Tommy Robinson Attacked by Muslim in Luton

Tommy Robinson was physically attacked today by an angry Muslim in his hometown of Luton. Below are excerpts from the Breitbart report on the incident:

PEGIDA’s Tommy Robinson Attacked in Street by Muslim Man: ‘Are You Racist!?’

British PEGIDA leader Tommy Robinson has been attacked in the street by a Muslim man demanding to know if he is, “a racist”.

The video, which was caught live on Mr. Robinson’s Periscope page, shows him being approached in a car park by a man in full Muslim dress, demanding to know whether Mr. Robinson is “racist” or not.

Mr. Robinson explained the incident to Breitbart London, stating that he was going to a builder’s warehouse in Bury Park, Luton when he was “beeped at” by a man in a car and ushered over.

“That’s when I started recording [on Periscope],” Mr. Robinson explained, “Coz I knew what it was gonna be”.

The video shows a man getting out of a car, urging Mr. Robinson to “jump into my car”.

At that point, Mr. Robinson refuses, stating, “I’m just going about my business, working bruv”.

After a few seconds the man exits the car, asking repeatedly, “Are you racist? Are you racist?”

Mr. Robinson replied, “I don’t like Islam” — to which the man asks, “Why?” before slapping the phone out of Mr. Robinson’s hands and allegedly (off camera) proceeding to punch him repeatedly in the face.

The video adapted from Periscope may be troubling to some viewers, even though the violence occurs off-camera, so I’ve put the embed below the jump. Warning: you can also hear some salty language in it. It’s low-quality stuff, although Vlad Tepes has enhanced the sound so that you can hear more of what is being said in the background:

Today’s incident has restarted the discussion about a more or less permanent fundraising effort to maintain a “legal and security fund” that can be drawn on not only for Tommy’s legal defense when the state comes after him again, but also for specific security needs when they arise. For example, he might require bodyguards for himself and his family when he takes his kids on outings.

I’ll keep you informed if anything specific is organized.

41 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Attacked by Muslim in Luton

  1. Too bad you don’t have American gun laws. By the time that [epithet] tried to slap a phone out of my hand, I’d have slapped his head with 3 rounds.

    It’s absolutely nuts what passes for civilization in the UK.

    • It’s even worse than that, because I can guarantee you that Mr. Robinson has absolutely no means of self defense on his person, and would be prosecuted if he did and used it to defend himself. The muslims on the other hand are free to use any and all means against him. Their risk is minimal to themselves as they then go to the usual argument that they were “provoked” by inflammatory speech. All you need then is a sympathetic media and judiciary, which they already have.

      • “Sympathetic media and judiciary, which muslims already have.”

        All very true. My blood is boiling: 1. because of the arrogant way the beast is addressing Tommy the Hero. The beast is behaving as if the whole of Britain is theirs.

        2. The brutes would not be that beastly and fearless if the Traitors had not offered them willingly the weapons to fight with ( racism, discrimination, not enough evidence, poor, religion of peace, lone wolf, . . . etc.)

        3. The beast is rest assured that no matter what happens ( even if the dirty beast is flattened by the Hero), the media and the judiciary will avenge them. And the sons of the beasts accuse Jews of controlling all the western media. But there is no western media. There is only propaganda for paving the way for the Jews’ holocaust and the White extinction.

    • Thing is that the ammunition doesn’t even get used 95% or more of the time. Most aggressive people have the sense to run when they see that someone is armed with deadly force, and they tend to leave people alone when they know that they’re armed or could be armed.

      It won’t stop a sniper or an armed ambush but it certainly makes it unsafe for random idiots to just attack people.

      • Interesting point, and totally confirmed in my conceal and carry class I attended yesterday (instructor thought that I shot too accurately on the practical exam, so I need to work on speed, but I did pass. I plan on taking additional classes to improve my defensive shooting skills.). It is estimated that guns get used to deter crime 2.4 million times per year and most of the time no shots are fired (this is a hard statistic to actually confirm accurately, as a lot of these incidents do not even get reported. The Wikipedia article reports this could be in a range of 1 million to 4.7 million uses per year. ). I had no idea that this number was that large. Funny how the mainstream media totally fails to mention this data. For once I would like an honest reporting by the media on this data rather than the anti gun propaganda you get continually bombarded with. Even law enforcement personal are now actively supporting conceal and carry and there have been many incidents of civilians aiding officers in trouble. All the anti gun carry signs do is promote a place for people to engage in wonton violence without any immediate repercussions from an armed public. Statistically, illegal gun use by C & C permit holders is actually less than that of uniform police officers. The anti gun crowd is promoting a lie. You are never going to stop criminals or terrorists from committing illegal acts, as they do not care about your laws.

