Tommy Robinson Legal Fund: A Progress Report

One of the organizers of the appeal for Tommy Robinson just sent me this note. It seems that the response to the appeal, both here and elsewhere, has far exceeded expectations, so that competent legal counsel has now been engaged:

Thank you so much. Your generous contributions have made all the difference. I have never seen Tommy so down-hearted as he was before we made this appeal to your generosity. Now his spirits are lifted. None of us expected the extent of the amazing outpouring of kindness we received, and the personal comments in support of Tommy. So many people care!

We are very happy to be able to inform all the generous people who have taken the plight of Tommy Robinson to heart and generously donated to his legal appeal fund that: yes, we have now received sufficient donations, and a QC has been appointed to represent him at his forthcoming court hearing, plus he has some additional funds to tide him over for subsequent legal challenges.

This is so wonderful and has lifted his spirits enormously. Thank you, thank you everyone!

Regardless of the outcome of next Thursday’s court appearance, I don’t think the British state is done with Tommy Robinson just yet. So I’m glad his fund is accumulating at least a little bit extra in advance of the next round.

25 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Legal Fund: A Progress Report

  1. Wonderful news. It would be interesting to know who the lawyer is (and by default, who it isn’t).

    • Indeed, I too would be interested to know who the QC is, in order to send him a note of support.

      Not only for taking the case when so many of his colleagues are pc cowards, happy to defend the ‘rights’ of terrorists, rapists and murderers to have a ‘family life’ or a cat but wont go near what appears to be, state persecution of a British man who took a brave stand against violent Islamists and the inaction of the police regarding their poisonous activities.
      Robinson has been utterly vindicated, some of the initial poppy burners and pro-Sharia, kill those who insult their warlord Islamos, who the nascent EDL demonstrated against and who the police gave protection to, are now in Syria sending death threats to British MPs.
      That Robinson is still being harassed by the authorities, apparently this time for having the temerity to defend himself against a Muslim with murderous intent- is a grave and shocking injustice- sadly all to indicative of the state of affairs in the UK.
      I would like to think it will be corrected but have lost nearly all faith in the British legal system- we shall see.

      • …I too would be interested to know who the QC is, in order to send him a note of support.

        Not only for taking the case when so many of his colleagues are pc cowards, happy to defend the ‘rights’ of terrorists, rapists and murderers to have a ‘family life’ or a cat but wont go near what appears to be, state persecution of a British man who took a brave stand against violent Islamists and the inaction of the police regarding their poisonous activities.

        From here it looks as though the rule is “if you have the money, we’ll represent you”. It’s much the same here in the U.S., though I must say that except for the poor schmuck who was led into making that infamous “video” Hillary Clinton used as cover for the Benghazi fiasco, we don’t yet have the system in place for criminalizing dissidents. We’re working on it, though. There is talk of fines/jail time for any who disagree with the tenets of global warming. It’s still ‘talk’ at the moment…

  2. Good news! we cannot physically be there to support Tommy who speaks for many of us, here in the USA, the UK, and many of the ‘silent majority in Europe.

  3. I haven’t contributed yet, and due to the rules paypal has for my country, I won’t be able to send funds before Wednesday.

    I am happy to know that enough money has been raised and that my contribution’s delay won’t be that serious.

    Frightening what we are up against…

    • It *is* scary. Part of government’s plan is to impoverish Tommy, to keep the boot on his neck. I don’t know British law or lawyers, but it is my understanding that being able to afford a QC raises your chances considerably. Just the same as the two-tier “justice” system here.

      I am breathing a deep sigh of relief that those in charge of the funds will make sure his family is cared for if he goes inside. Though as I understand it, having a QC raises his chances of beating these trumped-up “crimes” to begin with so he can continue once more to get on with his life.

      Though they won’t quit…

      • Tommy said on one of his recent videos that he thought once his expose of the British state was published, they wouldn’t dare come back for him again. I should imagine that Tommy is terrified that the state feels secure enough to still come after him with impunity, even though so many people’s eyes are now opened.

        You have to pinch yourself and remember that this isn’t Russia or Sudan, but Great Britain – home of the mother of parliaments and the concept of innocent until proven guilty. What have we become? Who is responsible for this? Or has it always been like this and we just didn’t know? It’s enough to drive anyone to drink.

