Pool Rules for the “New Germans”: No Groping and No Drowning!

As Germany gears up for the summer swimming season, the swimming authorities are facing touchy issues with the recently-arrived culture-enrichers who now frequent the pools. The two main problems with the “refugees” are their tendency to molest their fellow bathers, and their inability to swim.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Die Welt:

The Real Problem With Refugees in Swimming Pools

Again and again we see reports of sexual harassment and molestations perpetrated by refugees in swimming pools. The senior director of public swimming pools refers to individual incidents. He is bothered by a much different problem.

Individual reports of sexual harassment perpetrated by refugees in public swimming pools have caused some concern. But Berthold Schmitt, the senior director of German association for public swimming pools and baths (Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e.V.), as well as the CEO of CologneBaths Inc, (KölnBäder GmbH), emphasizes that these are merely unfortunate isolated incidents.

He sees a much larger problem in the fact that in the more than 6000 nationwide indoor and outdoor swimming pools and school swimming pools, most of the refugees can’t swim. The author spoke with the 59-year-old chief of public swimming and baths in Cologne about the new challenges, especially in the light of the upcoming outdoor swimming season.

Die Welt: What problems do refugees have in swimming pools?

Berthold Schmitt: The “new citizens”, as we call them, have three main problems: They don’t speak German, they have no knowledge of our German or European bathing and swimming culture, and most of them do not know how to swim.

Die Welt: What are the consequences of that?

Schmitt: The lifeguards and lifesavers in all pools have never been in the water as often as in the past few months in order to help guests. Not all of them were close to drowning, but they needed help to get back to the edge of the pools. These are giants of men, as some of our employees tell us; they go to the edge of the pool. They see the bottom of the pool and they the think they can stand in it and they jump in. Two seconds later my employees have to jump after them and save them. That is a very prominent topic, because these refugees are completely overestimating themselves. That doesn’t mean we don’t have issues with sexual harassment or theft.

Die Welt: There were individual reports from multiple cities, Cologne included, where refugees were harassing women in pools. Do you know of any further incidents?

Schmitt: You are right. These are in fact individual incidents. We cannot determine whether there are any problems in Cologne with the 13,000 new citizens in public baths and pools. We know of one case in Cologne. That’s where a man was getting close to a girl. Our sensitized and trained employees on location reacted completely correct by alerting the police. All of the initial six suspects were arrested, but there was only one offender. That is terrible, but it is not a swimming-pool-specific problem. Our baths and pools are safe spaces, and we will see to that through several measures we have taken. The fact that one offender could immediately be caught proves that we as, the bath and pool operators, are fulfilling our duties in that regard.

Die Welt: What measures are you referring to?

Schmitt: For example, we have already thought about what we could do preventively. Our employees have for years been taking de-escalation training classes with the police, long before the refugees arrived. In Cologne we have asked our lifeguards and pool masters during a special workers meeting if there are bigger issues with the new citizens. They could confirm that there are no additional problems.

Die Welt: Shouldn’t there already be mention and preparation for proper behavior and the safety risks in pools in the various refugee homes?

Schmitt: We are of the opinion that the individual pool operators, if possible, should contact the social workers in the asylum homes. In Cologne we have done that. We bring with us the rules for behavior for safety in the pool, the same that also hang in the pools themselves, and they’re written in various languages — and the dress code as well. These rules for behavior were developed in collaboration with our association, and they can be printed via the internet. We have a huge stock of swimwear, which is being left behind in our facilities and hasn’t been retrieved. Some of them are brand-spanking new. The foremost need of the refugees is to have access to appropriate swimwear. This seems to be especially important in the light of the upcoming outdoor swim season this summer. Pool operators in bigger cities are all working in this direction. Our German association for public swimming pools and baths has also developed a “instructional concept in managing guests with low German language skills (refugees)”. We exchange our materials with each other and make them available for everybody. For instance, in Cologne right now we work on pictograms to represent certain situations more graphically. Concerning the lack of knowledge on how to swim, the new citizens can integrate themselves into the existing swimming lessons we offer. We do not offer a “refugee course” or “refugee swimming” per se, so that we can ensure their integration right from the start.

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  1. Hmmm… one can see that some of them might be solving the problem themselves, left to their own devices…

    Seriously, though, if you don’t know how to swim, you gotta be a ‘tard to jump in to the pool!

    • Yes, I was thinking along similar lines: if they jump in and can’t swim, too bad….

