11 thoughts on “The Force Is Strong With This One

  1. They are outbreeding us to extinction, with our own money, while we toil to sustain his four wives and twenty children. Our answer to that all? A photoshop.

    • Outbreeding? Our Mudhuts have been inbreeding with our homegrown slavery supporters for fifty years now. Sharia, hallal, hijab and “honor” slaughter have become as western as apple pie. Mosques too. No change in voting patterns ir politicians in all that time. It must be what we want?

      • It is depressing how the US has gone from Mom, apple pie, and baseball to Caitlyn Jenner, halal butchers, and hijra in such a short time.

        • There weren’t two parties sufficiently divided to conquer. So they made them.

    • But it does drive them mad doesn’t it? our humour is a weapon you know – they used it in 18th century England and in France before the Revolution so I’m all for it – better than handwringing and candles.

  2. Where did that stupid beard come from, Obi Wan? And what’s that flat spot on your forehead? Don’t tell me you’ve been banging your head on the road again – this really is getting ridiculous, its the 25th century in a galactic empire far, far away in case you hadn’t noticed, not the 21st century on some jerkwater planet in a minor spiral galaxy on the edge of nowhere!

  3. Ouch! That much reality in one article is painful, deeply. Especially the drill down of MHB, I get it, and feel it is worse than characterized…..

    All comments are well and true, too.

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