Public Meeting on Asylum Housing in Stockholm: A Roomful of Angry Swedes

When Swedes get publicly angry about “refugee” housing, you know that the migrant crisis has gotten out of control.

The following video shows excerpts from a municipal council meeting in Spånga-Tensta, a northwestern suburb of Stockholm. Much of the area around Spånga is already culturally enriched, but the borough authorities are planning to enrich it even further by putting in housing for several thousand asylum-seekers — right next to a primary school.

By now most Swedes have become aware of what large concentrations of migrants tend to do, especially to women and little girls, so the locals who showed up en masse at the public portion of the council meeting were already hot under the collar. There was no more tugging of the forelock and “permission to speak, sir” this time — it was: “We demand answers! NOW!”

Highly unusual behavior for Swedes. The situation must be grave indeed.

Pay special attention to the chairman of the council, who is a member of the Green Party and a culture-enricher himself.

Many thanks to Tania G. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Jan Sjunnesson is a dissident Swedish journalist who was present at the meeting and assisted with the translation. In the interview below he explains the context for what happened that night. As he points out, the vast majority of the angry citizens who packed the room had voted for the parties that advocated bringing more immigrants into Sweden, and not for the Sweden Democrats, the only party that opposed mass immigration.

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for conducting the interview, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Transcript of the council meeting (times from the original video):