  2. The Muslims will just continue the war by other means. Whatever it takes to bring an ignominious end to kufar control. Perhaps next will be gang banging teachers by eighteen year old “students” who are taken at their word to be only ten years of age. I hope we are running nuclear facilities better than airports and train stations. What’s behind the burka? It is pretty disgustingly obvious by now that nothing is sacrosanct when it comes to the rock bottom Hitler, Merkel, Mohammed and Koranic inspired occupstion. Shame on us.

  3. “Individual incidents”? Hmmmm.
    This sounds suspiciously close to “We know it is an entirely isolated incident because it is exactly like all the other entirely isolated incidents.”

    • Ah yes, loads of ‘isolated incidents’ in which grown men who have Islamic software running between their ears sexually abuse women and children, in swimming pools up and down the land. But of course there isn’t a common denominator, any more than there was in Rotherham, in Oxford (Operation Bullfinch etc) or any of the man other ‘isolated incidents’ all over Europe.

      And yet when that motherless *&^$ Brayvik decides to go postal, he is not ‘isolated’ at all but connected to loads and loads of other people, apparently, despite being the very definition of ‘a lone wolf’. The arrogance, the hypocrisy, the sheer evil of these fanatical ‘do-gooders’ who have embarked on this social engineering experiment without ever having the consent of the people they were elected to represent, is just mind-blowing.

    • as german editor Henryk M. Broder put it sarcastically: isolated incidents are a mass- phenomenon in Germany.

  4. Concerned parents will forbid their children to go to the pool unaccompanied. It is part of the diminution of lifestyle that comes with “community cohesion”, as inflicted by the EU.

    • The families who go to the Muslim hunting grounds together get it together. Merkel’s “engineers” do it in starving herds. Ghu.

  5. I predict Herr Schmitt will be uncovering more problems with “new citizens” lack of knowledge of German pool culture in the months to come. Does it not occur to him that a few pictograms will not counter repressed urges and tendencies common in a culture where seeing a bare female ankle is considered provocative? I do hope his sensitized and highly trained pool masters are vigilant this swim season.

  6. If they can’t swim, then what the hell are they doing at a swimming pool in the first place?

    • Looking for a little action. From their perspective, it’s an uncovered meat market.

    • Enjoying all the meat.
      There is no culture of swimming or public baths in their countries, often even the second generation in the West can’t swim.
      One public bath tried to ban “refugees” from entrance, but of course, the media and “human rights” advocates were at their throat quickly.

      • Actually, one way to do it might be to insist on bathers being able to demonstrate swimming skills… for safety’s sake, you know 🙂

        • Good idea, Mike. For their own safety their aquatic ability must be determined before they are permitted to enter municipal pools.

          I would suggest that the most definitive process would be to take them in small boat out to about 100 metres into a local lake (preferably in the middle of winter) and chuck them overboard.

          Then, those who made it to shore could be offered the opportunity to exchange their mobile phones and Nike trainers for a swimming session all of their own in the pool at some time when there are no European children there to sexually assault.

          That would solve the problem in the short term, but, of course, the long term solution shall have to be rather more positive. Cleaning out the lakes and, in the odd unfortunate circumstance, having to drain and disinfect public pools every so often will be but another drain upon the tax payer best avoided.

  7. I was taught to swim as a nine year old Royal Marine cadet in The Royal Marine swimming baths, Portsmouth. It was featured in the film Cockleshell Heroes if anyone remembers back that far.

    The technique employed was to throw all non-swimmers into the water at the deep end where they had two choices. Nobody drowned.

    This technique ought to be applied to the “New ” or non Germans and should any of them drown……inshallah

      • Also, strapped to the equivalent weight in house bricks of an Ak47, 6 full magazines a large beheading knife and a copy of the ‘Book of Death and Slavery’ printed in large font on leaded paper. That might do the trick 🙂

        S III.

    • I knew that pool quite well. In fact in the film the sergeant who you first see marching a squad in full blues was one ‘4ft Florrie Ford’ my first DI at the age of 17 and later my Troop Sergeant in the Middle east.

      Great bloke; taught me lot and always kept a close eye on my back until he was sure I was capable of looking after myself doing my job.

  8. “These are giants of men, as some of our employees tell us; they go to the edge of the pool. They see the bottom of the pool and they the think they can stand in it and they jump in. Two seconds later my employees have to jump after them and save them.”

