The Radioactive Jihad Arrives

As most readers will remember, last September a mob of “refugees” stormed the border fence between Serbia and Hungary, egged on by a man with a red megaphone who sat on someone’s shoulders. The Hungarians arrested a number of people for their part in the violence. Several of the perpetrators went on trial earlier this month.

A couple of weeks ago Vlad found an English-language video made by a woman who understands Hungarian. She based her report on a Facebook post, which said among other things that one of the men on trial had had uranium residue on his clothes when he was arrested, and that experts who testified said there was no known way he could have acquired it without having been present inside a nuclear power plant or nuclear weapons laboratory.

I asked Dzsihádfigyelo to take a look at the Facebook page on which the video report was based, and he sent back some material about the case, including this translation of the FB post, written by Georg Spöttle, a security expert:

‘Stories from the Thousand and One Nights’

Yesterday the trial of the “Röszke battle” culprits begun in Szeged City. Since I am a police officer I am used to hearing lies, but this time I, too, was flabbergasted.

The culprits claimed they had not known it was a crime to cross the border illegally. This is not very plausible, since it has serious consequences in all the countries of the world.

However, they were way too unabashed in saying how their own efforts to knock down the border fence had been misinterpreted — as if it had been opened for them by the authorities. What is more, the Syrian man accused by throwing stones told the judge he had just wanted to clean the road, that is why he had been holding the stones. ‘He had been ordered to do so by another man with a red megaphone.’ So they did not even attack the policemen, they were only cleaning the border zone. He did not even understand why he was taken into custody. Of course, he accused the Hungarian police of assaulting him while being remanded in custody.

On the clothing of one of the culprits (pictures were also found showing him posing with weapons) gunpowder was found. This may have come from the police tear gas sprays as well. However, a granule containing uranium was found on his clothing, and there is no logical explanation for it. Normally, this ore may only come into contact with someone if they work in a nuclear power plant or nuclear laboratory, or perhaps, if one is a terrorist…

— Georg Spöttle

The probable original source of the Facebook post was a media report, since the press was present at the trial.

Pictures of the trial:

About the uranium granule, from

During the investigation experts examined his belongings — a physicist and a geologist analysed the particles found on his clothes. They found that the remaining gunpowder might have come from the tear gas grenade used by the police; but a particle containing uranium astonished them; as they wrote it ‘it was not typical in Hungary’; they have not encountered even one in recent years.

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  1. This should not surprise any of us rational thinking folks, however the majority of the bleeding hearts will as usual pass this off as ‘overreacting’, cruel and xenophobic.

  2. I am shocked this hasn’t ha[pened already. But then, it’s the exact kind of thing that would make our coward pols say “Let’s keep a lid on that, we don’t want an Islamophobic backlash! That’s what causes terrorism !!! ”

    So this may happen all the time, but it’s the VERY LAST sort of information our treacherous government wants us to know. Reminds me of Wretchard’s “The Three Conjectures.” Terrifying far far beyond a 9/11, as inconceivable as that was…. We’d better start “conceiving” – there will be no limit in this war.

    • You’re bringing back memories, M. Doodslag. So far back there was only Belmont Club and no Pajamas Media:

      Written in 2003! And Wretchard remains a gifted analyst, though he couldn’t foresee the future…

      Conjecture 1: Terrorism has lowered the nuclear threshold
      Conjecture 2: Attaining WMDs will destroy Islam
      Conjecture 3: The War on Terror is the ‘Golden Hour’ — the final chance

      …and that golden moment has come and gone, lost in a morass of blunders and treachery.

      My favorite excerpt [and my emphasis]:

      Even if Islam killed every non-Muslim on earth they would almost certainly continue to kill each other with their new-found weaponry. Revenge bombings between rival groups and wars between different Islamic factions are the recurring theme of history. Long before 3,000 New Yorkers died on September 11, Iraq and Iran killed 500,000 Muslims between them. The greatest threat to Muslims is radical Islam; and the greatest threat of all is a radical Islam armed with weapons of mass destruction.

      • I think Wretch may have composed the Three Conjectures when he had ElephantBar, the precursor to Belmont Club… In any event, it IS going back a ways…

        • That period of Wretchard’s writing was pivotal to me…September 2003 was four months after my daughter died. Back then when her sudden loss was a chasm, I divided life into Before May 8, 2003 and after. 3 Conjectures was written in September, after.

          I drew great intellectual sustenance from Wretchard’s writing. The Baron and began hanging out there – he working in Richmond, me in our now-empty house (our son had left for college about a month before W. wrote 3 Conjectures so our home really was silent when the B was away all week at work).

          Wretchard was my life-line in more ways than I can describe. It was a year later that we realized we couldn’t keep clogging up the comment section at Belmont Club…so the Baron devised this place as a way for us to stay in touch, to discuss the horror du jour, and frankly, to distract me from my grief.

          So look at that URL: BC, 9/19/03. Back when his motto was “History and History in the Making”.

