“Romanians Don’t Want a Mega-Mosque in Bucharest”

Romanian citizens took to the streets yesterday to protest a mega-mosque planned for Bucharest. The sentiments of the demonstrators may be summed up this way: “We fought the Ottomans for eight hundred years — we don’t want any mosques!”

The following video clips were taken at the demo yesterday. Many thanks to Stefan cel Mare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   (Klaus Johhanis is president of Romania) Johhanis the traitor, Johhanis the traitor…
00:10   Pity, pity, pity for the bloodshed, Pity, pity, pity for the blood shed…
00:14   (i.e. Romania’s 700-800 years of war against the Ottoman invasions)
00:21   Church songs (Orthodox Easter is coming soon)
00:28   (Banner: We do not negotiate: -Orthodox faith -Family -National identity)
00:34   (football songs) Banner: Tepes Program (Vlad Tepes, cruel hero against Ottomans) the list of most important things to do in our future…
00:40   We don’t want the mosque, We don’t want the mosque…
00:54   We don’t want enemies, we want God with us, nobody against us …
01:00   (United Romania Party)
01:04   Our message is very clear, we are gathered here on Sunday, to send a clear message
01:09   to President Johhanis, that our faith is not for sale,
01:15   our traditions are not for sale. Our common values and faith kept us united
01:20   in this part of Europe for thousands of years.
01:24   Romanians don’t want (not even as an idea) a mega-mosque in Bucharest;
01:28   Romanians don’t want to accept mandatory quotas of migrants in Romania.
01:34   People praying: Our Holy Father…
01:42   Football fans: Olee, olee.. …in Romania, never Ottoman pashalic (Turkish, pashalic=Ottoman province) Olee, olee

27 thoughts on ““Romanians Don’t Want a Mega-Mosque in Bucharest”

  1. Funy part is that in january I think, on the field where is suposed to build the mosque, a big group of people throw pig heads. That put the project to stop…for the moment…
    Now we found out that Erdogan gave to Romanian Church some land in Istanbul to build a christian church.
    Anyway, as I know from my grandfather, “never turn you back to a muslim…he can smile at you, but you never know if is not the smile of a dog…(dogs appear to smile before they bite)”. My grandfather was a young soldier against Ottomans. He died in 1976. In 1917 he was 18. The old people are still saying “to die under the sword of muslims is far better than living under the rules of muslims”. I don’t know how much of this the young generation is ready to understand.

    • I must say that in south of Romania there are communities of bulgarians, greeks, serbians…all those from the period when their lands fall under ottomans. Romania never fall under the ottomans , Romania never was an Ottoman province (pashalic).

      • If poison has killed others, you don’t have to drink it to see the outcome. Just look at Brussels, London (2005), France, Spain ( railway station, Israel every day what they suffer.

      • NOT true. In 1877 the Romanian people rose up against the Jizya tax and with the Russians assisting won their independence from Turkey.

        • We were paying tribute, not Jizya. And were under Ottoman suzerainty. There are no mosques in Romania above the Danube (purpose built mosques – there are converted spaces to minister to our Muslim community in Bucharest for instance). The Russians did not help out of the goodness of their hearts. And we made ourselves useful in return later. They were playing politics against the sick man of Europe. History proved it to be an unsatisfactory friendship, but still better than fate under the Ottomans.

    • A Chinese saying: ” Befriend a Tibetan, you get a free horse ride; making friend with a Muslim, you get skinned alive.”

      Another saying: ” Rather make friend with 10 thieves than befriending one Muslim.”

      • The west is responding to the Muslims turning their countries into giant slaughterhouses in a very sick manner. Embracing evil gets no points. It’s as if a huge portion of the population has never read a history book in their lives.

  2. Romania?? Is that also being filled up with its “fair share” of enrichers?

    Here’s what should be done – find the addresses of all the important refugee “quota” advocates in Brussels, and put big refugee reception centres very close by to them, complete with gangs engaging in robbery and “Taharrush”, a big mega-mosque complete with call to prayer, and “Sharia enforcers” paying a visit to their local off-licences and wine bars. Why is it always the places which don’t want enrichers which end up being forced to take them in?

      • Not by refugees, at least not yet. Unfortunately, we are not looking at legal migrations as well. Since we were not burned before by our taking in of MENA Muslim immigrants (coming from Arab secular regimes, and studying here) and our allowance and even encouragement of mixed families (always Romanian women with MENA men), we tend to overlook this area of possible danger. There is a limit to how many Muslims of good character we can attract and whether their behavior will be passed onto the next generation. I personally know of an assimilated Middle Easterner in a failed mixed marriage whose son renounced his purely Romanian name and surname to take up some Arabic name and research his cultural legacy as a form of identity crisis [redacted]. There is also the possibility that subtle pressure may be placed on our standards for the admittance of new, non-EU residents and the way we give out citizenship. Chain migration through families is an especially risky business.

