Turkish Influence in Germany: 970 Imams and €1,800,000,000 Per Year

Angela Merkel says that Islam belongs to Germany, but she may have reversed the relationship involved: based on the report below, Turkey is rapidly Islamizing Germany through the funding of mosques, imams, and other employees. The process is being done quite openly — Germany is becoming a province of Greater Turkey, and no one is trying to hide the fact.

Many thanks to Brunhilde for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In what is probably the most famous mosque in the world, the Blue Mosque of Istanbul,
00:04   it is of course Turkish imams who speak to the believers.
00:08   But it is not only here, but also in the mosques in Germany,
00:12   that Ankara exerts a great deal of influence. Turkey has sent about 970 imams
00:16   to Germany in each of the last five years.
00:20   The Turkish Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion [Registered Association],
00:24   known [by its Turkish acronym] as DITIB, is responsible for this, and confirmed these numbers
00:28   in response to an enquiry by Die Welt. DITIB is run through the Authority for Religious Matters
00:32   by the Turkish Prime Minister.
00:36   In this fiscal year, the Authority has at its disposal 6.7 [billion]Turkish lira,
00:40   about €1.8 billion.
00:44   With that money, mosques are built and maintained, and workers employed —
00:48   currently about 120,000

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  1. It’s all over for the non Muslims in Europe – and don’t the King and Queen of the fairies know it. When the ISIS offensive begins across Western Europe all those Turkish football fan supporters will be here there and everywhere cheering them on. From plush front rows couches the hate filled fifth columns see it all come apart. Tell me again exactly what was this great EU perversion supposed to demolish? It looks like ever closer union for the Muslims now in what used to be a united Christian Europe before the sicko EU. Not difficult to see why Erdogan is so excited.

  2. Hi all,

    slightly but not exactly off topic. But well worth noting. This morning I found this in PI (Politically Incorrect) Magazin, sat down and translated it into English:

    Resolution of the German Parliament (Bundestag) 13/4445 of 23 April 1996

    The Federal Republic of Germany condemns the Chinese migration policy into Tibet, because it destroys the Tibetian identity:

    […] In view that the Tibet has, throughout history, maintained its own ethnic, cultural ans religious identity, the Bundestag condemns the policies of the Chinese institutions/government departments, which are resulting in the destruction of the identity of the Tibetians. In particular the settling of large numbers of Chinese peoples in Tibet, forced abortions (rape). Also the political, religious and cultural persecution or undermining of the country, as well as the gradual subjugation of the country under a Chinese controlled administration. [..]

    The parliament demands that Federal Government (Bundesregierung) to urge the Chinese government to refrain from politics which will or could result in the destruction of Tibetian culture. As for instance the large number of Chinese migrants and the persecution of those Tibetians representing Tibetian culture or wanting to maintain it.

    According to a UN-Resolution, from 1990, the attempt to use mass migration in order to marginalize the indigenous population is reason for war! Germany confirmed and accepted that resolution.

    It says:

    The security council condemns the Iraqi attempts to change the demographic structure of the population of Kuwait, and to destroy the official documents of the government of Kuwait in reference to said demographic structure. {The actual English text will differ, in its wording, this has been translated from German}

    And the ‘Convention to avoid and punish genocide’ resolved in the general assembly of the UN as “Resolution 260 A (III)” on the 9 December 1948, which took legal force on the 12 January 1951:

    As genocide to be punished: “…Who deliberately attempts to destroy partially or completely a national, ethnic or religious group or people” by:

    1. Killing the members of such group / nation
    2. Causes severe bodily or psychological harm to members of such group / nation
    3. To cause within the nation or group conditions suitable to cause the complete, or partial, physical destruction of said group.
    4. Arranging for a reduction (or shift) in the birth pattern of said group
    5. Native children to be forced into the alien/migration/invading group

    It is interesting to not that what is illegal under international law, or UN resolution, and German government agreement, is being forced upon the German people; and by other governments upon the respective peoples, whilst China is condemned for the same actions in reference to Tibet.

    If we are not governed by hypocrites, liars and traitors, then those terms need to be refined.

    (PS: I trust a bit of cross posting will be appreciated and excused)

    • Sorry for a few typos and punctuation mark errors. This was translated over a morning coffee…

      Thanks for your understanding

  3. This is as bad, possibly worse than the river of money the Saudis have been pumping through Washington DC to influence the operation of the US government.

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