann/Ben Gurion/socialist camp gained so much power in and over the emerging state.

  12. So why didn’t he simply say “Herzl”? He had already established Herzl was a convert (at least he believed he was). This is the type of “stealth” comment that’s slipped into articles here in the U.S. “unbiased” press all the time, both spoken and in print against Christians. I might go as far as to call it a “dog whistle”.

    Haters of Israel and Jews in general love to latch onto to this sort of thing as more proof that Jews have an anti-Christian bias. Moreover, the Leftist press loves this sort of thing coming out of the keyboards of nationalistic Jews. This only confirms their suspicions of Jews that, deep down, they harbor at least a soft bigotry and quiet, deep-seated supremacy. Just think of what moslums could do with a comment like this. Sew divisions galore.

    I visit white supremacy sites once in a while just to remind myself of their hatred of Jews. I know how they think and of the smallest things thy will use to “prove” their points.  It is frightening, but still good to keep in the back of my head. (Know your enemy and all that.)

    In the much larger sense, Jews and Christians are on the same page. We worship the same God, recognize that the Old Testament  is God-breathed and know that the State of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy. I didn’t see any of that recognition in his essay, but to read those few words in his closing made me wonder if he realizes the depth of our commitment to Israel.

    MC simply didn’t have to use that terminology, but he chose to do so anyway. I think it was a proverbial “Freudian Slip”.

    We decry this sort of thing when it comes to Israel and Jews but never call it out when it comes to Christians, regardless of the source. We simply don’t need this sort of thing from “friends”. It is worse than unhelpful, it is destructive.  I, for one, am shocked that nobody else here bothered mentioned it, even in passing.

    I stand by my comment 100%. MC needs to do some proofreading at the very least. Perhaps a bit of proofreading of his subconscious as well.

    • All I will say Bill is that this tells me more about your prejudices than about my own, this is a storm of your own making in the teacup of your imagination. You are making some erroneous assumptions which turn the comment into a rant that does you no credit.

      • I would recommend to you two videos from the UK “Destiny of Britain” which covers the British Christian roots of Zionism, and its sequel, “Forsaken Promise”. These are overtly Christian films made by Hatikvah Film Trust

      • MC: I see this accusation of double standards all the time. More often it’s applied to Israel & migration like a trump card – as if there’s a monolithic Jewish world population applying one approach to Israel & another to the rest of the world. Some people with unshakable prejudices are determined to find supposed double standards in the most innocuous of comments.

  13. MC–

    Caroline Glick has a column today, with these memorable lines:

    As far as the British polite classes are concerned, an anti-Semite remains someone who hates Jews more than is absolutely necessary.

    Perfect. I’ve always been interested in the strain of anti-Semitism running through the upper classes in England. After reading enough of Anthony Trollope’s fiction I think I understand it better than I did (thank heavens for Kindle: I’d never have dragged all those books home from the library and there are lots of free Kindle versions of his works). Anti-Semitism among the landed gentry was a set-up. Young, indolent men with no skills and no profession but a future of money waiting for them, borrowed on the principal. And guess who they borrowed from?? The very people they barred from so many occupations…those lisping Jews with all the jewels.

    What a vile system, the English nobility. It wasted so many lives. The prime example in our own time is Bonnie Prince Charlie, standing around waiting for Mum to die. Beastly.

    Here’s Glick’s essay:

    • I forgot to mention that Trollope is accused of anti-Semitism because he wrote so tellingly of the system. But reading his autobiography, one realizes it’s not true. I mean, the man even liked the Irish.

      In his work for the postal system in England and Ireland, he was responsible for twice-a-day deliveries and also those ubiquitous, iconic postal boxes.

      • Shakespeare and Dickens were/are also accused of anti-Semitism, but these were men who wrote about what they observed, Dickens’ social commentary is profound, and he should be given the benefit of any doubt, and not judged by the values and mores of another age. Same with Twain and Conrad, and even Dorothy L Sayers; deeply Christian but writing in a way which would not be acceptable in our modern PC hothouse.

        I have only read Trollope’s ‘Churchianity’ novels and I must correct that.

  14. It always intrigues me: in 1945 the Soviet Union just grabbed the northern half of East Prussia and, after depopulating it of Germans in the most brutal manner imaginable, kept it. It has devolved to Russian ownership and now sits as a geographical “outlier” or “exclave” of Russia, separated from it by Lithuania and Belarus. Kaliningrad Oblast, as it is now known, isn’t much smaller than Israel: 15,100 km2 (5,800 sq mi) as against 20,770 km2 (8,019 sq mi).

    Oddly nobody cares. Nobody, apart from some isolated, and very old, voices in Germany, has ever asked the Soviet Union/Russia to give it back. Why? Russian has no historical entitlement to it.

    So when MC writes:

    “The Arab league made war against Israel (assisted by the British and their ex-Nazi cronies) and lost, so the same rulings which applied against Ottoman Turk and German Nazi warmongers should have applied, BUT SOMEHOW IT IS NEVER STRAIGHTFORWARD WHERE JEWS ARE CONCERNED.[My upper casing]”

    one can’t help but agree. If Jordan and Egypt had won in 1948 and split “Cisjordanian Palestine” between themselves, nobody* would be remotely concerned today. Done and dusted. It certainly wouldn’t be in the news this century and there wouldn’t be any Palestinians for Corbyn/Livingstone/Carter/Sweden/Norway to care about. Of course Syria would have waged war after war to wrest the territory off Jordan (unless successful the first time around which it probably would have been) and, possibly Egypt, given the relative population size favours Egypt, Syria may have been reluctant to take on Cairo.

    *Apart from the relatives of the hundreds of thousands of Jews murdered and those praying “Next year, in Jerusalem”.

  15. There is a mistake in this article. Judith Cummins is the MP for Bradford South. Naz Shah is the MP for Bradford East having beaten Respect candidate George Galloway another arch anti semite.

  16. Fundamentally the Nazis simply wanted Jews “gone” – from Germany and from what became the greater Reich. Hitler always hated Jews, he does seem to have gone mad, but that was not what made him kill them. The Nazis would have been very happy for Jews to go to Palestine and initially actively supported that. In that sense they could be described as Zionists, perhaps. The “final” solution was not called final because death was final but because it was the endgame. Of the Nazis 12 years in power only the last four involved organised murder, it did not begin until 1941. For German Jews even later. In 1941 Himmler said they would not resort to murder like the Russians had. He changed his mind of course.

    • Zionism is not dispossessing Jews and sending them to ‘Palestine’ this is exactly the gross distortion that Livingston is guilty of. In his rush to besmirch Israel and Jews with ‘Nazism’ Livingston totally glosses over the ethnic cleansing that was behind his so called zionism. One thing (amongst many) that Israel is not guilty of is ethnic cleansing, and despite opportunities in 1948, 67 and 73, and although there were incidences of villages being ‘evacuated’ in these conflicts, it is what happens in wars, and to try and call isolated incidents of Israel evacuating civilians ‘ethnic cleansing’, is to justify calling the victim the aggressor, this is gross anti-Semitism especially since Livingston holds no other communities to the same account.

      The Zionism of Herzl et al, was the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in Eretz Israel, a place where Jews can come and go as they please, not by enforced expulsion.

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