        Lastly, if ever we develop and become an attractive country for workers and welfare parasites, we can expect a steady trickle of Muslims from Western Europe coming in to enlarge their territory.

  3. ” IF the govt. falls to the demands of the EU and tries to build a mosque… it will be destroyed and pigs blood and guts will fill its front hall to go along with the pigs heads ALREADY buried on the proposed location” . This a quote from a Romanian friend visiting my town to help celebrate the 16th birthday of his grand daughter last month.

  4. It’s interesting isn’t it. Those East European countries that have a history of Ottoman Turk aggression and domination have no time for the hand wringing arguments of the politicians from the “West”. Having experienced the enrichment first hand in the past, they have no desire to give muslims a foothold in their countries.

  5. Under Nicolae Ceaușescu jihadi muslims would never even think of building a mosquito in Romania, or be pressured by Germany to accept a muslim quota. Do some regret his absence, as people do in Iraq (Saddam), Libya Qaddafi, Egypt ( Mubarak), Afghanistan.

    Today Hussein Obama confessed to allah that it was his biggest mistake to interfere and kill Qaddafi because today Libya is poised to be ruled by ISIS, as is Syria, Iraq Afghanistan. So it seems that chaotic unruly people anywhere need a strong leader to save them from themselves.

    Who will save Europe and Britain from itself.

    Ah, you know what, ” we found out the enemy . . . it’s us”

    Have you heard about a Scandinavia TV station its title by which it is know is:

    WE against Ourselves. I am not kidding.

    Guilt: Left-wing politician Karsten Nordal Hauken was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker, but said the rapists subsequent deportation left him feeling guilty and sorry for his attacker

    Nordal Hauken has told his story as part of a television series on Norwegian state broadcaster NRK called Jeg mot Meg [Me against Myself] about mental illness and psychological struggles.

    High morals can only be found in godless Scandinavia.
    Caring for muslims is the ultimate sublime morals under the galaxy or the sun if you like.

  6. People who don’t read history are condemned to repeat it. I read this long ago and never forgot it. Hungary is the only country that I know of who is refusing to take in Muslims, and rightly so. I think Poland may be doing the same, but not sure.

    Muslim values are antithetical to western values. These two cultures really cannot be comfortable with each other. I hate to condemn Muslims, since I think that not all of them are head-choppers, but their values are greatly different from ours. The death penalty for homosexuals is a good example of this difference in values. There are plenty of other examples but I don’t want to write a book here. But we really don’t need any more of them in America and Europe should start deporting them if they infringe the law — that would be a good start for Europe.

    • Ah, Mariadee, this is one case where your aphorism is worth pursuing to its source: George Santayana, a man more famous for his bons mots than for the works from which they come. That quote,”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” has shown up in countless places, one of which is here:


      I was fortunate enough to study philosophy at a small state college where resided a professor who had studied under some of Santayana’s pupils. For his class on aesthetics, he loaned me one of G.S.’ books,

      The Sense of Beauty – Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory

      I am so very glad it’s still in print. [And I just ordered the free Kindle version. Probably has awful formatting…]

      Santayana was one of those they-don’t-make-them-like-him-anymore intellectuals. Some of his philosophical works are too technical for me, but his one novel is worth your time. He is the giant shadow behind whatever ‘good’ American philosophy is still being done. IMHO.

      Here’s another quote to tuck into your “Favorite Aphorisms” book: fanaticism means redoubling your effort after you’ve forgotten your aim. Or this one, a child educated only at school is an uneducated child.

      He was an atheist who was wise enough to see the cultural benefits of religious belief. In other words, an old-fashioned atheist. He also famously said, there is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. To which I would add a resounding “Amen, but spiritual belief makes a strong foundation on which to build an enjoyable life which can withstand the inevitable slings and arrows”…again, IMHO. Not asking anyone else to make the sojourn I’m on…

      Anyway, quoting Santayana is always safe ’round here 😉


      • Safe?

        ”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” . . . but those who do remember the past are condemned to look on while those without memories repeat it.

        • Yes, DeriKuk, despite your nit-picking, it remains the case that quoting Santayana is indeed a SAFE thing to do on our comment thread, despite the ignorance of those who fail to heed -or are never taught about – the intellectual giants like GS.


          • Dear Dymphna, you are long winded and do rely[sic] double down after your forg[e]t your goal. So I will remind you that the goal is that we do not want anything muslim in Romania or Bucharest.

            This point has been clearly, forcefully, and unequivocally made by the Romanian peasants at Plevna in 1877. So your TMI about your education is irrelevant as is your statement about SAFE of[sic] not safe.

            Be kind and cut me some slack. I am a dumb scientist with too many degrees to mention so have mercy and stick with the subject of “No mosque in Bucharest.” I am also a Transylvanian with lots of heritage from papa Attila and very little appreciation for chatter.