  4. “Frightening what we are up against…”

    I guess this setence doesn’t make much sense.
    Sometimes when you think in one language and write in another you make mistakes.

    What I meant was that it is frightening what those who oppose islamisation face

    • The phrase is perfectly clear to me and English is my first language.I congratulate you on your posts and your command of the English language. I would never have guessed that English was your second language.Clearly you have an amazing aptitude for languages.

    • “Frightening, what we are up against” is actually skilled idiomatic English. Someone who can leave out the implied “It is” from the beginning of that sentence is demonstrating genuine proficiency. My guess is that you have a good ‘ear’ for the spoken word.

      There’s a novelist, recentlly deceased, whom the Baron and I both admire. His skill with shortened, idiomatic language was/is a pleasure to read. Elmore Leonard is worth your time – the story lines are dystopian urban tales, but they are told so well that I re-read him just to learn how to write:

      Amazon has the streaming video for “Justified” – the last collaboration he worked on before his death. I’ve seen the whole series once but plan to watch it again and again because there are so many jewels to examine. Leonard has the rural patterns down in that series the same way he had Detroit rhythms and patterns down – before Dee-Troit became an urban hell entirely.

      So, yes, as someone who studies the subcultures/dialects of American English I approve entirelly of “frightening, what we’re up against”…and some people might argue it didn’t really need my editing with a comma inserted.

      One of the real gifts of this blog has been the opportunity to read – really read – what people say…It has been such a solace when I’m not well enough to do much else. I suppose I could re-read Elmore Leonard or Ann Tyler or Michael Connelly or the British mystery greats, starting with the Father Brown series. I’ve probably read FB a dozen times or more…but our commenters are a wealth of information.

      • Leonard was on “Desert Island Discs” a few years back. All ten of his choices were Beethoven!

        • That’s not surprising. Elmore Leonard was a man of substance. When he died he was surrounded by his five children, fifteen grandchildren, etc. I am glad his DNA is still out there…

  5. Just a thought for the future. Has Tommy thought of decamping to the Republic of Ireland? It is near enough to the UK to attend demonstrations yet far enough away from the threats presented by the British state and its islamic paymasters.

    I am not sure of Tommy’s ancestry but I am sure in his book he stated that he had an Irish mother. If so, he might be eligible for citizenship. My mother was from Galway and I have been an Irish passport holder for decades, something I found extremely useful on my travels. Irish Embassies and staff are much more helpful to travellers than their UK counterparts.

    • I think he’s Irish on both sides, and probably has an Irish passport. Heck, about 90% of the most prominent people in the English Counterjihad seem to be Irish, if you dig into their pedigree a little bit. Pat Condell, for example. And Anne Marie Waters.

      Feisty people, those Celts.

      • Yes, we are feisty. Too bad we’re not the strategists the Germans are. OTOH, then we’d have the German burden so maybe not.

      • Half and half, me, but the Celtic stream runs strong and is, I suspect, reinforced by the inherent independently minded stubbornness that my Cockney half contributes.

        S III.

    • Would the terms of his probation allow him to reside in Ireland? Besides, his community of family and friends is an important support. He’s lived in that area all his life, though he’s been forced to move more than once because of the Muslim beat down and the constant police presence at his house making him less-than-welcome by immediate neighbors – which the police darn well knew. Their purpose was to disrupt.

      • I take your point Dymphna, particularly about family and friends but I have found that since moving halfway across the world, location can be secondary. I am just as active as I always was and the Pigs cant touch me for it.

        In the meantime, I am sure that in Eire, Tommy will find many like minded people who have little love for the British state.

  6. This is great news. I hope his QC gets the chance to air Tommy’s persecution, as well as get him off, on account of self-defence.

  7. One thing that highlights the stink of this political prosecution is the fact that this man has, by means of some legal jiggery-pokery, been denied his ancient right to be tried before a jury of his peers.

    Of such things are tyrannical Police States made; the time to head for the barricades is rapidly approaching methinks.

    S III.

  8. Excellent news Tommy’s defense will be led by a QC. I actually think there are good reasons for hope and that a strong defense based on “self defense and in fear of his life” will lead to an acquittal.

  9. Slightly off topic, but Dymphna — I certainly enjoyed that you like some of the same writers as I do.

    Also I have read everything here and I hope and pray that all goes well for Tommy. It really burns my groats that this man is being persecuted like this.

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