Tommy Robinson: “I’ve Been Gobsmacked by the Amount of Support”

Tommy Robinson just made this video to thank all his supporters who donated to the “Free Tommy” legal fund. He has been able to hire a QC, and the fund has a surplus stashed away against future legal contingencies — which are all but certain to arise:

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  1. This makes me sooo happy. I feel even more psyched and exhilarated than I do after one of our quarterly fundraisers when it becomes obvious once more that thanks to people’s generosity, Gates of Vienna will continue.

    No, we’d never be facing jail if our readers weren’t as generous as they are – there’s no comparison between our situation and Tommy’s nightmare of six long years of injustice after injustice. Still, though, I have known the relief he’s feeling now and I can tell you there’s nothing quite like the whole mental, emotional, spiritual felt sense one has when people respond to a plea.

    Of course, the difference between Tommy and us is that we *do* beg – and we know how generous people are. Tommy was in the pit of despair; it was his friends and members of the team who had the idea to fund raise and it was they who contacted us to do this. Vlad, too.

    And the result? Sheer generosity – his cup filled and flowing over – that must seem like a miracle to him. It feels miraculous to me every.single.time.

    …I’m right chuffed, I am.

    I have heard other sites have picked it up and are now carrying the ball. So it’s not over yet, TR. Just wait till the American patriot websites start their ball rolling. You’ll see some real Scots-Irish ferocity coming down the field in your defense, umm, make that defence.

    I left a note on TR’s website the other day, asking if he believed in miracles yet. Kinda sounds like he does, eh?

    BTW, this must mean he doesn’t have to worry about his family making ends meet if they lock him up again. The people who are running this will make sure there is enough.

    • re: “…this must mean he doesn’t have to worry about his family making ends meet…” – Dymphna

      All too often – overlooked is the effect Tommy’s unique ‘legal’/’social’/’security’ situation has on his family (immediate and extended). The price paid by those closest to him, through his many absences/incarcerations, hospitalizations, ‘investigations’, ‘legal’-judgements, asset-forfeitures, even censorships etc. is not recognized enough. ((((((hugs & ($/£)upport to them all))))))
      I often reflect on the price paid by his family – unsung heros as much as Tommy. I want them each to know we recognize the huge sacrifices they’ve made as well, surely they must crave a ‘normal’ life, too.

      With the news of Tommy acquiring a competent (characterized as “amazing”) QC, one wonders if similar legal standards as those in American courts come into play…such as “discovery” which could open up legal challenges to “going against case law” issues, “change of venue” & recusal (judicial disqualification in which judicial impartiality might reasonably be questioned), and of course, seeking punitive damages in consideration for all six years of legal tribulations which Tommy characterized as “going against case law” resulting in his repeated incarcerations set up with the intent to permit physical trauma/harm with resultant injuries due to those incarcerations and subsequent parole limitations/censorship .
      Stay strong Tommy. Godspeed!

  2. This is heartwarming to see.

    When one considers what has happened in other countries to people who have been well, persecuted unjustly one would have to say, because they have said or done something that was not in accordance with Islam … Asia Bibi (Pakistan) and Mohamed Hegazy (Egypt) spring to mind … it is profoundly shocking to realise what the British state have done to this young man.

    “If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.” (John Stuart Mill)

  3. I remember Mukhtar Mai’s saga in 2005. Hard to believe it was so long ago; it was her story changed any hope I had for a “moderate” Islam.

    It was hard to write. Eleven years later it is still hard to read:


    Just so has Tommy’s experience changed any hope I have for the UK. Perhaps if there is a vote to leave the EU, England and the rest of the UK can begin the long road back to a truly civil society…

    …but then again, I am watching the elites in control stealing the Republican convention from Donald Trump. And they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

    • I have read many articles by this time describing exactly the machinery of stealing the nomination from Trump. The elites are certainly making no secret of their plans and the will of the voters be dammed. The elites don’t like Cruz very much either and the notion that the convention may spit out a candidate who wasn’t even in the primaries is appalling. If they do rob the people of their popular candidate the party is finished. It started with Lincoln and may be done with Trump. Maybe it’s time for a new party that is truly conservative. I don’t see how to break the façade of having a two party system when what we really have is one party with two names. The upheaval could get very messy.

      TOMMY! I don’t know if I’ve ever been gobsmacked or not but it is extremely uplifting to see him in good spirits. It looks like before this crowd funding effort he really didn’t know how many people support him. I felt really good donating a few measly bucks, especially knowing as this site has pointed out that every dollar helps, but now I feel especially good knowing I’m part of a group that is doing the right thing to help a humble hero.

    • Dear D .. the writing , news & ideas that flow from this
      blog far exceed the price of admission. And that inept
      description doesn’t even come close .. Lots of us are here
      every day, “whether we like it or not” .. hah hah
      thanks so much for putting the go fund up for Tommy.
      If ever a man deserved it ..

  4. It’s good to see that Tommy has had his hope restored. There are a lot of people behind you, Tommy, and there’s a lot resting on the outcome. As Britain flirts with totalitarianism, we’re hoping along with Tommy that its justice system won’t fail him – and all of us – this time. As a Scots-Canadian it’s good to know too that this fundraising drive originated with Canadians.

  5. As a person of all sorts of heritage : Angle, Saxon, Norman, French , Italian, Polish, Prussian, Russian and of SCOTTISH and Irish…. I would just like to say, THANK YOU to those great Canadians who started this fund raising campaign for Tommy!!

    • Actually, it was an Irish woman who began the Free Tommy army, followed by a Canadian – and both part of a larger team. They were both *very* worried about him. So they started the ball rolling and within a day or so they had the Baron and Vlad posting a safe place to donate. I was gob-smacked by the Twitter response – literally hundreds of retweets. I’ve never seen the like on our small space.

      Now Western Rifle Shooters has it posted and those (Scots-Irish, no doubt) fierce patriots will double down. Go here and scroll down till you see the Tommy ‘logo’:

      Those are some serious men, their reach is much greater than ours. They WILL show up for him.

      Meanwhile, readers tell us they are posting the info in various comment sections.

      But it *was* a worried Irishwoman in the UK, fretting about TR’s state of mind (despair, probably, bec he knew what he was facing in court) who began it all. I will be forever grateful to her for relieving my PTSD triggering over what was surely coming. There was no way we could have handled the admin part of the donations long distance so we couldn’t even try.

      I’m so happy I did a jig tonight. Killing my fibro, but worth it…sometimes ya just gotta dance.

      • I should have known better than to email to *draw your attention to* the fund and ask for publicity! Once again, thank you all you guys across the pond who’ve come up trumps with this. I often grumble about our American cousins because of activities on another site. I now see another side – your generosity, great heartedness and above all your willingness to do something.

        I could see from his videos that Tommy was in a bad place yet he still managed to turn up for the last Pegida stroll. I hope very much he’s also getting support from his UK colleagues.

  6. Tommy, least we can do, you’re carrying the torch for all of us, and we’re all with you in spirit, I assure you. And more than in spirit.

    You *are* the test case. You’re not the “ivory tower” intellectual that the common people don’t listen to and that has financial resources to fight. You’re the very reverse. You’re the voice of everybody, which is why they want to shut you up so badly.

    You are one of the bravest of your generation. It may not always feel that way, but even if you did nothing more starting today, it would remain true.

  7. D .. i read the blog. very good.
    hopefully, my eyeballs will not drop outta’ my head. lots of crazy
    dark American combat style humor there. how i ever lived with out
    a computer i will never know.

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