            I love your chatter and self promotion with “o cafeluta si dulceta” and may be with some “cozonac Moldovenesc” or “Placinta Moldoveneasca” like my Greek Grandmother Fevronia used to make.

            So back to mosque: it should not be ever brought up or accepted in any way. The whole idea is an insult to those who bled to death at Plevna.

    • Poland is threatening to not take in refugees. What will actually happen, I have no idea… but it already has many Muslims studying and/or working in kebab shops – even if nowhere near the number that are in Western countries. That said, the population, whether left or right, is very anti-PC and multiculturalism, and completely against the idea of taking in refugees. When it was recently proposed for town and village councils to accept refugees, all refused the offer! That, despite the substantial financial rewards to be had…

      That said, I’ve read that individual hotel owners are allowed to accept refugees and this is creating a problem, as many of those hoteliers are in popular tourist resorts which may stand to lose business, should any “cultural enrichment” take place on their doorstep.

    • The problem with a lot of Westerners is that they are fed a steady diet of bogus history. It’s not that they are failing to remember the past, it’s that they are failing to remember it correctly.

  7. Don’t allow them a foothold where they can set up an enemy base of training in Bulgaria. Don’t allow them a recruitment center where to can recruit and train potential terrorist or new gullible converts. It they give them an inch they will take 100 miles. Stop this cancer from spreading in Bulgaria

  8. “De la Nistru pin la Tisa
    Tot Rominul plinsumisa”
    From the poem Doina of Mihail Eminescu. During the communist years it was censored out of the Eminescu’s published work. It still lived in the pre communist publications.

    • This quote has nothing to do with mosques, does it?

      Perhaps you could translate it for us so the less-educated among us can enjoy it, too?

      Liana, a bit of advice: if you don’t like my comments and find them garrulous, use your scroll bar…that’s what it’s for – i.e., moving quickly past any comments you don’t care to read…

      Thus, when you see my name just move your fine educated self, burdened as you are with all your science degrees, on to the next comment.

      IOW, I have reached the age where I will never again let the squelchers – and you placed yourself most decidedly in their number – micturate on my Cheerios again.

      Scroll, baby, scroll.

      A second piece of advice: never make a casual enemy. Or perhaps you had a solid science-based reason for your decision?

  9. I do not see any reason why a mosque should be built in the land defended by the heroes at Plevna in 1877 who climbed over the dead bodies of their dead fellow Romanian peasants purely armed to conquer the citadel of Pleavna and kick out the muslim from the Romanian land for ever without the help that was promised by Russia.
    Even the communists under which I learned my history claimed the heroes from Plevna. Does Jannis Klaus, a German, want to obliterate what the whole Romanian sole wanted?
    The communism destroyed the country but did not destroy the Romanian sole will and endurance.
    Did we forget the hundreds of Romanian lads taken every years by the muslim to be used like male whores which is child abuse at its most disgusting and inhuman form. Did we forget these hundreds of boys that wee educated as janissaries and sent back to kill their own sibling that they were programed to forget. The spirit of Prince Vlad is with us alive and watching.

  10. Well. Having read all the comments I am surprised to know the depth of wisdom you all bear. Britain by far has the largest muslim population and latgest numbers of iconic mosques in virtually all the major cities and towns. How many of christian heads chopped over the last 50 years? What is the statistic on terrorism in Britain perhaps less than some other western countries. My friends fault is not in any relegion its us who are intolerent unlike Brits. Think about it!

    • ISLAM.IS.NOT.A.RELIGION. It’s a supremacist ideology much like Communism – i.e., thinks it’s superior, wants to rule the world.

      ISLAM.IS.NOT.A.RELIGION. It’s a delusional system that keeps innovation and curiosity on such a short leash that if it weren’t for oil, the whole of those Islamic tyrannies would be impoverished.

      ISLAM.IS.NOT.A.RELIGION. The only way it keeps its adherents is on threat of death.

      ISLAM.IS.NOT.A.RELIGION. It is the bloodiest, most intolerant barbaric system ever devised. It has killed more people, including its own members, than any other despotism in history.

      ISLAM.IS.NOT.A.RELIGION.It has done terrible harm to the thousands of children in England groomed by Muslim men who addicted them to drugs and sold them to the highest bidder.

      Have you forgotten the mass murders on 7/7 or the English soldier Rigby, cut down in the street?

      You think about it, “friend” – most Brits I know would give Islam the heave-ho tomorrow were they not living in a soviet state that promotes Islam to the detriment of native Brits…

      I am as intolerant of Islam as I am of Communism. They are both pestilential and deserve to be on desert islands where they can’t harm anyone else.

      And the p.c. Marxist concept of “tolerance” in the face of barbarism is not tolerance at all, no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig.

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