Matt Bracken: Tommy Robinson is a Hero

Matthew Bracken sends this note about Tommy Robinson:

Genuine heroes are very rare, Tommy is one of them.

If our own side can’t see fit to support a hero who has put his life on the line for his country and his children, we deserve what we get.

At least in the USA, we’ll go down fighting.

Matthew Bracken is an essayist and novelist who lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at

6 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Tommy Robinson is a Hero

  1. Thank you for your public support. I’ve been so worried about him for so long. It’s gratifying to see the support he’s getting.

    If you haven’t read his book, I suggest doing so. I wondered when I went through it if we are facing an American version down the line. The p.c. strictures are getting worse by the week.

  2. The worst and most incomprehensible part of all this is, the empowerers of these “pc strictures” aren’t even true to their own morals, or whatever it is they purport to believe in. If there was a string of honesty in their busybodies, they would call out Islam for all the fascism it is. How do you fight notorious liars and crooks without becoming one yourself?

    • Liars are the worst. With a thief you just lock your stuff away. Imagine tolerating for a nano second an ideology whose halal thirsty slaves are required to lie, cheat, capture, steal, murder and massacre? Specifically Christians and Jews – and mankind in general. We have a President who has been standing with these creatures for almost eight years.

  3. I think that the good news is that the USA are really looking closely at what’s happening in Europe, and will probably be able to take action in time ie halt uncontrolled immigration, and only allow those in that want to integrate as well as swear allegiance to the USA and it’s constitution. I was in London end of last year and it was scary. My daughters live in Brixton and do not have any native white neighbours. I actually feel safer in the UAE than I do in Europe. I suspect if the UK does not vote exit in June we will soon have conflict on the streets.

    • Umm, you don’t think people having their head sawed off in the streets is current conflict? Soon…what was Drummer Rigby about?

      This is what makes me shake my head at the British, the constant rhetoric that it’s going to get bad. Wake up, it is bad. And I am also amazed at the way the British roar like lions from behind the keyboard, but scurry like mice in public.

      I don’t know where this will end up. But the British are an occupied people, albeit by a minority. However failure to name the enemy and the Vichy government are doing nothing to help the populace mobilize against the occupation.

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