    • Any self-defense in England, other than a rape alarm, squirt-gun, or bare hands, is illegal. Truthfully, I have no concept of the mind-set that puts these laws into effect.

      “Real people have experienced the absurdity of such rules being enforced with diligence across the country. Three knife-wielding burglars [guns are illegal in England] invaded a home in England, tied up the family members and threatened to kill the father. One of the members managed to escape and get help. The family member and the helper returned and inflicted permanent brain damage on one of burglars — a criminal, by the way, with more than 50 previous convictions — using a cricket bat. Authorities arrested the defendants — the victims — and sent them to prison for more than two years. The attacker? He escaped punishment.”

      • Which is ironic, when one considers that the right of self-defense was one of the fundamental Rights of an Englishman which distinguished the status of the English commons from the commoners of the Continent.

        Even here in the US, we see far too many juries treating perps as victims, merely because their erstwhile victims turn out to not be helpless lambs, but fight back. Bernhard Goetz, the NY subway shooter, found the hard way that self-defense is not always a successful defense in the court of law.

        And it’s all been made exponentially worse by the addition of the Marxist Narrative of Victim and Oppressor Classes. Especially when it’s used to paint Muslims as a Victim Class, simply because Islam is typically associated with peoples who various shades of brown.

      • I did not realize this was that bad. This is totally unbelievable. They actually expect you to stand there (or lay down) and be a victim. This is what happens when people do not take an active role in politics. Thank God for the NRA, everyone should join, it’s not a gun rights group, it’s a civil rights group.

        • “This is what happens when people do not take an active role in politics.”

          This is it. The West is in a decline spiral that is terminal until there is a renaissance in education and that starts with rediscovering the foundational liberties we were built on and taking personal ownership of protecting them.

          Sadly I fear the masses are too dumbed down and misinformed by the MSM and pop culture, they will only realise this after it is too late.

          We may have already passed the point of no return.

          (My blog

          • Have you heard of Alexandre Del Valle’s essay that adds “Brown” (symbol for Fascism)?

            The Reds, The Browns and the Greens or The Convergence of Totalitarianisms

            From his introduction:

            It is evident that Islamism, the third totalitarianism after Nazism and Communism, echoes to a definite extent the aspirations of its two predecessors: seizing the struggle of civilizations and religions, then declaring war on the Judeo-Christian world in the name of the “dispossessed” of the rest of the planet, Islamism seduces as much those nostalgic for the pagan Third Reich, resolved to eradicate Judaism and Christianity, as it does those partisans of the hammer and sickle, determined to come to blows with the “bourgeois” and “capitalist” West.

    • Noah: no law and order anywhere in Europe that’s for sure, as police protect the bad guys, ignoring the citizens. These countries are evolving fast into third world dumps with mayhem and soon to be mass killings when the mosque leaders give the orders for unleashing jihad. It’s right around the corner-anytime now. Enabling leaders are pushing for a caliphate and multiculturalism fast as they can. No where to hide over there for safety.

  2. The U.K is blessed with neither the First nor the Second Amendment.
    And thus British culture and British democracy are unlikely to survive

  3. Tommy. Should move away now! From that war zone area, we need tommy to be safe, directing our defence from a safe area. Luton, is gone, its not wise anymore for tommy to be hanging around there, sooner or later hell end up like theo van goth.

    Tommy, time to smart, take u family, to new place, and direct our defence against these muslim magots from there, we cannot afgord to lose u tommy,
    We need you, your a hero, dont put u life in danger in that hell hole luton.

    The prince

    • Tommy – see some sense. Sell up and move away from the Islamised areas. For the sake of your family. Its not cowardice to remove your family from harm.

  4. It might be time for Tommy to get a 24 hour bodyguard or two – beefy blokes who would deter any cowards from having a go !

  5. I would never return to Canada or the USA without being allowed concealed/carry, b/c of the increasing numbers of violent Muslims just itching for a chance to slam a non-Muslim. They know if they instigate a fight the authorities will go very lenient on the Muslim perps. The Muslim in this video is a guest in Britain, he’s likely receiving huge benefits from a government he holds in absolute contempt, and the taxes used to pay individuals like him comes from Britons working and struggling to make ends meet. Even so he feels he has total carte blanche to intimidate and attack any infidel he chooses, with utter impunity. It’s ironic, but Obama is showing the same contempt for Britain (with his recent threat) that this man shows.

