6 thoughts on “Robert Spencer in Ottawa: “The West is Committed to a Firm Policy of Unreality”

  1. I’ve read in other places comments that expressed surprise that Robert would be allowed to give a speech like this – in CANADA ! I believe that Ottawa (as a city) is fairly conservative and would welcome him. Trudeau be damned. If my memory is accurate the various ridings in and around Ottawa voted mainly for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in last year’s federal election . There might have been a few ridings that the Liberals squeaked through but I doubt there were any NDP .When it comes to politics , Canada is a very regional country.

  2. Some Conservatives tidings around Ottawa, but Central Ottawa tends to be Liberal –too many public servants like Liberal largesse. I wonder what group sponsored this. I am sorry I missed it. I hope they got a good crowd.

    • It was ACT for Canada. Vlad has it at the beginning, and the logo is at the top right throughout.

  3. hi, this could be useful,
    Al Andalus contra España: Contra la leyenda rosa
    (Al Andalus versus Spain: rejecting the fairytale)
    for .pdf and .mp3 files, yes, in spanish; https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=6DF3807B57F14FFE!2622&authkey=!AGJGnFmu6vy-BfM&ithint=folder%2c

    p.s. for subtitles, eñe is easier than it seems, champagne, champaña, knot/gnarl, nudo/ñudo (arcaic), montaña without ñ on keyboard; montagna,


    Robert Spencer on Hillary Clinton’s war against free speech
    Publicerades den 4 mars 2016


    On April 14, 2015, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer was the featured speaker at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club. He discussed Hillary Clinton’s war against the freedom of speech, explaining how Clinton as Secretary of State, along with others in the Obama Administration and Barack Obama himself, knowingly and actively aided the advance of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s campaign to restrict the freedom of speech and stigmatize counter-terror efforts as “hate speech.”

    • Thanks, Da Capo, for the reference on the speech. Bravo. One of his best speeches, I had missed it yet.

      Without chance of exception, yes, ROBERT IS THE ABSOLUTE MASTER of all the details, all the broad history, all the absolute truth of the vile evil that is islam. The most thorough, the most professional, and the most steady and steadfast. He is the Churchill and Thatcher of anti jihad, combined. And yet more……

      Also, I was impressed and excited, BTW, to see an old acquaintance, Boone, in the audience, whom I had met 35 years ago, and have a picture taken with him. Gratifying.

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