00:31   I want to speak! Of course, but Jorn has the microphone.
00:35   No, I have the microphone.
01:01   Can we get the show on the road? I don’t have much time.
01:06   We who live in the area… Listen up, can I speak now?
01:10   (unintelligible)
01:14   For many of us living here in this area who have come here tonight it is all about feeling safe.
01:19   This way of placing (asylum) housing close to a school for our children and grand-children…
01:26   we have seen how many problems there have been with knifings, rapes, harassment.
01:35   To gather so many in one place, close to a school —
01:40   how will you be able to guarantee our safety and our children’s?
01:45   We quite simply feel run over.
01:50   It feels like you have already decided that you are going to cram in as many as possible here,
01:56   which will create a feeling of them and us. It is going to create hatred.
02:02   I do not understand why there has to be such a large (asylum) housing project.
02:07   Why can’t you have them living a few here and there, spread them out a bit…
02:12   then one might feel that they were somebody that one might
02:16   want to have as a guest at home, and might be able to talk with them…
02:19   If there are to be so many, they will walk our streets in gangs and we are alone.
02:32   This is going to create hate. A large resistance will emerge against this.
02:39   I don’t understand why the politicians don’t go out and
02:47   talk to people and ask those who live in the area what they think. It’s a really big question.
02:54   How are you going to ensure our safety? Thank you. And I want to remind you
02:57   that we only have a very short time…
03:05   (Very dissatisfied audience) Order! We’ll take the next question.
03:21   So, Hello, hello!
03:25   Give an answer to the question!
03:29   We demand of you here today that you have to give us answers to our questions!
03:40   It’s like this: we in Sweden live in a democracy,
03:45   and we who live here have the right to say that this is not OK!
03:50   We will fight to the last drop of blood to keep this project from being realized.
04:00   It so happens that I have good information about the crime statistics
04:04   from this municipal board of Spånga-Tensta, and this is not good.
04:08   We have already problems on (names specific streets) other places in Spånga.
04:14   I do not think that it is suitable and I think it is irresponsible
04:19   that you just watch while a situation is being created
04:24   where you put our children’s lives and our own lives at risk,
04:28   with people around who are not doing well and who are not in the right environment.
04:32   And then I ask: what is the reason you will put it in this specific place?
04:36   How have you analysed this? Why does it have to be near a school, for example?
04:40   Where is your analysis for this decision? That was my first question.
04:44   Thank you, and thank you so much for your questions.
04:47   (Chairman Awan Hersi (Green Party) thanks the questioner and tries to move on… )
04:50   Answer! Answer the questions!
04:53   (Unintelligible obfuscation)
04:58   Answer NOW! ANSWER! Well, we’ll wait a bit…
05:02   Why can’t you answer, we are asking questions you are just (unintelligible)
05:09   Exactly!
05:16   But but… the politicians are taking care of you…
05:21   We… listen! (people in the back demanding they answer the questions).
05:27   This is the way it is. We live in a democracy in Sweden…
05:32   and we feel bad about this situation and we actually DEMAND…
05:37   listen to me now… listen… this is important.
05:42   We demand that this be treated in a concrete and a good way for us citizens.
05:48   Don’t talk s***! Answer our questions concretely when we ask them,
05:52   and don’t start talking about all kinds of other things! I want to know. Firstly:
05:55   What analysis have you done that makes you
05:58   decide to built this housing in this specific spot? Answer that question NOW!
06:03   Hellooo, is there anybody there?
06:07   The chairman does not answer the questions but refers to upper regional and national administrative levels…
06:12   I am asking the question to you as chairman and you need to answer.
06:17   I am the chairman for the City Council, and the City Council
06:25   has the responsibility for school, elder care, (unintelligible), leisure (etc.)…
06:37   and it is not the City Council who has made this decision.
06:43   We have had absolutely nothing to do with this question…
06:52   But listen, excuse me… hellooo down there…
06:58   You can’t just all sit there when we come here today looking for answers…
07:04   and say that you can’t answer! That is not OK!
07:10   There has to be some f***ing order in a democracy! You can’t just duck!
07:20   If you would just calm down, if you yell it will not go well…
07:25   But you are not answering our questions, we will stop shouting when you answer!
07:28   Now we should calm down a bit… We are having an information meeting about this.
07:33   Are we going to do it properly? Because now it feels quite (unintelligible)…
07:37   Now I will try to answer as best I can, but I suspect that there will be lots more questions.
07:42   (Unintelligible)
07:46   If it is safety and analysis then it looks like this.
07:53   We will be having meetings like this all across town.
07:59   The choosing of a place is done like this, there are extremely stringent requirements
08:04   for the building of residences in greater Stockholm.
08:08   We have maybe 60 places around town where it is possible to build houses.
08:28   We have a special situation and we have to find solutions.
09:41   That we have perhaps 4000 housing complexes, and we have never in 50 years —
09:49   and I can tell you that we have not had even one incident where a neighbour has been attacked,
09:54   raped, knifed has never happened under SOE’s (?) 50 years.
11:18   Can we answer some more questions?
11:39   You mentioned that these temporary houses were for the citizens of Stockholm.
11:50   You have this unclear definition of “newly arrived”.
11:54   To me, these people are not Stockholm citizens.
11:58   My question is, which I think everybody should think about answering…
12:01   Will Swedes be allowed to live in these houses?
12:05   And if not, these houses that will be built — is it so that Swedes will be discriminated against?
12:12   Because there are lots of youngsters here in Spånga who have problems finding housing.
12:18   What do you politicians plan to do about these problems?
12:28   It’s like this, we have an extreme situation, yes.
12:34   Sweden is one of those few countries that are in a very extreme situation,
12:38   and that situation we have created ourselves.
12:42   Or rather the politicians have. You are going to have to take responsibility for the housing situation,
12:46   and not try to solve it for the whole worlds’ population.
12:50   You have responsibility to find solutions for the people who live here.
15:52   We already have problems with houses for addicts. How can you be so stupid
15:56   as to put a housing project more or less only ten meters from the school?
16:00   There is a football field by the school and there are problems there already.
16:05   The school is already jammed with pupils and they can hardly eat because the canteen is full.
16:11   What are they thinking?? Should we extend the schools with barracks also?
16:17   I don’t understand. Gärdet at the inner city, it’s huge! What’s wrong with building 10,000 houses there?
16:27   Why do you have to put it here? Does anybody have an answer to that?
16:31   You don’t have to answer because you just got a paper shoved in your hand,
16:34   and you are just happy to build more, and you are talking about
16:37   Stockholm Social Housing Foundation not having had any problems with houses for addicts and other residents.
16:41   But how much experience do you have regarding housing for refugees, and so many of them?
16:46   One has only to read the news. Perhaps you have not had a problem …
16:50   but you know very well that there is a big problem.
16:53   Because IF there was no problem then you would have never said that…
16:56   “Oh, we will increase surveillance and increase security and we will guard you.”
17:01   But why, if there is no problem?! That was the first thing you said!
20:25   I think that it is time to calm down now
20:31   and to ask proper questions and also to listen to the answers that are given.
20:36   Wait! HEY! It is actually me who has floor…
20:41   wait your turn, that’s how it works in a democracy, if you can’t respect that…
20:46   then you have no place here. We need order.
20:59   It is obvious that both we and you are suffering from a communications breakdown,
21:04   and we will have to do something about it. (Angry man shouts unintelligibly)
21:12   You should be happy that it is not me who is leading this meeting…
21:16   because had it been, then I would have left the room, because this is not working.
25:48   You over there who’s racist, calm down!
25:52   Calm down, calm down…

45 thoughts on “Public Meeting on Asylum Housing in Stockholm: A Roomful of Angry Swedes

  1. It looks like, during the first part, that a Cultural Enricher was running the meeting.

    • If you watch the interview w/Jan S., the journalist, he will confirm that for you. The chairman himself was a Muslim immigrant, yes.

