“You Europeans Cannot Differentiate Between Good and Evil… For This Mistake You Will All Pay”

The following video warning by a Syrian man was first aired by an Italian channel, with the Arabic portions subtitled in Italian. It was later subtitled in German. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation from the German subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes for the English subtitling:


0:04   Don’t take this personally, but you Europeans are really dumb.
0:10   You cannot differentiate between Good and Evil, just like that pig Hollande.
0:16   They murdered 160 of his own people in cold blood, one after the other.
0:26   They can’t wait to come to Italy to do the same thing here.
0:35   These terrorists came into our house, they took our women…
0:40   …to rape them.
0:43   And you let them all come to Europe… they are all ISIS and al-Nusra.
0:53   While here all Christians, “Dursi” and Alawites, fight them.
1:04   For this mistake you will all pay, and if you don’t pay, your children will pay.
1:11   Everyone you let into your countries, they are our trash!
1:18   You will regret this.
1:22   There will be explosions in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Serbia…
1:31   They will stay until they have cut the head off every last one of you.

40 thoughts on ““You Europeans Cannot Differentiate Between Good and Evil… For This Mistake You Will All Pay”

  1. Why is it so difficult for “modern, enlightened, mature, advanced, civilized, Continent of Reason and Renaissance, Liberal and free from Christianity-Judaism illusions, . . . to understand axioms a 5 year old muslima can?

    Hey civilized Britain and Humanist Scandinavians . . . save yourselves and Europe.

    • You can’t fix stupid. I imagine there is an aspiring new imperial power somewhere in the world watching and waiting out the current western European countries self mutilation and shameless cavorting with Islamic fools and idiots. If the Muslim fifth column gets kicked out before they kick us out, I imagine a parting comment would be, “What kept you so long. Haha”.

    • Awakening a sleeping guy is easy, but awakening someone in a gesture of sleeping is impossible.

  2. I have received letters in America from highly intelligent persons, maybe a teacher in a faraway small college who could do much for the renewal and salvation of his country, but his country cannot hear him because the media are not interested in him. This gives birth to strong mass prejudices, to blindness, which is most dangerous in our dynamic era. There is, for instance, a self-deluding interpretation of the contemporary world situation. It works as a sort of a petrified armor around people’s minds. Human voices from 17 countries of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia cannot pierce it. It will only be broken by the pitiless crowbar of events.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, A World Split Apart, Harvard University speech, 8 June 1978.

    • Solzhenitsyn’s perceptive analysis of the power of the media to influence public opinion, although dating to 1978, is chillingly accurate today. Thanks for the quote. I found his speech and will read it all.

      We are now witnessing “the pitiless crowbar of events” as it gains momentum, especially in Europe. As this breaks through the armour of denial and political correctness which acts as a barricade around the mind, the huge cost of the uncontrolled migration into Europe will become apparent—but at that point there might be little left to do but pay the bill. I truly hope that there will be some way to stem the destruction-to-come.

      This Syrian man has a full grasp of the situation. His incredulity at Europeans’ “dumbness” is passionate; his prediction of future grief is chilling.

      • Precisely. AS shows that the problem is not new, and mature reflection, in which I occasionally indulge, leads me to suspect that the actors helping to emplace the armor of denial then are the very same ones who are so busy today working to keep the people somnolent and complacent.

        James Kunstler is somewhat excitable and tends to confuse rough drafts of his political analysis with his grocery shopping list at times but he is not without penetrating insights. I quite like his recent observation that:

        “The grand entrance of Trump, with his unfiltered mouth, into the political arena becomes a preliminary argument for sweeping away the accumulated sclerotic political baggage of four generations lucky enough to have lived in a world that briefly allowed to fantasy to override the laws of physics and human nature.”

        I don’t see why anyone’s entrance into the political arena is such an argument. The influence of fantasy is per se an argument for its abandonment at any time, but that’s just me. Notwithstanding, Kunstler is terrific on the point of the American embrace of fantasy.

  3. He gets what happening. How is it that the stupid politicians don’t get it?

  4. The man has a point! However our leaders in Europe will dismiss this as Islamaphobia even though this man is a Muslim and has experienced the horror of Islamic extremism first hand.
    Remember the “far right attackers” driving the car into the Muslim woman recently and all the publicity it attracted? Now it is revealed that the two occupants of the car were MUSLIMS! Where are the editorial corrections or retractions? Absolutely nowhere of course!
    In Austria less than 1% of thousands of immigrants have enrolled on higher education courses (just over 100) leaving the rest to live on welfare for the rest of their lives as they are barely literate. However according to mutti Merkel Austria would benefit from the influx of highly qualified engineering and medical students.
    The European Continent is now being led by a cadre of insane, deluded politicians and unless the citizenry awake from their stupor it is doomed.

