Something Vicious and Dishonorable

From the pages of “The Intergalactic Source of Truth” (whose byline reads A blog about Islamic intolerance and fanaticism; socialism; communism; government stupidity; and lying weasels everywhere, hopefully couched in vibrant and literate English and foreign words that make us look good.), come further ruminations on my recent post about England’s dirty little secret.

Something vicious and dishonorable.

From a British “skilled manual worker who mostly works in domestic households”:

The intellectual classes strive for justice, equality, multiculturalism, killing the rich, lifting the poor out of poverty and peace on earth with all men. But God forbid a white working class male has a different view to them. The red neck [N]ed is a man to be despised. They fight for him yet despise him at the same time.[1]

I knew an interesting man here in the U.S. who observed once that he loved mankind but despised the common man. He later denied he’d said that but he had. Another well-educated young woman of my acquaintance once told me she thought it would be interesting surreptitiously to observe black people from a van parked on the street. She wanted to study them.

Millions of liberals swoon about the rights of this or that oppressed, disadvantaged, under-advantaged, deprived, poor, underprivileged, neglected, overlooked, sidelined, marginalized, or under-funded person who can’t manage life without their help but make damn sure that they return each night to homes that are as free of the presence of such persons as it is humanly possible to be.

Their “concern” is nothing but hypocrisy, for they advocate policies that guarantee desperate and degraded lives for their target group(s) unless the group consists of foreigners, in which case the priority is to grant them special privileges. Foreigners are indeed “more equal” than others. As another commenter observes:

There is a culture of disassociation among the British upper classes (particularly the conservative — so called — Government and the Judiciary) that is dismissive of the reality of Tommy Robinson and the suffering lower-classes — suffering as a result of gung-ho, poorly thought-out policies and absolute refusal to back down, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of moral, societal and cultural destruction![2]

You see that with Cameron who earlier said he wanted to reduce immigration to the “tens of thousands.” Not zero with decades of evidence of the deleterious effects of third-world immigration, but tens of thousands. (Merkel’s the same way. Stop the invasion? No way. Add Turks to the mix as well!)

The Treason Class purports to wear the mantle of caring and compassion but the actual result down in the streets where millions live is consistent with something vicious and dishonorable. If the characterization seems excessive, bear in mind that if you oppose this class you can expect, like Tommy Robinson, to be persecuted in the criminal courts and to be imprisoned where you’re at the mercy of violent Muslims who try to pour [sugared]* boiling water on you and you do have your teeth knocked out.


1.   Comment by Ooh God! on “Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor.” By Dymphna, Gates of Vienna, 4/26/16.
2.   Comment by Eirene on “Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor.” By Dymphna, Gates of Vienna, 4/26/16.

* ADDENDUM FROM DYMPHNA: As Tommy reported in his book, the sugar added to boiling water is for the purposes of making scalded skin that much more seriously damaged; the sugar sticks so the burning penetrates further in deeper layers of the dermis. If there is a sufficient amount, it can be a lethal torture. At the very least, the addition of sugar complicates recovery, making burns more difficult to treat and infection more likely. In felon lingo, this mixture is aptly called “napalm”.

It was for the crime of resisting his would-be killer while in prison and fighting back against that unnamed (and unprosecuted for his attempt) Muslim felon and flinger-of-napalm, that Tommy was later charged and brought to court. Again.

But on this occasion, for the very first time in any of his court appearances, Tommy-the-Chav had upper class legal representation: a Queen’s Counsel — a QC — rather than the public defender version of legal help available to the poor. Money talks; it is the universal language, be it funds withdrawn from Mummy’s trust, or bits and pieces aggregated by thousands of us lower class (and even foreign “class”) from around the world. Our donations, translated into British pounds from whatever was their original denomination, turned the tables on ’em. All of us banding together meant that not only had we leveled the playing field but, further, we changed the players, the rules, and the outcome.

The “Stop-Tommy” brigade hasn’t finished with him yet, but all those donations have created a buffer zone for TR that didn’t exist before. And the only thing all of us were doing was helping out a bloke who needed a hand up.