  6. The more I hear of islamic violence in the UK, the more I feel that the islamothugs are getting things too much their own way and getting off scot free afterwards. Maybe if people dished out a bit of retribution after these incidents, it might concentrate the minds of these savages and show them that there is a price to pay if they want to behave like that.

      • As a British person I can verify you are right. White British people are actively discriminated against in so many aspects of our lives. It will not be long before we end up in an unfortunate situation where the native population take to arms to defend their own rights.

        • That will not be unfortunate, it will be cause for celebration and popping of champagne. I am literally praying for the day it happens!!!

  7. There must be a poster of Tommy on the notice board of every mosque. This will continue to happen because he is the most hated kuffer in Britain. He wants understandably a normal life, but without protection he is going to end up seriously injured or dead.

  8. It’s too late to ask the question but WHY did Europe accept all of these backward people? Why not just donate to them in their native lands? Who needs this? Nobody.

    The same question could be asked here, as well.

    And after seeing this, I realize that if anyone asks me if I’m racist I will say “Hell, YES!”

    • One response that will throw them off kilter, is to say that it has nothing to do with hardware (genetics, race etc) – it is all about software (beliefs, motivations etc).

      I’ve used that one a few times, and I know quite a few other people who have started using it too.

      It works because a) they’re not expecting it, so they don’t know how to respond, b) it’s the truth, so they don’t know how to deal with it, and c) it means they’ll have to change their thinking on the subject, which they can’t do.

      So you have them, every time.

    • Another possible reply to “Are you a racist?” is “You betcha I am! I believe in the superiority of the Islamic race, the same as Allah does. Read Quran 3:110! If racism is good enough for Allah, it’s good enough for me!”

  9. Oh, and then I would add that I’m conceal-carrying a gun, whether I am or not.

  10. Of course we can expect the local plod to be right on the case & have the alleged attacker banged up right quick & charged with ‘battery’.

    Is there no way for Tommy to have his brief go down to the local cop shop with him, complete with report from the local Casualty department & photos of his injuries etc, and insist that the bobbies do their job & arrest this plonker who set about him?

    Isn’t there a way to turn the tables on this crowd and have them worrying about assault charges, geting banged up, having to find money for a decent solicitor, etc etc???

    • This is exactly what Tommy needs to do. Force the Police to investigate the crime, pressure the Crown Prosecution Service (real name Criminal Protection Service) to put them through the courts.

      The moron that was asking Tommy “Are you racist” was really asking “Are you against Islam?” The answer to that one is of course an emphatic yes.

      I am against Islam. Tolerant people are against Islam. The beliefs and morality of all other religions are against Islam. Democracy is against Islam. Atheists and humanists are against Islam. Free people are against Islam. The sane are against Islam. Those in favour of equality are against Islam. Those against slavery are against Islam. Those against violence are against Islam.

  11. He also should have one of those cameras that you can wear, which High Court Enforcement Agents have strapped to the front of their stab vests, so that any and all incidents like this are fully and completely filmed.

    Never mind, at least old Queenie, every Englishman’s third Transylvanian granny, had a good 90th birthday eh.

    Let’s get our priorities right here.

  12. Funny how when one lunatic Muslim is attacking you it makes no difference at all if there are “millions of moderate Muslims” in the country.

  13. I do not even go to church without my 380 on me. The bodyguard idea is excellent. Please post when something is set up. I could not contribute to the original fund, but could do so as things have improved. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  14. He needs to leave Luton. Tommy, are you reading this? Move on to friendlier place, and work on getting security..

    • Tommy really needs to listen to this advice, not for his own sake, but for that of his family. My advice – look at a mosque map of Britain, pick somewhere away from them and where there are communities that are “less welcoming to demographic change”.

  15. If this happened to someone in my small Arizona town the Muslim would be looking down the barrel of a gun. We have almost zero Muslims here anyway but more than 10-20 years ago. Nearby Tucson has 30,000 Muslims but that’s out of 900,000. Thanks to [Obama] these numbers will increase leading to incidents like what happened to Tommy.

  16. He should have a couple of those Britain First body guards keeping those animals off his person. Give Paul Golding and Jada Fransen a call and put a deal together, or take some boxing lessons.

  17. I wish Tommy would leave Luton and go quiet. I fear for him and his family .

    The thing is, is that nature abhors a vacuum. If he steps away someone else will take up in his stead. Let someone else take up the cause instead of being a walking victim. Don’t be stubborn Tommy. Don’t fill that space. People will step up.

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