    • Wait about five years. That entire panel will be Muslims.

      Good luck with that, Sweden!

  2. I recall reading an article a while back about how the agenda 21 proponents were instructed to hold public meetings and provide non answers to the citizens questions, so that later it would appear that the public was part of the process and that public opinion favored their proposals. Looks like this city council leader was a graduate ( hell, maybe he is the author, as good as he was at obfuscation!) of that class.
    It’s ironic that the Swedes are engaged in a system that ignores them, while Americans ignore events that desperately need their engagement in a system that was originally supposed to serve the interests of the American people. We are all becoming aliens in our respective homelands and being accused of bigotry when we express our concerns.
    I am not sure what the solution is at this point since we are approaching the 11th hour, but unless we come together and educate people about these issues the entire West is at great risk of becoming just like the very places these people are fleeing from.
    My sincere concern for the plight of the refugees does not erase my concern for my neighbors nor am I a bigot or racist for wanting to preserve our heritage.

    • It is called fabian socialism and a process called gradualisation.The people object,the fabians pretend to listen but the tip toe of gradualisation continues. The fabians logo is of a hammer moulding the shape of the planet into a communist paradise, changing the world and its belief systems through political correctness and so called equality into a marxist new world order.Whether you like it or not, they impose their will against the will of the masses,who are so dumbed down that they are unaware that their attention has been shifted to focus on trivia such as Hello magazine, sports,x factor and beer.It is time for a revolution against these reprobate leftist globalist parasites..Sweden is about to wake up in the middle of a nightmare which is,perhaps, now too far gone to change.

      • I was unfamiliar with this, so thanks for bringing this up (pardon my ignorance on the subject). It explains better what is happening today. Also interesting is the association of the Ba’athist party in the M.E. with the Fabians. A lot of the entertainment industry does more than just shift attention away from issues, it actively promotes leftist causes through its productions. Their support for eugenics makes them downright National Socialist.

  3. Petty local politico’s astounded at the uppity residents objecting to have thousands of third world free loaders, with all the predictable problems they would bring with them, being foisted upon their community.
    Would suggest a large barrel of tar, Luke warm to hot, a plentiful supply of feathers, and a large cart to ride the idiotic municipal council officials out of town, hopefully never to return.
    At last the Swedes have woken up to the fact that “nice and polite” doesn’t solve anything!

  4. If I owned property there I would have taken a couple (assault charges) for the team.

  5. I hope that Swedes will now start voting for the Social Democrats.But I think it unlikely.They are afraid of standing up for the rights of their women and children to live unmolested.They are afraid that if they speak out they will be labelled racists and xenophobes . At the end of the day ,their public image is more important than their hope for a safe environment for their women, children and grandchildren.
    Also the majority of Swedes are probably too stupid to make the connection between keeping Muslim invaders posing as refugees out and maintaining national security and citizens’ safety.

    • Shelagh, it’s more that they are afraid of their women. The consequences of voting SD, much less registering as a party member are awful indeed. EXPO thugs and assorted others will pay you a visit.

      There is no secret ballot in Sweden. You go to the polling place and everyone sees which ballot you pick up. The shame, blame and ostracization is in full swing there. Maybe they’re working on monitoring people’s (men’s) thoughts there, too. Isn’t Sweden the country which eliminated urinals as yucky? Men are supposed to sit down to urinate.

      There are so many creative ways to cripple masculinity.

      Swedes aren’t stupid at all. They’re living proof that high intelligence doesn’t translate into creativity or wisdom.

      • Looking at the situation through Darwinian lenses, the northern Europeans have been separated from the southern peoples long enough to have produced evolutionary distinctions between the two. The former adapted to their challenging world by being selected for increasing intellectual capacity, while the latter did not have to. The latter group now inhabiting the northern regions, while not adapted to their new environment, don’t need to and won’t have selective forces placed on them because the riches of the adaptive northern natives are enough to meet their needs.

