13 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on RT: “I’m Free Again — For How Long, Though?”

  1. I’m so glad and relieved for Tommy Robinson that he dodged this (latest) state sponsored legal bullet; however I think that he has now done enough, should take more of a back seat and that someone else should spearhead this fight.

    If Tommy continues as before I fear it could ruin his own life and those of his family; the British Establishment fear him and as a consequence will do all they can to see him killed or maimed in prison or spending the remainder of his days in and out of custody.

    It is commendable the amount of money that was raised to fund a proper legal defence for him, but the legal funds of the Home Office, police and CPS are (effectively) limitless and they don’t have to fundraise every time they wish to mount a speculative prosecution against him. Tommy has to be lucky every time – they don’t; if it had been a different judge sitting for his case the outcome could easily have been one which we wouldn’t be celebrating.

    • Having met TR, albeit briefly, I can say that I don’t think he will back down. Taking a back seat is not something he does, and not something he wants us to do, either.

      I made this video at the last Pegida UK.


      I think it speaks for itself, but just consider: this was a man who thought on April 2 that he was likely going to jail yesterday, and still had the courage to make that speech.

  2. The MSM cannot cover an event like this, too many questions for which they would have to print the answers. The public is on to them and they know it.

    So we will see the systematically avoid reporting anything except lovey-dovey Islamic teddy-bear pieces.

  3. On the one hand he will be left alone and alive as long as he does not rock the boat anymore, e.g. stays totally silent.

    On the other hand: He stood up against the System and that is something the System will never forgive or forget. They will kill him. Maybe by car accident or by introducing some fast acting cancer into his bloodstream or maybe he has undiagnosed Diabetes. Or he falls down a few stairs and a blood clot that was overseen kills him. Just like the NSU witnesses that died suddenly.

    • Sadly you are correct, most governments have the ‘resources’ to eliminate ‘problem citizens’, and divert all suspicion from themselves. I earnestly fear for Tommy’s safety and well being.

  4. I am glad to hear that Mr. Robinson is free again. I hope it remains that way, but I no longer trust the British (formerly great) to do the right thing any more.

  5. The man for all seasons come to mind. It is the death of Thomas More. Don’t rock the boat and you may live. And so, is it better to be a living rat than a dead lion?

    • Worry and be sad!

      There will be a lot of martyrs whether we like it or not. There will be many dead lions and dead rats. Why, human Nature is the same everywhere no matter what ethnicity or race.

      If Congo, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan . . . cannot solve their problems, so can’t France, Britain, Sweden, Norway, The Nederland, USA, or Germany, without blood and corpses. Who said that WARS are cyclic.

      Europe poor, miserable, starving, diseased, wars worse than those in Africa or Asia. Then rich, prosperous, glut, satiation, discontent then what? We have to have something to create wars: Let’s us collude with the devil and import muslims.

      Prosperity, watching soccer and hockey endlessly, never makes one wise : unfortunately, for human Race misery, death, pain, self-created problems out of stupidity, make us wise.

      Few conflicts have been solved with human brains. Many wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine . . . ) are created under horrible rubrics ( to install democracy and for human rights).

      The way Traitors think like devils it does not obviate the necessity for martyrs.

      And when Traitors deliberately choose stupidity, and we cannot do anything, we cannot oust them immediately when they lie or commit crimes indirectly, and thus wars are delayed, the cost in blood baths and corpses will be greater.

      Since eternity traitors were hanged, not glorified as it is now. And martyrs were exalted for defending their family and country.

      Why in the west Black is white and white black. And traitors,( [micturate] upon them ) talk about “values”.

      Values of extolling muslims and islam, day and night and after each atrocity?

      Hey, wake up and don’t turn the other cheek: if you do guess what will happen.

  6. All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. There are still good men out there willing to risk all. For us.

  7. Tommy has also done an interview with Jon Gaunt. It can be found at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdSgpOUd5Ok

    The video begins with a brief clip of Tommy outside the court house, and then goes into the interview with Jon Gaunt.

    There’s some interesting information about what happened in court.

    Also, Tommy is now looking at taking legal action against the police and against the prison system.

    The QC is looking at the previous case (the mortgage case) in which the police made Tommy pay 125K pounds. (Tommy had to sell the family home to pay it.)

    QC: “They can’t do that. It’s illegal.”

    Tommy: “They did do it.”

    Tommy also mentions that media representatives were present in the court, and still nothing in MSM.

    • That’s because the MSM didn’t get the result they were hoping to report.

      I wish him every success in any civil actions he brings against the organs of the state.

      • IMHO the MSM (i.e. The Government Media Complex) in the UK ,USA, EU and most nations Of which I ‘lovingly’ refer to as the ‘Ministries Of Truth and Propaganda, are completely government ‘run’. It’s basically if they do not ‘cooperate’, dispense and edit the ‘official’ and ‘authorized’ version of the ‘news’ they are marginalized and ‘put in their place’.

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