    • I cannot tell whether the speaker is a Muslim. Remember, not all Arabs are Muslims.

      • Time was when Syria (apart from Lebanon) was roughly 25% Christian of various stripes.

  5. Almost everyone can tell the difference between good and evil.

    Unfortunately, how a person judges what is good and what is evil depends entirely on the framework of the belief system that they have been indoctrinated in, usually from an early age. In other words, the person’s cultic belief system determines how they will assess the good or evil of almost anything that happens. Once you know the nature of a person’s cultic belief system, the opinions that they will espouse on almost any matter becomes almost completely predictable.

    It doesn’t matter whether the cultic belief is based on religion, political affiliation, or a blend of both in various proportions. Nearly everyone will be inclined to use their personal framework of beliefs to assess whether or not something is good or something is evil. There is also a strong tendency of a cultist to refuse to read up on anything that might come into conflict with that person’s religious-political-cultic belief system.

    I’ve had a personal experience with this particular cult like behaviour after a discussion with an acquaintance, a self-styled atheist and solid progressive, who insisted that the teachings of the Koran were no different to teachings of Jesus. He could actually quote from memory three (somewhat mangled) verses from the Koran, all three of which I knew were actually abrogated and deemed to be null and void. I’m in the habit of carrying in my tote bag a 20-page printout with a table listing all 246 abrogated verses together with the abrogating verse alongside.

    He refused to even look at the printout. When I began to quote one of the three ‘nice’ verses he had just inaccurately quoted he just got up and walked away, probably forever. I don’t really care.

    It is not stupidity that my acquaintance or, for that matter, the Antifas thugs, suffer from but the same form of insanity suffered by leaders of the various elective dictatorships like Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, the whole Swedish Government, and many others. For his own peace of mind, his cultic belief system had to remain intact at all costs and if, in order to continue to be a good progressive, he had to convince himself that Islam was a good religion, then that was all he needed to know about it.

    • Great story. I have a great friend who runs a business in a small town in the U.S. Midwest. She told me that business has been good for her under Obama so she supports him. She’s wonderfully creative and realistic where business and personal relations are involved. To say the least, she’s very open-minded about different belief systems. But here she chooses not to investigate past the “business has been good” idea.

      Another great friend, hugely intelligent and funny, told me Obama has not been as successful as he might in his presidency because he’s “too conservative.” At first, I thought he was pulling my leg.

      The First Step of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program is “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” It seems that alcoholism and political stupidity are closely related. Lots of people live out-of-control lives due to various addictions with consequences that range from inconvenience to catastrophe. They start to get better when they recognize that what they are addicted to is either a slow poison or a fast one.

      Europeans, not to pick on them, at this very hour can see evidence of chaos and disintegration with their own eyes and live lives that are on the verge of unmanageability.

      One way or another, people like your friend are going to come back to you and ask to see your list again. I suspect though that the hour will be late when they do.

      • I agree it is too late when the Europeans ‘wake up’ from this ‘dream’ the nightmare will be evident ,it’s over for them.

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people go into some degree of denial of reality at a young age and just stay there because it seems to be working for them. Only when something goes so wrong that their survival seems in danger do they start to question whether or not this is working.

        Denial stopped working for me when I was about 7 years old so I don’t seem to be as prone to it as most.

    • To Ahem:

      Referring to your ‘cultic believe system’, that works only in an undisturbed environment. That’s why the media doesn’t report and even actively manipulates and falsifies, for the time being; same with politicians. Essentially, they either allowed themselves to be manipulated, miscalculated/deluded themselves, and now have lost control.

      Cultic believe system? That goes to pieces (very) quickly, depending on how troubles closes in.

      Let me put it this way, a certain level of trouble will make a certain number of people uncomfortable, say 30% for arguments sake. It will raise alarm bells in another 10% or 20%. Again, just to illustrate.

      When the level and intensity of trouble increases, so will the numbers of those disturbed by it, further, an additional number of people will look for or consider radical solutions.

      And so on and so forth.

      To put it differently, when the threat is direct and individually, or to be perceived as such, approx 99% of the people will dump any cultic believe system. Sheer instinct of survival cuts in, and eliminates or negates everything else.

      No problem to convince people that snow is warm, cozy and beautiful, everyone will agree after a while. But once they start freezing, matters will become unpleasant for those who did the convincing. Trace human history as far back as you want, it holds always true. Except for a few kamikazes.