          It turned out he’d named his blog after Belmont, Massachusetts, a town to the west of Harvard. He’d gotten a fellowship/scholarship via an essay-writing competition put on by the American Embassy in Manila. The perfect retreat for a man who’d spent some of his growing-up in the underground, fighting Marcos.

          I never figured out how I *knew* it was Belmont MA he was referring to; I just knew it. That’s where his boarding house was located. When he was going to school, I was living in the next town over, raising children and going to belated undergrad classes myself. It seemed serendipitous to me: we’d probably taken the same street car/train any number of times…

          His work back then, along with the Baron’s care, kept me from falling into a bottomless pit. I shall always be grateful to Wretchard for making me *think* even though fellow-commenter ‘Nahncy’ thought we were comment thread hogs. Which I guess we were…

          I remember you and Doug fondly: the battle of the Titans.

          • I echo your sentiments! Wretchard is a saint. Those were heady days as we struggled with events. Though far less traumatic than your tragedy, I two was transitioning from owning a computer animation company – to? (I’m still working it out!) there were moments when it felt like we were at most 10 or 20 people delving into Islam while the wider world went bonkers… Thanks for all your hard work… I try to steer folks here whenever it fits into a post. But I also post less and less. I am exhausted.

          • btw “Morton Doodslag” came from the headlines surrounding Theo van Gogh’s slaughter in 2004. “Moord und doodslag” or “Murder and ManSlaughter” is a rough translation.

        • Yes – as soon as I saw your “Morton Doodslag” name I recognized where you came from.
          I don’t do a great deal of posting in general; in the case of the Belmont Club I’m quite content to read and absorb… both Wretchard’s writings and the inspired comments.

          • Hi Keelie. Hope to see your input in the threads… Wretch is about all I read over at PJM any more… For my two cents the place has come unhinged.

      • Also, I still think there is a window, it hasn’t closed. There is no way the Muslims can stop attacking. But the convulsions against Islam we are witnessing in Europe are finally happening. Stalwart anti Jihadis may still be hauled up on “hate charges”, but their message will only grow in strength as Muslim savagery escalates.

        The Muslims in the West WILL poison us with radiation. They WILL make more 9/11s and worse… They are already drastically overplaying their hand, trying to cram as many vectors of terror into our domains. But I sense the miasma is already lifting, and I now think the West will turn on Muslims. We won’t lose our souls doing to them what must be done. This requires the scales of PC blindness also must fall from our eyes… And it will.

        There is nothing like a good mugging by reality to make a civilization like ours change its mind, and we will… I don’t want to be Pollyanna, but I am actually encouraged when I see the news MUST cover those child-rape gangs in Manchester, MUST cover the gang-rapes across all major Euro capitols at Christmastime. They cannot conceal their lies or the rapine of the Muslim savage.

        If I am correct, then both Islam, and the diseases of “multiculturalism” will suffer fatal blows, and we will not.

        • The “convulsions” in Western Europe at this point seem to be all Islamic with more serious to come. Everybody is staying “focused” on the only things that matter in life. More stuff. Or at the other extreme how to stay off or get off the street. Mum’s the word. Not Ali. Getting “nuked” means getting sloshed and or shagged.

  3. When will enough be enough? When they detonate a nuke in Paris or London, God forbid.. Even than if that happens you’re going to see the same vile characters who always manage to survive an atrocity committed by the disciples of Islam say we shouldn’t judge them.

    • I suspect that if they do that, that *will* be the beginning of the end. Not because the French will do anything about it, but because of the same phenomenon that fixed the last world threat: while the BS artists/”intelligentsia” of Europe talk and dither, eventually, the good people of the places that they despise, places like Kansas, eventually decide that enough is enough, and that the problem has to be dealt with.

      Slow to anger, the anger of such people burns long. Nazi Germany is no longer. The same with Imperial Japan.

      • Let’s hope there is still enough “cohesion”. We are looking awfully multi culti right now. Getting rid of anything built with Saudi Arabian money would be a start. That could include not only mosques but also the whole political establishment.

        • You are 100% right as to the despicable Saudis, they practically ‘own’ DC through the tireless efforts if their Beltway lobbyists who have been for decades wining, dining and POCKET LINING most of our ‘esteemed’ Senators, Congressmen, and other appointed government officials.

          • Like the Chinese, the Saudis also own a lot of real estate here. Florida and California…though China’s land ownership is deeper and wider. Western Canada (BC) and parts of our northwestern border with Canada. Beautiful country.

  4. I’m glad that the Hungarian authorities were on the ball with their scientific examinations. Pity it was as a result of being arrested and not checked / processed in the first place in Greece. How many others have slipped through?

  5. The real estate investors come and go. Remember the Japanese? The Western European elites probably own more of America through their investments than anyone. The challenge I image is the fifth columns of the Saudi financed killers radiating out from their mosque barracks high on Koran dope. Fiends in full motion to destroy anything and everything . Especially if it’s Christian or Jewish.

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