Will Angela Merkel be Sacrificed at the Bilderberg Meeting in June?

These are paranoia-inducing times, and nothing is more paranoiafacient (yes, I know that’s a non-canonical mix of Greek and Latin) than the Bilderberg Group. The following article from Kopp Verlag examines what German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be facing at the next Bilderberg meeting. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Bilderberg 2016: is Merkel Scheduled for “Liquidation” in Dresden?

by Andreas von Rétyi
April 18,2016

In the context of the US presidential election, the Bilderbergers have in the past liked to meet on American soil. Exceptions prove the rule. And 2016 is such an exception. Although the upper-echelon secret meeting has taken place in Europe three times in a row, the conference in June will be in Dresden. Are there deeper reasons for this? What does this choice of location signal?

History has shown repeatedly that politicians — up to and including US presidents — are interchangeable puppets. The grand direction is determined elsewhere. Even the almost universally desired “turn” from Bush to Obama confirmed that. In this Punch and Judy show, old puppets are exchanged for new, and Bilderberg plays a decisive role. It is an election year again in the US. And the puppets are being exchanged again.

The history of Bilderberg is instructive. Neither the choice of location nor the choice of participants is random. And if this year’s meeting is not in the USA in spite of the US election, then there are good reasons. Bundestag elections are soon. Angela Merkel wants to continue in office. The question is, will she be allowed to? Or will she be shot down in Dresden by the Bilderbergers?

The hardcore Bilderbergers have not only been maneuvering politicians into high office for decades, but have also punished quite a few of them, or taken them completely out of the running. Action is taken at will and as required. A quick look backward confirms it. As quickly becomes evident, many German politicians have been guests of the Bilderbergers, and shortly thereafter elected to high office.

For instance, Kurt Georg Kiesinger took part in the meeting for the first time in 1955, then again from 1958 on, becoming governor of Baden-Württemberg in that year and finally, in 1966, even federal chancellor. Helmut Schmidt was invited in 1973 by the Bilderbergers, and was then German chancellor from 1974 to 1982.

Similarly, Helmut Kohl participated in the meeting in 1980, 1982 and 1988, then served as “permanent chancellor” between 1982 and 1998. When he participated in the Bilderberg conference in the Telfs-Buchen hotel in the Austrian Tyrol, the agenda included — among other things — a “re-evaluation of the German question”! Just one year later, the Wall fell, and the globalists allowed the re-unification to be subsidized by the D-Mark — They had had to sacrifice Kohl.

He soon became the self-confident “Unity Chancellor” and expressed himself with astonishing clarity to former US President George H. W. Bush: “Freedom and self-determination are the basic values on which our alliance is based. They are also the core of the German question. No one has the right to deny them to the Germans of the GDR.” It almost seemed as if the globalists had prepared the words for him. And their interests went beyond those of America.

One may well ask how far the connection between participation in Bilderberg and a political career actually extends, and which is the chicken and which is the egg. A certain causality cannot be denied…

And it works in reverse too. The “Schröder case” confirms this. At the beginning of May, 2005, Gerhard Schröder was still greeting the Bilderberg participants in Bavarian Rottach-Egern, only to be “de-chancellored” and thereby superseded that same November by Angela Merkel. Schröder’s anti-Iraq War stance had become unbearable, at least for the American contingent.

In this respect, Schröder had proven to be an undependable friend. He seems to have had no illusions, and planned ahead in timely fashion, since he announced directly after leaving office his consultant’s position with the Swiss Ringler Concern. CEO Michael Ringler was already a part of the Bilderberg circle.

And Angela Merkel?

Is she now in position to be “shot down”? At the meeting in Dresden, as Schröder was in 2005? Hasn’t she done everything right? Hardly. There is so much the USA could be extremely unhappy with. Americans usually constitute more than 30% of Bilderberg’s steering committee. The USA has an increasingly critical attitude toward Turkey, while the chancellor is even allowing the author of a satirical poem on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to be criminally prosecuted, thus dealing a severe blow to freedom of expression and speech. Is that really the proper way to do things?

No question, the poem was anything but tasteful. It should not have been that way, of course. But, the US media ask, did Angela Merkel really have to accede to Erdogan’s demands? The Washington Post, sparing no words, says that Merkel’s waffling is encouraging other regimes to silence critics.

To what extent Angel Merkel is mistress of her own actions is no longer in question. But what unexpected, far-reaching dependencies may yet exist here? It is worth noting that the chancellor has for months been advised in the refugee question by the head of the European Stability Initiative (ESI). That is most significant, if you know that ESI is essentially supported by the Open Society Network of George Soros.

Lame-duck President Obama always kept the multi-billionaire at a distance , which nagged at Soros for a long time. Under the Clintons, that was quite different. So the 85-year-old stock market guru is massively supporting Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, so as to possibly regain influence in the White House in the future.

In June 1991, William Jefferson Clinton was still governor of Arkansas. At that time, the Bilderbergers were meeting in Baden-Baden. Bill Clinton was in on it at that time. In 1992, he was nominated as candidate for president. Had he also been decided upon as US president in Germany?

At the 2015 Bilderberg meeting in Telf-Buchen, none of the actual US presidential candidates attended. How will Dresden 2016 look in this regard? There is as yet no official list of participants. Will this turn out to be a historic meeting at a historic locale — a meeting where the next US president is chosen and the chancellor from the east of Germany is really shot down?

There are many questions. And anything seems possible. On the New York Times editorial page as early as February was the lead “The End of the Merkel Era”, and the NYT columnist called for the chancellor’s resignation. Under the heading “Germany at the Abyss”, Ross Douthat declared openly that Angela Merkel must go, “so that Germany — and the continent that surrounds it — do not have to pay too high a price for her stupidity.” Because the course she had chosen to take in the refugee crisis leads directly to chaos.