    • My fellow Finnish co-worker, someone I had to co-operate with for a few months, once advised me to stop being a racist and taught me that “in the beginning everyone was a Jew, then they changed to Christianity and now it’s time to convert to islam”. haha! Simple and straight forward for the uneducated mind! But of course being a well-paid skilled worker bestows certain authorities to take liberties like that. The know-it-all boys have no respect for anyone, and why should they?

      • Reminds me of that student a few months back, I believe it was in California, she was holding up a sign: “I love the Quran” and beaming into the camera…

        What did T.J.Barnum say? “There’s one born every minute…”

  6. Welcoming the murderous, rapist enemies into their homelands proves Europeans are dumb and cowardly people and lack futuristic thinking. Also Europeans have lost survival instincts like fighting for their territory, fighting the enemy, and defending their women- Evolution mercilessly sends those creatures extinct who lose evolutionary instincts of survival. Europeans will soon be converted to Islam, dispossessed, and white women and girls taken, many Europeans will die in genocide, rest will run as refugees probably to Eastern and Southern European nations, and to Russia. Caliph Angela Merkel has secret collaboration with wily thug Erdogan to turn Germany and Europe Islmic Caliphates.

    • If Europeans will soon be converted to Islam, then at least they will have a future and a cause greater than themselves to make sacrifices for. Even if they end up turning Europe into a moral cess-pit.

    • Steven, WE did not invite the MENA trash into our lands, our so-called ‘leaders’ did.

      That said, it’s absolutely shocking how many people in the western world have indeed been brainwashed into believing we are helping poor, dispossessed, traumatized people, when in fact up to 90% of the migrants are healthy young men–who were the first to run from their countries, instead of fighting for them.
      Some will say, they’re unarmed. Funny thing there, only criminals seem to have unlimited access to arms….

    • My of my, so much hatred towards Europeans, even evolution makes an appearance.

      Here’s some news for you: The Marxists didn’t manage to ‘create the new man’ in 80 years, what makes think that the last 20 or 30 years have changed Europeans so profoundly – as you so smugly wish?

      Lost their survival instincts? Hilarious. The most violent and brutal nations on earth have lost the survival instincts? Dear child, wake up. How?

      In Europe there’s already a lot of fighting. State side? Rather quiet. Even though the Muslims kill a lot more Americans in the US than Europeans in Europe. In fact, one could believe that killing Americans is a Muslim hobby. That includes members of the military. But of course, none of that has anything to do with Islam… How silly of me.

      May I make a suggestion? It is a lot better when people watch each others backs, support each other, and cooperate – instead of being smug, and reveling in the problems and misfortunes of others. Of course, I realize, that requires moral fiber; and some brains as well.

      • I’m not trying to excuse the insults, I agree it isn’t helpful, but there is something that might help explain why Americans would feel this way. I’ve encountered some arrogant and condescending Europeans who get very insulting toward Americans over issues like private ownership of firearms. (The worse I’ve encountered online was an Austrailian, though he was an academic elitist so not a very good example of the average. There are similar Americans.)

        These days, rather than get insulting, I try to point out that underlying cultural assumptions about the role of the state (such as the degree to which the state has a monopoly on physical security) are different. And yes I do point out what the drawbacks are for security and state accountability. I don’t know if anyone feels insulted, but they might if I point out that some assumption are more typical of a traditional monarchy (as opposed to a constitutional monarchy or constitutional republic.)

      • Europe has totally lost its survival instincts. WWI and WWII beat it out of them. I had some German neighbors growing up, and they were total pacifists because of WWII. If you ask me I think a lot of it stems from this event as to why opinions are what they are today. Moral fiber requires some common morality to endorse and a group ethos to want to back it. That all started being questioned after WWII. The nihilist culture of today can’t find it’s way to criticize anything, because it does not believe in anything. If your neighbor does not share a common culture with you, will he defend your right to exist? Do you even have a local community you can trust? I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you can rediscover what is the importance of community and a shared value system.

        • To dhans:

          Continents don’t have any instincts whatsoever. For people, that means humans, to lose their instincts acquired over hundreds of thousands of years… I wonder what an anthropologist would say. I wouldn’t want to hear it.

          See my reply to Ahem above: https://gatesofvienna.net/2016/04/you-europeans-cannot-differentiate-between-good-and-evil-for-this-mistake-you-will-all-pay/#comment-444492

          If you can change human instincts, which are hundreds of thousands of years old, over a few decades, you’re a billionaire! Do governments have work for you….

        • Your comment is very interesting as it explains far more than the theory that Germans are afflicted with terrible guilt over what they grandfathers did in WWII.

          Rather, it is pacifism that motivates Germans and other Europeans who suffered loss of family, home, livelihood, and even freedom in the case of e. Europe. And this was on top of the devastation of WWI.