        There will be no natural selection forces experienced by the non-adapted imports so long as they are provided for. So, there is a level playing field as far as environmental natural forces are concerned.

        However, there is not a level playing field concerning other survival strategies, especially those mastered by the southerners in their native environs. I refer to breeding, violence, and homicide.

  6. As an American, this makes me ill. For in my county, a young man at a university can be called and branded a racist with no trial, but will be thrown out of school on the say so of a female. And in Sweden, rapes are common and the government looks the other way? I was raised to believe that rape was just below murder when it came to the horror of the crime. And in a country which only a a few years ago was peaceful, now the people have to tolerate the indefensible just because so many think it is worse to be called a racist than to have their child, sister, wife or mother raped? WTH!!!!!
    So I will ask again. WHERE ARE THE MEN???

    • It’s worse when he’s branded a rapist and the drunken vulnerable ‘victim’ is offered counseling while he is thrown out the door, all fees forfeit.

    • I can’t find the outcome of the suit the fraternity brought against Rolling Stone magazine. Their suit charges defamation. Story here:

      Men/boys in college have to cut way back on the alcohol. That’s first. Second, despite the tawdry behavior of many girls at school, refrain from parallel predatory behavior. THAT would be *real* manly behavior and until men begin to see their part in this mess, things won’t change. When the object is to see how many women you can score, manliness is forfeit. Eventually, these angry, soi-disant feminists will win because it’s stacked in their favor.Until men opt out of the hedonism, the game can’t change.

      Sweden has been a p.c. prison for at least a generation. Men didn’t do it, but they allowed it bec women convinced them that “equality” meant that women could act like men with the same outcomes as men got. They can’t: the boys these women raise in a feminist world don’t have a prayer. The extreme is mentally ill losers like Breivik in Norway or Adam Lanza in Connecticut (he used his mother’s guns for his massacre, beginning with her murder), or the very strange case of the kid in Massachusetts who was living with his newly divorced mother (having moved from Tennessee) when he brutally killed his Math teacher…

      • I’ve said something like this on another blog. I know it’s tough to believe, but the guys can also say “no” and need to learn how to do so especially in dubious situations such as those where alcohol is involved. Failure to do so can result in rape accusations when some girl is later ashamed of her wild behavior and isn’t sure what to do about it. (And if she’s drinking, yes can’t be taken to mean yes.) Even with no alcohol, if a girl has histrionic personality issues then she can end up being dangerous. Even just from a guy’s perspective, these risks are just not worth it for the sake of “scoring” and “hooking up”.

        As for Sweden, it reminds me of this:

      • “When the object is to see how many women you can score, manliness is forfeit.” Indeed, Dymphna. A man who can’t 1. resist peer pressure and 2. control his bodily urges is no man in my book. That’s why I lose a bit of patience with those learned explanations for Muslim male predatory behaviour. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that they don’t have as free a shot at their own women as Western men seem to think they have at theirs. It’s about their not being taught, from an early age, to be masters of themselves, or to respect women. They don’t respect their own women–only the men who ‘own’ them. Compare Orthodox Jewish men–their women are out of bounds until they marry them, but I’ve never heard of Orthodox Jewish Taharrush (however you say it in Hebrew).

      • The suit is ongoing. A few days ago, the judge ruled that ‘Jackie’ would have to testify. Her argument was of course that testifying would be too stressful, and she has ‘PTSD’.
        An aside regarding Swedish culture: In Minnesota (a lot of Swedish ancestry), there’s a comedian by the name of Tim Bedore (a lefty, who does PBS regularly, but very funny and the epitome of ‘Minnesota Nice) who has a tagline. “Minnesota, where the introverts stare at their shoes, and the extroverts stare at your shoes”. When viewing this video, I was struck at how assertive the local Swedes were. As sheepish as we Americans have been at city council meetings, ‘town halls’ where congressmen come and pretend to hear our concerns, they can often be rather raucusish. Somehow, our ‘leaders’ seem to do whatever they wish regardless of whether we’re nice or confrontational. I see a day where people are doing the above suggestion and bringing tar and feathers to meetings. Perhaps a good starting technique would be mere posters of said items. And posters of rattlesnakes.

