Pool Rules: No Running. No Diving. No Groping. No Raping.

The public swimming pools of Germany and Austria serve as an uncovered-meat market for recently-arrived Muslim “refugees” in Germany and Austria. The following article from the Austrian daily Kurier describes the proactive measures being employed against sexual assaults at the pools by Viennese authorities. Needless to say, the program makes sure not to “discriminate” against the migrants by targeting them specifically.

JLH, who translated the piece, includes this introductory note:

This shows that at least Vienna is doing something to protect the kids. It’s interesting that they have to make a point of saying that they are not concentrating on refugees. But it defangs the lefties and Islamists both, in- and outside of the government and media.

The translated article:

Sexual Attacks: Viennese Pools Betting on Prevention

April 8, 2016

[(Photo: There was a rape last year in the Theresienbad (pool) in Vienna-Meidling.]

Individual training in cooperation with police intended to avoid sexual attacks.

Not least because of the rape in the Theresienbad at the end of 2015, the Viennese “open-air” pools, in cooperation with the police, are putting a greater emphasis on security. Part of the idea is the training of employees, said pools spokesman Martin Kotinsky, in answer to a question from APA (Austria Presse Agentur).

This season, the training sessions — which began recently — are being conducted under the authority of the Viennese Children and Youth Authority (KJA), with the cooperation of a representative of the police. “It is primarily about prevention,” says Peter Wanke, who organized the course in the KJA. As many staff as possible — from executives to lifeguards — will be sensitized to this subject in three-hour sessions.

“The Swimming Pool is an El Dorado for People With Pedo-Sexual Tendencies”

“The swimming pool is an El Dorado for people with pedophile sexual tendencies,” Wanke declared. Children are often active there without supervision, are more uninhibited, and therefore more accessible to contacts with strangers, and there are more nooks and crannies here than in other places, such as changing rooms, showers or bushes.

“We want to convey how to recognize in a timely fashion that something is wrong here,” said Wanke in reference to the “Tricks and Manipulative Techniques” of perpetrators. Before the attack, victims are often engaged in conversation, perhaps invited for an ice cream and lured to an unobserved spot. The point is to intervene appropriately and as soon as possible.

“It is Important to Intervene at the Start if at All Possible”

To make this possible, pool employees also learn what is meant by “sexual violence”. It is not just a question of rape, Wanke emphasized. When boys pull unwilling girls into the pool or grab their bottoms, those are infractions that must be noticed. “It is important to intervene at the beginning,” say the experts. By doing that, you prevent something worse and you signal to potential perpetrators and those affected as well, that the personnel are aware and are intervening.

Not Focused on Refugees

“The people responsible for the course are not focusing specially on refugees. I don’t think it is necessary to protect children specially against refugees,” says Wanke. The training sessions will run until the end of April.

The sessions are a part of the total security concept developed in concert with the police. “Several suggested measures are still being tested out,” said Kotinsky. The packet of methods ought to be ready and presented at the latest in the last week of April. Depending on the weather, summer pools will open between April 28th and May 2nd.

Private Security Not Planned

To be sure, there has been some thought about using private security firms, as was done recently in the Viennese subway system. As things stand presently, however, this will not be done. Heightened police presence at the pools has long been encouraged by the policy that officers with life-saving training can enter free. When they do, they leave their official ID, so that they may be called upon by pool personnel in case of an incident. So their range of action extends from first aid to arrest of pick-pockets.

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  1. So ‘pool’ life becomes stilted, the risk too great, and the people abandon the pools (or in the case of Vienna, they take the 50 minute drive to Slovakia – no migrants) Shariah wins again.

    • I agree , all of these crimes, actions and assaults committed by the verminous horde are making for a de facto form of Sharia.

  2. Someone or something is going to have to break the spell. The stench of rotting values is overwhelming.

  3. White European girls and women look like fairies to non-white races and their lust for white females is uncontrollable, impulsive, overwhelming. You can’t teach foxes not to attack chickens. Also in asia, africa, middle east white females are thought of as bed-hopper nymphos who will have sex with anyone. It’s not only that muslims have
    taken Europe, much more than that they all want white females. The recent fall of Europe to muslims means a great risk to european females.

    • You are not exaggerating. Certainly in Pakistan, the common view of western women is that they’re all completely promiscuous nymphos who will literally [have carnal knowledge of] any guy and no I am not exaggerating. A Pakistani MINO I used to work with was telling me about this. His cousin was under the impression that the airplane stewardesses would have sex with him in the lavatory on the way over.

  4. At so many levels it seems we have completely lost the plot. Literally and figuratively speaking. Hitler was a response. Abuse by the left was a major contributing factor in the Spanish Civil War. Today Western European countries are being abused by the Muslim fifth column and the hynotised indigenous.

    • MHB, please explain your view of the Spanish Civil War. I don’t know what you mean by “abuse by the left”, but if it compares with the (democratically elected) Allende government in Chile’s replacement by the Fascist regime 0f General Pinochet, the cure was much worse than the disease- assuming, that is that one believes in concepts such as human rights.

      • You know Mark H I have read scores of your comments. They always seems to be contrarian.
        You want to know number and verse of the Spanish Civil War. As if that has anything to do with what is going on now in Europe and the entire western world because you have the capacity to pick it apart. Just as you jump on anything even remotely related to homosexual politics…
        Do you not understand that you will be the first to the hanging cranes if Islam dominates the west?
        I grow tired of your contrarian perspective considering that you have the most to lose.