Her support of Erdogan in the Böhmermann poem affair — this from the Washington Post — was actually determined by Erdogan’s important role in the European refugee crisis. She wanted to avert a diplomatic crisis. But the crisis has arrived.

Bilderberg may also have some reckoning to do with Merkel — not just since yesterday and not for the first time at the upcoming meeting. It looks like one of history’s desired ironies, that Bilderberg should meet in that very city where the resistance to refugee policy was manifested most unmistakably. Apparently there is a desire to make history again in this deeply historical city, even if clandestinely.

Against what background and of what iconic nature is yet to be revealed. In 1785, for the Freemason lodge “At the Three Swords”, Friedrich Schiller wrote Ode to Joy, which was set to music by Ludwig van Beethoven in the last movement of his 9th symphony. The instrumental version of its main theme is famously found in the anthem of the European Union (cf. also Brussels, July, 2014). There is literally already a surfeit of historical reminiscences in Dresden. But whether the anthem will be the end of it, or the Bilderbergers simultaneously put the skids under the chancellor, we may soon learn.

Andreas von Rétyi has just published “George Soros — the multibillionaire, his global network and the end of the world as we know it.”

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  1. Originally “Ode to Freedom”, but this was too soon after the French Revolution, and Schiller had to change it. When Leonard Bernstein gave the Ninth in Berlin in December 1989, with forces from the former East and West Germany and other European nations, he restored the original text.

    • I had a recording of that rendition of the 9th…well worth picking up if you can find it!

  2. Ever tried to put a jacket on a cat that doesn’t want it? That’s a whole lot easier than controlling a politician.

  3. Why would they toss her under the bus? She’s been a steadfast promoter of “Islam über alles”.

  4. The underlying assumption on which all of that conspiracy theorist gobbledygook is based is that the Bilderbergers, with the aging former kapo, George Soros, as the main éminence grise, are a tightly disciplined group of super cunning, super astute, superhuman, super powerful demi gods whose every manipulation works as planned, to absolute perfection, in the manner of that rather silly Mission Impossible TV series of the 1970s.

    And yet, from the results we observe in Europe and North America during the previous few decades, if there really does exist a group of manipulative planners as all powerful as the article suggests then, to judge things solely by outcomes, they resemble far more a crowd of clueless, drunken chimpanzees who don’t know what they’re doing and are totally incapable of developing a plan containing any trace of coherence or sanity.

    What is happening in Europe is not the result of any kind of intelligent master plan with a carefully thought out set of objectives. It is more likely the result of ‘take each day at a time’ bureaucratic inertia on the part of the world’s collection of elective dictatorships, all of which are ruled by political cultists and power seekers who are under no obligation to take any notice of anyone from the general population who might have a modicum of common sense. All existing constitutions, including those that are supposedly ‘democratic’, have been carefully designed to ensure that the people have no genuine representation and no power to influence those who have managed to ‘white ant’ themselves into positions of power, about which Lord Acton – had he been a more realistic and honest thinker – would have said: The corrupt seek power. The absolutely corrupt seek absolute power.

    Unless some future military junta – for many will arise – is willing to develop and install a system of representation based on the Ancient Greek concept of sortition, with persons so selected to form a jury that would act as all powerful umpires (and umpires only) over the actions of politicians and judges, who may be elected/selected by conventional methods, there is not the remotest prospect of the current low level of political and social chaos being rolled back any time soon, and certainly not under the current debased and worthless political systems, all of which are based on the self-evident untruth that elective dictatorships are ‘democracies’.

    • I’m afraid that’s not true. Right now it’s one of the best moments for big business in Europe: salaries have been going down and blue collars are distributed into such different communities (muslims, ethnic europeans ans so on), that it mean that syndicates are doomed for the time being.

      If the goal was knocking down ethnic europeans workers, it has been a job nicely done. The future of Europe has been destroyed in the meanwhile, but don’t get wrong: that was no the goal. The end of Europe and the Western Civilization will be just a bloody collateral damage in the pursuit of cheap workforce.

    • When Alex Jones appeared on Andrew Neil’s politics show on the BBC, re Bilderberg, he eventually blew a gasket- Neil signaled Jones was nuts to the camera, while Jones could be heard ranting in the background.
      Whatever truth or information Jones had to share was dramatically undermined by his own performance.
      It was a staggeringly self-destructive and inept media performance….and for someone accused of being a conspiracy theorist- it was as if the Bilderberg Group had written the script for him, in order to discredit anyone reporting on their activities.
      I try to approach all info with an open mind, regardless of origin (and Infowars often publishes interesting info), but I find it very hard to look at anything Jones puts out, without that interview colouring my perception.


  5. Maybe the Bilderberg group meetings are only one of many group meetings, or symposiums, where the current orthodoxy is transmitted. They are one of many opportunities for ensuring group think. There are the places of ‘education’, otherwise referred to as schools. There are professional symposiums. There are trade associations’ get-togethers. There are mass media broadcasts, both written and audio-visual to indoctrinate the populace in general. No opportunity is lost. No living person is missed from the indoctrination. The Bilderberg group meetings cover the politicians. Everyone is subjected to indoctrination, from the mighty to the lowly.

  6. Bilderberg is more than politics. Considering that the owners of all the major media and many major industries are represented, its influence extends far beyond the political sphere. I think that this is why there is such a united front in the liberal/media, they get their direction at Bilderberg. However, I also think that Bilderberg is more analogous to the colonels in an army than the generals. The Bilderberg participants plan the tactics and execute them, but I think there are a few someone else’s that are actually doing the strategic planning, and that same group also does strategy for Agenda21 and Davos.

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