          • “Jackie” isn’t testifying. She’s being deposed.

            BTW, her last name is Coakley. Spread it far and wide.

            She’s tried to keep it secret but she should be named and shamed.

            Her target Paul has had his full name dragged through the mud ever since this horrible article was published. She deserves the same fate.

            Actions should have consequences.

    • @ tedh754 re. “WHERE ARE THE MEN???”

      I found it encouraging that the people (citizen-people, not official people) who spoke into the microphone were MEN. They were fully engaged with the situation, spoke feelingly, and let their (justified) anger shine through.

      Admittedly, these men looked to be in their 50s or maybe 60s, but they certainly set an admirable example for other, younger men IMHO.

    • There are few real men left in the E.U. Only a handful speak out against this on going invasion. Sweden, France, Germany and other countries will soon see mayhem unleashed with killings, rapes and destruction full swing because they sat on their posteriors, failed to use logic, and did nothing about their traitor leaders. Hard to feel sorry for a bunch of decadent losers.

      • I for one think the native European peoples are worth saving.

        What exactly would an ordinary man without political or economical powers do to be a real man according to you laura.m?

        • Ragnir: Simple answer: They need to save themselves from their apathy, decadence and lack of concern for their women, future and heritage. They need to believe in something. Real men are like the American forefathers who fought and won the revolution from England, for example. They need to man up like only a handful are now doing, like Tommy in England and Geert in the Netherlands. I’m concerned it’s too late now to turn the tide, because it’s hard to fix stupid..

  7. I think there will come a time when everyone switches their opinions and the paradigm shifts. Sadly, it might be agonizingly late so that much violence occurs. But people are mostly good, albeit rather deficient in courage, and they have switched their social brains many times in history. We get a little better through the ages. At least today we don’t have the horrors of hundreds of moaning half dead crucifixion victims staring at us as we walk down the Appian Way. And we don’t have capital punishment for children as they did in the UK in the early 1800’s. Kindness, mostly, has won. This whole European mess is exquisitely sad for me as they seem to be part of us. And we, them.

  8. Amazing footage, given what we’ve seen before. The contempt exhibited for Citizens was nauseating… Thanks for posting!!!

    Things have been looking grim, but perhaps the curve toward our own self-caused genocide can be bent back in time… The Pope is on the ground licking Muslim feet… Councils across Europe run by Jihadis sending word back: “Come! Come! These sheep are ripe for slaughter!!!!” and the council flats get crammed with more armies of Allah. Those rudderless socialists and evil communists, defending those Muslims against and their Jihad, calling it culturally enriching… And welcoming hoardes of feral Muslim rapists, mass-murderers, and subverters and terrorists of every stripe….

    Perhaps they’ve gone to fast, perhaps the populace can awaken. It’s too bad the only people in Europe who have guns are the genocidal Muslims, and their Socialist enablers.

    • Fully agree with your remarks regarding the Pope. He has siñce compounded his highly symbolic act of submission as mentioned in your post by taking twelve “migrants” from Lesbos back to the Vatican.
      Why twelve? The number of apostles, is there a Judas among them?
      All Muslims. We’re there no Christians in the camps?
      Are there no destitute locals in Rome he could have taken in first?
      This Pope is a a very dangerous man, politically naive with communist leanings, the Italians have been cursed with totally useless politico’s for decades and now their church is letting them down too. Note the Muslim worlds angry reaction to the little girl knealing in his presence so you can imagine their joy at his little party piece during Easter when he literally kissed Muslim feet. Who advises this deluded man or is he guilty of pride and getting carried away with his “pop star” status!

    • Morton! It’s good to see you here on Gates of Vienna. You bring back memories of the old days before GoV – though those are increasingly hard to remember 😉

  9. That was something a little short of what I’d call a “brawl”, but this is Sweden, after all, not Baltimore.

    Ice has a lot of “latent heat”, and the phase change may take a little while yet.

      • Nick M. : The dumbed down apathetic European masses will wake one morning at daybreak to total chaos and civil unrest as they look out the window to see what is going on. It will be too late to stop it. It will happen suddenly when jihad is ordered. Invaders will be firing at people and pushing into houses, etc. It will likely be planned in all the mosques to be in sync with each other. Mosques have weapons hidden ready for use. Leaders will go into hiding temporarily, emerging as converted Muslim leaders, or hop on a jet for S. America to live out their lives.