          • Mark is a British leftist with a girlfriend, I’ll have you know. He’s bound to be “contrarian” on GoV considering that we’re not leftists. He is always courteous afaik…

            Babs. don’t jump to conclusions. It can cause bruises.

        • I’ve been gallantly supported by the Baron and Dymphna, for which my thanks. Still waiting for MHB’s explanation of “abuse by the left” in pre-Civil War Spain. “Hitler was a response”? Tell that to the people of Guernica.

          • OK. More up your alley Mr Howard. I’ll match your Guernica raise with a Stalin and a Mao. Talk in millions please. What was Ollie Cromwell’s problem with the parliament? What are you mad about?

        • “Howard”, MHB? Don’t know the gentleman.

          You raised the alleged role of “leftists” in the Spanish Civil War. What replaced them was of course so much better.

          • Correction, you called it a “major contributing factor”. Well yes, in the sense that the Soviet Union was in the defeat of the Nazis, only in Spain democracy lost.

  5. I have stated this previously , All of the ‘rules’ signs, posters ,laws, and ‘classroom lectures’ will do little to negate 1400+ trs. of women’s second class status and a complete culture of misogyny.

    • I’m starting to think that the only solution to this would be to take any not so well socialized newcomers (not talking about refugees of course, just not so well socialized newcomers) and subject them to something that will cause PTSD triggered by anyone or anything that looks like “uncovered meat”. That might fix the problem.

        • Cue Purcell’s “Funeral Music for Queen Mary”, as realised on the Moog synthesiser by the late Walter (later “Wendy”) Carlos- I daresay a hero/heroine to LGBT people.

          Having displayed my erudition (which comes with age, and being a film/music buff), you have a point, Baron.
          Nevertheless, as I’m sure you’d agree, the safety of victims (actual or potential) should always take priority.

          • I have Switched on Bach on tape and didn’t it release a second album as Wendy? Fantastic music. The birth of the synth, too bad it was obscured by transgenderism. Hero, ehh, more like weirdo. I say fix your head, not your privates. LGBT people have spent way too much time shoving their agenda down the throats of the population. Hey, be gay if you want, just don’t expect everyone else to accept that lifestyle being taught in grade school – that’s simply the left trying to make the LGBT normative. And men’s bathrooms are for men and women’s bathrooms are for women. Check your junk and use the proper restroom.

            At least Walter had [redacted]. Caitlin, well…I just don’t know or care.

          • May I say “At least Walter [had the fortitude and commitment to undergo the necessary surgery to complete the bargain]”?

            I usually try to moderate myself, but sometimes I guess I just don’t know where the lines are drawn.

          • Yes, that’s fine.

            Just pretend it’s 1968, and you’re a student at a high school with an open-minded staff and an advanced curriculum. Say what you want, but pretend the principal is sitting behind you.

          • “Say what you want, but pretend the principal is sitting behind you.”

            I usually made it easier for him, I got sent to his office.

  6. The best way would be that once a man/boy bothers a female he be banned forever from the pool. Europe is going to be regretting this Muslim invasion for a very long time I think. I am surprised that the natives have not already arisen against all this.
    Furthermore, if a Muslim breaks a law he or she should be deported back to country of origin and never allowed back in.
    Angela Merkel should be in jail for having started all this. I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.

  7. From the article: “The people responsible for the course are not focusing specially on refugees. I don’t think it is necessary to protect children specially against refugees,” says Wanke.

    How does anybody expect to really fix this mess when they’re in complete denial about it?

    • Ask the simple question “was there this problem before mad Merkel invited the third world illiterates into Germany?”
      I rest my case!
      Also I do hope the rules also include a ban on masturbating in the jacuzzi and/or defecating in the showers as there have been incidents of “cultural confusion” over these subjects in the past.

  8. When I grew up the local swimming pool sign read, no running, petting(as in intimate acts) or bombing (as in jumping in the water with the intention of masking a big splash)
    These terms have taken on a whole new meaning although they could basically just use their old signs, especially the no bombing bit.

    • Reasons why I love swimming in a mountain lake. Cannon balls off the end of the dock all day and of course you can pee in the lake, the fish do. And running of course, it helps make a bigger splash. Not as warm as a pool, but not too bad. Actually I don’t think fish pee, but they do defecate. It’s a big enough lake that it doesn’t bother me.

  9. The whole effort is self-contradictory.

    Obviously, the only ones affected by the new vigilance, if done correctly, will be Muslims and Muslim invaders. This will lead to charges, always taken seriously, by the left and by Muslim organizations, that Muslims are being unfairly singled out. So, the issue of specifically Muslim infractions is simply being delayed a month or two…hardly worth the effort.

    The article itself alludes to the likely solution: young Austrian boys, being male boys, will likely engage in normal horseplay and teasing with girls, will be arrested and stigmatized, while actual Muslim offenders will have every opportunity to get away with forced pederasty if they use a bit of sense.

  10. And in the process deflects from the topic being discussed here in relation to the topic above. Regardless of Mark H’s political orientation, gender orientation/ fluidity, whatever, this is a typical pro Islamist approach on the internet. Those interested in the principal topic should ignore those who attempt to hijack the conversation.

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