History shows repeatedly how individual actions can flow together, rivulets creating a channel, becoming a cataract, and before you know it Bob’s-your-uncle and there’s that revolution — the events everyone on all sides have been muttering about since the 1960s — happening all at once. It’s not going to look at all as the flower children envisioned it; we’ve seen too much terror and destruction for that.

But then again, the American Revolution was not what anyone on either side had envisioned. Nor was its end an event that could have been predicted. Even though the British held New York up north, Washington and the French (and the latter’s strategy) put the fork through General Cornwallis at yet another York, this one a mosquito-infested flat on a Virginia peninsula:

General Cornwallis did not attend the surrender ceremony saying that he was not feeling well. His substitute, General O’Hara, first tried to surrender to the [French] Comte de Rochambeau who directed the British officer to General Washington who in turn directed him to Washington’s subordinate General Lincoln. During the ceremony a British band played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”

6 thoughts on “Something Vicious and Dishonorable

  1. This is why people are massing around Trump. Trump is *FAR* from perfect, but at least he doesn’t talk BS all the time. It’s also the reason that people are massing around Sanders, who is a disaster, but not a completely corrupt one.

    Hillary is the ultimate representative of this class.

    Here’s an interesting *left*-wing analysis on what’s wrong with Hillary:
    As an honest left-wing analysis, it’s nearly identical to a right-wing analysis.

    That’s the problem with all that crowd.

    • Ah, you’ve noticed the same phenomenon I see: the left and the right no longer a spectral line but a circle…umm, a circle twitch…yeah, that’s right: like the twitch of the newly dead.

    • Unfortunately it’s almost looking like Trump may just be a shill so the corrupt, morally degenerate, should-be-unelectable-in-a-sane-world Hillary can go “boo hoo, the evil sexist man is being mean and nasty to poor little innocent female me” every single day until the general election.

      Maybe when Russia or China start invading she can accuse them of being sexist because they’re invading a country with a woman president and just shame them into retreat.

      If this is how stupid most people are going to be then they deserve whatever happens to them. Too bad the rest of us who don’t deserve it are going to get drug down with them.

      • It’s funny that you say that, because I’ve wondered a few times if Trump might not be a friend of Hillary’s, doing this to get her votes.

        Here’s how it would happen: the Republican Establishment somehow gets rid of him. He runs as an independent, splitting the vote. Hillary gets in.

        OTOH Trump is getting so much support that maybe he has decided to stop being a shill and actually run for it…

        I don’t know what to make of the man.

        My overall opinion is that it’s a sad state of affairs when only someone like Trump is willing to open touchy subjects that are of high importance. I don’t particularily like him – he’s more of an indictment of the others, than a great candidate himself.

        Still, he may be the least bad of the current crop, though Cruz might be better overall (he’s bad in different ways). I really don’t know.

        • “A sad state of affairs”?
          Yooooo betcha–that’s what we have had for the last decade or so.
          A SELF-FUNDING Trump is literally the only chance we have to upend this weird Uniparty “system” of ours. I don’t think it is all that difficult to understand, either.
          He simply grabbed a few POPULAR (Illegals, trade ‘deals’, regulation, H-1b’s) issues that the Uniparty would not touch…….

          ………and ADOPTED THEM.


          With Trump the candidate, what you see, is what you get. I know that’s hard–just try not to overthink it all.

          LISTENING to the electorate….whatta concept!
          More should try it.

  2. Well, back in the dark ages when welfare was supposed to be the cure-all for poverty, Daniel Patrick Moniyhan, Hillary’s predecessor as Senator from New York, noted the devastating effects that this was having on the black family, trapping people more firmly in poverty, etc. and suggested “benign neglect” (“Hey, these people would be better off if we left them alone, we’re not helping them.”) Naturally, the screams from his fellow liberals of “racism” were deafening. There is nothing new under the sun as the link provided by Mike, again demonstrates. Most of these people want to feel benevolent (and in control), but simply do not care about whether the people that they are “helping” are actually being helped.

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