          We forget how dreadful modern warfare became after 1900 and the casualty toll was horrific. Warfare before had not caused anything like the destruction that came later.

          It is easy to see that a great many people would see that modern war is not worth the candle. One of the forces Churchill had to overcome in the 1930s was the pacifism in British society that grew out of WWI.

          The great political passions and the dashing of many bright dreams of social transformation and economic abundance must surely have led to a cooling of enthusiasm for all “isms.” Even the tried and true thinking that had matured over the centuries was discredited for having been unable to tame the destructive potential of the modern state.

          What remains is a population that is passive and uninterested in defending anything except what immediately benefits them. Exhibit A is yesterday’s riot(s) in France over legislation proposing to allow longer working hours. Pandemonium! Aux barricades! But vote out leaders who flood your country with savages? Yawn. What’s one country over any other?

  7. “A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.”

    Robert Frost

  8. Every day in conversations I ask one question that most cannot give me an honest answer. How can we tell who is a wolf and who are the sheep? I get the usual BS as to the hand wringing,not ‘hurting a certain group’s feelings’, I am close to being accused to be cold and heartless, and callous. Most folks are blind and oblivious to the danger we face, it’s 15 yrs. since 9/11 and the image still remains in my head the thousands of our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters jumping out of that inferno 1/4 mile off of the ground, the 343 FDNY Firefighters the NYPD and Port Authority Officers that perished in that carnage in the name of a deity. The continuing small and large scale terrorist attacks here and abroad are dealt with almost a casual matter of fact attitude by the MSM (the government media complex), the political class and academia. It is just sickening the pompous bluster and lip service we are bombarded with after each attack

    • Try asking them this. Given that it is impossible to vet the refugees, what percentage of terrorists mixed in with the refugees would be acceptable to you in the name of tolerance, and would not a equally compassionate solution be to provide for them in their own country, thus not putting anyone at risk over here?

      • It has been stated that the aid dollars would assist a greater number of folks if it was distributed in or near the area of conflict. Sadly that would put a damper on the Globalists devious master plan, and the profiteering of the politically connected ‘charity groups’ perpetrating the ‘refugee racket’ with as usual our tax dollars.

        • BF- I couldn’t agree more. “refugee resettlement” is big business and it makes me sick that Christian “charities” are the perpetrators.
          Western nations could build the Ritz Carlton (with their own swimming pools) of refugee enclaves with the money we currently spend to support them in our countries.
          The way things are currently working, everyone gets a piece of the action…

        • That is, of course, the common sense solution that contrasts starkly with Merkel’s “not to bring them here conflicts with ‘European values'” nonsense.

          Even more to the point, the globalists are dead set against turning off the engine that mass produces refugees in the first place. Another obvious solution is to give aid to the Syrian government to protect, resettle and rebuild but that is simply out of the question. Assad Must Go! is the only permitted war cry (as opposed to Stop the Madness!) and the battles between CIA-supported Kurds and DOD-supported al Qaida “rebels” from Chechnya, SA, Libya, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Scandiland, and Belgium must go on at all costs.

    • I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Unfortunately most people are walking around trying to optimize for maximum social approval and minimum social disapproval. Any thinking that interferes with that is suppressed by denial.

      We’re supposed to have moral leaders, but most of those people have effectively gone AWOL. The only hope is for random people like us to risk social disapproval in order to demonstrate moral leadership, but this is difficult since most of us have no official role to aid us in this.

  9. Reminds of the Congolese ambassador to UN in Geneva who said that he could not believe that Europeans were accepting the refuse of Africa. That was back in 2011.

    – I feel sorry for the children who are harmed because the adults choose not to act. I do not care about the adults: male or female.

  10. What he means is of course that the West cannot see that their decadent manner of life is evil and that they should convert to Islam which he thinks is pure and good.
    And in one respect I agree with him.
    The left wing and indeed majority of Western people can indeed not differentiate between good and evil.They are too afraid to differentiate between good and evil ,because whenever they venture an opinion they risk being branded an untouchable by the P.C organs of state and the media and loosing their livelihood and their friends and possibly being charged with and locked up for Islamophobia or racism..They cannot see or dare not say that Islam is an evil retrograde totalitarian, belief system incompatible with democracy. (Democracy in comparison is a good system worth fighting for).
    And that is this why the West has not resisted the Muslim invasion up until now.

  11. Sorry I misjudged the guy .Obviously he is a Christian or a Yazidi ,not a Muslim.Clearly he has been persecuted by the various Islamic terrorists trying to destabilize and take over Syria wholesale.

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