  10. It seems remarkable to me that the immigration-refugee problem invariably takes on the form of a catastrophe. The powers that be seem to want to inaugurate insolvability. The admission of the desperate into an established society is a delicate process if chaos is to be avoided; but the powers that be deliberately engineer chaotic change. Merkel telling all that there are no limits to immigration and no prerequisites to citizenship is the equivalent to the non-border border the USA has with respect to the turbulent nations to the south. Literally inviting disaster is insane, yet the democratic process – as understood by the elites – keeps asking us to approve insanity. Why? To create a constant sense that democracy is the problem, not the solution. To lead the people to a sense that the national will cannot be trusted, that the nation has to be abolished. When I hear Merkel or others like her talking I see a shovel being handed to me with the command to dig my own grave.

    • Mark, this is spot on:

      The powers that be seem to want to inaugurate insolvability…

      And they want us to be insolvent. Then the totalitarian democracies we already have will become ever more sovietized.

  11. Give me a break. This is not anger being expressed . It’s a bunch of devalued, castrated and Islamised locals entertaining their halal blood letting loving Muslim dominated shower of enricher masters. Look at the so called panel. The creatures with the pale skin are dumb struck while their Muslim owners are calmly smiling and in control. Loving to hear those Euro idiots squealing like pigs for the slaughter. Mahmound and Ali know they are helpless to do anything. Reap the whirlwind you so called democrats. God I believe can’t stand hypocrites who embrace the Devils ideology. At this point knowing what we know about Muslims how could it be so quiet all along the western front. The lull before the ISIS storm.

    • Baby steps, MHB. I realize that the time for baby steps is past, but this is a big baby step for them. Malcom mentioned the phase change, and for them to do even what Americans would consider mild disapproval, is indeed a big one. There may be larger currents under the surface than we can see. We may well soon see refujihadi housing be burned while under construction, as in Germany.

      As for the video, What angered me the most was about four minutes in, and the camera panned the council. Every (redacted) one of them were bored out of their skulls to be there and listening to people’s complaints. Yeah, tar and feathers, and rattlesnakes.

  12. What a heart warming little video. Perhaps the long suffering good people of Sweden will finally stir themselves to action. The Left has kept the population under control with a mix of lies and threats. Until recently merely questioning the immigration policy would result in being branded as a racist and quite likely would cost the skeptic their job.
    So this meeting is an eye opener. The council politicians seem to to have come unprepared to answer any questions. Incredible arrogance for those who rely on the voters to put them in office. Must be a strong chance these unhappy citizens will vote SD at the next election. My drop jaw moment was when the blond headed councilor Twit declared “if I was running the meeting I would have walked out!” Hmm…. not accountable to the public it seems.

  13. Something has gone very wrong with the democratic process when the will of the people is so blatantly ignored by elected representatives. I think politicians just about everywhere have forgotten what it means to represent their constituency and instead feel that they are elected rulers. The first duty of any government is to protect its nation’s sovereignty and its citizen’s safety, but that has gone out the window in favor of Marxist multiculti.

    Dark days ahead, in fact for anybody with their head up dark days are upon us. I just hope the US can pull out of this nose dive before we make the enormous mistakes that Europe has made.

    • “Something has gone very wrong with the democratic process when the will of the people is so blatantly ignored by elected representatives.”

      It’s tempting to look at it that way but I think the people have to accept a fair share of the blame for their current disaster. In the second video the journalist Jan Sjunnesson says:

      “… the people who live in this area, 87% of the Swedes have voted for parties who have accepted mass immigration, so in a sense people two years ago in the fall of 2014 voted for the parties who now in 2016 are fulfilling the policies that they actually got the public support for. So in that sense I think the citizens are not ready to understand what they voted for.”

      I realize that the elites are working against the national interests of their own people, but the people sure haven’t been putting too many roadblocks in their way either. The Swedes in that meeting were angry because they’re now going to face the actual real world consequences of what they’ve been voting for all these years.

  14. The big lie repeated ad nauseam and especially by covert ISIS supporting “moderate” gay Muslim educated gay guys, that there is a Muslim population of 6.5 billion Muslims in the world. By next year that will at least 7 billion. The troop movements have started in Europe. However, in the United States for all the mosques, mayhem and manipulation they are much fewer than they or the man in the street realises. Time will tic-toc.

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