    Obviously highly intelligent and technically adept individuals who will have no trouble finding employment. What a blessing it is to know that the German workforce, and indeed the general population, is going to be super enhanced with such profound thinkers.

    • They can indeed stand at the bottom of the pool, if only the lifeguards would give them time to demonstrate.

  9. It’s not about the swimming really it’s just about monopolizing the swimming pools with the odd sexual “emergency” thrown in to make the German population even more uncomfortable in their own country.
    After all, I cannot recall any occasion when any westerners have monopolized camel racing in any Arab country upto now.
    No doubt immigrants are given free entry to the amenities whilst the hard pressed locals, who are TAXED to provide them in the first place, are driven away. A double whammy for the poor locals and another walk over for the migrants. Thanks Mutti Merkel.

  10. Just an “individual incident”.
    Like the other individual incident on Friday April 1st when a 14 year old boy was raped by 2 Afghan men in a public swimming pool.
    Or the 14 year old girl raped by two Afghan men in in a public bath in march.
    The bath’s reaction is to introduce time windows for men and women. Not to ban migrants.
    Migrants get free admission, by the way, a privilege that not even elderly German citizens or citizens on welfare get.
    “11 year old boy managed to hide, 14 year old abused by men in public bath”
    “First bath introduces separate time slots for men and women”

    • Sadly, the German [epithets] could not see that the introduction of separate times for male and female bathing is exactly the outcome that is most pleasing to the Ummah, because it spreads their influence a bit further than it reached yesterday.

  11. I am puzzled by the reference to “new citizens” (“neue Bürger”). Doesn’t citizenship entail the right to vote? But the poor Syrians who came in 2015 came as refugees seeking refuge in Germany before returning to their war-torn land, and would therefore not want or receive citizenship. But have they already acquired citizenship? How? Did they have to pass a test? How long does it take a non-refugee immigrant to Germany to acquire citizenship?

    • Non-EU people, as well??

      I know a non-EU person who had to jump through many hoops in order to be allowed to teach English in Malta. And they had to buy medical insurance too.

      So as you say, how on earth can these non-EU people ever be considered as ‘citizens’?

      • it is right- thinking lingo to call those intruders ” co- citizens.Which demonstrates, that they have a vague idea of what citizenship implies in the full extent.

    • Very interesting observation.
      At least 9 years, you have to be able to financially support yourself, have a clear criminal record, etc.
      I remember suddenly you did not speak of “Ausländer” anymore, but of “Mitbürger”. Like a wishy washy version of “Bürger” without the legal implications. “Bürger” for migrants is taking it one step further.
      Some groups demand voting rights for non citizens anyway.
      There was a test election for “refugees” in Saxony on March 11, one day before the real elections, so that they could use the real voting booths and papers. “To get the refugees accustomed to democracy”, the organisers, a “pro migration” organisation of a Mr. Mohamad, said.

  12. There hasn’t even been mention of another delicate problem when it comes to the use of swimming pools: I am referring to personal hygiene….instruction about not urinating in the pool…..is there any such instruction?

    • Peeing in the pool is an age old pastime even among westerners. It was discouraged at the public pool I swam at as a kid by the prevalent rumor that a certain chemical in the pool water would turn the water blue around a swimmer who peed. It was also generally regarded as fact that the kiddy pool had the problem of swimmers urinating than did the Olympic pool.

      But the greater problem is when the cultural enrichers drop a deuce in the pool!

  13. No mention of the “new citizens” refusing to shower before jumping in. They have had to hugely increase the filtration and chlorine at all of the pools to deal with fecal matter falling off their behinds not to mention other bodily substances since they like to “amuse” themselves in the pools. Who would want to get into that stew?

    • Good points. I’m sure a fair number of migrants have not been introduced to bathroom tissue previously. I would not want to jump in.

  14. Seeing all those violent citoyens of the French Euro area battling it out with law and order makes me wonder where it all goes when the ideology of Hitler and Merkel demands they give up the lot. Not just a few benefits and work hours. The entire national plot.

  15. It’s like we are dealing with spoiled babies…who have knives in their lockers and a bad attitude. Sheee, nice contribution to European culture.

  16. Liberalism IS a mental disorder! The amount of handwringing and excuse making is unbelievable. What can we call the feral savages today? Ah yes, “New Citizens”. What think tank came up with that one?

    We Dhimmis are dummies – paying for them to poop in our pools and then paying to clean it up. Plus I hear Burkas are totally IN this bikini season. Really hides those extra lbs from Halal holiday gorge fests.

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